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for the week of 12 january 2018
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>PANDA BEAR - A Day with the Homies (Black Vinyl Edition) EP
A new 5 track 12” vinyl only EP from Animal Collective founding member and solo artist Noah Lennox a.k.a. Panda Bear.
for the week of 05 january 2018
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>Michael VM – The Happiest Man On Earth LP (Suah Sounds)
"Much like the juxtaposition of life with The Everymen (MVM's previous band), these songs were borne of a voice and a guitar, pensive, pained, hurting, yet they soon became dressed up in the joy and happiness of making music with your closest friends. As such the album is a reflection of the healing process I went through in the wake of losing my best friend, the darkness of death and loss, while at the same time honoring the lightness of love, the falling in love with the woman who would become my wife, in family and, of course, in the unfaltering, unwavering, unabashed oneness of true friendship."-MVM 2017
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