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"On May 4th Damien Jurado will be releasing his 13th studio album, "The Horizon Just Laughed."
This record is a passion project for Damien as he has taken on every aspect of the vision for this album into his own hands.
As Damien reflected on how he ideally wanted people to experience the album, he kept coming back to the idea of people experiencing it in an environment of togetherness, dialogue and reflection.
So, an idea was born. We asked some friends to help us by hosting a Listening Party. They are graciously opening up their spaces to invite in fans and the community to come in and experience the album, for the first time, together.
Damien is so grateful for the continual support and encouragement from his fans. and wanted them to be the first to hear the album in full.
We would love for you to be a part of something that has been a dream in the making."-D.J. 2018
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SATURDAY, 21 APRIL 8:00AM - 9:00PM


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1-2 GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Join us for a super dynamite in-store as The Coke Dares will be showing up (fresh from shooting their new drone-shot video) replete with short songs, huge hooks, and BIG fun!
I'm hungry…

the LUNA pick(s)-of-the-moment...

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>YO LA TENGO - There's A Riot Going On (Indie Exclusive Orange Vinyl Edition) 2-LP Set
While there’s a riot going on, Yo La Tengo will remind you what it’s like to dream. The sound burbles and washes and flows and billows. If records were dedicated to the cardinal elements, this one would be water. There are shimmery hazes, spectral rumbles, a flash of backward masking. You are there. And even if your mind is not unclouded--shaken, misdirected, out of words and out of time--you can still float, ride the waves of an ocean deeper than your worries, above the sound and above the Sound..
indie exclusive ORANGE VINYL pressing and limited to 3500 copies!

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>the LUNA music Collapsible Crate
Holding "around 30 records," the LUNA collapsible crate is designed to stylishly hold your wax! Lovingly silkscreened with our Storefront illustration—you can take this mug on the road/run with you, with ease!
You can fold, so you're gold...
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>the NAT RUSSELL TEAM LUNA cursive Baseball T-Shirt
Team up with the TEAM LUNA cursive Baseball T!
Printed on Alternative Apparel, this 3/4-length sleeve T (along with a double split fountain of bleu and yellow ink) is a soft, lightweight Eco-Jersey (50% Polyester, 38% Cotton, 12% Rayon)—with a super comfortable feel!
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>the JON ROGERS octopus T-Shirt
Jun Ra gives us his take on this LUNA-centric Octo!
Printed on a super-comfy, 50/50 blend, Alternative Apparel Keepsake Vintage Jersey T-Shirt!
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>the LUNA Z O O M Sweatshirt
Behold! the new 2017 LUNA music sweatshirt!
Printed on a super soft/super cozy Alternative Apparel—iwant's Z O O M gets the currant/burgundy treatment!
This will keep you toasty...
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>the LUNA music SKI HAT
We've got you covered for the chilly months ahead! Behold--the LUNA music ski cap!
Part 1970's ski lodge, part pom-pom wonder--we are digging this blue and red vibe, we hope you do too...
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>the NAT RUSSELL storefront Sweatshirt
Behold! the SECOND new 2017 LUNA music sweatshirt!
A SUPER SOFT Color-Block Eco-Fleece Sweatshirt Alternative Apparel Sweatshirt, printed with fresh white ink!
Best to hit this link, to see ALL the detail...
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>the JON ROGERS octopus T-Shirt
Jun Ra gives us his take on this LUNA-centric Octo!
Printed on a super-comfy, 50/50 blend, Alternative Apparel Keepsake Vintage Jersey T-Shirt!
Stacks Image 7575
>the NAT RUSSELL record holder T-Shirt
Freshness for 2017! Nat Russell's record holder gets the T treatment! When you get this, check the neck...
Printed on 100% cotton Alternative Apparel.

LUNA music essentials...

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>Thundercat – Drank CD/2xLP (Brainfeeder)
Brainfeeder presents a special “chopped not slopped” mix of Thundercat's incredible album
Drunk (2017) by DJ Candlestick and OG Ron C of legendary Houston DJ collective The Chopstars. Slowed down and chopped up, the mix has been appropriately re-titled Drank. It appeared online last year as an unofficial homage to the virtuoso bassist, songwriter and producer's third and universally acclaimed album and received hearty approval from Thundercat. [Limited edition purple colored vinyl pressing also available.]
Stacks Image 10877
>The Decemberists – I’ll Be Your Girl CD/LP/Cassette (Capitol)
The Decemberists explore a new sound with a new producer on their inspired eighth studio album
I’ll Be Your Girl. The acclaimed Portland, Oregon-based band worked with producer John Congleton and embraced influences such as Roxy Music and New Order to spark a new creative path as evidenced on synth-driven lead single “Severed.”
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>Hot Snakes – Jericho Sirens CD/LP+MP3 (Sub Pop)
After a 14-year hiatus from the studio, Hot Snakes kick down the door with their new album,
Jericho Sirens. The record blasts out of the speakers with the furious “I Need A Doctor,” inspired by Rick Froberg's experience needing a doctor's note in order to miss an important work function.
Stacks Image 10871
>Sunflower Bean – Twentytwo In Blue CD/LP/Cassette (Mom + Pop)
Sophomore album from the NY-based alt-rock band. While the trio remains a guitar band at its core, new and different textures shine on
Twentytwo In Blue. Sunflower Bean's diverse sound has allowed them to tour alongside DIIV, Best Coast, Pixes and Wolf Alice. "New York is still home to bands as varied as Sunflower Bean, whose music suggests what might have happened if psychedelia had emerged after punk and the Police rather than before." – The New York Times

sweet vinyl gems...

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>Led Zeppelin – How The West Was Won [Reissue/2003] 3xCD/4xLP/3xCD+4xLP+DVD (Rhino)
Led Zeppelin continue their reissue campaign with a new edition of their celebrated live album
How The West Was Won, originally released in 2003, featuring newly remastered audio, which was done under the supervision of Jimmy Page.
Stacks Image 10926
>Roxy Music – Roxy Music [Reissue/1972] LP (Virgin)
Digitally remastered 180gm vinyl reissue of Roxy Music’s ground-breaking debut album to mark its 45th anniversary.
Stacks Image 10917
>Cocteau Twins
– Head Over Heels [Reissue/1983] LP (4AD
– Treasure [Reissue/1984] LP (4AD)
Vinyl reissues of the Cocteau Twins’ second and third albums.
Head Over Heels was their first album as a duo of Elizabeth Fraser and Robin Guthrie. It features the band's signature sound of Guthrie's lush guitars under Fraser's mostly wordless vocals and is considered an archetype of early ethereal wave music.
Stacks Image 10785
>Onra – Nobody Has To Know 2xLP (All City)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. The versatile French producer on the various aspects of a secret relationship pulling from R&B, new jack swing and funk to soundtrack the passions of attraction.
Stacks Image 10904
>Fatboy Slim – You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby [Reissue/1998] 2xLP (Skint)
Fatboy Slim's 1998 global smash
You've Come A Long Way, Baby tore a hole into pop music with its big beats, revolutionary samples and deadly hooks, taking the English producer to new heights in the process.

up-front pre-order magic—for delivery or pick-up!

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>DAMIEN JURADO - The Horizon Just Laughed (Black Vinyl Edition) LP
Like previous albums, The Horizon Just Laughed started with a dream – though that’s where things change, as they often do. It is Damien Jurado’s first self-produced album in a 20+ year career, more personal and more rooted than even his Maraqopa trilogy, as though after so much time on the road he’s stumbled upon his home.
The album feels like a beautiful collage — its narrative pieced together through letters and postcards, with each part contributing to its greater whole, and providing snapshots of ones journey to find a sense of place and connection to a changing world.
out 04 MAY 2018...
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>CHVRCHES - Love Is Dead (Indie Exclusive Clear Vinyl Edition) LP
CHVRCHES third studio album Love Is Dead follows the success of Every Open Eye and The Bones of What We Believe. Production credits include 2017 & 2018 GRAMMY Producer of the Year Greg Kurstin (Adele, Sia) on 9 out of 13 songs and Steve Mac (Ed Sheeran, P!nk) on "Miracle". Matt Berninger is featured on the track "My Enemy".
this is the indie exclusive pressing on CLEAR vinyl!
out 25 MAY 2018...
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>KING TUFF - The Other (Rainbow Marble Vinyl Loser Edition) LP
The ten tracks that make up The Other represent a kind of psychic evolution for King Tuff. No less hooky than previous records, the new songs ditch the goofy rock-and-roll bacchanalia narratives of earlier records in favor of expansive arrangements, a diversity of instrumentation, and lyrics that straddle the fence between painful ruminations and a childlike, creative energy untarnished by cynicism.

This is the limited, "loser" vinyl pressing on RAINBOW MARBLE wax!
out 13 APRIL 2018…
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>BEACH HOUSE - 7 (Loser Edition YELLOW vinyl edition) LP
"'7' is our 7th full-length record. At its release, we will have been a band for over 13 years. We have now written and released a total of 77 songs together." -B.H.
Out 11 MAY 2018
Stacks Image 10883
>COURTNEY BARNETT - Tell Me How You Really Feel (Indie Exclusive Red Edition) LP
The Grammy and Brit nominated Courtney Barnett returns with her second album - ‘Tell Me How You Really Feel.’ It follows her critically acclaimed 2015 debut album ‘Sometimes I Sit And Think And Sometimes I Just Sit’, and a recent top 10 collaborative record, 'Lotta Sea Lice', with Kurt Vile. One of the most distinctive voices in music, Courtney is known for mixing witty observations with unflinching self-assessment - fast forward to now and although all of the cleaver turns of phrase and an eye for story telling are still there; this new collection of songs see a more serious and outwardly tone capturing the current social landscape yet still retaining moments of intimacy and warmth. As the world becomes more familiar with Courtney Barnett these songs feel comforting and emphatic yet that raw energy and the ability to make the listener think still remain.
This is the indie exclusive version, pressed on RED vinyl!
out 18 MAY 2018...
Stacks Image 10850
>UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA - Sex & Food (Opaque Pink Vinyl Edition) LP
A statement of selflessness, to be sure-but make no mistake: Sex & Food reaffirms the vitality of Ruban's voice in today's musical landscape. .

Pressed on OPAQUE PINK vinyl!
out 6 APRIL 2018...
Stacks Image 10886
>MAJOR MURPHY – No.1 (Cloudy Clear Vinyl Edition) LP
Brimming with jangly guitar, bright riffs, synth-sheened grooves, and commanding backing vocals, No. 1 reimagines 1970s radio rock with bristling sensitivity for our present era. Not quite pastiche, the lyrics of songwriter Jacob Bullard come from millennials' unique cache of societal anxiety and ego-crises. The album's musical sensibilities catch all this with A-side's sudden velocity and mechanical repetitions, and B side's encouraging grooves and contemplative soft-rock. The sound is rich and evocative, owing in large measure to bassist Jacki Warren's faculty for harmonic structure. Drummer Brian Voortman's keen responsiveness to melodic progressions and emotional shifts make for concert-like, energetic recordings--in fact, most of No. 1 was recorded live, capturing how naturally Major Murphy makes music together. The result is an album that holds the kinetic charge of these three musicians. With precise control and live versatility, they never quite let the tension out. Even their dreamy soft-rock tracks have moments that feel utterly urgent, as if something dear were at stake. And isn't there?
Pressed on cloudy clear vinyl!
out 30 MARCH 2018...
Stacks Image 10809
>THE SEA AND CAKE - Any Day (Indie Exclusive White Edition) LP
The Sea And Cake deliver a refreshingly intimate collection of elegantly arranged, singular pop songs. For over two decades and 11 albums, The Sea And Cake have honed a sound all their own, comprised of delicate, intertwining guitar patterns, syncopated rhythms, and airy melodies. Masters of subtlety, their compositions have continually evolved - through minute alterations in texture, unusual approaches to lyrics, and creative production choices. Any Day is testament to The Sea And Cake's artistry, song craft, and utterly unique sound. The results are intimate songs that speak to the searcher in all of us. Through shifting instrumentation and sonic exploration, the band invites you into a world that is both familiar and unexpected. Written and recorded following the departure of bassist Eric Claridge, Any Day is The Sea And Cake's first album recorded as the trio of Sam Prekop, Archer Prewitt, and John McEntire.
This is the indie exclusive version, pressed on WHITE vinyl!
out 11 MAY 2018...

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Actually, we buy (and sell) all sorts of pre-loved music!
We stock over 10,00 used LPs and we are always looking to purchase your unwanted LPs, CDs, and DVDs (in good condition) for $$$.
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Sun King Brewery, LUNA music, MOKB Present:
The Low Anthem @ THE HI-FI
Tues, 03 April 2018 7:00 PM
The Low Anthem is a band from Providence, in the Ocean State of Rhode Island, USA, formed in 2006 by best friends, Ben Knox Miller and Jeff Prystowsky. The current lineup also includes Florence Grace Wallis and Bryan Minto.
Grab those tix
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Sun King Brewery, LUNA music, MOKB Present:
Kevin Morby @ THE HI-FI
Fri, 27 April 2018 8:30 PM
City Music is a quiet afternoon moment on a bench in Baltimore, a highway in Seattle at night where the distant houses look like tiny flames and a bottle of red wine being drained on a bridge in Paris. City Music is also the new album by Kevin Morby.
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