06 april 2018
>CDs + Vinyl:
Arild Andersen/Paolo Vinaccia/Tommy Smith – In House Science CD (ECM)
Norwegian master bassist Arild Andersen s trio with big-toned tenorist Tommy Smith and powerhouse drummer Paolo Vinaccia is one of the most viscerally exciting jazz small groups of the present moment.

>Daniel Avery
– Song For Alpha CD/2xLP (Mute)
It's enlightening to discover that Daniel Avery's second album –
Song For Alpha, the absorbing follow up to 2013's Drone Logic – was inspired largely by his transient life spent between nightclubs, flights, the passenger seats of cars and rented rooms, cementing a worldwide reputation as one of the defining techno DJs of the decade. While Drone Logic was mainly created for and honed by countless DJ gigs, Song For Alpha revels in exploring different spaces. As Avery's surroundings have changed, so has the sound of the new recordings.
– Shadow On Everything CD/LP (Wharf Cat)
The third LP by Bambara represents a decisive step forward for the NYC-via-Georgia trio. Frontman Reid Bateh, drummer Blaze Bateh, and bassist William Brookshire have always been adept students of noise rock and post-punk, mining the work of bands like Swans and the Birthday Party to construct what NPR called their “beautifully dynamic nightmares.”

>Barren Earth
– A Complex Of Cages CD/LP (Century Media)
Fourth album from the Finnish metal band. “A Complex of Cages doesn’t break open Barren Earth’s sound to be something dashingly new. Rather, it shows these Faroe-Finns rocking out mid-paced death riffs, offsetting it with cleaner parts and littering the heaviest sections with borderline orchestral black metal.” – Angry Metal Guy

>Jeff Beck
– Live At The Hollywood Bowl 2xCD (Rhino)
In the summer of 2016, guitar virtuoso Jeff Beck celebrated 50 years of his musical career with an extraordinary concert at the famous Hollywood Bowl. Beck set the stage ablaze with incredible live versions of "For Your Love," "Beck's Bolero," "'Cause We've Ended As Lovers," "Big Block," "Over Under Sideways Down," "A Day In The Life," "Blue Wind" and more. The night also included a legendary list of special guests including Steven Tyler, Billy F. Gibbons, Jan Hammer, Beth Hart, Jimmy Hall and Buddy Guy. [Vinyl edition due May 25.]

>Rafiq Bhatia
– Breaking English CD/LP+MP3 (ANTI-)
The debut album from New York composer/guitarist Rafiq Bhatia seeks to shatter preconceptions about how much can be said without a word – and, for that matter, who can say it. Bhatia's audacious first album as a producer sets out to challenge existing musical vocabulary with a language of its own. It ruptures the hermetic vernacular of ambient sculpturalism with the emotional intensity of avant-garde jazz, using the techniques of the former to achieve the feeling of the latter.

>Blackberry Smoke
– Find A Light CD/2xLP (3 Legged/Thirty Tigers)
Within Blackberry Smoke's catalog,
Find A Light is distinctive in several notable ways. The record sounds heavier than other albums; in fact, vocalist/lead guitarist Charlie Starr characterizes the churning, scorched-blues album opener, "Flesh And Bone," as "maybe the heaviest song we've ever recorded." And its title has deep significance to the record's overarching themes. "Most of our albums have been named either for a song on the album or a lyric, and this time I didn't want to do that," Starr says. "I thought, ‘What headspace is humanity in as a whole?' That's pretty hard to argue with that. I think everybody is hoping and looking for something better right now."
>Jakob Bro/Palle Mikkelborg/Thomas Morgan/Jon Christensen
– Returnings CD (ECM)
Danish guitarist Jakob Bro creates magical music, impossible to categorize, wrote Downbeat recently. On Returnings the magic is intensified as Bro and musical soul-mate Thomas Morgan reconnect with two living legends of European jazz, trumpeter Palle Mikkelborg and drummer Jon Christensen.

– Nihilistic Glamour Shots CD/LP (BMG)
Faced with a band as explosive as Cabbage, it's disturbing if unsurprising that untruths have clouded the positivity of their intent. Here are some certainties among the drama: Cabbage is a band to believe in. Compromises will not be considered. And the group's music is the most thrilling way imaginable to convey their message. Equally drawn to socialist politics and titting about, they're devotees of both big choruses and anarchic totems like GG Allin, Genesis P Orridge and Butthole Surfers. It’s a mixture writ large throughout
Nihilistic Glamour Shots, from the frenetic opening salvo of “Preach To The Converted,” “Arms Of Pleonexia” and “Molotov Alcopop,” via “Perdurabo's” swampy blues and wild funk of “Exhibit A” to the devastating seven-minute finale “Subhuman 2.0.”
- The Imaginary Soundtrack to a Brazilian Western Movie 1964-1974 CD/LP (Analog Africa)
Fantastic forro from the Brazilian scene of the 60s.

>Johnny Cash
– The Total Johnny Cash Sun Collection 2xCD (Curb)
Every classic song Cash released between 1955 and 1964 on Sam Phillips' legendary Sun Records. 62 songs in all,
The Total Johnny Cash Sun Collection is newly remastered and includes the career defining Johnny Cash hits “I Walk The Line”, “Cry, Cry, Cry”, “Folsom Prison Blues”, “Ballad Of A Teenage Queen”, “Guess Things Happen That Way” and many more.
>Michael Chapman
– Live VPRO 1971 CD/LP (Blast First Petite)
For a self-confessed "journeyman" musician who has spent most of his 50-year career on the road live, Michael Chapman albums are curiously rare items and it's even harder to find one his earlier years. This one, recorded by Dutch "hippie" station "VPRO" in May 1971 is the earliest known live recording so far discovered of Michael Chapman after he started releasing records on the legendary Harvest label in 1969. A beautiful clear, warm and intimate recording of Chapman duetting with long-time collaborator Rick Kemp on electric bass of which documents material from all three albums in a free-flowing improv-inflected style.

– VI Decades Live 4xCD+DVD (Rhino)
The Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Famers celebrate their live legacy with a collection of previously unreleased concert recordings, which includes several deep cuts that have never appeared on any of the band's live albums, all recorded between 1969 and 2014.

– Against The Odds CD/LP (Listenable)
Fourth full-length studio album from the Barcelona-based thrash band.

>The Dead Daisies
– Burn It Down CD/LP (Steamhammer)
The Dead Daisies are: Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio), John Corabi (Mötley Crüe, The Scream), Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy), Deen Castronovo (Bad English, Journey) and David Lowy (Red Phoenix, Mink). A muscular tour-de-force,
Burn It Down is a tornado of pounding drums, pulverizing bass, screaming guitars and in-your-face raw vocals, all of which evoke the best of ‘70s rock, with moments of Birmingham's finest, blended with the early works of Boston's best. [Limited edition vinyl picture disc pressing also available.]
>Mark Deutrom
– Value Of Decay [Reissue/2011] CD/2xLP (Season Of Mist)
The second solo release from veteran noisemonger/ex-Melvins bass player/producer Mark Deutrom,
The Value of Decay's bizarre passages are alive with creepy, quirky and off-kilter anti-riffage over its fifteen-track cerebral assassination. Originally issued in 2011 and long out-of-print, this reissue features a bonus track as well as expanded art and packaging.
>Diet Cig
– Over Easy [Reissue/2015] CDEP/12” (Father/Daughter)
Diet Cig is a pop rock band from New Paltz, NY, fronted by Alex Luciano with Noah Bowman of Earl Boykins on drums. The five charming songs on their 2015 debut EP
Over Easy, written by Alex in the comforts of her bedroom, capture the innocence of adolescence and infatuation with consistent sing-a-long lyrics and thrashing drums.
>Die Wilde Jag
– Uhrwald Orange CD/LP+CD (Bureau B)
The Uhrwald ("Clockwood") -- a place of dreams and sounds, with its own sense of time. Channeled into his band Die Wilde Jagd, Sebastian Lee Philipp's obsession for this place unleashes a uniquely spellbinding project of minimalist, tenebrous intensity. Recorded in the studio which lends its name to the sophomore album,
Uhrwald Orange weaves a dense, atmospheric web of drama, romance, ecstasy, and melancholy.
>Dr. Octagon
- Moosebumps: An Exploration Into Modern Day Horripilation CD/2xLP (Bulk Recordings)
Moosebumps: An Exploration Into Modern Day Horripilation is the follow up album to the classic, critically acclaimed 1996 release Dr. Octagonecologyst, the inspired musical collaboration of Dan 'The Automator', MC Kool Keith & turntablist DJ Q-Bert. For the first time in 22 years, Moosebumps reunites the dream team in studio and on stage! Features appearance from frequent Automator collaborator Del The Funky Homosapien on “3030 Meets The Doc Pt.1.”
>Kevin Drumm
– Inexplicable Hours CD/2xLP+CD (Sonoris)
Despite Drumm's noisy reputation, his music can be overwhelmingly sensual even at its loudest, providing a form of minimalism replete with a delicate, melancholic motion. How wildly divergent emotions rise, hover, and fall using so little is a mystery that only Kevin Drumm can provide.

– Black Out Summer CD/LP (Polyvinyl)
As one of the founding members of the noisy electronic group Holy F**k, Brian Borcherdt has spent years making unhinged dance music. If Brian’s work in Holy F**k represents a reckless night out, Dusted is the somber comedown the morning after.
Blackout Summer winds through floating ambience and dark, moody rockers, but every disparate moment somehow feels connected. Dusted’s fuzzy landscapes, dream-like production and buzzing melodies all congeal, burying Borcherdt’s twisted take on pop under layers of that all-important haze.
– The Deconstruction CD/2x10” (PIAS America)
The Eels' twelfth studio album and first in four years,
The Deconstruction, was performed by E (Mark Oliver Everett) and longtime collaborators Koool G Murder and P-Boo alongside The Deconstruction Orchestra & Choir. It was produced by E, with some songs produced by Mickey Petralia for the first time since 1998's Electro-Shock Blues. Eels mastermind E says of the new album, “Here are 15 new Eels tracks that may or may not inspire, rock or not rock you. The world is going nuts. But if you look for it, there is still great beauty to be found. Sometimes you don't even have to look for it. Other times you have to try to make it yourself. And then there are times you have to tear something apart to find something beautiful inside.”
>En Vogue
– Electric Café CD (E1)
New album from R&B trio.

>Bernard Estardy
– Bernard Estardy’s Space Oddities 1970-1982 CD/LP (Born Bad)
A master of the mixing board from the late '60s until the '90s, Bernard Estardy was the wizard of French musical recordings. As head of CBE studios, he shaped everything from Gérard Manset's concept albums to Claude François's hit singles, Françoise Hardy's delicate tear-jerkers and Michel Sardou's soul-stirrers.

>Eve 6
– Horrorscope [2000] LP (Wargod)
Sophomore album available on vinyl for the first time. Remastered and manufactured on 180gm split orange/blue or blue splatter vinyl with a try-fold jacket.

>Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
– Cheek To Cheek: The Complete Dust Recordings 4xCD (Verve)
For the first time, all of Ella & Louis' classic duets are in one place. This four-CD set gathers their timeless three Verve albums newly remastered versions of
Ella and Louis, Ella and Louis Again and Porgy and Bess combining them with their eight Decca singles, live recordings from Jazz at the Hollywood Bowl plus several alternates & false starts from the Decca & Verve eras, illuminating their craft & good humor.
>Flatbush Zombies
– Vacation In Hell CD (Glorious Dead)
Produced primarily by Erick “Arc” Elliott, with guest production by Kirk Knight, Hector Delgado, and Tyler Dopps, the 19-song
Vacation In Hell hears emcees Elliott, Meechy Darko and Zombie Juice reflecting on their mortality in a introspective light never before heard from Flatbush Zombies.
>John Fogerty
– Centerfield [Reissue/1984] CD/LP (BMG Rights Management)
John Fogerty's classic
Centerfield album is back in print featuring two bonus tracks.
>Don Gibson
– The Best Of The Hickory Records Years (1970-1978) CD (Omnivore)
The most comprehensive collection of Gibson’s time at Hickory Records, features the #1 Country Hit, “Woman (Sensuous Woman).” By 1970 when Don Gibson signed to Hickory Records, he was already a weathered music industry veteran, successful songwriter and performer. Despite enormous success on the charts (he sent 22 songs into the Top Ten between 1956 and 1974) his album sales were dwindling. Gibson signed to Hickory at the invitation of Wesley Rose who had first signed Don to a publishing deal at Acuff-Rose in 1955. With Rose in the producer chair, Gibson was ready for a second act: 20 Country Chart Hits (included here along with five other key tracks) which galvanized his induction into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and in 2001.

>Goat Girl
– Goat Girl CD (Rough Trade)
Across 19 tracks in just 40 minutes, Goat Girl's self-titled debut creates a half-fantasy world out of a very dirty, ugly city reality. In the group's words: "Simply put, it's an album that comes from growing up in London and the first-hand experience of our city's devolution. We wanted to think of it as this place seen not necessarily just through our eyes, but someone who can't get past the abnormalities and strange happenings that exist in our city." It's a very English album (produced by Dan Carey) - full of sharp-eyed observations like The Kinks, louche rage like The Slits - but also swampy, swaggering guitars and singer Lottie's filthy drawl.

>The Golden Grass
– Absolutely CD/LP (Listenable)
A soulful mix of heavy-country-funk-boogie and progressive psychedelic freakbeat.

>Great Lakes
– Dreaming Too Close To The Edge [Reissue/2006] CD (Loose Trucks)
Great Lakes emerged from Athens, GA roughly two decades ago, but the band led by singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Ben Crum has been based in Brooklyn since 2002. Formed in 1996, Great Lakes was initially part of the Elephant 6 Collective. The band's 2000 debut, mixed by Apples in Stereo honcho Robert Schneider, owed much to the psychedelic pop of the '60s, as did the band's second album,
The Distance Between. 2006’s Diamond Times, however, offered a significant stylistic progression. Drifting away from the psychedelic milieu, the band's sound took on country and folk leanings, with “Farther” reminiscent of both Wilco’s and Teenage Fanclub's more straight-ahead moments. With the band's sixth album, Dreaming Too Close to the Edge, Great Lakes returned with a record that feels both like a natural progression yet hearkens back a bit to the band's earlier work.
– I Don’t Run CD/LP+MP3 (Mom & Pop)
Hinds' breakout debut
Leave Me Alone (2016) was an album of party anthems drenched in metaphors. Follow-up I Don't Run is the Madrid-based band's return with an honest reflection on a period that changed their lives beyond their wildest imaginations. Co-produced by Hinds and Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor), and engineered by Grammy winner Shawn Everett (Alabama Shakes, Perfume Genius, The War On Drugs, John Legend), the record shows a bigger, better, faster, funnier, more dexterous Hinds. With this second even more accomplished LP they continue their quest to own their narrative – one of sisters doing it for themselves. [Limited colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>Micah P. Hinson
– At The British Broadcasting Corporation CD/LP+MP3 (Full Time Hobby)
Micah P. Hinson
At The British Broadcasting Corporation collates Micah's Marc Riley sessions from 2004 through 2017. Remastered at Bent Leaf Studios, TX, these eleven tracks were picked from a wealth of cuts from Micah's visits to the BBC over the last 13 years. The compilation covers ground from his earliest output right up to last year's Presents The Holy Strangers.
>Hop Along
– Bark Your Head Off, Dog CD/LP+MP3 (Saddle Creek)
Self-produced and recorded at The Headroom in Philadelphia by guitarist Joe Reinhart and Kyle Pulley, Hop Along’s third album
Bark Your Head Off, Dog features the familiar sounds that have always made the band allergic to genre: grunge, folk, punk, and power pop all appear, with inspiration from ELO to Elvis Costello to ‘70s girl group vocal arrangements. This time around, they've added strings, more intricate rhythms, lush harmonies (featuring Thin Lips' Chrissy Tashjian), along with a momentary visit with a vocoder. In more than one place, Mark Quinlan drums like he's at a disco with Built To Spill. Most significantly, Bark Your Head Off, Dog shows the band at its strongest and most cohesive.
– Feels Like Air CD/LP (French Kiss)
Recorded all in one room in just two weeks with sparing use of overdubs and no click track, London-based Island's debut album is a sonic document that's all about feel, all about capturing four musicians at their most unprocessed and uninhibited. A combination of influences ranging from trad-folk to high-octane punk rock and encompassing everything in-between, Feels Like Air, with its hook-filled anthemic choruses and inventive drumming simultaneously deploys Island's rolling melancholy and bottles the lightening of the group's imperious live shows.

>Jan Jelinek
– Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records [Reissue/2001] CD (Faitiche)
Faitiche presents this long-lost album on CD. Since 2003, Jan Jelinek's
Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records, originally released in 2001 on ~scape, existed only as a download. Includes two bonus tracks, "Moiré (Guitar & Horns)" and "Poren", B-sides from Tendency EP (2000). "Don't be misled by the title, though for there isn't a finger-snapping rhythm bebop lead anywhere on the album. Instead, Jelinek chooses to explore the visual effect moiré - two shifting patterns creating an implied third dimension - in the audio realm." --Alternative Press
>Clarice Jensen
– For This From That Will Be Filled CD/LP (Miasmah)
Debut album by the artistic director of the American Contemporary Music Ensemble (ACME).
For This From That Will Be Filled explores the variable differences between acoustic and electronic sound as well as depiction of the simulated and the unconscious.
>Ragnar Johnson and Jessica Mayer
- Music From Yemen Arabia: Sanaani, Laheji, Adeni And Samar 2xCD/2xLP (Sub Rosa)
a reissue of both
Music From Yemen Arabia: Samar and Music From Yemen Arabia: Sanaani, Laheji, Adeni, recorded by Ragnar Johnson and Jessica Mayer. These songs originate from the city of Sanaa, the sheikdom of Lahej and the port of Aden. These songs originate from the city of Sanaa, the sheikdom of Lahej and the port of Aden. Samar is the delicious, luxury time when people gather for relaxation, refreshment, and music. This record contains oudh playing, percussion, and singing from Yemen. The three Kawkabani brothers sing traditional poems and play oudh (lute), double drums, tambourine, and, occasionally, the kanoun (zither). They were recorded in Sanaa in 1973. The oudh player Hassan al Zabeede and his double drum playing brother sing songs in the Lahej style and were recorded in Taez in 1973.
>Jungle Rot
– What Horrors Await [Reissues/2006] CD (Victory)
CD reissue of the sixth studio album from the American death metal band.

– Palo CD (Spinefarm)
“A piece of unbridled all-consuming wildfire of melodic death metal mastery.”

– The Shadow Theory CD/2xLP (Napalm)
Deeply intrigued by analytical psychology, Kamelot's new album The Shadow Theory leans on three pillars: The Shadow Empire (The global mind), The Shadow Key (The Resistance) and The Shadow Wall (The veil that blinds us from the truth). It's a dystopian glimpse at the complexity of the human mind and its place in an oppressive society and most of all a fascinating and eerie backdrop for 13 lush and artsy songs that boast Kamelot's trademarks; yet the band steps out to add new and modern elements along with bringing in some amazing emotions that harken back to their earlier days. [Deluxe digipak CD and limited edition white colored vinyl pressings are also available.]

>King Tubby
– Never Run Away/Dub Plate Specials CD/LP (Jamaican Recordings)
This collection brings together sixteen B-sides and dubplates cut by Tubby, largely over rhythms built by Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee.

>Le Galaxie
– Pleasure CD/LP (Red River Ent.)
Recorded in their own studio with ultra-producer Blende, Le Galaxie's third studio album Pleasure points to the band's evolution from purveyors of dance floor bangers to creators of well-crafted songs. The affecting, almost master and servant like vocal exchange between Michael Pope and longtime collaborator and new full-time member May Kay (Fight Like Apes), demonstrates a self-confidence and maturity of a band in full control of their abilities.

>Lil Xan
– Total Xanarchy CD (Sony)
Debut album from the breakout rapper. HypeBeast claims "Lil Xan is now one of if not the hottest new rapper of this year so far," and named him "one of the ten rappers you need to know." The New Yorker calls Lil Xan "just one member of a cohort of young musicians who, by embracing a morose sound, have transformed from underground curiosities into stars in the past year."

>Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas
– Sound Prints/Scandal CD (Green Leaf)
Scandal marks the first time that trumpeter Dave Douglas and saxophonist Joe Lovano have recorded a full studio album of material together, revealing a passionately adventurous band for whom no territory is off-limits. As on their live debut recording, Sound Prints features pianist Lawrence Fields, bassist Linda May Han Oh, and drummer Joey Baron.
– Forever Changes [Reissue/1967] 4xCD+DVD+LP (Elektra)
Super Deluxe box set edition of the psychedelic folk-rock pioneers’ finest achievement. The set features a few firsts for the album, including the CD-debut of a remastered version made by its original co-producer and engineer Bruce Botnick, as well as the first-ever release of the mono version on CD. Disc three offers alternate mixes of every track on the album, and CD 4 delivers a selection of rare and unreleased singles and studio outtakes. Botnick's stereo remaster of the original album makes i's vinyl debut on the LP included with this set. It was cut from high resolution digital audio by celebrated audio engineer Bernie Grundman. The DVD that accompanies the anniversary collection includes a 24/96 stereo mix of the album version of the original album remastered by Botnick. Also featured is "Your Mind And We Belong Together," a rare promotional video directed by Elektra producer Mark Abramson that was originally released in 1968. [Vinyl edition due May 4.]

>Mellow Mood
– Large CD/LP (La Tempesta Dub)
Large stands out from the crowd and rather calls for a more conscious way of life, more sober, non-subjugated by market rules, freer. In the end, that's indeed the true spirit of reggae music.
>Kylie Minogue
– Golden CD/LP/CD+LP (BMG)
14th album from the award-winning singer-songwriter.
Golden was mainly recorded in Nashville, which was a first for Kylie, a fact which couldn't help but inform the sound – albeit in Kylie's superlative pop style. The album opens with lead single "Dancing," which sets the tone for what is to come on the album. Kylie says: "You've got the lyrical edge, that country feel, mixed with some sampling of the voice and electronic elements, so it does what it says on the label. And I love that it's called ‘Dancing', it's immediately accessible and seemingly so obvious, but there's depth within the song." [Available on CD, vinyl, Deluxe CD (which adds four bonus tracks) or Super-Deluxe edition: the album on vinyl, the deluxe-edition CD and a 12" x 12" hardback book with photos and handwritten lyrics by Kylie.]
– Edges Run CD/LP (Antifragile Music)
Mipso brings a distinctly unique sound – full of wistful beauty, hopeful undercurrents, and panoramic soundscapes. Venturing ever-further from its string-band pedigree to discover a broader Americana where classic folk-rock and modern alt-country sounds mingle easily with Appalachian tradition, Mipso's music is lush and forward moving, with lyrics that sear and salve in turn.

>Tom Misch
– Geography CD/2xLP (Beyond The Groove)
Geography is the debut album from 22-year-old South-East Londoner and singer-songwriter/DJ/producer Tom Misch. His music is an intrepid and invigorating adventure in sound, bursting with inventiveness. “Geography builds on DIY elements employed in previous projects, namely his Beat Tape 1 and 2, Out To Sea and the ambitious, multi-layered 5 Day Mischon.
The love of J Dilla consistently apparent in his work is most clearly heard on ‘Tick Tock’, which harkens back to his beginnings as a bedroom beat-making adolescent before quickly showing more of a new-found funk influence. This in itself is indicative of the multi-layered nature of Misch as an artist today, and his ability to seamlessly and organically combine genres. Given his grand musical repertoire, it’s easy to forget that Misch is only 22 years old.” – The Line Of Best Fit

>Elizabeth Mitchell and Suni Paz
- Tú Eres Mi Flor: Songs for Children en Español CD (Smithsonian Folkways)
A sunny collection of songs sung in Spanish by beloved children’s artists Elizabeth Mitchell and Suni Paz.

>David Lee Murphy
– No Zip Code CD (Reviver)
New release from the veteran country singer/songwriter.

>Paddy & Rats
– Riot City Outlaws CD/LP (Napalm)
“With enough to cause an international incident being a Hungarian version of an Irish Celtic punk band – right down to their names like ‘Paddy O’Reilly’ and ‘Seamus Connelly’ – nothing could prepare me for the awesome songs on this excellent album.” – Battlehelm

– Scars Of Man On The Once Nameless Wilderness Part 1 CD/2xLP (Nordvis)
Panopticon – Scars Of Man On The Once Nameless Wilderness Part 2 CD/2xLP (Nordvis)
A two-part album that musically explores the two separate musical sides of Panopticon.
Part 1 harkens back to melodic black and death metal influences and Part 2 focuses entirely on Americana, folk and country music from North America.
>Rick Parfitt
– Over And Out CD/LP (earMUSIC)
Ever since their early beginnings, singer and guitarist Rick Parfitt had been a pivotal member of legendary British rock band Status Quo. Standing abreast of Francis Rossi, the two made up the creative core of the band and therefore birthed more than 60 UK chart hit singles and 32 studio albums. Prior to his death in 2016, and unknown to almost anyone, Rick had almost completed his first solo album whilst undergoing a period of recuperation after his heart attack in July of that year.
Over And Out features ten brand new songs, including the title track that was played at his funeral.
– Hadeon CD/LP (Hammerheart)
The Dutch death metal legends are back with a brand-new album.

>Elvis Presley
– The Searcher – Original Soundtrack CD/3xCD/2xLP (Sony Legacy)
Soundtrack to the new multi-part documentary
Elvis Presley: The Searcher, directed by Thom Zimny and airing on HBO on April 14, that pushes past the larger-than-life image of The King of Rock and Roll, portraying him instead as a man and an artist “who wanted to heal, to find that thing that was always felt to be missing, and to do it through the music.” Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Standard edition features 18 tracks, while the triple-CD deluxe edition box set offers an expanded 55-track overview of Elvis' career; all as heard in the film.
>Rainbow Kitten Surprise
– How To: Friend, Love, Freefall CD/LP+MP3 (Elektra)
With chilling harmonies, dynamic instrumentation, and introspective lyrics, Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s genre-defying sound takes influence as much from artists like Modest Mouse and Kings of Leon as it does from Frank Ocean and Schoolboy Q. [Limited edition purple colored vinyl pressing also available.]

>Renee Rosnes
– Beloved Of The Sky CD/LP (Smoke Sessions)
Beloved Of The Sky’s nine pieces ruminate on pleasures and inspirations that don't come with a price tag – the splendor of nature, the mysteries of the universe, the comforts of home, the treasured memories of lost loved ones, the simple warmth of an inside joke. The album also celebrates the chemistry and discovery made possible by a band of truly remarkable musicians, each one a master of their instrument: saxophonist Chris Potter, vibraphonist Steve Nelson, bassist Peter Washington, and drummer Lenny White.
>Âmes Sanglantes
- Chindia Tower Impalements [2015] 3xCD (Hospital Productions)
Triple CD reissue -- originally released as a triple cassette of only 66 copies. A definitive document revealing the cruelty of the Wallachian landscape myths and realities. Dracula vs. Vlad Tepes... Caustic, brittle, and eerie, the six long-duration tracks secure Âmes Sanglantes as one of the most original and overlooked extreme electronic monikers of the '90s North American cassette underground.

>Sarah Shook & The Disarmers
– Years CD/LP+MP3 (Bloodshot)
Years solidifies the point: Sarah Shook & The Disarmers have moved from getting people's attention to commanding it. The bands' new album-with its sharpened songwriting, unique perspective, deepened sound and roll-up-your-sleeves attitude-will grab you by the collar and put a defiant finger to your chest. It is resolute, blunt, and unflinching.
>Frank Sinatra
– Baby Blue Eyes CD/2xLP (Capitol)
Frank Sinatra's daughter Tina has curated a collection of some of his most fondly-loved recordings for a special compilation for children and parents alike.

– 12 CD/2xLP+MP3 (Yep Roc)
“That title isn't just some random number.
12 is indeed the 12th album from Canadian power-pop perennials Sloan, which means it's as good as Led Zeppelin IV, Black Sabbath's Vol. 4, and Chicago 4 all put together. But seriously: not only are Sloan the rare band to make it to their 12th record, and not only are Sloan the rare band to make it to their 12th record with all four original members, and not only are Sloan the rare band to make it to their 12th album with four original members who are equally prolific songwriters, they're arguably the only band to make it to their 12th album with four original members who are both equally prolific songwriters and all still working at the top of their respective games, sounding utterly ageless in the process.” [Limited edition colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>Sonido Gallo Negro
- Mambo Cósmico CD/LP+MP3 (Glitterbeat)
Hailing from Mexico City, Sonido Gallo Negro's exhilarating third album,
Mambo Cósmico, continues their exploration into the psychedelic richness and rhythmic pulse of Amazonian cumbia while at the same reaching for new sounds and textures -- such as mambo, cha cha, porro and danzon.
>Son Volt
– Search [Reissue/2007] CD/2xLP (Transmit Sound)
Son Volt was one of the most instrumental and influential bands in launching the alt-country movement of the 1990's. Originally released in 2007, and out of print for the past several years, this deluxe reissue of
The Search features bonus content. [Limited colored vinyl pressing also available.]
– Killer Machine CD (Spinefarm)
Spiders weave a wild web of reckless and rip-roaring riffs, spellbinding vocals, seductive rhythms, sticky hooks, and punk soul.

>Lisa Stansfield
– Deeper CD/2xLP/2xLP+CD (earMUSIC)
Hearing Lisa Stansfield sing takes you back. In the late ‘80s and throughout the ‘90s, the smiley singer with the Elsie Tanner accent was the coolest pop star on the planet. Her seductive, soulful vocals and timeless dance-pop songs saw her top the charts on both sides of Atlantic, duet with George Michael and Queen. On
Deeper, Stansfield challenges herself without compromising her signature blend of pop, jazz, dance, Motown and Northern soul. It showcases some new signature songs, like the club-oriented “Everything” but at the same time reveals the British queen of white soul in a more melodic light with tracks such as “Billionaire.” The smoothly interlocking collection is carried by Stansfield's bulky and multifaceted voice throughout. Deeper features funky groovy disco tracks, well-tempered soul-pop ballads, as well as laid-back easy-listening songs and it all comes together to form a well-crafted blend which sounds as strong-willed as Lisa Stansfield has proven to be. [Also available as a limited-edition box set featuring the album on both CD and vinyl formats and a t-shirt, poster and photo cards.]
>Will Stewart
– Country Seat CD/LP (Cornelius Chapel)
County Seat nods to a number of songwriters who sing about the beauty of their homeland without glossing over its imperfections. There are electrified moments influenced by Neil Young, guitar arpeggios suited for R.E.M., turns-of-phrase worthy of Bob Dylan, and the modern-day folksy charm of Hiss Golden Messenger.
>Ebo Taylor
– Yen Ara CD/LP (Mr. Bongo)
New album from the Ghanaian music legend. The 81-year-old composer, arranger, guitarist and vocalist has been a key figure in the evolving Afro-funk sound since the ‘70s.

>Thirty Seconds To Mars
– The New Album CD (Interscope)
Fifth album from the multi-platinum selling band. "The album is, I think, going to be very surprising to people," frontman Jared Leto told Rogue Magazine. "There's quite a lot of different musical styles on the album, it's a very modern album and a break from the past – we are incredibly excited about it. It has a lot of energy and we've spent years working on it, exploring new ideas." [Vinyl edition due June 8.]

– Visitor CD/LP (Requiem Pour Twister)
On their sixth album, the L.A. band digs deep into fifty years of psychedelic pop music with their trademarked pristine and charming melodies. [Limited colored vinyl pressing also available.]

>The Turbans
– The Turbans CD (Six Degrees)
The Turbans are an international musical collective that combine traditional, Near-Eastern and Eastern-European styles with original compositions, to create modern and energetic performances that remain faithful to their ancient roots. This extraordinary project has grown in just a few short years, from humble beginnings into a respected name on the London music scene. Members come from such diverse locales as Turkey, Bulgaria, Israel, Iran, Greece, Spain and England. [Vinyl edition due April 20.]

– Erase Me CD/LP (Fearless)
Underøath return with their first new album in eight years – the Matt Squire-produced (Panic! At The Disco, 3OH!3)
Erase Me. Right out of the gate, “It Has To Start Somewhere” burns like a rail dragster achieving top speed before hurling itself straight into the sun. “Wake Me” is almost pop that overshadows whatever manufactured nine-person co-writing session is currently being marketed on streaming-service playlists. “Rapture” feels like prog rock that traverses generations near and far, while Chris Dudley's electronics drive “No Frame” into universes unknown. Even the first single, “On My Teeth,” seemingly sends a warning to listeners to protect their necks. Underøath may have tempered the punishing riffage of their previous releases, but they doubled-down on the urgency. Erase Me is the apex where melodic heft, indefatigable power, spatial resonance and arcane electronic textures converge to reveal a band that's positively fearless. [Limited edition 180gm colored vinyl in special packaging also available.]
>Unknown Mortal Orchestra
– Sex & Food CD/LP+MP3 (Jagjaguwar)
The fourth album from Ruban Nielson’s Unknown Mortal Orchestra project is a delightfully shapeshifting affair that filters these real-deal serious themes through a vibrant sonic lens that spans battered drum-machine funk, doomy and thrashing rock, and pink-hued psychedelic disco. [Limited edition pink colored vinyl pressing also available.]

>The Vaccines
– Combat Sports CD/LP (Capitol)
The Vaccines return to their roots with an album of songs ranging from pure rock and roll to power-pop.

>Christina Vantzou
– No4 CD/LP (Kranky)
Belgium-based composer Christina Vantzou’s fourth full-length for Kranky ventures further into the uniquely elusive and evocative mode of ambient classical minimalism which has become her signature: a fragile synthesis of contemplative drift, heady silences, and muted dissonance. In regards to the new album she speaks of focusing particular attention on the effects of the recordings on the body, and of “directing sound perception into an inner space.”

>Various Artists
– Johnny Cash: The Music – Forever Words CD/2xLP (Sony Legacy)
Johnny Cash: Forever Words is a collaborative album consisting of 16 songs created from Johnny Cash's unknown poetry, lyrics, and letters set to music by an astounding array of contemporary artists including Chris Cornell, Ruston Kelly & Kacey Musgraves, Rosanne Cash, Alison Krauss & Union Station, Brad Paisley, Kris Kristofferson & Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, Elvis Costello, and more.
>Various Artists
- Revamp: The Songs of Elton John & Bernie Taupin CD (Island)
Various Artists – Restoration: Reimagining The Songs Of Elton John And Bernie Taupin CD (MCA Nashville)
Some of the world’s biggest pop, rock and country artists are celebrating Elton John’s most beloved and legendary catalogue of hits with two albums:
Revamp and Restoration. The superstar lineup features artists both new and iconic reinterpreting the timeless songs of the over 50-year writing partnership that Elton and Bernie Taupin share. Restoration contains thoughtful interpretations by Dierks Bentley, Rosanne Cash and Emmylou Harris, Miley Cyrus, Vince Gill and Don Henley, Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town, Maren Morris, Kacey Musgraves, Willie Nelson, Brothers Osborne, Chris Stapleton, Rhonda Vincent and Dolly Parton and Lee Ann Womack. Revamp refracts Elton John’s most iconic pop hits through the voices of the industry’s hottest talents, including: Pink, Logic, Coldplay, Alessia Cara, Ed Sheeran, Florence + The Machine, Mumford & Sons, Mary J. Blige, Q-Tip, The Killers, Sam Smith, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and Queens Of The Stone Age.
>Andreas Varady
– The Quest CD (Resonance)
The Quest is guitar virtuoso Andreas Varady’s debut on Resonance Records and his clarion call statement as an artist. Discovered by the legendary producer Quincy Jones at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2012 at a mere 15 years of age, Varady has gone on to wow established music icons such as George Benson and Marcus Miller.
>Dan Weiss
– Starebaby CD/2xLP (Pi Recordings)
Starebaby is the upshot of drummer Dan Weiss's long-running dream to bring together some of the most accomplished players on the jazz scene to play music that combines jazz with the power of heavy metal and electronic new music.
>Western Centuries
– Songs From The Deluge CD/LP (Free Dirt)
Songs From The Deluge, honky-tonk supergroup Western Centuries brings country music home to it's eclectic and unpretentious origins. Recorded and co-produced by acclaimed Cajun musician and Grammy-winning producer Joel Savoy at his Eunice, L.A. studio, this fresh set of songs spans psychedelia, boogie-woogie, and quixotic tales of love.
– Ethereality CD/LP (Lolipop/ORG Music)
Winter is the project of songwriter Samira Winter, who’s love for guitar music and nostalgic imagery inspired the dream pop/indie rock four piece. Samira grew up in Curitiba, Brazil listening to her American father’s punk records, and her Brazilian mother’s MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) tunes. [Limited blue colored vinyl pressing also available.]

– The Hallowing Of Heirdom CD/2xLP (Spinefarm)
Winterfylleþ is a pagan black metal band from Manchester UK, concerned with themes of England's history/heritage, poetry and folklore. Winterfylleþ (which translates into Winter Full Moon from the Old English language) represents the first full moon in October, as well as the Anglo-Saxon festival of the arrival of winter.

>Alison Wonderland
– Awake CD/LP (Astralwerks)
A mix of digital-pop and incendiary beats,
Awake finds Sydney-born, L.A. based singer-songwriter, producer and DJ Alison Wonderland blazing new territory – sonically, vocally and emotionally. "I just wanted to go bigger and really push myself," Wonderland explains. "Vocally, I can hear a massive difference. I'm a lot more comfortable with my voice now and I'm not afraid to get on the mic and just go for it." Underneath its vibrant pop pulse, soaring synth-pop single "Church," is the sound of Wonderland emerging from her own darkness.
>The Wonder Years
– Sister Cities CD/LP (Hopeless)
The Philadelphia natives return with their new studio album of testimonials on love, loss, and finding commonalities in the human experience despite cultural differences.

>Royal Wood
– Ever After The Farewell CD/LP (Outside Music)
New album from one of the most accomplished singer songwriters in Canada. Recorded in London, UK, with Jamie Scott (known for his work with renowned artists like Rag'n Bone Man, Michael Kiwanuka, Niall Horan and Ed Sheeran), Royal's album is not only deeply inspired by both loss and love, but is an ode to the classic styles of both Tin Pan Alley and Laurel Canyon.

>Wye Oak
– The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs CD/LP+MP3 (Merge)
Wye Oak’s fifth album pursues a litany of modern malaises, each track diligently addressing a new conflict and pinning it against walls of sound, with the song’s subject and shape inextricably and ingeniously linked. A gripping and powerful set of songs built with melodies, movement, and emotions that transcend even the best of their catalogue. [Limited pressing on beige/blue colored vinyl also available.]

– Artificial Flavoring CD/LP (Mono-Tone)
XYZ = a Trans-Atlantic American/French project featuring Ian Svenonius (Chain & The Gang, Make-Up, Escape-ism, et al.) on vocals and Memphis Electronic (of the groups NON!, Dum Bum Boys, Die Idiots, et al.) on instruments. Twelve dancefloor rockers and sexy glam numbers with fuzz guitars, drum machines, and analog synths on this irresistible plastic platter.

This Week’s Vinyl Exclusives:
>Jhené Aiko
– The Trip LP (ARTium/Def Jam Recording)
“Written during a period of grief, Jhené Aiko’s 22-track LP turns her methods of survival—enlightenment, drugs, music itself—into an epic concept album. Some of Aiko’s most honest writing occurs here.” – Pitchfork

>Alessandro Alessandroni
- Lost & Found LP (Four Flies)
15 forgotten soundtracks and library music treasures spanning 1972-1978.

>Louis Armstrong And The All Stars
‎– Satchmo At Symphony Hall [Reissue/1954] LP (Vinyl Passion)
>Derek Bailey
– Lot 74: Solo Improvisations [Reissue/1974] LP (Honest Jon’s)
Derek Bailey/Tristan Honsinger – Duo [Reissue/1976] LP (Honest Jon’s)
Two vinyl reissues of forward-thinking guitar improv, both originally released on Incus in the mid- ‘70s

>Robbie Basho
– Live In Forli, Italy 1982 LP (ESP-Disk’)
Released in January on CD – now available on vinyl. Robbie Basho (1940-1986), who died young after a stroke, never got his due in the culture at large, but steel-string guitar enthusiasts have known for decades that he was one of the greats of "American Primitivism". Technically adept and compositionally imaginative, fusing the music of many cultures into a mesmerizing solo style, he has been an inspiration for many; his music has generated a surge of interest in recent years. This 1982 concert was part of a four-show Italian tour.

>David Bazan/Sean Lane
– Rare Coins LP (15 Passenger)
Rare Coins Series spotlights an established artist who, in turn, chooses an up-and-coming artist they’d like to share a split release with. Fans not only receive new music from the artist they love, but also get a chance to hear music chosen by this artist. David Bazan was the lead singer for Pedro The Lion and a member of the band Headphones. Sean Lane is a drummer/percussionist. He’s played in bands such as Perfume Genius, and with David Bazan and Noah Gundersen. Limited gold colored vinyl pressing.
>Burnier & Cartier
- Burnier & Cartier [Reissue/1974] LP (Mr. Bongo)
Vinyl reissue of a sought-after Brazilian LP from 1974 that touches on MPB, soul, jazz, disco and boogie.

>Between The Buried & Me
– Automata I LP (Sumerian)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. New release from the progressive metal band - the first two parts and eighth album overall.
Automata is a concept album that revolves around the concept of being able to view the dreams of others.
>The Black Sun Ensemble
– The Black Sun Ensemble [Reissue/1985] LP (San Jacinto)
Vinyl reissue of an “absolutely stunning psych LP, first released in limited edition in 1985 on Pyknotic label and reissued on CD in 2000 by Camera Obscura (instantly sold out). Stunning fuzzy guitar, Eastern tunes, chanting, some horns here and there.... absolutely spacey psychedelic music”—Mutant Sound

>Blue Cheer
– Vincebus Eruptum [Reissue/1968] LP (Sundazed)
Long out-of-print mono version sourced from the original Philips reels. Blue Cheer's landmark 1968 debut is widely regarded as Ground Zero of the heavy metal explosion.

– Angola ’74 [Reissue/1974] LP (Lusafrica)
Vinyl reissue of the legendary Angolan singer José Adelino Barcelo de Carvalho’s second album.

>Steve Bug & Langenberg
– Paradise Sold 2xLP (Poker Flat)
The irresistible pairing of Steve Bug and Langenberg present a full vinyl album of exquisitely crafted house music on Bug's own Poker Flat Recordings.

– From Out Of The Skies LP (Frontiers/Vinyl Eck)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. New release from the veteran hard rockers.

>Casual Hex
– Zig Zag Lady Illusion LP (Water Wing)
Drawing influence from a variety of genres (post-punk, no-wave, noise rock), Casual Hex relies on the contrast of heavy, catchy, minimal, and dissonant. It’s difficult to draw a direct lineage, but flashes of Pylon, The Contortions or early Sonic Youth come to mind.

>Charnel Ground
– Charnel Ground LP (12XU)
Charnel Ground is a meeting of Chris Brokaw (Come, Codeine, The New Year) on electric guitar, James McNew (Yo La Tengo, Dump) on bass, and Kid Millions (Oneida, Man Forever, etc.) on drums, dedicated to exploring the outer and inner regions of instrumental rock music.

>Chrome Sparks
– Sparks [Reissue/2013] 12”+MP3 (Future Classics)
Chrome Sparks – Goddess [Reissue/2014] 12”+MP3 (Future Classics)
Chrome Sparks – Parallelism [Reissue/2015] 12”+MP3 (Future Classics)
Chrome Sparks is the project of Brooklyn-based producer Jeremy Malvin. The 2013
Sparks EP features the internet phenomenon "Marijuana" and "Send The Pain On," and positioned him as an in-demand collaborator and tour artist (supporting the likes of Flume, Bonobo and XXYYXX). His 2014 follow-up Goddess is a tightly-structured six-track EP made in Malvin's bedroom and built on expansive landscapes and his love of percussion and synthesizers.
>Come Holy Spirit
– Asters And Disasters LP (Water Wing)
Formed in 2012 in Pittsburgh PA, Come Holy Spirit wields the age-old trifecta of guitar, bass, and drums in unexpected configurations. The songs embody a complex aggregate of musical influences, ranging from the angular deconstructivism of early experimental anarcho-punk (think Dog Faced Hermans and Poison Girls) to the tender repetition of far-flung folk music.

>The Chick Corea + Steve Gadd Band
– Chinese Butterfly 3xLP (Concord Jazz)
Chinese Butterfly is a reunion of two musical titans, a creative partnership that dates back to the early days of Return To Forever with Chick Corea when Steve Gadd was one of the first drummers.
>The Crown
– Cobra Speed Venom LP (Metal Blade)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Extreme speed and aggression mixed with classic heavy metal and rock ‘n’ roll from the Swedish death metal band.

– Riders Of Doom [Reissue/1986] LP (Noise)
Deathrow – Raging Steel [Reissue/1987] LP (Noise)
Deathrow – Deception Ignored [Reissue/1988] LP (Noise)
Deathrow was a West-German thrash metal band from Düsseldorf formed in 1984. Their second, third, and fourth albums have been reissued on vinyl.

– Falling: The Best Of Decry LP (Cleopatra)
Limited purple vinyl pressing – 16 bone crushing tracks from the ‘80s punk revivalists.

>Jean Dubuffet
– Musical Experiences [Reissue/1973] LP (Etats-Unis)
The legendary French painter and sculptor Jean Dubuffet exalted naivety and spontaneity in visual art, and his brazenly experimental recordings on Musical Experiences evince the same spirit through sound.

>John Duncan
– Organic [Reissue/1979] LP (Etats-Unis)
The inter-disciplinary maverick John Duncan emerged in 1970s Los Angeles as a confrontational performance artist and, as the decade progressed, aligned himself with the experimental-music collective Los Angeles Free Music Society. His sound art appeared on various self-released cassettes and alongside artists such as Jim Pomeroy and Yoshi Wada on the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art's influential compilation Sound. Duncan's debut album,
Organic, released in a tiny edition on the artist's own AQM imprint in 1979 and distributed through LAFMS, collects some of his earliest and most absorbing noise experiments.
>Bob Dylan
– The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan [Reissue/1963] LP+MP3 (Sony Legacy)
Vinyl reissue of Dylan’s second studio album.

>Freak Heat Waves
– Beyond XXXL LP (Telephone Explosion)
In the two years since their last release, Freak Heat Waves have continued a perpetual process of transformation. Shedding familiar influences from the heavily excavated histories of post-punk and krautrock, the band has now beamed into uncharted territory with the otherworldly sound of their third album,
Beyond XXXL. Beyond XXXL is 11-song excursion, alien strains of synth-pop and glam-rock are sandblasted with smooth guitar solos, eerie electronics, and pulsating drum machines propelled into skull-shattering breakbeats.
>Galactic Explorers
– Epitaph For Venus LP (Mental Experience)
Vinyl reissue of another album from the Pyramid label shrouded in mystery and produced by Toby Robinson in Cologne, circa 1974. Kosmische and head sounds with plenty of Minimoog, analog synths/keyboards, effects, loops, tape manipulation, treated percussions, etc., courtesy of Galactic Explorers, an electronic, minimal, ambient krautrock trio featuring Reinhard Karwatky (Dzyan). RIYL: Terry Riley, Popol Vuh, Sand, Peter Michael Hamel, Tangerine Dream, Baba Yaga, Cluster, Cozmic Corridors, Brainticket.

– Perfect Texture LP (Iron Lung)
Swirling psychedelic D-Beat madness from Melbourne, Australia. Acidic fuzz guitars and wild distorted vocals snarling out eleven songs about suffering, vulnerability, paranoia and banality are what make up the perfect texture of living in today's doomed world.

– The Singles [1979-1984] LP (Real Gone Music)
If your knowledge of hard-rockin’, all-female bands from the late ‘70s is limited to The Runaways, friend, it is time to broaden your horizons and cast your eyes across the pond to the British rock institution that is Girlschool. Limited orange colored vinyl pressing.

– 5 Star Motel LP (Wonderwheel)
Debut album from multi-instrumentalist and producer Brian Gitkin, inspired by his mysterious uncle - a travelling salesman who crisscrossed the US in the late ‘70s selling knockoff Gibson guitars to the diverse groups of immigrants from all four corners of the globe who were coming to the States during the second great migration. Recycling and filtering the sounds he encountered through his own psychedelic lens, he created a sound rooted in the disparate sounds he was encountering from places like Ethiopia, Mexico, Peru, and North Africa.

>Miles Goodwin And Friends Of The Blues
– Myles Goodwin And Friends Of The Blues LP (Linus)
Myles Goodwyn's passion for the blues began in '60s when he started listening to American blues artists like BB King, Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters. Although the blues songs he wrote over the years never made it onto an April Wine album, he kept saving them for the blues album he knew he was going to make one day.
Myles Goodwyn And Friends Of The Blues is the result of these sessions. Some of the Friends joining Goodwyn are Jack de Keyzer, Garret Mason, David Wilcox, Amos Garret, Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne, Joe Murphy, Frank Marino, Shaun Verreault, Bill Stevenson, Rick Derringer and more.
– At The Roundhouse 3xLP (Cherry Red UK)
On Friday, May 26, 2017, Hawkwind returned to London's legendary Roundhouse venue in Chalk Farm for the first time in 40 years. It was also some 45 years after the band famously performed at the venue (captured for posterity on the
Greasy Truckers Party album), where they recorded the hit version of “Silver Machine”. Six months on, this amazing, historic show is captured for posterity within a deluxe vinyl box set which boasts audio versions of the entire performance.
>His Name Is Alive
– Black Wings 2xLP (Happy Happy Birthday To Me)
Black Wings was originally designed as a collection of outtakes, demos and experiments, combining beautifully layered acapella vocal harmonies with heavy fuzz riffs and sci-fi soundtrack synths, and was included in the Patterns Of Light limited edition super set (2016) but quickly grew in stature and attracted attention as a fundamentally unique stand-alone release. Black Wings is a 30-song cosmic double album housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve and collages an insane variety of styles including psychedelic rock, new age meditation, medieval choral, and the protometal prog of early Rush and Hawkwind, while lyrically covering heavily researched creation myths, visionary theology, particle physics, dragons and some feelings about the fundamental forces of nature and witchcraft.
>J.C. Satàn
– Centaur Of Desire LP (Born Bad)
You can count on the fingers of one hand the bands you've loved up until their fifth album like J.C. Satàn -- almost ten years after falling in love. There are dudes who have “seen them too much”, heard them too much, and stopped expecting anything from them anymore. The Satàn crew did not deliver a fifth album just for the hell of it, just to justify their next tour: they got together to seek the rare fuel, the miraculous current able to galvanize our sleeping senses, the electroshock forcing us to revive the urgent impression of being alive.

>Warner Jepson
– Totentanz [Reissue/1972] LP (Etats-Unis)
Limited clear vinyl LP pressing. Considered as the first piece of electronic music to accompany a ballet,
Totentanz is the arrestingly abstract and mightily expressive result of Warner Jepson's experiments with tape and Don Buchla's groundbreaking synthesizer, the Buchla 100. Totentanz, originally self-released in 1972, reveals a composer relieved of convention.
>John’s Children
– Desdemona 7” (Munster)
"Marc Bolan was only a member of John's Children for a few short months, but the experience would have an indelible impact on the future trajectory of his music. The group's first single for Track would be a Bolan composition, 'Desdemona'. The next single, 'Midsummer Night's Scene', was scheduled for release in July but was cancelled at the last minute. Bolan departed [...] but John's Children recorded one more of his songs, 'Mustang Ford', which they repurposed as 'Go-Go Girl'." -- Mike Stax, Ugly Things

>Jack Kerouac featuring Al Cohn And Zoot Sims
– Blues And Haikus [Reissue/1959] LP (Real Gone Music)
Just like its predecessor,
Poetry For The Beat Generation, legendary beatnik writer Jack Kerouac’s second album, Blues And Haikus, teamed him with producer Bob Thiele and came out on Thiele’s Douglas label in 1959. But this time around, instead of the debut’s dilettante-ish jazz piano jazz flourishes from Steve Allen, Kerouac insisted on bona fide jazz musicians to accompany his stream-of-consciousness prose.
>Killer Of Sheep
– Scorned LP (Taang!)
Vinyl reissue of the explosive debut album by Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania political-hardcore outfit Killer of Sheep (named after the 1978 cult film of the same name) and featuring scene veterans Oyo Ellis, Greg Mairs, Ollie McClellen and Keith Smallwood. The album contains a dozen blistering tracks in the spirit of Poison Idea, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Slapshot, and Bad Brains.

>Light The Torch
– Revival LP (Nuclear Blast America)
Released last week on CD – now available on vinyl. New album from the metal band featuring former Killswitch Engage vocalist Howard Jones.

>The Litter
– Emerge [Reissue/1969] LP (Purple Pyramid)
Vinyl reissue of the 1969 album by garage rock heroes. Nine classic cuts of guitar driven, fuzzed-out psychedelia.

>Annea Lockwood
– Glass World [Reissue/1970] LP (Etats-Unis)
New Zealand-born sound artist and composer Annea Lockwood received formal training at various institutions before exploring the sonorous potential of glass in a series of performances in the late 1960s. With plates of wired glass, glass discs, chunks of green cullet glass, glass tubing,
sheets of micro-glass, glass jars and other incarnations of the material, Lockwood elicited a staggering array of sounds, some subtly uncanny and others as outlandish and alien as anything emitted from the era's early synthesizers. Clear vinyl reissue.

– Melodrama LP (Republic)
Two vinyl pressings of Lorde’s 2017 album are now available: Standard and Deluxe 180gm translucent royal blue colored vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket, double sided record sleeve, and bi-fold lyric booklet with six double-sided photo inserts.

>Morbid Angel
– Heretic [Reissue/2003] 2xLP (Earache)
Originally released in 2003,
Heretic is the seventh full-length studio album from Florida's death metal titans.
>Gerry Mulligan/Ben Webster
‎– Gerry Mulligan Meets Ben Webster [Reissue/1959] LP (Analog Production)
200gm vinyl LP reissue of a classic album from two giants. From the first to last note of this velvety 1959 collaboration, you'll hear what made jazz what it is: communication and interaction. Mulligan and Webster devoted the sessions to six relaxed numbers performed in an atmosphere of mutual respect where neither attempted to blast away the other. Soulful and melodic, the selections all come from the Duke Ellington songbook or the pen of Mulligan himself while a swinging West Coast Jazz rhythm section provides supple backing throughout.

>Mike Ness
– Cheating At Solitaire [Reissue/1999] 2xLP (Craft Recordings)
Mike Ness – Under The Influences [Reissue/1999] LP (Craft Recordings)
Originally released in 1999,
Cheating At Solitaire is the first solo release from Social Distortion frontman, Mike Ness. The album incorporates the raw power and social relevance that has always marked Ness' music, while embracing many of the defining styles in American rock 'n' roll history. His second LP, Under The Influences, is a compilation of country, rock, and bluegrass covers released just six months after his first solo effort.
– Épica LP (Modern Obscure Music)
Okkre (Uge Pañeda) is producer of the Spanish duo LCC, who have released two albums on Editions Mego. This is the soundtrack to a very special performance named
Épica. Directed by Aimar Pérez Galí, it was premiered at Sonar 2017. Épica brings clubbing culture inside the theater, to deliver a highly energetic performance, joining bodies, sound and voices of historic and political dissidence.
>Pere Ubu
- Les Haricots Sont Pas Sales 1987-1991 4xLP+MP3 (Fire)
Third box set featuring
The Tenement Year (1988), Cloudland (1989), Worlds In Collison (1991) and The Lost Album (1989). Another crucial era for the band unraveled, Pere Ubu’s journey charted new undulating territory and so began a three-album escapade that retooled our understanding of what pop music is. The third in the four-part boxed set series, Les Haricots Sont Pas Salés 1987-1991 sits between The Architecture Of Language 1979-1982 and Drive, He Said 1994-2002.
– Punk Life Is Sh*t LP (Iron Lung)
By now people know that most of the music coming out of Olympia WA is important in some way, be it artistically or politically. Physique manages to hit both points by channeling the classic Discharge / Kawakami (RIP) model of poetic, simplistic sloganeering and carefully crafted, noise fueled D-Beat punk music.

>Bud Powell
‎– The Essen Jazz Festival Concert [Reissue/1960] LP (ORG Music)
Recorded live in April of 1960 at The Essen Jazz Festival, this masterful nine-track collection finds pianist Bud Powell leading a top flight bebop trio backed by bassist Oscar Pettiford and drummer Kenny Clarke while tenor saxophone giant Coleman Hawkins joins the proceedings for three of the nine selections, highlighted by an incredible take on his own composition, "Stuffy."

>Elvis Presley
– Elvis’ Gold Records Volume 5 [Reisue/1984] LP (Friday Music)
Limited edition 180gm colored vinyl LP pressing, housed in a gatefold sleeve. Originally issued posthumously in 1984,
Elvis' Gold Records Volume 5 is the final installment in RCA's Elvis Presley's Gold Records series which began in 1958.
>Steve Roach
– Dreamtime Return [Reissue/1988] 2xLP (Telephone Explosion)
Steve Roach’s 1988 double-disc is back in production for the first time in 30 years.
Dreamtime Return was inspired by multiple visits to the Australian Outback. The tales told over two LPs touch on the Earth's origins, and the role humans have to play in it. Inspired by the stories of Australia’s first people, Roach used a combination of synthesizers and Aboriginal instruments to create the album’s signature sound.
>Remko Scha
– Machine Guitars [Reissue/1982] LP (Etatis-Unis)
Gnashing, thrashing and teeming with enchanting microtones,
Machine Guitars is the definitive recorded work of Remko Scha, although the late Dutch artist didn't play a single note himself. Rather, Scha arranged a motorized, rotating wire brush and saber saw in front of suspended electric guitars and let these metallic torrents flow. Limited clear vinyl LP pressing.
>Scientist And Prince Jammy
– Scientist And Jammy Strike Back! [Reissue1982] LP (Real Gone Music)
Jedi dub riddims from King Tubby protégés Scientist and Prince Jammy, bringing their mastery of the studio Force to tracks written by Lee “Scratch” Perry acolyte Linval Thompson, and backed by the Roots Radics band, no less. This 1982 album is about as good as early ‘80s dub gets, and the artwork, which pays a gleeful tribute to all sorts of sci-fi tropes, from
Star Wars to Star Trek to Ming the Merciless, is just a bonus. First-ever Stateside vinyl reissue, in yellow-green “lightsaber” vinyl.
>Andy Sheppard Quartet
– Romaria LP (ECM)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Andy Sheppard’s quartet extends the musical explorations begun on the 2015 release
Surrounded By Sea, an album praised by Télérama for its poignant serenity. In this new program of compositions by Sheppard (plus the title track by Brazilian singer-songwriter Renato Teixeira), the drones and washes of Eivind Aarset’s guitar and electronics aided by the generous acoustics of Luganos Auditorio Stelio Molo RSI help to establish a climate in which improvisation can take place. There’s a highly atmospheric, ambient drift to the music which Sheppard clearly finds liberating, as do Michel Benita and Seb Rochford, free to move in and out of conventional rhythm section roles and to make impassioned statements of their own.
– Morsning LP (Subliminal Sounds)
On their new album
Morsning, Skenet establish their sound and reputation as one of Sweden's premier folk rock band and offer a unique mix of dirty riffs and Swedish fiddler traditions.
>Sly & The Family Stone
– There’s A Riot Goin’ On [Reissue/1971] LP (Sundazed)
Since it took almost two years to make, the fifth album by now bonafide superstars Sly & The Family Stone found the Bay Area-based genius getting funkier than before, even as his artistic vision becomes darker. Limited red colored vinyl reissue.

>Son House
– Father Of Folk Blues [Reissue/1965] LP (Analog Prod.)
200gm vinyl LP pressing at 45rpm. Mississippi's Son House was already legendary for a small collection of live field recordings made by folklorist Alan Lomax in 1941 and 1942, and for having taught some important licks to both Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters, before he was rediscovered by a new generation of college-age fans after many years of musical dormancy in 1964.

>The Streets
– Original Pirate Material [Reissue/2002] 2xLP (Warner Bros. UK)
Import vinyl reissue of the debut album by English rapper and producer Mike Skinner, under the name The Streets. In March 2003, NME placed
Original Pirate Material at number 46 on their list of the 100 Best Albums of All Time.
>Tiny Tim
– God Bless Tiny Tim [Reissue/1968] LP (Real Gone Music)
Limited edition 50
th Anniversary pink colored vinyl repress. If you think, based on “Tiptoe Thru’ The Tulips with Me” and his nationally televised marriage to Miss Vicki on The Tonight Show, that Tiny Tim was a mere novelty act, think again. Behind that ukulele, pasty white make-up, falsetto, and prominent proboscis was a serious scholar of American music, perhaps the only performer of the ‘60s (and certainly the only performer of his age group) keeping the torch alive for songs from vaudeville and Tin Pan Alley.
>The Toasters
– Dub 56 [Reissue/1994] LP (Jump Up)
The Toasters – 2 Tone Army [Reissue/1996] LP (Jump Up)
Two classic ‘90s album from American ska pioneers are back in-print on limited grey color marbled vinyl.

>Various Artists
– Buried Country LP (Flipping Yeah/Mississippi)
A compilation of Aboriginal Australian country music. All of the material presented here has never been reissued on vinyl before.

>Various Artists
– I Only Listen To The Mountain Goats 2xLP+MP3 (Merge)
Double-LP cover album and companion piece to the podcast debut of I Only Listen To The Mountain Goats.
I Only Listen To The Mountain Goats contains the full All Hail West Texas covers collection, introduced over the course of podcast season one, pressed to opaque pink & opaque blue vinyl.
>Various Artists
– Songs From Under The Floorboard Vol. 1 LP (Accident Prone)
From truly humble beginnings—believing it would simply be a show documenting the origin years of post-punk (1977-1983) that DJ Dave Cantrell lived through in San Francisco and London—radio show Songs From Under the Floorboard on Portland's XRAY FM very quickly evolved onto one of the world's premier sources giving focus to the hyperactive, current-day post-punk synthwave and darkwave scene across the globe. From that weekly blast has come
Songs From Under the Floorboard Vol. 1, a compendium featuring rare and exclusive cuts from ten bands. This is the first of a yearly series benefiting LBGTQ and fem-fronted service organizations—this initial release residual profits being funneled to Planned Parenthood.
>Sarah Vaughan
– In The Land Of Hi-Fi [Reissue/1955] LP (Vinyl Passion)
In The Land Of Hi-Fi is one of Sarah Vaughan's finest albums; the songs are terrific, the arrangements dynamic, the orchestra a blast, and the recording quality first-rate. Accompanied by an all-star orchestra arranged by Ernie Wilkins and featuring J.J. Johnson on trombone, Roy Haynes on drums and altoist Cannonball Adderley (who was near the beginning of his career), the great singer is in superior form during these performances.
>Victor Wainwright
– Victor Wainwright And The Train LP (Ruf)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. The name of Victor Wainwright's new band - and the sleeve image of their debut album - is also the most fitting of metaphors. In music folklore, the train might have associations with the freight-hopping bluesmen of yore, but with this restless boogie-woogie innovator stoking the furnace, this project is a charging locomotive - surging forward, crashing through boundaries of genre, sweeping up fresh sounds and clattering headlong past the doubters.

>Zola Jesus
– Okovi LP (Sacred Bones)
Released last September on CD – now available on vinyl. Nika Roza Danilova has been recording music as Zola Jesus for more than a decade. For the majority of that time, she’s been on Sacred Bones Records, and
Okovi marks her reunion with the label. Fittingly, the 11 electronics-driven songs here share musical DNA with her early work on the label.
30 march 2018
New Releases for March 30, 2018
>CDs + Vinyl:

Amen Dunes – Freedom CD/LP+MP3 (Sacred Bones)
Over the course of 10 years, Damon McMahon aka Amen Dunes has transformed continuously, and Freedom is the project's boldest leap yet. On the surface, it's a reflection on growing up, childhood friends who ended up in prison or worse, male identity, McMahon's father, and his mother, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the beginning of recording. The characters that populate the musical world of
Freedom are a colorful mix of reality and fantasy: father and mother, Amen Dunes, teenage glue addicts and Parisian drug dealers, ghosts above the plains, fallen surf heroes, vampires, thugs from Naples and thugs from Houston, the emperor of Rome, Jews, Jesus, Tashtego, Perseus, even McMahon himself. Each character portrait is a representation of McMahon, of masculinity, and of his past.
>Eric Andersen
– The Essential Eric Andersen 2xCD (Real Gone Music)
Eric Andersen is one of the greatest singer-songwriters to emerge from the fabled Greenwich Village folk scene of the '60s. But the one thing that was missing from his catalog is a true, career-spanning anthology chronicling every phase of his multi-faceted career.
The Essential Eric Andersen, is a double-CD, 33-track set that spans 45 years, 10 different labels, and 19 different albums.
>Anna & Elizabeth
– Comes To Us CD/LP (Smithsonian Folkways)
Praised by many well-known musicians and widely loved for their moving minimalist arrangements, Anna & Elizabeth pioneer new ways of presenting old songs and stories to modern audiences. Co-producer Benjamin Lazar Davis (Cuddle Magic) and legendary avant-rock drummer Jim White (The Dirty Three, Xylouris White) assist in the duo's vision of breathing life and new perspective into the crackling and disintegrating recordings and artifacts of the past. Rarely does an album based on traditional folk music resonate so strongly in modern times.

– Ayreon 2xCD/2xCD+DVD/3xLP+MP3 (Music Theories)
After creating rock operas in the studio for more than 20 years, prog mastermind Arjen Lucassen, aka Ayreon, finally took his Universe to the stage in September 2017. The best of these shows,
Ayreon Universe is a full-on rock extravaganza, featuring songs from all Ayreon albums. Guests include Floor Jansen (Nightwish), Damian Wilson (Threshold), Hansi Kursch (Blind Guardian), Tommy Karevik (Kamelot), Anneke van Giersbergen (The Gentle Storm), Marco Hietala (Nightwish), Jonas Renkse (Katatonia), Mike Mills (Toehider), Marcela Bovio (Stream of Passion), Irene Jansen, Robert Soeterboek (Star One), John Jaycee Cuijpers (Praying Mantis), Edward Reekers (Kayak), Jay van Feggelen, Maggy Luyten (Nightmare) and Lisette van den Berg (Scarlet Stories). [Stand-alone DVD and Blu-ray editions are also available.]
– Leir CD/LP (Memphis Industries)
Picking up where 2015’s
Imager left off, Lier is further electronic wizardry from Barbarossa (London-born James Mathé) - one of the UK’s finest song writing talents. This time, his vocal is at the forefront on some of the most accessible pop songs he’s ever written.
>Apollo Brown & Ghostface Killah
– The Brown Tape CD/LP (Mello Music)
The official reissue of Apollo Brown’s re-imagining of Ghostface Killah's striking 2013 release
Twelve Reasons To Die. The legendary Detroit producer was asked to record an alternate album at the same time as Adrian Younge created Twelve Reasons To Die. Keep in mind, Brown was given access to Ghostface's original recordings and constructed beats around the rapper's work. Cinematic and nasty, this is hip-hop at its most raw.
– Nihilistic Glamour Shots CD/LP (BMG)
Faced with a band as explosive as Cabbage, it's disturbing if unsurprising that untruths have clouded the positivity of their intent. Here are some certainties among the drama: Cabbage is a band to believe in. Compromises will not be considered. And the group's music is the most thrilling way imaginable to convey their message. Equally drawn to socialist politics and titting about, they're devotees of both big choruses and anarchic totems like GG Allin, Genesis P Orridge and Butthole Surfers. It’s a mixture writ large throughout
Nihilistic Glamour Shots, from the frenetic opening salvo of “Preach To The Converted,” “Arms Of Pleonexia” and “Molotov Alcopop,” via “Perdurabo's” swampy blues and wild funk of “Exhibit A” to the devastating seven-minute finale “Subhuman 2.0.”
>Camp Lo
–On The Way Uptown & The Get Down Brothers 2xLP (Vodka & Milk)
In celebration of 20+ years since their classic 1997 debut
Uptown Saturday Night, Bronx duo Camp Lo present a On The Way Uptown & The Get Down Brothers. On The Way Uptown is a collection of demos and unreleased songs made between '94 - '95, leading to their official debut in early 1997. On The Get Down Brothers, Camp Lo completely pivot away from their '90s nostalgia into a much more futuristic and experimental sound. Although the production is different, their signature tongue-twisting and hype flows remain, creating a unique and seamless fusion packed into 10 dynamic tracks.
>Mary Chapin Carpenter
– Sometimes Just The Sky CD (Lambent Light)
Sometimes Just The Sky is not a greatest hits endeavor or a remastered compilation. It's not a celebration or a souvenir. It is a reimagining of a most unusual nature. It is a collection of songs written across the decades, recorded in bucolic western England at Real World Studios with the great producer Ethan Johns. Carpenter sat with new and old friends who circled together in a wooden room and made music, in real time. What we hear is precisely what was played and sung, all at once. There's a song originally recorded for each of Carpenter's original studio records, and then there's a new song, which was aided and abetted by hillside contemplation and a punk poet's advice. [Vinyl edition due May 4.]
>The Cars
– Shake It Up [Reissue/1981] CD/2xLP (Rhino/Elektra)
The Cars – Heartbeat City [Reissue/1984] CD/2xLP (Rhino/Elektra)
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducts The Cars in April 2018, honoring the legendary band's incredible musical legacy and enormous commercial success. Rhino kicks off the celebration early with remastered and expanded editions of
Shake It Up and Heartbeat City. [180gm vinyl editions also available.]
>Critical Mess
– Human Prey CD (Metalville)
Critical Mess formed around ex-Cripper vocalist Britta Görtz,
Human Prey shows that they have remained faithful to the old-school death metal with which they grew up on. Featuring a blistering guitar solo by Jeff Waters (Annihilator).
>Czarface & MF DOOM
– Czarface Meets Metalface CD/LP (Silver Age)
Blending DOOM's trademark abstractions and Czarface’s in-your-face lyrical attack,
Czarface Meets Metalface is ripe with cartoon violence, societal observations and pop culture musings. Over banging beats provided by The Czar-Keys, the armored team give you the witty unpredictable treats any hip-hop fan can sink their fangs into. Expect beats, rhymes, and metal as Czarface controlled by Wu-Tang Clan powerhouse Inspectah Deck and 7L & Esoteric team up with everyone's favorite villain, MF DOOM.
>Ramin Djawadi
– A Wrinkle In Time [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] CD (Walt Disney)
The soundtrack to the 2018 motion picture includes a score composed by Ramin Djawadi and songs by Sade, Sia and others.

>Eagle Twin
– The Thundering Heard (Songs Of Hoof And Horn) CD/LP (Southern Lord)
Salt Lake City-based duo Eagle Twin release their long-awaited third LP,
The Thundering Heard (Songs Of Hoof And Horn). Eagle Twin's commanding sound delivers like a tectonic force, where doom and blues collide. Gentry Densley's dominating low-end vocal tone is like an instrument in itself, rumbling alongside towering riffs, and Tyler Smith's powerful rhythmic propulsion. It's a compelling combination, particularly when you add melodious bluesy romp to the equation.
- Ceremony Of Dreams: Studio Sessions And Outtakes, 1972-1977 3xCD (Tompkins Square)
30 unreleased tracks by Entourage. Sampled by Four Tet and revered in underground circles for their two ‘70s Folkways LPs, The Entourage Music And Theater Ensemble was an ambient folk music group active from 1970-1983. The primary members were Joe Clark saxophones/keyboards, Rusty Clark viola/guitar, Michael S. Smith drums/percussion and Wall Matthews guitars/keys/ percussion.

>Frankie Cosmos
– Vessel CD/LP+MP3/Cassette (Sub Pop)
Frankie Cosmos has taken several different shapes since their first full-band album, 2014's
Zentropy, erupted in New York's DIY music scene. For Vessel the band's lineup comprises multi-instrumentalists David Maine, Lauren Martin, Luke Pyenson, and Greta Kline. The album’s 18 tracks employ a range of instrumentations and recording methods not found on the band’s prior albums, while maintaining the succinctly sincere nature of Kline’s songwriting. The album’s opening track, “Caramelize,” serves as the thematic overture for Vessel, alluding to topics like dependency, growth, and love, which reemerge throughout the record. Although many of the scenarios and personalities written about on Vessel are familiar territory for Frankie Cosmos, Kline brings a freshly nuanced point of view, and a desire to constantly question the latent meaning of her experiences. Kline's dissonant lyrics pair with the band's driving, jangly grooves to create striking moments of musical chemistry.
>Gang Of Youths
– Go Farther In Lightness CD/2xLP (Red Music)
Second studio album by Australian alternative band. James Clements of Rolling Stone Australia said
Go Farther In Lightness “poetically explores the human experience in all its bleakness and triumph, confusion and clarity, heartbreak and joyousness” adding it's a “remarkable odyssey of an album that'll engulf you, leaving a bewildered smile on your face, a tear in your eye and a heart that's full.” [Limited white colored double-vinyl pressing in gatefold jacket also available.]
>The Garden
– Mirror Might Steal Your Charm CD (Epitaph)
Taking the audience away into a still unfathomed sound world and bringing back some of the scuzzier elements of their earlier work, the duo's more guitar focused third album is another sublime slice of post-modern pop. Welcome back to a land that's familiar, slightly out of sync, and a little bit unnerving. [Vinyl edition due May 18.]

>The Guess Who
– So Long, Bannatyne [Reissue/1971] CD (Iconoclassic)
Digitally remastered and expanded edition. The Guess Who proved they could weather a significant personnel change with 1970's triumphant
Share The Land. The 1971 follow-up, So Long, Bannatyne saw the band branching out, embracing more eclectic and less polished and commercial material, much of it with a considerably darker hue than the band's earlier material and heavily influenced by John Lennon's visceral Plastic Ono Band.
>Mary Halvorson
– Code Girl CD (Firehouse 12)
“Guitarist Mary Halvorson is part traditionalist and part avant-gardist. Probably more the latter. She is a busy collaborator as well, having worked with Taylor Ho Bynum and many other creative band leaders recently. Halvorson has also been playing in projects with other extraordinary guitarists like Noel Akchote and Marc Ribot and the equally innovative pedal steel player Susan Alcorn. Halvorson’s new album,
Code Girl, is her first to have lyrics and vocal melodies written by the guitarist.
>Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite
– No Mercy In This Land CD/LP (ANTI-)
Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite join forces once again for
No Mercy In This Land, the first new music from the pair since the 2013 release of their collaborative album Get Up! which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's Blues Albums Chart and won a Grammy Award for Best Blues Album. A musical expression of the kinship between the two, No Mercy In This Land is a blues record which recounts both Ben and Charlie's personal stories and adds to the sonic history of American struggle and survival. “That first record happened in the studio,” Charlie says, “But then we toured together for nearly two years and it just kept getting better and better, the musical rapport, the band, the two of us personally. When we finally headed back into the studio we were just charged, ready to go, the songs were jumping out like wild horses ready to run.” Harper adds, “Everything I've ever done has had one foot in the blues. There has never been any doubt in my mind that if Charlie and I are on the planet together, we are going to be making music. The last record kicked the door open, but it was just the beginning. At this moment, I don't think I could make a better record than this. I mean that.” [Limited 180gm pressing also available.]
– Netherworld CD (ViciSolom)
Hexed is a Swedish metal band fronted by the amazing vocalist Tina Gunnarsson. Their music is a blend of thick driving rhythms, melodic guitars and are sometimes progressively orientated, but always with catchy chorus lines and strong powerful female vocals.

>Holy Wave
– Adult Fear CD/LP (Levitation Partners)
Holy Wave's third albumsees the Austin, TX quintet forging deeper into hazy synths and expansive melodies, coalescing their myriad of influences into a signature sound.

>Insanity Alert
– Insanity Alert [Reissue/2014] CD/LP (Season Of Mist)
Austrian party-thrashers Insanity Alert exploded out of the underground in 2014 with their blistering and irreverent crossover thrash attack. Their self-titled debut album is a fast, fun, and filthy affair that highlights their devotion to raging, skating, and ripping '80s thrash metal. The group features vocalist Amirtha Kidambi.” – Hartford Courant [New album due this year.]

>Jukebox The Ghost
– Off To The Races CD/LP (Priority)
A giddy, vibrant fifth album from the long-running trio of piano pop wizards. Every generation has a band that puts a fresh twist on piano-rock, and
Off To The Races serves as a memorably vivid and kaleidoscopic step forward for the genre.
>King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
– Gumboot Soup CD/LP (ATO)
Domestic issue of the Australian psychedelic rock band band’s 13
th studio album, Gumboot Soup, originally released last December. In an interview with Consequence Of Sound, the band's Stu Mackenzie described their final record of 2017 as a “place for us to put a lot of different ideas that we're trying to experiment within the song, rather than within the whole record. And for me, some of my favorite songs of the year are on the fifth record. It's more song-oriented than album -oriented.”
>Hayley Kiyoko
– Expectations CD (Atlantic)
Placed among a list of Rolling Stone's “10 New Artists You Need To Know,” Hayley Kiyoko is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, director, and actress.

>Bettye LaVette
– Things Have Changed CD/2xLP (Verve)
For her tenth album and first album on a major label in nearly fifty years, legendary soul singer Bettye LaVette takes on the songs of Bob Dylan with the grit and experience that makes her one of the greatest soul singers alive.
Things Have Changed is a masterpiece of interpretation of one of the greatest songwriters alive, by one of the greatest soul singers alive. Produced by Steve Jordan, the album spans Dylan's catalogue and features guest appearances by Keith Richards and Trombone Shorty.
>The Lawrence Arms
– We Are The Champions Of The World CD/2xLP (Fat Wreck Chords)
In honor of The Lawrence Arms' almost 20 years in the game, Fat Wreck Chords presents a 29-song best-of collection that chronicles the band's steady evolution over the past two decades.

>Light The Torch
– Revival CD (Nuclear Blast America)
New album from the metal band featuring former Killswitch Engage vocalist Howard Jones.

>The Lonely Biscuits
– The Universe In You CD/LP (Soundly Music, LLC)
The Lonely Biscuits is an alternative rock band hailing from Nashville, TN. With a sound reminiscent of early ‘90s slacker rock, the band continues to mature by leaps and bounds here while still showcasing their playful and lighthearted musical personality.

>The Manhattan Transfer
– The Junction CD (BMG Rights Management)
The legendary vocal group release their first new studio album in 10 years.

>Ashley McBryde
– Girl Going Nowhere CD (Warner Music Nashville)
Ashley McBryde's
Girl Going Nowhere is a collection reflective of her authentic, take-no-prisoners honesty and willingness to not just look at life, but live it, and reflect that experience in her music. Produced and mixed by award-winner Jay Joyce, the album showcases an artistic vision that proves her to be one of the genre's keenest working storytellers, bringing unwavering honesty back into a pop-preoccupied genre. [Vinyl edition due April 13.]
>Geoff & Maria Muldaur
‎– Pottery Pie [Reissue/1968] CD (Omnivore)
Geoff & Maria Muldaur ‎– Sweet Potatoes [Reissue/1972] CD (Omnivore)
In the early '60s, Maria Muldaur could be found performing in the Village in NYC, playing alongside regulars like Bob Dylan, Stefan Grossman, David Grisman, and many others. Geoff Muldaur was a founding member of the Jim Kweskin Jug Band which Maria later joined. After the Kweskin Jug Band broke up the Muldaurs produced two albums together. This is the first time both of those albums are available on CD in the US.

>Kacey Musgraves
– Golden Hour CD/LP (MCA Nashville)
Grammy-award winning singer/songwriter Kacey Musgraves returns with her reflective third full-length studio album,
Golden Hour. Recorded at Sheryl Crow's Nashville, TN studio, Musgraves told EW that the LP has a “trippy twist” and cites the Bee Gees, Sade, and Neil Young as influences as well as her recent marriage to fellow musician Ruston Kelly. “I was thinking about how there are different masks that we wear that represent different sides of us,” she says of the album's theme. “None of the masks are solely us, but they're all us. On this record, there's the lonely girl, the blissful girl, the new wife, the girl that's missing her mom, the angry girl, the sarcastic girl, the ‘60s-sequined Cruella de Vil with the beehive, the shy girl, the life of the party, the winner, the loser – they're all characters. None of them alone are me, but the golden hour is when they all come together, and you see me as a whole.” [Limited edition colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>Musta Paraati
– Peilitalossa [Reissue/1983] CD (Cleopatra)
Digitally remastered and expanded edition of the 1983 debut album from Finland's premiere post-punk/goth rockers.

>Naked Giants
– Sluff CD/LP (New West)
Sluff is the debut release from the Seattle, Washington band, Naked Giants. The specific goal here was to capture “that live energy” in a recording, but as the energies of the studio processes began to mingle, the album became an entity unto itself. Bassist Gianni Aiello explains, “We played our very best on this album, but there are still a good amount of mess-ups and rough edges that give it that ‘first album' character. The album gets its personality in large part from the play between the planned and unplanned. With producer Steve Fisk (Nirvana, Low, Damien Jurado, The Posies), we could carefully craft some sonic signatures just as easily as stumble upon some random noise or mic technique. There’s no underlying concept for the album, but it's this sort of order and chaos attitude which gives it a cohesive feeling.” Sluff is a rock and roll record for the modern rock and roller. Some songs are long, some are short, and some are even shorter than that. It's full of hooks and plenty of guitar solos. The most important thing is that everything hits you all at once, feeling like it could all happen in a matter of seconds.
– Supernatural Alliance CD/LP (Rise Above)
Supernatural Alliance is the debut album from Detroit's turbo-powered psychedelic rock experience, Octopus. Featuring members of Big Chief, Speedball, Electric Six and Seduce, amongst others, the rock & roll pedigree on display here is massive. If the music on Supernatural Alliance tells you anything, it’s that the spirit of low-slung and bowel-rattling psych rock is alive and well. Veering from thunderous, Sabbath-fueled rampages like “Beyond The Center” and the album's mighty title track to the piano-driven, old school rock 'n' roll clatter of “Strike (While The Iron is Hot)” and the woozy, kaleido-blues of the wryly titled “Fleetwood Mac,” it’s a bold and supremely confident opening salvo from a band that seems destined for big things. [Limited edition colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>Lindi Ortega
– Liberty CD/LP (Soundly Music, LLC)
New release from the country music singer/songwriter. Lindi wrote half of the 12 tracks on her fifth studio album, working with co-writers Aaron Raitiere, Bruce Wallace and John Paul White (formerly of the Civil Wars). Liberty is what Ortega calls "a three-part concept album reflecting loss, seance, resurrection and freedom."

– Exile Amongst The Ruins CD/2xLP (Metal Blade)
Hitting home with what vocalist A.A. Nemtheanga describes as “a direct energy” and wielding an urgency that is undeniable, the veteran Irish quintet once again effortlessly blend elements of Celtic folk and black metal on their ninth full-length,
Exile Amongst The Ruins. [Limited edition colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>Red Sun Rising
-Thread CD (Razor & Tie)
Produced by Matt Hyde (Deftones, AFI, Porno For Pyros) and mixed by Jay Ruston,
Thread continues to expand on Red Sun Rising's concept of mixing different genres and influences to create a unique sound.
>Kim Richey
– Edgeland CD/LP (Yep Roc)
Since appearing on the Nashville music scene in the mid-'90s, Kim Richey has been nominated for two Grammy awards, recorded seven studio albums, and collaborated with everyone from Trisha Yearwood to Jason Isbell. After a nearly five-year hiatus, Richey returns with her eighth studio album,
Edgeland. Richey teamed up with producer Brad Jones at his studio Alex the Great Recording in Nashville during the summer of 2017, where she created a 12-track collection of work showcasing her Americana roots, songwriting prowess, and musical adaptability. Special guests on the record include Chuck Prophet, Robyn Hitchcock, Pat Sansone, and more.
– Saxon [Reissue/1979] CD/LP (Union Square)
Saxon – Wheels Of Steel [Reissue/1980] CD/LP (Union Square)
Saxon – Strong Arm Of The Law [Reissue/1980] CD/LP (Union Square)
CD and vinyl reissues of the NWOBHM pioneers’ first three albums.

>The Shacks
– Haze CD/LP (Big Crown)
“The Shacks were recently featured in an iPhone 8 commercial, but they could have popped up in nearly any era by the sound of their wonderful new album
Haze. They’ve made huge waves in 2018, but the tunes could be pure ‘68. Rotary organ like a lost Kingsmen joint? Check. A pouty, teen-drama vocal like the Shangri-Las? Oh, yeah. These anachronistic twentysomethings are proud to be the odd men and women out of the digital-recording rat race.” – Billboard
>Red Shahan
– Culbertson County CD/LP (7013)
Some artists from Texas take the obvious blacktop roads and make country music with the typical Lone Star buzzwords, like bluebonnets and longhorns. Others, like Red Shahan, prefer to ride the Texas dirt roads and blend in some rock, Americana and blues with their country while touching on the grittier side of life in Texas. The sounds on
Culberson County range from soft and subtle to hard and twangy. His lyrics jump the typical Texas songwriter tracks and deal with everything from the struggles of a traveling musician missing his family and paying the bills, to the dark methamphetamine fueled corners of society.
>Shotgun Rider
– Palo Duro CD (Torrez Music Group)
A mix of country twang and guitar-fueled rock & roll stomp, as epic and darkly cinematic as the Texas landscape that inspired it.

>Sons Of Kemet
– Your Queen Is A Reptile CD/2xLP (Impulse)
Sons Of Kemet is the iconoclastic mix of tenor sax, tuba and double drums. On this third studio album, they bring a genre defying approach that celebrates the restless exploration of identity within the Caribbean diaspora within the UK.
Your Queen Is A Reptile was recorded in London with a host of guests spanning the breadth of the U.K. scene including jungle legend Congo Natty and poet Joshua Idehen.
– Isle Of Dogs CD (Abkco)
Includes Academy Award-winning composer Alexandre Desplat's original score, compositions from acclaimed Japanese films Seven Samurai and Drunken Angel, The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band's brand of American psychedelia, and The Sauter-Finegan Orchestra's eccentric euphonies. [Vinyl edition due June 1.]

>Romain Virgo
– LoveSick CD (VP)
Reggae star Romain Virgo takes listeners through a cornucopia of emotions on his new album. The 16-track album explores the ups and downs of romantic relationships, and stages such as yearning, heartache, lust, and love, and includes a cover of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.”

>The Voidz
– Virtue CD/2xLP (Cult Recordings/RCA)
The Voidz (formerly Julian Casablancas + The Voidz) return with
Virtue, their first new album in nearly four years. “When Julian Casablancas looks at the modern world, he sees the increasingly blurry distinction between lies and truth. On Virtue, his second album with the Voidz, the New York rocker ponders whether it's possible to, as he told Vulture, ‘make complex truth sexy.’ He attempts this feat with a more eclectic approach than on the Voidz's frustratingly abrasive 2014 debut, Tyranny. With Virtue, Casablancas casts a wide sonic net—from death-metal growl to chirpy falsetto, effects-laden synth-pop to lo-fi garage-punk—and doubles down on the Voidz's fiercely political focus.” – Slant
– Hellbender CD/LP (Relapse)
Seattle punk legends Zeke return with their first new album in over 14 years. Short, fast, loud, and to the f**kin' point,
Hellbender contains 15 tracks laced with Zeke's signature mix of hyper speed thrash-punk and Motörhead possessed, hard as nails, rock n' roll.
>Rob Zombie
- Astro-Creep: 2000 Live CD/2xLP (Geffen)
Astro-Creep: 2000 (Songs Of Love, Destruction And Other Synthetic Delusions Of The Electric Head) was the final studio album by White Zombie and is performed front-to-back here by Rob Zombie at the Riot Fest in September 2016. [Vinyl reissues of the Rob Zombie back catalog are also available.]

This Week’s Vinyl Exclusives:
– Auri 2xLP (Nuclear Blast)
Released last week on CD – now available on vinyl. Nightwish leader/keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen has joined forces with his wife, Finnish singer Johanna Kurkela, as Auri. Auri celebrate a kind of epic-romantic ethno pop that seems to float in quaint spheres, which are intangible yet unleash multi-faceted sounds capes filled with powerful imagery. These sound cascades are based on Celtic traditional sounds, atmospheric-cinematic dream sequences, melancholic melodies and a touch of transfigured mysticism; beautiful instrumentation yielding an unfathomable depth.

>By The Grace Of God
– Above Fear 12” (State Of Mind)
Limited pink and black and limited purple and black colored vinyl pressings of a new EP by the seminal hardcore band.

>Caveman & Bam Bam
– Early Man 12” (Jett Plastic Recordings)
Ten high quality punk/stone age stompers.

– Tick Of The Clock [Reissue/2012] 12” (Italians Do It Better)
Limited edition 180gm ultra-clear dipped in icy blue colored vinyl repress. “Tick Of The Clock” is a 2012 single featuring the Drive soundtrack number along with Visione's “Stroke Of Midnight” remix version and an “Extended Overdrive” mix.

– Felicific Algorithim LP (Cold Spring)
Corrupted is a mysterious Japanese doom metal band, formed in 1994. Immensely down-tuned guitar and crushingly slow bass are shrouded under deep layers of feedback.

>Count Five
– Psychotic Reaction LP (Craft Recordings)
Limited 180gm vinyl reissue of the first and only album by the American garage rock band. It
features the hit single of the same name which reached #5 in the Billboard charts in 1966.

>Cut Chemist
– Die Cut 2xLP (Cold Busted)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. On his long-awaited second full-length solo album
Die Cut, the trailblazing DJ and producer underwent a creative birth reflected in its 17 tracks. The artist augments his signature approach famously earmarked by impeccable sample selection, searing scratching, and big-screen worthy arrangements with the inclusion of A-list musicians, songwriter structure, and a whole lot of team spirit including Los Angeles producer, curator and purveyor of culture, Carlos Nino.
>Damnation Of Adam Blessing
– The Damnation Of Adam Blessing [Reissue/1969] LP (Exitstencil)
Damnation Of Adam Blessing – Second Damnation [Reissue/1970] LP (Exitstencil)
One the biggest and best Ohio bands of the era, Damnation (taking their name from a pulp novel) recorded three LPs on United Artists, 1969,1970,1971, then changed name to Glory for one LP in 1973. The band started from a breakup of two popular local bands, the Purple Haze (formerly The Alarm Clocks) and The Society.

>The Damned
– Stiff Singles 1976-1977 5x7” (BMG Rights Management)
Limited edition 7” vinyl singles including the first-ever punk single “New Rose” and all the other early hits from the impressively chaotic punk quartet. All singles have been recreated with their original artwork, including the ultra-rare, previously fan club only “Stretcher Case Baby”. Also included is a Damned embroidered patch.

>Donovan Wolfington
– Waves LP+MP3 (Topshelf)
“Genre-bending, styles-mixing, mood-shaking, tune-crashing and all things in between. On
Waves, Donovan Wolfington manage to ascend above the youthful naivety of their past work with bold new instrumental outbursts, blood-pumping energy and memorable song-writing, while still staying true to themselves with the general genre theme of a blasting heavy indie (with as much emo and pop-punk stacked into it, as possible).” – Sputnik Music
>Elephant Gym
– Balance [2013] 12”+MP3 (Topshelf)
Elephant Gym
– Angle [2014] LP+MP3 (Topshelf)
Elephant Gym – Work [2016] LP+MP3 (Topshelf)
“It takes a fair bit for any band to rise above the constant white noise of new music, but Taiwanese three-piece math rock collective Elephant Gym did just that. And more astonishingly, they have garnered a large, devoted following in both Eastern and Western spheres of the globe, with less than an hour’s worth of recorded music to their name through their five years of existence. Comprised of siblings Tif Chang Kai-ting (or, KT) and Tell Chang Kai-hsiang on bass/ vocals and guitar respectively, and Tu Chia-Chin on drums, Elephant Gym helms an infectiously groovy and dreamy take on math-rock.” – Bandwagon

– Material Control LP (Century Media)
Seminal Long Island, NY post-hardcore band Glassjaw make their long-awaited return with first full-length effort in 15 years. Limited 180gm pressing in a gatefold jacket.

>Good Lovelies
– Shapeshifters LP (Good Lovelies/Fontana North)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Toronto based group has, over the course of their decade-plus career, covered plenty of stylistic ground, adding tinges of pop, roots, jazz, and even hip-hop to their country folk core.

– Dog Bless LP+MP3/Cassette (Topshelf)
“One of the last revival-style emo bands standing sings about boredom and getting older on their frankly audacious second album.” -- Pitchfork

The Idiot Kids – Skeleton Boy b/w Bonfire 7”+MP3 (Jett Plastic Recordings)
The Idiot Kids represent the new age of Detroit rock 'n' roll. Limited white 7” vinyl single.

>Weldon Irvine
– The Sisters LP (Nature Sounds)
Keyboardist and composer Weldon Irvine is among the most celebrated jazz-funk artists of all time. He was Nina Simone's bandleader for years and wrote the lyrics for her iconic civil rights anthem "To Be Young, Gifted and Black". Throughout the 1970s, Irvine released a series of seminal albums full of deep, soulful, funky grooves. The Sisters is a collection of lost tracks and demos from his late-1970s studio sessions with fellow jazz-funk luminary Don Blackman.

– Mosquito Control [Reissue/1998] 12” (Hydrahead)
Vinyl reissue of the first studio release by the post-metal band.

>Fumio Itabashi
– Watarase [Reissue/1982] LP (Mule Musiq)
Vinyl reissue of the second solo piano album of the Japanese jazz pianist Fumio Itabashi, remastered from the original recordings. While diving deep into the seven compositions on
Watarese, any sensible listener finds out, that the instrumental piano pieces are somehow soulfully connected to what Keith Jarrett plays on his legendary live album The Köln Concert (1975). Like Jarrett, Itabashi does not play his notes in an academic sense. He lets them fly, gives them some kind a life of their own, hits the piano keys deeply emotional and injects his compositions and interpretations some kind of nervous human soul. In terms of style, some call his Watarase recordings post-bop, others contemporary jazz.
>Kooley High
– Never Come Down LP (Mecca)
Kooley High has seen many acts come and go since their inception in 2008. This perseverance has led to several acclaimed releases, and the opportunity to craft their newest album with the assistance of Grammy award winning producer 9th Wonder.
Never Come Down is a testament to Kooley's growth sonically while MC's Charlie Smarts and Tab-One have elevated their wordplay along with DJ Ill Digitz' scratch work.
>Lifted Bells
– Minor Tantrums LP (Run For Cover)
Full-length debut from Chicago, IL's Lifted Bells which features members of Their / They're / There, Braid, Hey Mercedes and Stay Ahead of the Weather.

>Jeremy Loops
– Critical As Water LP (Yebo Music)
Juxtaposing booming city rhythms with lilting folk, Jeremy Loops perfectly captures the duality of his South African life on his highly anticipated new album.

>The Music Machine
– (Turn On) The Machine [Reissue/1966] LP (Craft Recordings)
While their West Coast brethren were slipping flowers into their hair, these ahead of their time L.A. proto-punkers were dyeing their hair black and exploring the dark side of psychedelia.
(Turn On) The Machine, the Music Machine's legendary 1966 debut album, is home to the group's signature hit "Talk Talk" and fellow single "The People in Me" plus innovative covers of Neil Diamond's "Cherry, Cherry," George Harrison's "Taxman," and Rudy Martinez's "96 Tears." 180gm vinyl pressing.
>The Pandoras
– Hey! It’s The Pandoras LP+MP3/Cassette (Burger)
Released last week on CD – now available on vinyl. New mini-album from Los Angeles garage-gals, their first in 29 years and the first with guitarist Kim Shattuck (The Muffs).

>Rod Picott
– Out Past The Wires [2017] 2xLP (Welding Rod)
Rod Picott's eye for the revealing detail and sense of empathy has brought praise from music critics since his debut. Those quantities, as well as a potent defiance, is on full display across
Out Past The Wires, the latest and one of the most potent pieces of work from Picott since he left his hammer to rust and sharpened a new set of tools all those years ago.
>Ryan Porter
– The Optimist 3xLP (World Galaxy)
West Coast Get Down's Ryan Porter ushers in an instrumental body of work that encompasses the respite of Los Angeles jazz music.
The Optimist pulls together veterans of the L.A. music scene, including West Coast Get Down alumni Kamasi Washington (tenor saxophone), Miles Mosley (upright bass), Cameron Graves (piano, fender rhodes), Tony Austin (drums), Jumaane Smith (trumpet), Edward Livingston (upright bass), Aaron Haggerty (drums), Brandon Coleman (fender rhodes), Dominic Therioux (electric bass), Robert Miller (drums), and Lyndon Rochelle (drums). [CD edition due April 6.]
>Steve Reich
– Pulse/Quartet LP (Nonesuch)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl.
Pulse (2015) is performed by the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) – an artist collective committed to transforming the way music is created and experienced – and Quartet (2013) is played by the Colin Currie Group, an ensemble led by percussionist Colin Currie that specializes in the music of Steve Reich; these are also the ensembles that gave the world premiere performances of the respective works.
>Max Richter
– Hostiles: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2xLP (Deutsche Grammophon)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. The latest film score by the award-winning composer evokes with beauty and restraint the wild landscapes of a world in which individuals collide with forces beyond their control.
Hostiles is set in the American West of the early 1890s, when the Second Industrial Revolution was fast changing society and the native population had finally been defeated after decades of war with the US Army. Echoing the compelling human drama of the film, the score for this period Western, performed by the Air Lyndhurst Orchestra, combines the haunting stillness and elegiac beauty of Richter's Waltz with Bashir score with the noir-like intensity of his recent soundtrack for the BBC TV series Taboo.
– Live [Reissue/1970] LP (Friday Music)
Limited edition 180gm audiophile edition.

>C.W. Stoneking
– Jungle Blues [Reissue/2008] LP (King Hokum)
Recently reissued on CD – now available on vinyl. The fourth album by Australian Hokum Blues musician C.W. Stoneking. In 2009, Stoneking received five ARIA Award nominations, Best Blues and Roots Album, Best Independent Release, Best Male Artist and Best Album Cover Art, eventually winning Best Blues and Roots Album for
Jungle Blues.
– For The Record [Reissue/2011] 2xLP (Internal Affairs)
15 tracks worth of high-caliber production and impeccable rhyme. Limited colored vinyl pressing.

>George Thorogood & The Destroyers
‎– Bad To The Bone [Reissue/1982] LP (Capitol)
George Thorogood & The Destroyers
‎– Born To Be Bad [Reissue/1988] LP (Capitol)
George Thorogood & The Destroyers ‎– Greatest Hits: 30 Years Of Rock [Reissue/2004] 2xLP (Capitol)
Limited 180gm vinyl reissues of the blues-rock band’s fifth and seventh albums, plus a first-time vinyl pressing of the 2004 hits collection.

>The Vaccines
– Combat Sports LP (Capitol)
The Vaccines return to their roots with an album of songs ranging from pure rock and roll to power-pop. [CD edition due April 6.]

>Various Artists
– Night Palms LP (Hobo Camp)
Night Palms explores the vibes of AOR, G-Funk, jazz, boogie, and soul; synthesizing these genres to a form more loaded and laid-back (perhaps on a careless night time stroll, returning from the dispensary or watering hole, to the jacuzzi, houseboat, or waterbed). A smoother approach to funk, similar in production ethos to many classic G-Funk tracks (where producers created or sampled the smoothest yacht-rock and jazz-funk moments to create bass heavy rap), Night Palms takes it one step further, offering original tracks that return more to the inspiratory sources of G-Funk... sonically and chillingly cruising at the perfect tempo.
>Rob Zombie
– Hellbilly Deluxe [Reissue/1998] LP (Geffen)
Rob Zombie – American Made Music To Strip By [Reissue/1999] 2xLP (Geffen)
Rob Zombie – The Sinister Urge [Reissue/2001] LP (Geffen)
Rob Zombie – Educated Horses [Reissue/2006] LP (Geffen)
Rob Zombie – Zombie Live [2007] 2xLP (Geffen)
Rob Zombie – Spookshow International Live [Reissue/2015] 2xLP (Geffen)
Vinyl reissues of the White Zombie frontman’s first three albums, the remix album
American Made Music To Strip By, and two live shows.
23 march 2018
New Releases for March 23, 2018
>CDs + Vinyl:

American Pleasure Club – A Whole F**king Lifetime Of This CD/LP/Cassette (Run For Cover)
Released last week on vinyl and cassette – now available on CD. The longtime project of Baltimore's prolific Sam Ray (Ricky Eat Acid, Julia Brown) has never been weighed down by expectations of genre, fidelity or album length. 2016 gave us the 26-song epic
It's the Big Joyous Celebration, Let's Stir the Honeypot and the more concise follow up Bonus EP, but on this album, a striking amount of balance provides the groundwork for A Whole F**king Lifetime Of This.
>Courtney Marie Andrews
– May Your Kindness Remain CD/LP (Fat Possum)
May Your Kindness Remain was predominately written on the road it's not a road record like its predecessor. That is, it's not so much inspired by Courtney Marie Andrews' life on the road so much as it is by the people she's met along the way. It's an inward reflection on the connectivity of their stories and her own. The album is full of vivid depictions of complex people and places with all too common struggles. Every instrument and sound have their proper place, across diverse styles: proud piano ballads (“Rough Around The Edges”); easygoing, country-tinted rock (“Kindness Of Strangers”); and biting, sarcastic folk gems (“I've Hurt Worse”). Gospel singer C.C. White adds backing vocals throughout, including on the stunning title track, a striking statement of purpose that blooms at the end thanks to layers of soulful harmonies. Andrews’ own vocals are notably more powerful and soulful - especially on the organ-heavy blues number “Border,” with a ragged weariness that honors the immigrant's resilience in the face of blatant thoughtlessness and racism; and “Took You Up,” a take on accepting love as a simple offering before any illusion of wealth or success. Her vocal performances reflect her recent listening habits, which include Motown and soul, as well as albums by the eclectic rock band Little Feat. They also point to her confidence and growing range as a live vocalist.
>Army Gideon
– Forsake Not CD (Uhuru Boys)
High-energy reggae fusion with lyrical content advocating equal rights, justice, universal love and Rastafari awareness through a militant persona.

>The Art Of Lovin’
– The Art Of Lovin’ [Reissue/1968] CD (Early Dawn)
A reissue of The Art Of Lovin's one and only album, originally on the legendary US label Mainstream in 1968. An album full of interesting and imaginative female-fronted psychedelic folk rock. For fans of Jefferson Airplane, Fort Mudge Memorial Dump, Yankee Dollar, etc.

– Auri CD (Nuclear Blast)
Nightwish leader/keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen has joined forces with his wife, Finnish singer Johanna Kurkela, as Auri. Auri celebrate a kind of epic-romantic ethno pop that seems to float in quaint spheres, which are intangible yet unleash multi-faceted sounds capes filled with powerful imagery. These sound cascades are based on Celtic traditional sounds, atmospheric-cinematic dream sequences, melancholic melodies and a touch of transfigured mysticism; beautiful instrumentation yielding an unfathomable depth.

>Alice Bag
– Alice Bag CD/LP (Don Giovanni)
Based in Los Angeles, Alice Bag is a punk rock singer, musician, author, educator and feminist archivist. She was lead singer and co-founder of The Bags, who were among the first wave of punk bands to emerge from that city during in the mid-1970s. Recorded last year,
Alice Bag includes a revolving cast of friends and Los Angeles-based musicians, including the members of Bags’ current backing band, as well as guest vocals from Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, The Julie Ruin), Allison Wolfe (Bratmobile, Sex Stains), Francisca Valenzuela, and Teri Gender Bender.
- 137 Avenue Kaniama CD/2xLP (Bella Union)
Congolese-born Baloji's music stands at the crossroads of traditional African music and Afro-American music (hip-hop, soul, funk, jazz). Growing up in Belgium – which he describes as, "a land of surrealism and multiple identities" – Baloji discovered the culture of sampling in electronic music. The result is a record combining African rhythms – not only Congolese, but also Nigerian, Zimbabwean, and Ghanaian – with 808 productions and funk-influenced synths. By placing his resilience at the center of his work, Baloji reconciles all these influences to enrich his projects.

>Karl Berger
- In a Moment: Music For Piano & Strings CD (Tzadik)
Founder of the Creative Music Studio and a close collaborator of Don Cherry, Ornette Coleman, Gato Barbieri, Anthony Braxton and so many more, Karl Berger is a master musician and one of the pioneers of creative music. The third and final CD in his trilogy for Tzadik features fourteen tracks spanning a wide variety of moods. Karl’s gorgeous string arrangements are highlighted here in this beautiful and soulful suite of music for piano and strings.

– Bibeau CD (Fade To Silence)
New album from the Texas based progressive rock band.

– 800 CD/LP (Wharf Cat)
Kiev’s Bichkraft returns with another entry in their unique take on the shoegaze and post-punk traditions.

– Hard Feelings CD/LP (Rise)
The sixth studio album by the Arizona metalcore band is both heavy and melodic with the vocals pairing up perfectly with the soaring melodies and emotional screams.

>Bonny Doon
– Longwave CD/LP (Woodsist)
Arriving in the early months of 2017, Bonny Doon’s self-titled debut was a warm introduction to the band for many. Hazy and bright, the album’s woozy melodies and swirling webs of summery guitar textures were easily ingested as low-key slacker pop. But the nonchalant breeziness belied a serious attention to songcraft and hinted at depths yet unexplored. Lo and behold, before the ink was even dry on the first record, work had already begun on its follow-up
Longwave, a conscious about-face from the sonic experimentation of the first album, and a journey inward.
– The Offering CD (AFM)
Young Canadian melodic metallers Borealis are return with their fourth studio album.

>Brother JT
– Tornado Juice CD/LP+MP3 (Thrill Jockey)
Brother JT, aka the enigmatic John Terlesky, has returned with a mind-palace of an album. On his second album for Thrill Jockey, JT feverishly concocts songs drawing from influences like gutbucket blues to power-pop, classic rock to garage-psych.

– From Out Of The Skies CD/LP (Frontiers/Vinyl Eck)
New release from the veteran hard rockers.

– Calamita CD (Ruptured)
Calamita is the free-rock powerhouse trio of Lebanese musicians Sharif Sehnaoui and Tony Elieh on electric guitar and bass respectively, and drummer Davide Zolli from Italian psych rock collective Squadra Omega.

>Cornell Campbell
– Boxing [Reissue/1982] CD/LP (Kingston Sounds)
A reissue of one of Cornell Campbell's great dancehall, early '80s set of songs. Dancehall was when the beat slowed down to that classic one-drop style that suited his voice so well. The album includes the title “Boxing” which was a massive hit for Cornell on its initial release in 1982. It also includes a dancehall reworking of “Queen Of The Minstrel” and a fantastic dancehall cut to Bob Marley's “Natty Dread”. This was a new chapter in reggae's sound that saw the rhythm slowed down and seemed to add even more emphasis to the songs meanings.

>Carpenter Brut
– Leather Teeth CD (Caroline)
This is the story of Bret Halford, an introverted science student. He likes a girl who doesn't like him and much prefers the team's star quarterback. Bret gets mad. He tries to create a concoction that will allow him to control them all, but ends up disfigured and decides instead to become a rock star. This is how he will seduce the girl, and all other girls: by becoming
Leather Teeth, singer of Leather Patrol. Featuring 8 tracks wrapped in 32 minutes of cinematic sound, it's a pure feeding frenzy not unlike Master of Puppets, or any of the good ole metal albums of yore. This is the story of French synthwave artist Carpenter Brut. [Vinyl edition due April 20.]
>Cave Bastard
– The Bleak Shall Devour The Earth CD/LP (Accident Prone)
San Diego-based metal quintet Cave Bastard—comprised of members of Cattle Decapitation, Gutrot, Ritual Torture, Bridge Jumper, Tremblad, and others—unleash their debut album. Three and a half years in the making, the dark vision of Cave Bastard combines the band's bleak imagery and outlook with devastatingly brutal riffs and earth-moving rhythms, which set the tone for a voyage into the apocalypse.

>The Cavemen
– Nuke Earth CD/LP (Slovenly Recordings)
“New Zealand's The Cavemen are back, ready to drink, fight, f**k and play some goddamn rock 'n' roll. Pure, primitive mother**kin' garage punk like you lust after every night when you're licking your sexiest leather record jackets, or '77 punk steeped in a moldy stack of bootleg Motörhead outtake LPs.”

>Cavern Of Anti-Matter
– Hormone Lemonade CD/LP+MP3 (Duophonic)
Hormone Lemonade sees Cavern Of Anti-Matter heavily utilizing the sounds of modular synths and home built drum machines, yet still keeping the loose, improvised sound familiar to fans of their first two albums, with minimal guitar melodies and live drum kit helping to build hypnotic layers of texture. The album's genesis was in the self-constructed rhythm machines of band member Holger Zapf, the Taktron Z3 and Taktron Z2, being recorded to tape during three one-hour sessions. These sessions also included the use of 70s Hohner and Eko drum machines. Holger played his parts in a free-form way and the bpm varied wildly as it was not possible to sync it to any outside controllers. Tim Gane (Stereolab) edited these initial jams into useable chunks and proceeded to overdub each new rhythmic "chunk" with some basic musical ideas, keeping in tune to the hum of the machines and retaining the "feel" of the inherent pulse. [Limited edition colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>The Chapparrals
– Shake Your Head [Reissue/1978] CD/LP (Everland)
Shake Your Head is the only known album by this super-hot Atlanta, Georgia band. The Chapparrals were known for wild onstage antics, deep funky sounds, and for taking no prisoners when they opened for any of the numerous recording acts they had the pleasure of working with back in the '70s. These guys are a perfect summation of popular funk groove as their rare 1978 album is a blistering blend of bassy rhythms and tight instrumentation.
– Millennials CD/LP (Hummus)
Millennials is a violent and over-the-top distorted record, born in a completely saturated scene and produced by four hyperactive fellows, who for obscure reasons decided few years ago not to work a full time boring job but to invest their money, time and mental health in heavy underground music. One can notice they are eventually older now; their hardcore got lazier, fatter and darker. There is even a new tribal feel to it, just like if those guys were still naïvely dreaming of building a parallel society somewhere in a cursed country where deviance and free self-expression would matter as much as business skills and communication concepts.
>Crowded House
– Crowded House [Reissue/1986] 2xCD (Capitol)
Expanded reissue of Crowded House’s 1986 debut album featuring17 bonus tracks including demos & live versions.

>Holger Czukay
– Cinema 5xCD+DVD/5xLP+DVD (Grönland)
Following legendary musician Holger Czukay’s death in 2017,
Cinema explores his extensive back catalog of music he made as a solo artist and also features several high profile collaborations with artists as iconic and diverse as Brian Eno, Jah Wobble and Karlheinz Stockhausen, alongside previously unreleased music. The set is being released to coincide with what would have been his 80th birthday and Can's 50th anniversary. Cinema guides you chronologically through Holger's recording career, one that spanned five decades. Both CD and vinyl editions include a DVD of a film that was made for German television in the '80s starring Holger as the main character; he also made the soundtrack for the movie.
– Three/Three CD/2xLP+MP3 (Ghostly International)
Dabrye makes his long-awaited return with a razor-sharp rap album that brings to completion a prophetic trilogy. Mullinix's incisive productions provide the backdrop for equally acute rhymes that run the gamut from intergenerational observations and being your best self to back alley deals and having fun in the ride. Guests include indie rap legend DOOM, whose previous collaboration with Dabrye remains a point of reference for many, Wu Tang storyteller Ghostface Killah, L.A word fanatic Jonwayne, and Long Island's rugged surrealist Roc Marciano. Additional guests include Guilty Simpson, Phat Kat, Kadence, Quelle Chris, Danny Brown, Shigeto, Clear Soul Forces and more.

>Caroline Davis
– Heart Tonic CD (Sunny Side)
When Caroline Davis found out that her father had heart arrhythmia the news prompted her to do detailed research on the physical aspects of the human heart. It was with all of this in mind that Davis decided to compose pieces relating to the heart, whether it was an emotional connotation, or the utilization of rhythms derived from heartbeats. Composing really helped to get her through much of her emotional transition.
Heart Tonic finds Davis employing more standard jazz elements than much of her previous work, including formal harmonic changes and shifting meters.
>Jordan Davis
– Jordan Davis CD (MCA Nashville)
Debut album from the country music singer/songwriter. Known for his unique songwriting talent, Jordan co-wrote every track on Home State and teamed up producer Paul DiGiovanni for the entire 12-song collection.

>Miles Davis & John Coltrane
– The Final Tour: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 6 4xCD (Sony Legacy)
Miles Davis & John Coltrane – The Final Tour: Copenhagen, March 24, 1960 LP+MP3 (Sony Legacy)
The latest entry in the award-winning
Miles Davis Bootleg Series focuses on the final chapter in the landmark collaboration between Davis and saxophonist John Coltrane: their last live performances together, in Europe in the spring of 1960. Includes concerts recorded in Paris, Copenhagen and Stockholm. [The Copenhagen concert is available as stand-alone 150gm single-disc vinyl edition.]
>Detroit Rising
– Detroit Rising: A Cosmic Jazz Funk Adventure CD/LP+MP3 (Down Jazz)
An unprecedented project created by universally respected musicians, including current and original members of the archetypal funk band Parliament-Funkadelic, along with a selection of world class talent from across the country. [Limited green colored vinyl pressing also available.]

>Pat DiNizio
– This Is [Reissue/2006] 2xCD (Sunset Blvd)
Expanded two-CD edition of this 2006 album from the late Smithereens frontman includes a bonus CD containing an additional 18 tracks. On
This Is, DiNizio leaves his guitar in the case and croons pop classics in a smooth, low-key style. While he tackles a couple bone fide standards here, for the most part the set list is made up of tunes familiar to anyone who came of age in the 1960s covers of the Beatles, the Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, Henry Mancini, Bacharach/David, Jimmy Webb, and more.
>DJ Platurn
– Breaking The Ice 2xCD (Needle To The Groove)
An extended mix of rare—mostly never before heard—Icelandic tracks that are heavily underscored with funk, soul, disco, and in-the-pocket rhythms, all of which are expertly mixed by renowned DJ and turntablist, DJ Platurn.

>Craig Duncan & The Appalachian Orchestra
- Smoky Mountain 50s CD (Green Hill)
Pop hits of the 1950s featuring hammered dulcimer. Craig Duncan is no stranger to the Nashville music community. His talents on violin, fiddle, hammered dulcimer, mandolin, guitar, bass, and viola can be heard on numerous Nashville recordings. A graduate of Appalachian State University and Tennessee State University, Craig is a member of the North American Fiddler's Hall of Fame

>Sally Eaton
– Farewell American Tour [Reissue/1971] CD (Early Dawn)
A reissue of Sally Eaton's
Farewell American Tour, originally released in 1971. Sally Eaton's solo album is a unique mixture of rock, folk, pop, and swing. The album is very well arranged, and Sally's powerful lyrics made this album even better. Recommended for fans of Melanie Safka.
>Kurt Elling
– The Questions CD (Masterworks)
The Questions, co-produced by Kurt Elling and Branford Marsalis, presents Elling's interpretations of songs written by some of music's most influential composers, including Bob Dylan ("A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall"), Leonard Bernstein ("Lonely Town"), Rodgers & Hammerstein ("I Have Dreamed" from The King and I), plus a powerful revisit of Paul Simon's "American Tune."
- Ceremony Of Dreams: Studio Sessions And Outtakes 1972-1977 3xCD/LP (Tompkins Square)
Sampled by Four Tet, their name whispered in reverence through the decades, Entourage forged bold musical ideas on their two rare '70s Folkways LPs. Now, collected for the first time, on three CDs are 30 previously unreleased tracks from their archives. LP version features a selection of the CD tracks.

>Eryn Non Dae.
- Abandon Of The Self CD (Debemur Morti)
Since forming in 2001, gifted French band Eryn Non Dae. has created a uniquely claustrophobic universe and this stellar fourth opus is a monumental wave of melancholy and despair - a fascinating combination of post-apocalyptic fury and vast ambient passages.

>The Ex
– 27 Passports CD/LP (Ex.)
There are some remnants of their African adventures, but most of all, this is a return to the power of The Ex as a unit that effortlessly juggles noisy/disjointed guitar parts, trance-like grooves, defiant chanting and a relentless, infectious drive. Colorful and fierce at the same time,
27 Passports once again expands their horizon and enriches their sound, while remaining true to the core of their philosophy: forward in all directions.
>George Ezra
– Staying At Tamara’s CD/LP+CD (Columbia)
Three years after the release of his 4x platinum No. 1 album
Wanted On Voyage, English singer/songwriter George Ezra returns with a collection of songs written, created and inspired by his travels: from a pig farm in Norfolk and a former cornflour shed in Kent to a converted cow shed in north Wales and an Airbnb in Barcelona owned by the Tamara of the album's title. The result is a finger snapping, brass-blaring, wind in the hair album that shines with positivity and encouragement, alongside moments of more subdued reflection.
>Fickle Friends
– You Are Someone Else CD/LP (Polydor)
“On their long-awaited debut Brighton-based quintet Fickle Friends bring unabashed pop aplenty. Oozing summer vibes and with choruses that’ll hit you harder than a tsunami, [
You Are Someone Else] is like an alcopop: sweet and unashamed, the ideal dancefloor tipple.” – NME
>Field Report
– Summertime Songs CD/LP (Verve)
New release from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based folk band. Centering around the narrative songs of Chris Porterfield (formerly of DeYarmond Edison with Bon Iver's Justin Vernon), this is Field Report's third and most expansive album, following in the vein of Wilco, The National, and The War On Drugs.

>Dom Flemons
– Dom Flemons Presents Black Cowboys CD (Smithsonian Folkways)
Known as “The American Songster,” Dom Flemons’ musical repertoire covers nearly 100 years of American folklore, ballads, and tunes. A music scholar, historian, record collector, and a multi-instrumentalist, Flemons is an expert player on the banjo, fife, guitar, harmonica, percussion, quills, and rhythm bones. He has performed with Mike Seeger, Joe Thompson, Martin Simpson, Boo Hanks, Taj Mahal, Old Crow Medicine Show, Guy Davis, and others.
Dom Flemons Presents Black Cowboys pays tribute to the music, culture, and the complex history of the golden era of the Wild West.
>Freedom Hawk
– Beast Remains CD/LP (Ripple Music)
New album from the Virginia Beach heavy rockers.

>Steve Gadd Band
– Steve Gadd Band CD (Varese Sarabande)
Eponymous follow up album to the 2016 Grammy-nominated
Way Back Home. Contains mostly original, groove-oriented tracks written by the band and produced by the legendary drummer, Steve Gadd. Steve Gadd Band is Walt Fowler (trumpet/flugelhorn), Kevin Hays (keyboard), Jimmy Johnson (bass), Michael Landau (guitar) and of course, Steve Gadd (drums).
>Rory Gallagher
– Deuce [Reissue/1971] CD/LP (Universal)
Rory Gallagher – Rory Gallagher [Reissue/1971] CD/LP (Universal)
Rory Gallagher – Live! In Europe [Reissue/1972] CD/LP (Universal)
Rory Gallagher – Blueprint [Reissue/1972] CD/LP (Universal)
Rory Gallagher – Tattoo [Reissue/1973] CD/LP (Universal)
Rory Gallagher – Irish Tour ‘74 [Reissue/1974] CD/2xLP (Universal)
Rory Gallagher – Against The Grain [Reissue/1975] CD/LP (Universal)
Rory Gallagher – Calling Card [Reissue/1976] CD/LP (Universal)
Rory Gallagher – Photo-Finish [Reissue/1978] CD/LP (Universal)
Rory Gallagher – Top Priority [Reissue/1979] CD/LP (Universal)
Rory Gallagher – Stage Struck [Reissue/1980] CD/LP (Universal)
Rory Gallagher – Jinx [Reissue/1982] CD/LP (Universal)
Rory Gallagher – Defender [Reissue/1987] CD/LP (Universal)
Rory Gallagher – Fresh Evidence [Reissue/1990] CD/LP (Universal)
Rory Gallagher – Notes From San Francisco [Reissue/2011] CD/LP (Universal)
One of the most influential guitarists of all times. Gallagher was a master on his Fender Stratocaster in playing the blues (as a born Irishman). He was also a stage “beast” (proof of which the various great live albums). A musical purist who refused to release singles or music videos and turned down the opportunity to join The Rolling Stones in the 1970's. A rumoured chronic alcoholic, Rory became ill on tour in Holland and later died in London, June 14
th,1995 due to complications arising from a liver transplant.
– Chilling Out [Reissue/1983] CD/LP (Everland)
In his late teens Rev. Gary Hairston wasn't only serving the Lord, he was also a member of funk outfit Opus 7 that recorded the great album
Thoughts in 1979. Although it was distributed nationwide, the group album was not very successful. In 1983, the Winston-Salem, North Carolina native Gary Hairston delivered the now mega rare private press album Chilling Out, his debut solo-album under the moniker Gary and a well sought-after electro, funk, and boogie classic.
>Grateful Dead
– The Very Best Of The Grateful Dead Live Volume 1: 1969-1977 2xCD/2xLP (Grateful Dead Production)
Made for die-hard Dead Heads and new fans alike,
The Best Of The Grateful Dead Live is the ultimate live collection. Includes recordings selected from the band's official live albums on Warner Bros. And Arista, plus a few tracks from their many archival live releases, beginning with "St. Stephen" from the group's first official live album, 1969's Live/Dead - and ending with the poignant "So Many Roads," taken from the band's final concert at Chicago's Soldier Field in July of 1995.
– Empty Black CD (Equal Vision)
“In a metalcore scene which is saturated and bereft of growth, Greyhaven show how younger bands can take the sound of the founding fathers of the sub-genre and build upon it, to scale new heights. While one can find influences ranging from Norma Jean to Every Time I Die to Converge, Empty Black sees them take this mixture of sounds and amp it up to reach to a level that is truly their own.” -- Itdjents

>Guided By Voices
– Space Gun CD/LP (GBV Inc.)
In 2018, Guided By Voices will release precisely one new album,
Space Gun. Once you hear it, you will know why. With a renowned work ethic and a daily pot of coffee, Robert Pollard continues to outclass younger generations of come-and-go rock bands. After 20+ years, 100+ albums, 2000+ songs, Pollard still can’t really explain (or doesn’t want to explain) his secret: “The songs just come to me.”
– Harumi [Reissue/1968] CD (Early Dawn)
A reissue of Harumi's self-titled album, originally released on Verve in 1968.
Harumi is a classic double album of obscure “Japan meets Greenwich Village” psych with legendary producer Tom Wilson (Velvet Underground, Zappa, Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel) at the helm, desperately trying to reign in the talents of this enigmatic Japanese artist on the outer fringes of an east/west freak out. All songs are sung in English.
– Red Goddess (Of This Men Shall Know Nothing) CD/LP+MP3 (Ba Da Bing!)
The music of Hawthonn is dense and atmospheric, but not inaccessible. Experimental electronic techniques fuse with doom-laden organ riffs, crystalline piano, elemental drones and haunting vocals. Largely guided by their own unconscious muse, the band’s chief inspirations lie outside of music, in Romantic poetry, dreams and reveries, esoteric symbolism, the history of magic and witchcraft, folklore and the English landscape.

– Hell CD (Gilead Media)
The eponymous, fourth full-length by Hell is a descent into the deepest pits of oppressive sludging doom. This self-titled album presents a discernible shift in tone without abandoning the unique style of melancholy.

>Hot Mulligan
– Pilot CD/LP (No Sleep)
The youthful and relentless Hot Mulligan is a four-piece rock band from northern Michigan. Beginning in 2014, they have built a profile by touring country-wide incessantly. Spanning hundreds of out of town shows over the last few years, they've gained the attention of a larger fan base combining elements of emotional rock and fierce pop-punk riffs. “With
Pilot, Hot Mulligan have delivered the impossible. At a time when the last death rattle of 2011’s pop-punk revival was beginning to reach their late career stage, this five-piece from Michigan has delivered the next soundtrack to your life. Not just your life, however, but our lives. Pilot is the sound of growing up and knowing your worth in a world that never seems to agree, of taking that chance because the moment may never come again, of seizing the goddamn moment and squeezing it for all that it’s worth. Things may go awry, and they often do, but that’s just life. Hot Mulligan didn’t make the rules, so why live by them?” – Substream Magazine
>Mark Huff
– Stars For Eyes CD (Exodus Empire)
Mark Huff's new compositions - and one Leonard Cohen classic - reinforce his reputation as a heralded Americana song craftsman and poignant vocalist while expanding his sonic vision with the support of a superlative cast.

– Places We Don’t Know CD/LP+MP3 (Counter)
Debut album from Swedish producer Carl Garsbo aka Kasbo. From its minimalist cover to its flurry of endorphin-flooding melodies,
Places We Don’t Know is a widescreen example of how buoyant beats can make you move and cry. Kasbo actively explores juxtaposing ideas here, constructing tracks which are complex yet relatable, melancholic while still beautiful.
– Ocean Electro CD/LP (Mint)
An entanglement of femme psych-electronica with driving synth-pop. Citing influences as diverse as Vi Subversa, Pulp, Christopher Isherwood, Visage, and an entire poem by Sylvia Plath,
Ocean Electro features sophisticated and ethereal vocals that bring to mind Molly Nilsson or the West Coast experimental pop of White Poppy.
– Radio Voltaire CD (Inside Out U.S.)
New release from the prog rock supergroup, arriving 13 years after the band's much-loved debut
Picture back in 2005.
>L.A. Guns
– Made In Milan CD+DVD/2xLP (Frontiers)
“If you want to hear a classic Sunset Strip band at their 2018 best,
Made In Milan is just what you are looking for.” – Shockwave [Stand-alone Blu-ray edition also available.]
>Mélissa Laveaux
- Radyo Siwel CD/LP (No Format)
April 2016, Canadian singer Mélissa Laveaux heads to Haiti, her parents' homeland. 20 years have gone by since she last stepped foot there. Here she is today, still a stranger to a country that is very much an intricate part of her identity. She discovers an extraordinary heritage: the folk songs that have bred and nourished Haitians artists for decades. Returning from Haiti with sounds, melodies, moods and stories of distant times, upon which Mélissa built the musical backbone to
Radyo Siwèl. A re-interpretation, sometimes from scraps, sometimes from a few phrases in a book, from traditional tunes to vaudou anthems, sewn together like a patchwork of intersecting identities. Draping them in her indie rock aesthetic, percussive and sinuous guitars, Mélissa's voice booms and unfurls to give the music its distinct sound.
>Led Zeppelin
– How The West Was Won [Reissue/2003] 3xCD/4xLP/3xCD+4xLP+DVD (Rhino)
Led Zeppelin continue their reissue campaign with a new edition of their celebrated live album
How The West Was Won, originally released in 2003, featuring newly remastered audio, which was done under the supervision of Jimmy Page. How The West Was Won highlights the best performances from Led Zeppelin's legendary concerts at the Los Angeles Forum and Long Beach Arena on June 25 and 27, 1972. Melded together and sequenced to replicate a single concert from beginning to end, the collection captures the band at the height of its formidable powers. [Also available: Super deluxe box set featuring three CDs, four 180gm vinyl LPs and a DVD in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround and PCM Stereo, plus photo gallery. Stand-alone Blu-ray edition also available.]
– Castles CD/LP (Lionboy)
A powerful combination of heartfelt introspection and contemporary dream-pop, Lissie's fourth studio album marks the return of a singular voice in the modern American scene. Written predominantly from Lissie's new home in northeast Iowa,
Castles represents a spiritual, as well as musical development: it's a portrait of an artist who has always been on the move and is finally creating a sense of permanency; a chance to catch her breath and reflect.
- Geshichten Des Lebens 2xCD (Hospital Productions)
After a series of committed live performances in Germany, Berlin-based producer Liziuz delivers his stunning debut album for Hospital Productions. Presented on two discs with two interpretations of the same epic track with one in ambient form and one in techno form,
Geschichten Des Lebens is an album that requires patience with deep rewards.
>The Lyman Family with Lisa Kindred
– The American Avatar: Love Comes Rolling Down CD (Omnivore)
The American Avatar: Love Comes Rolling Down album released on Reprise Records in 1969 and hadn’t made it to a CD release until now. Primarily a blues covers album, with contributions from members of Jim Kweskin and the Jug Band including Jim Kweskin, Geoff Muldaur, and Mel Lyman himself, the family grew out of a Boston suburb underground newspaper called Avatar. By 1970 the family was about 100 people strong and are an ongoing concern to this very day.
>Deva Mahal
– Run Deep CD (Motema Music)
A rare combination of masterful songwriting and breathtaking vocal talent, Deva Mahal steps into the spotlight on her debut,
Run Deep - an album of pulse-pounding soul with a decidedly modern edge. Taking inspiration from the idea of strength through vulnerability, Deva powerfully connects with her audience with raw honesty, rich musicality, and emotionally searing songs of love and loss, and the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity. [Vinyl edition due June 1.]
>Wynton Marsalis Septet
– United We Swing: Best Of The Jazz At Lincoln Center Galas CD/2xLP (Blue Engine)
The most memorable performances from Jazz at Lincoln Center's historic gala concerts available for the first time. Recorded between 2003 and 2007,
United We Swing: Best Of The Jazz At Lincoln Center Galas finds an unparalleled array of music talent that collectively boasts 94 Grammy Awards joining Jazz at Lincoln Center Managing and Artistic Director Wynton Marsalis (a nine-time Grammy winner) and some of the world's top jazz musicians to perform blues-inflected versions of iconic American repertoire. They include Lenny Kravitz performing Marsalis’s hypnotizing, New Orleans-inflected arrangement of Kravitz’ own song, “Are You Gonna Go My Way”; Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks uniting for a stirring, infectious take on Civil Rights anthem “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free”; Bob Dylan adding harmonica licks to a deeply felt, in-the-pocket rendition of “It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry”; and Ray Charles taking the stage for one of his final performances to play “I’m Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town.” The collection also includes performances featuring Blind Boys Of Alabama, Jimmy Buffett, Eric Clapton, John Legend, Lyle Lovett, John Mayer, Audra McDonald, Natalie Merchant, Willie Nelson, Carrie Smith, and James Taylor.
>Don McLean
– Botanical Gardens CD (BMG)
Botanical Gardens is enduring singer-songwriter Don McLean’s (“American Pie”) nineteenth studio effort overall and first in eight years. One of his most reflective, the concept of intimacy can be found at the heart of the record, with McLean penning personal numbers looking back on a life well lived, as well as his observations on youth and love. Recording at Watershed Studios in Nashville also allowed a different kind of intimacy for Don and his band, as they were made to “play close and feel the music,” resulting in a raw, yet tight sound throughout. He proves his prowess at writing timeless sounding songs once again, as the album weaves country, Americana, folk, and boot stomping rock. “The inspiration for the project started years ago when I would walk in the beautiful gardens in Sydney Australia near the Opera House,” McLean explains. “I would dream young dreams and it was a comfort and an inspiration. I was always young inside, like we all are, and I felt it again there. The whole album really revolves around the title song. Later on, I realized that the gardens are really a metaphorical heaven, and there's a kind of death and rebirth.” [Vinyl edition due April 6.]
– The Silent Vigil CD/Cassette (Nuclear Blast)
Memoriam was primarily developed to fill the void that was left following the tragic death of Martin ‘Kiddie' Kearns, the drummer from Bolt Thrower back in September 2015. Bolt Thrower subsequently placed all activity on hold for the foreseeable future which gave Karl Willetts an opportunity to develop a new project with friends that had expressed interest in forming a band for some time. Memoriam is an old school death metal outfit that maintains the standards set by previous bands that the members have played with, focusing on the themes of death, loss and war. [Vinyl edition due April 20.]

>The Messthetics
– The Messthetics CD/LP (Dischord)
The Messthetics is an instrumental trio featuring Brendan Canty (drums), Joe Lally (bass), and Anthony Pirog (guitar). Brendan Canty and Joe Lally were the rhythm section of the band Fugazi from its inception in 1987 to its period of hiatus in 2002. This is the first band they’ve had together since then. Anthony Pirog is a jazz and experimental guitarist based in Washington, D.C. One half of the duo Janel & Anthony, he has emerged as a primary figure in the city’s out-music community. The trio’s debut includes nine songs recorded at Canty’s practice space throughout 2017, live and mostly without overdubs. It’s a snapshot of a band dedicated to the live ideal, where structure begets improvisation.

>Monster Magnet
– Mindf**ker CD/2xLP (Napalm)
Monster Magnet put the pedal to the metal with
Mindf**ker, their tenth studio effort which mastermind Dave Wyndorf stated is “full-ahead Detroit-style, early ‘70s, MC5 and Stooges type of rock.” In terms of power driven stoner rock these gentlemen from New Jersey belong to the measure of all things. But Mindf**ker is different, a step forward and a step back at the same time to the almighty roots of beat music. Wyndorf seeks and finds timeless songs here, kindled by the unpretentious protopunk era and manipulates his guitar with rich virility and the drive of his shifty soul throughout. Pumping and scratching at every turn, all things are in constant motion with a sound of groovy straightforwardness, always heading for the essence of the song. Up tempo, savage in both sound and spirit, Mindf**ker is the real deal. The album has the potential to surprise and to whip up the love for the genre, while still giving the sludgies and stoner freaks exactly what they wish for in a new Monster Magnet album. [Vinyl edition includes bonus tracks and an etching on Side D. Limited silver colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>Moody Blues
– Days Of Future Past Live 2xCD/2xLP (Eagle)
The Moody Blues' classic 1967 album
Days Of Future Passed is regarded as one of the foundation stones of the progressive rock genre. In 2017, the band headed out on the album's 50th Anniversary Tour including the wonderful show captured at the Sony Centre For The Performing Arts in Toronto accompanied by a full orchestra. The concert begins with the band by themselves performing a selection of classic Moody Blues tracks before they are joined by the orchestra to perform Days Of Future Passed in its entirety plus a couple of fantastic encore tracks. [Stand-alone DVD and Blu-ray editions also available.]
>Mournful Congregation
– Incubus Of Karma CD/2xLP (20 Buck Spin)
Australia’s stone pillar of funereal dirge presents their regal fourth full-length.

>The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band
- The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band [Reissue/1967] CD (Early Dawn)
A reissue of The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band's self-titled album, originally released in 1967. L.A. psychedelic rock outfit from the late '60s -- Sitar, baroque sunshine psych pop at its best. Musically ranging from Beach Boys, over
Sgt. Peppers to The Seeds. Imagine a soft version of Max Frost & The Troopers' Wild In The Streets (1968) soundtrack. Includes bonus tracks.
– Death. Skulls. Satan CD/LP (Black Lodge)
Sweden's hottest underground metal act breaks through and releases their album. With a vicious blend of metal in the likes of Panera and the Haunted with the fast-paced rock of Danko Jones and a punk fueled in-your-face attitude of Motörhead, Nale delivers a high octane album with massive drive, heavy riffs, brutal vocals and groove that will leave necks, and hips, sore for days.

– To The Center [Reissue/1999] CD/LP (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Nebula's first non-EP full-length release, 1999’s
To The Center, is a retro-psychedelic heavy rock platter long on stripped-down riff muscle and surprisingly technically adept guitar jams. [Limited splatter colored vinyl pressing also available.]
– Cacophony Of Terror CD/LP (Season Of Mist)
Nightmarer deploy a harsh and unrelenting battery of dissonant death on their aptly-titled new album. Building off the foundation laid by their 2016
Chasm demo, the international trio (featuring ex and current members of The Ocean, War From A Harlots Mouth and Gigan) offers up loose state-of-the-art extremity here that's as nuanced and articulate as it is intense. World-class, modern death metal.
>Of Feather And Bone
– Bestial Hymns Of Perversion CD/LP (Profound Lore)
Emerging from their Rocky Mountain crypts, Of Feather And Bone spread their virulent strain of cryptic death metal. Invoking the claustrophobia of Autopsy and the visceral disgust of Incantation and Bolt Thrower, this band’s relentless death-assault serves as the soundtrack to mankind’s fall.

>Palace Of The King
– Keep Right With Your Maker CD/LP (Golden Robot)
Although the Australian rock scene isn't exactly short on incredible talent, Palace Of The King has managed to attract a lot of fans since they started in Melbourne in 2012, amongst them Joel O'Keeffe (Airbourne vocalist): “They are the real f**kin' deal!”

>The Pandoras
– Hey! It’s The Pandoras CD/LP+MP3/Cassette (Burger)
New mini-album from Los Angeles garage-gals, their first in 29 years and the first with guitarist Kim Shattuck (The Muffs).

>Axel Rudi Pell
– Knights Call CD/2xLP+CD (Steamhammer)
th studio album from the German power metal guitar virtuoso. [Limited edition colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>Porcupine Tree
– Arriving Somewhere [Reissue/2005] 2xCD+Blu-ray (Kscope)
First-time CD and Blu-ray edition. In 2005, Porcupine Tree toured the release of
Deadwing to an adoring audience. It was their Park West show (October 11-12, 2005) in Chicago that was filmed for the eventual DVD release. This became known as Arriving Somewhere. It was made available in downloadable audio formats as well but was never released outside the confines of the DVD and digital download realms.
– New Material CD/LP+MP3/Cassette (Jagjaguwar)
Preoccupations' songs have always worked through themes of creation, destruction, and futility, and they've always done it with singular post-punk grit. The textures are evocative and razor-sharp. The wire is always a live one. But while that darker side may have been well-explored, that's not quite the same as it being fully, intensely lived. This time it was, and the result is
New Material, a collection that broadens and deepens Preoccupations to a true mastery of their sound. In it lies the difference between witnessing a car crash and crashing your own, between jumping into an ocean and starting to swallow the water.
>The Price Sisters
– A Heart Never Knows CD (Rebel)
At just twenty-three years old, twin sisters Lauren and Leanna Price are poised to become the torchbearers for traditional bluegrass. While their playing is thoroughly rooted in the classic style of Bill Monroe, their smooth, polished sibling vocal harmonies infuse the music with a fresh, contemporary appeal.

>Mark Pritchard
– The Four Worlds CD/LP+MP3 (Warp)
Mark Pritchard returns with an eight-track collection further exploring the sonic worlds first encountered on his critically acclaimed 2016 opus
Under The Sun. The ambient feel and engrossing cinematic soundscapes are mirrored by the artwork and visuals of beloved visual artist Jonathan Zawada. Having already collaborated on his last record with Thom Yorke, Bibio and Linda Perhacs, as well as touring with James Blake, The Four Worlds features Pritchard working with a collection of underground poets and musicians including Colorado's psychedelic heroine Space Lady on "S.O.S", and eighties cult radio artist Gregory Whitehead on "Come Let Us."
>Banyen Rakkaen
- Lam Phloen World-Class: Essential Banyen Rakkaen CD/LP (Em)
A collection from pioneering Thai molam idol Banyen Rakkaen, featuring her most thrilling performances from the early to mid-‘70s, with innovative genre-bending arrangements and production from Thepphabut Satirodchomphu. These tracks, all originally released on 7” vinyl, showcase her powerful yet alluring voice, revolutionary yet rooted in tradition.

>Blaine L. Reininger
– Blue Sleep CD (Crepuscule)
New studio album by the Colorado-born composer and founder member of avant-garde music group Tuxedomoon. "These days the music plays me," explains Blaine. "The unifying principle behind the songs on
Blue Sleep is the method of composition. I apply fine old aleatory techniques - John Cage, William Burroughs, Tristan Tzara - and filter these through my instinctive knowledge of melody and harmony. Lyrics are generated algorithmically (I work with programs which assemble phrases according to mathematical rules) and then edited by me, with phrases suggested by the random output. That's pretty much my modus operandi in the 21st century."
>The Residents
– Fingerprince pREServed Edition 2xCD (Cryptic Corporation)
Produced with The Cryptic Corporation, and with full access to The Residents' extensive tape archive, this package explores and expands the classic third album and related 1976-1977 material, as well as the album's evolution on the live stage. Includes the album restored to its original conceptual running order, plus long-forgotten unreleased material, live-in-the-studio tracks and concert recordings.

>Steve Roach
– Dreamtime Return [Reissue/1988] 2xCD (Projekt)
This magnum opus is one of the most important, widely known and highly respected release in Steve Roach's vast body of work, and serves as an essential benchmark within the electronic-ethno-atmospheric genre.

>Alasdair Roberts, Amble Skuse & David Mcguinnes
- What News CD/LP (Drag City)
For his twelfth solo album,
What News, and his fourth album focused exclusively on the performance of traditional songs, Alasdair Roberts has chosen a typically unusual and eclectic pair of collaborators: Amble Skuse and David McGuinnes.
>Jeff Rosenstock
– POST- CD/LP+MP3/Cassette (Polyvinyl)
Jeff Rosenstock was an anxious kid who grew into an anxious adult and has also made a bunch of music along the way, with a bunch of bands, most notably Bomb The Music Industry! who apparently pioneered giving shit away for free on the internet—or at least got some of the credit for it. Now he plays with his bi-coastal band of rad musicians, mixing punk energy with diverse instrumentation and occasional accuracy. [Limited 180gm light blue vinyl pressing also available.]

>Sacrifice Theory
– Infected CD (Bret Hard)
Heavy American-inspired thrash from Germany.

>Salty Dog
– Lost Treasure CD (Escape Music)
Great American rock inspired by Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith and early blues.

>Hiroshi Sato
– Orient [Reissue/1979] CD/LP (Wewantsounds)
A reissue and the first international release of Hiroshi Sato's ultra-rare synth masterpiece, Orient, originally released in 1979 on Kitty Records in Japan only. This highly sought-after album is a superb breezy mix of Japanese synth-pop with a subtle touch of mid-‘70s Herbie Hancock-style funk and AOR.

>Skin Crime
– Ghosts I Have Been CD (Hospital Productions)
The first album from the supreme atmospheric noise band since their colossal 20-CD box set collection on Hospital Productions in 2015.

>Sol Invictus
– Necropolis CD/2xCD/LP (Prophecy)
Sol Invictus is one of the most prolific and influential bands associated with neofolk or apocalyptic folk, a form of experimental music which emerged in punk rock circles in the 1980's, blending elements of folk and industrial music with dark themes of decay, decline, and/or the destruction of Western civilization. More than 30 years after their inception, they return with
Necropolis - possibly their final release. [Limited double-CD hardcover book edition including 18-track bonus tracks also available.]
>Squirrel Nut Zippers
– Beasts Of Burgundy CD/LP (Southern Broadcast)
"It's not a reunion, it's a revival" has been the battle cry for Mathus since reforming Squirrel Nut Zippers in 2016. With an all-star cast of New Orleans musicians, the band breathed new life into the old material, and inspired Mathus to return to the studio to reignite the band's unique, enigmatic sound. The result, is the first Squirrel Nut Zippers studio album in eighteen years titled
Beasts Of Burgundy. A return to form, the album embraces the city that first inspired the group.
>J. Stalin
– Avatar CD (Livewire)
The rapper channels his inner R&B side on an album for the ladies.

>Sunflower Bean
– Twentytwo In Blue CD/LP/Cassette (Mom + Pop)
Sophomore album from the NY-based alt-rock band. While the trio remains a guitar band at its core, new and different textures shine on
Twentytwo In Blue. Sunflower Bean's diverse sound has allowed them to tour alongside DIIV, Best Coast, Pixes and Wolf Alice. "New York is still home to bands as varied as Sunflower Bean, whose music suggests what might have happened if psychedelia had emerged after punk and the Police rather than before." – The New York Times
>Sun Ra
– God Is More Than Love Will Ever Be [Reissue/1979] CD/LP (Cosmic Myth)
Somewhat of a rarity in the Sun Ra catalog - a cohesive album, with none of the stylistic eclecticism and patchwork personnel characteristically found on Saturn LPs. The album's five tracks were recorded at Variety Studios in one session by a solid jazz trio. Drummer Samarai Celestial (Eric Walker) recalls this being his first recording date with Ra; bassist Hayes Burnett had been with Ra since 1976 and would remain until 1982 or '83. Celestial continued recording and performing with the Arkestra beyond Ra's '93 departure, being a mainstay in the band under the directorship of Marshall Allen until the drummer's premature death in 1997 at age 43. Existing copies of the LP are known by several titles, including
Blithe Spirit Dance, Days Of Happiness, and Trio. Many Sun Ra records were not formally titled. In their haste to prepare limited pressings for sale at concerts, often someone in the band simply wrote the title of the first (or last) track title on the label (if blank) or on the generic sleeve, and that became an alternate album title.
>The Sword
– Used Future CD/LP+MP3 (Razor & Tie)
The Sword's sixth studio album,
Used Future, was recorded in Portland, Oregon with producer Tucker Martine (My Morning Jacket, The Decemberists, Modest Mouse) and features twelve new Sword compositions. A giant leap forward for the band dominated by heavy grooves, soaring hooks, and epic instrumental interludes, it’s The Swords’ modern version of a classic ‘70s rock album in the tradition of masterpieces by The Who, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. It also sees the band utilizing synths more than ever before adding a whole new layer of cinematic color to its dynamic sound. [Limited colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>Paul Thorn
– Don’t Let The Devil Ride CD (Perpetual Obscurity)
Don't Let The Devil Ride collects soulful songs originally cut by black southern gospel groups, and features guests Blind Boys Of Alabama, the McCrary Sisters, the Preservation Hall Jazz Horns, and Bonnie Bishop. [Vinyl edition due May 11.]
>Sidi Touré
– Toubalbero CD/2xLP+MP3 (Thrill Jockey)
Acclaimed Malian musician Sidi Touré returns with his fourth album. Named after the large traditional drum used to gather people in the Malian region of Gao,
Toubalbero is a danceable, dynamic, and despite the region’s significant political challenges, joyous album. The album was recorded in Mali’s legendary Studio Bogolan where Ali Farka Touré, Toumani Diabate, and Björk have recorded.
- Mythen, Mären, Pestilenz CD (Eisenwald)
“Ungfell's second full-length presents Helvetic black metal deeply rooted in medieval lore and tales of pestilent witchcraft. Ghastly ghouls and sinister sorceresses rejoice in these utterances and sounds, gathered as one around the towering witch's pyre... as the hangman plays the last lead, the crimson night is not far.”

>Various Artists
- Death Row Chronicles: Original Soundtrack CD (Death Row)
Companion album to BET's hit TV show
Death Row Chronicles. This 15-song album is a good mix of front line hits like "Murder Was The Case" and hard to find rarities like Sam Sneed's "Drug Related". [Vinyl edition due April 20.]
>Various Artists
– Eccentric Soul: The Saru Label CD/2xLP (Numero)
The 20th volume of Numero’s flagship
Eccentric Soul series has all the boxes checked: Gun-toting, skip-tracing record producers, child stars, rip-offs, the "World's Greatest Bail Bondsman," swindles, soaring falsettos, and a dwindling rust-belt cityscape offering mere glimpses of hope before the record industry escaped for the coasts. Helmed by the O'Jays Bobby Massey, Saru was a creative vortex that pulled Cuyahoga County's greatest talent in, making a strong case for Cleveland to contend with Detroit, Philly, and Memphis as America's soul music's capital. Includes obscure and unknown sides from the Out of Sights, the Elements, Pandella Kelly, David Peoples, Sir Stanley, the Ponderosa Twins + 1, Ba-Roz, Bobby Dukes, and of course, the O'Jays.
>Various Artists
– The Thousand Incarnations Of The Rose: American Primitive Guitar & Banjo 1963-1974 CD/LP (Craft Recordings)
The Thousand Incarnations Of The Rose celebrates the groundbreaking, inventive approach to traditional music brought forward by a collection of maverick artists whose interpretations of folk, blues, and traditional song gave rise to one of American music's most unique and singular styles. Features John Fahey, Leo Kottke, Robbie Basho, and more.
>Tom Waits
– Closing Time [Reissue/1973] CD (ANTI-)
Tom Waits – The Heart Of Saturday Night [Reissue/1974] CD (ANTI-)
Tom Waits – Nighthawks At The Diner [Reissue/1975] CD (ANTI-)
Tom Waits – Small Change [Reissue/1976] CD (ANTI-)
Tom Waits – Foreign Affairs [Reissue/1977] CD (ANTI-)
Tom Waits – Blue Valentine [Reissue/1978] CD (ANTI-)
Tom Waits – Heartattack And Vine [Reissue/1980] CD (ANTI-)
Digitally remastered editions of singer-songwriter, musician, composer and actor’s classic, quintessential first seven albums.

>The Waxidermist
– Origami Case CD/2xLP (Sound Sculpture)
“To find Lawkyz, follow the beat. It is here, in this vital part, this lighthouse which guides the route of the other instruments, which it prints in depth the low notes of his four strings. Riveted on the drums. Linking with it a rhythmic pact, ensuring the propulsion of the groove on stage with Erik Truffaz or Guts; on records with UHT, Anna Kova, or Versus, his hip-hop project with full live band. When he puts his fetish instrument, when he lets cool his amp, then wakes up his evil twin: The Waxidermist.”

>Erika Wennerstrom
– Sweet Unknown CD/2xLP (Partisan)
There's something somewhat frightening, yet utterly freeing when leaving the confines of a successful band to venture solo – especially a band whose latest record was called “effortlessly brilliant” by critics. But, such is the case with Erika Wennerstrom who is taking a brief vacation from her Cincinnati-based rock band, Heartless Bastards, to deliver her solo debut
Sweet Unknown. But fans of Heartless Bastards need not worry. The band has not broken up. “We'd been going for so long and everyone in the band was just ready for a little break. But I had songs in me that needed to come out. I didn't think it was fair to push them to keep going and I didn’t want to do it without them under the Heartless Bastards name,” explains Wennerstrom, who enlisted the help of HB's Jesse Ebaugh to play bass on 8 of the 9 tracks on Sweet Unknown. While Wennerstrom has always been honest on all of the Heartless Bastards songs she's written, the Sweet Unknown material is even more personal and reflective, and for her, quite transformative as well. [Limited white colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>Jack White
– Boarding House Reach CD/LP (Columbia/Third Man)
Boarding House Reach is the eagerly anticipated new album from Jack White, his third solo LP and first all-new album in nearly four years. Written and conceived while holed up in a spartan apartment with no outside distractions, Jack replicated the identical environment and used the same gear as when he was a 15-year-old (a quarter-inch four-track tape recorder, a simple mixer, and the most basic of instrumentation) to pen sketches of the songs. The album explores a remarkable range of sonic terrain - crunching rock 'n' roll, electro and hard funk, proto punk, hip-hop, gospel blues, and even country - all remapped and born anew to fit White’s matchless vision and sense of restless experimentation.
>Will Haven
– Muerte CD (Minus Head)
New release from the noise metal legends. Formed in Sacramento, CA in 1995, Will Haven has existed on the fringe of extreme music ever since.
Muerte, which is Spanish for 'death', is the band's six full-length album.
>Kip Winger
– Solo Box Set Collection 5xCD (Frontiers)
A box set collecting all the solo works from the bassist/songwriter/composer into one collection. Includes:
This Conversation Seems Like A Dream (1997) Down Incognito (1998) Songs From The Ocean Floor (2000) From The Moon To The Sun (2008) and a bonus disc featuring unreleased, bonus, rare and demo tracks.
>Young Hu$tle
– Bag Talk CD (X-Ray)
After self-releasing several mixtapes that quickly became underground hits, the Long Beach rapper delivers his long-awaited debut. Includes guest appearances by AD, Slim 400, Tray Dee, and a remix from Riff Raff.

>Your Food
– Poke It With A Stick CD/LP (Drag City)
A sui generis gem of the American underground, now faithfully reissued for the first time by Drag City. Recorded in 1983 by four scarecrows from Kentucky subsisting largely on cheap beer and baked beans,
Poke It With A Stick is a burbling burgoo of hypnotic rhythm, uncoiling tension, and sharp invective—a proud bastard of post-punk royalty.

DVDs + Blu-ray:
L.A. Guns – Made In Milan Blu-ray (Frontiers)
“If you want to hear a classic Sunset Strip band at their 2018 best,
Made In Milan is just what you are looking for.” – Shockwave
>Led Zeppelin
– How The West Was Won [2003] Blu-ray (Atlantic)
Led Zeppelin continue their reissue campaign with a digitally remastered edition of their celebrated live album
How The West Was Won, originally released in 2003, featuring newly remastered audio, which was done under the supervision of Jimmy Page. How The West Was Won highlights the best performances from Led Zeppelin's legendary concerts at the Los Angeles Forum and Long Beach Arena on June 25 and 27, 1972. First ever Blu-ray Audio edition (containing hi-res 5.1 surround sound).
>Moody Blues
– Days Of Future Past Live DVD/Blu-ray (Eagle)
The Moody Blues' classic 1967 album
Days Of Future Passed is regarded as one of the foundation stones of the progressive rock genre. In 2017, the band headed out on the album's 50th Anniversary Tour including the wonderful show captured at the Sony Centre For The Performing Arts in Toronto accompanied by a full orchestra. The concert begins with the band by themselves performing a selection of classic Moody Blues tracks before they are joined by the orchestra to perform Days Of Future Passed in its entirety plus a couple of fantastic encore tracks.

This Week’s Vinyl Exclusives:
>Against Me!
– White Crosses [Reissue/2010] LP (Total Treble)
Vinyl reissue of Against Me's fifth studio album. Produced by Butch Vig,
White Crosses is the first (and only) Against Me album to feature George Rebelo, drummer of Hot Water Music, following the departure of previous drummer Warren Oakes.
>Andrew W.K.
– You’re Not Alone 2xLP (Red Music)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. To party is to exist. And to exist is to party. On
You're Not Alone, Andrew W.K.'s first album of new rock songs in nearly twelve years, the party is reborn as he delivers a set of high octane, full throttle rock 'n' roll powered by buoyant, infectious, and triumphant melodies. Limited colored pressing also available.
>The Apostles
– Banko Woman [Reissue/1977] LP (PMG)
Heaven-sent from Nigeria's tumultuous east, The Apostles have been preaching a particular blend of funky psychedelic soul/rock fusion for over forty years. On
Banko Woman they threw a little Afrobeat into the mix, creating an Afro-funk disco bomb that has been energizing dance floors ever since.
– Critical Madness: The Demo Years LP (Peaceville)
Critical Madness: The Demo Years compiles the earliest recordings by the kings of sickness. Chronicling the band's formative years, the collection contains Autopsy's first demo from 1987 as well as 1988's legendary Critical Madness demo (which quickly resulted in the group inking a deal with Peaceville and the subsequent release of the genre staple debut, 1989's Severed Survival). This special archive release is completed by the rare track "Christ Denied" and a selection of raw rehearsal recordings from 1987 and 1988, most of which would later feature on the band's studio debut.
>Daniel Avery
– Slow Fade Remix 12” (Mute)
Following the release of his
Slow Fade EP last month, Daniel Avery now presents a collection of remixes from Surgeon, Actress, and Inga Mauer.
>François Bayle
– Tremblements… LP (Recollection GRM)
François Bayle on
Tremblement De Terre Très Doux (1978); first performance on March 19, 1979 at the Grand Auditorium of RadioFrance, Ina-GRM's Cycle Acousmatique: "The familiar generates the strange. These rolls, these hums, these sudden rushes; this song, these peaceful circlings; these sudden outbursts, these returns to quiescence - what do they remind us of? This piece's trajectory could also be a representation of the dramatic unfolding of a day - of a life - from sunrise ('Climate 1') to night-time ('Landscape 4') via restless encounters, transitions ('Transit 1', '2', and '3') that announce the drama climaxing in 'Landscape 3', before reaching its denouement in "Climate 4"... A whole concrete 'story'. The subterranean properties inherent to listening gently shift our ideas..."
– Light My Fire [Reissue/1983] LP (PMG)
A beautifully produced slice of Nigerian disco boogie by a guy who could write catchy songs, sing like a sex god and look good in a shiny purple suit.

>Casual Hex
– Zig Zag Lady Illusion LP (Water Wing)
Casual Hex is a three-piece formed in Seattle, WA, in 2015. Drawing influence from a variety of genres (post-punk, no-wave, noise rock), The band relies on the contrast of heavy, catchy, minimal, and dissonant. It’s difficult to draw a direct lineage, but flashes of Pylon, The Contortions or early Sonic Youth come to mind.

– Yui [2006] LP (Pocket)
Childs' electronic post-rock 2006 debut, remastered for vinyl with special arrangements by Fernando Corona aka Murcof. Limited white colored pressing.

>Choir Boy
– Passive With Desire LP (Team Love)
The music on Choir Boy's debut album,
Passive With Desire, is deeply rooted in postpunk pop and articulate productions that take their queues from the likes of Bryan Ferry, Kate Bush, OMD and Fleetwood Mac.
– Tick Of The Clock [Reissue/2012] 12” (Italians Do It Better)
Limited edition 180gm ultra-clear dipped in icy blue colored vinyl repress. “Tick Of The Clock” is a 2012 single featuring the Drive soundtrack number along with Visione's “Stroke Of Midnight” remix version and an “Extended Overdrive” mix.

>Come Holy Spirit
– Asters And Disasters LP (Water Wing)
Formed in 2012 in Pittsburgh PA, Come Holy Spirit wields the age-old trifecta of guitar, bass, and drums in unexpected configurations. The songs embody a complex aggregate of musical influences, ranging from the angular deconstructivism of early experimental anarcho-punk (think Dog Faced Hermans and Poison Girls) to the tender repetition of far-flung folk music.

>Currituck Co
. - Sleepwalks In The Garden Of The Deadroom LP (Feeding Tube)
“The operating handle of guitarist Kevin Barker, one of the best players to emerge from the Mid-Atlantic völk underground of the early ‘00s, Currituck Co. cut five albums between 2000 and 2005, all of which are gorgeous. There's always been a Jansch-ian vibe to Kevin's work, which is made explicit here by a great cover of Bert's 'Silly Woman.' More often it's Kevin's guitar picking that sounds haunted by Jansch, with cleanly complex melodies and slippery string shifts. But the way he blends shards of electric amp squeal into the background is uniquely his own.”

>The Cyrkle
– The Minx: Soundtrack LP+DVD (Modern Harmonic)
The Minx, an intriguing and plush soundtrack from the Cyrkle, is laden with the band's trademark three-part harmonies, intricate arrangements, and paisley-psychedelic sounds. Recorded in 1967 – following the Cyrkle's pop chart success with Paul Simon's "Red Rubber Ball" and their own "Turn-Down Day" – and shelved until the film's release two years later, The Minx has eluded the grasp of even the most dedicated Cyrkle fan. This legitimate, deluxe colored vinyl reissue (created from the master reels, with full participation of the band members) includes bonus tracks, extensive notes, and features an accompanying DVD with the original, outrageous film.
– Instrmntl [2002] LP+MP3 (Ghostly International)
First-time vinyl pressing. 2002's
Instrmntl is a continuation of the beat experiments Tadd Mullinix aka Dabrye began with One/Three and a bridge to the diverse textures that would define Two/Three four years later. About half of its nine tracks (ten if you lived in Japan) were created at the same time as One/Three while the rest were newer or made specifically for the album. Once again Mullinix looked outside of hip-hop to techno, house, and drum & bass for stylistic and technical ideas while embracing the blissful minimalism of a good hip-hop instrumental and the rhythmic nuance of Detroit.
>Diablo String Orchestra
– Pacifisticuffs LP (Spinefarm)
Released last December on CD – now available on vinyl. New album from the Swedish avant-metallers.

- È Un Sole [Reissue/1990] LP (Dark Entries)
DsorDNE (pronounced Disordine) is a project from Torino, Italy that evolved as group out of the electronic experimental post punk project Novostj in 1987. At the core of DsorDNE is Marco Milanesio, musical engineer and co-founder of the HAX record label, joined by a revolving cast of musicians. Their spectrum ranged from experimental to structured electro-poetry and soundtrack-like instrumental electronic music. In 1987 they released their first track on a split-single with The Legendary Pink Dots. Between 1987 and 1994 they released six full length albums, three split-EPs and appeared on various cassette compilations.
È Un Sole (It’s a Sun) was the group’s only vinyl full length originally released in 1990 on HAX. It’s eight tracks of electro-beat poetry and experimentation.
>Bob Dylan
– 1962: The Witmark Demos LP (Wax Love)
In the spring of 1962, folk music manager Albert Grossman began to take an active interest in Bob Dylan. He proposed that Dylan sign with the prestigious publisher M. Witmark & Sons. Dylan signed a contract with Witmark on July 12 and immediately recorded a demo of what would become his breakthrough song, "Blowin' in the Wind". Four months passed before Dylan returned to record another song, "Ye Playboys and Playgirls", but the next month, in December, he showed up with many new compositions, including three that would become classics of his, "A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall", "Ballad of Hollis Brown", and "Tomorrow Is a Long Time".

>Bob Dylan
– Folksinger’s Choice Radio Broadcast LP (Wax Love)
Cynthia Gooding was a folk singer best known for her radio show, which was broadcast on New York's WBAI. It was on this show in early 1962 that she recorded an interview and performance with the then unknown Bob Dylan, whose first album had yet been released. A stunning and clear performance featuring covers and many of his earliest canonical songs, an important document in the nearly 60-year career of an American icon.

– Voice Of Strength LP (Triple B.)
Vegan straight edge hardcore in the vein of Strife, Trial, Earth Crisis or Bane.

>Nadah El Shazly
– Ahwar LP (Nawa Recordings)
The debut album by Nadah El Shazly. Starting out singing Misfits covers in a local punk band, then moving on to producing her own electronic tracks and making a name for herself in Cairo's underground scene, Nadah El Shazly's backstory is not that unusual. Her debut album on the other hand, is an entirely unexpected story. Two years in the making,
Ahwar (Arabic for “marshlands”) is an otherworldly record, not unlike an abstract mythological story-tale.
>Fatboy Slim
– You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby [Reissue/1998] 2xLP (Skint)
Fatboy Slim's 1998 global smash
You've Come A Long Way, Baby tore a hole into pop music with its big beats, revolutionary samples and deadly hooks, taking the English producer to new heights in the process. Yielding four inescapable hit singles ("The Rockafeller Skank," "Praise You," "Right Here, Right Now" and "Gangster Trippin’") the paradigm shifting album helped kick start the big beat/electronica boom of the late '90s and pushes all the right buttons with nods to funk, old-school hip hop and disco. Long out-of-print, You've Come A Long Way, Baby has been reissued on double vinyl in celebration of its 20th anniversary.
– Mara LP (Fazer)
Debut album from the Munich-based jazz group Fazer. The young musicians combine African and Latin rhythms with dubby basslines and melancholic melodies. Imagine the worlds of Nico, Björk, and Annette Peacock with the Arabic language as their mother tongue, re-approached through acoustic avant-jazz harmony and re-constructed with a dash of Kamilya Jubran's modern styling of Arabic maqam and you may be somewhere close.

>Fever Ray
– Plunge 2xLP+MP3 (Mute)
Deluxe gatefold double-LP edition with blood red gel outer sleeve and two posters. Karin Dreijer (one half of the electronic duo The Knife along with her brother, Olof Dreijer) makes her long awaited return as Fever Ray with the project's second album
Plunge, the first release since 2009's celebrated Fever Ray. Featuring lead single “To The Moon and Back,” Plunge was largely recorded in Dreijer's Stockholm studio in collaboration with the producers Paula Temple, Deena Abdelwahed, NÍDIA, Tami T, Peder Mannerfelt and Johannes Berglund. “Fever Ray's Plunge...is Karin Dreijer at her most vulnerable and powerful, a righteous reclamation of kink that extends a knowing invitation,” writes NPR. “Across 11 tracks of coquettish synth-pop cut with neon, Dreijer is not just frank about her sexual desires, but how she desires them – with consent, with trust, with pain, with love.”
>The Flu
- Patsy: A Collection Of Absolute Insanity By The Flu [1988] 2xLP (Artoffact)
Between 1986 and 1989, cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy) and the late Alan Nelson (Hilt) spent countless hours recording out of Nelson's apartment as The Flu. The music they produced in those sessions is quite remarkable, blending electronics, guitars, live drums, drum machines, live singing by cats, and recordings from tele-personals, all with Al's inimitable lyrics and vocals. Limited red colored vinyl pressing also available.

>Ceasar Frazier
– Hail Ceasar! [Reissue/1972] LP (Tidal Waves Music)
Hailing from Indianapolis, Caesar Frazier (spelled 'Ceasar' from time to time) was a funky soul-jazz organist who recorded several albums for the Eastbound/Westbound label family during the '70s. In 1972 Frazier cut his first album,
Hail Ceasar, which featured musicians commonly associated with the Prestige label's jazz-funk outings - Melvin Sparks (guitar), Houston Person (tenor), and Idris Muhammad (drums). Those names alone should give you a clear idea what's going down on this album: slick wa wa guitar lines, the crisp ultra bumpin' conga rhythms, Idris's slick funk beats, screaming sax solos and last but not least Caesar's trademark Hammond organ sound.
>Geography Of Hell
- Hiroshima 1945 / Nagasaki 1945 2xLP (Hospital Productions)
After a series of cassette-only releases detailing the major natural and manmade disasters of the world, Geography Of Hell, a mysterious collective with an international cast of members completes their debut and arguably most immersive work yet,
Hiroshima 1945 / Nagaskai 1945. Two LPs ranging from insane martial loops to the most distant rumblings and shore breeze – a master work of one of most true contemporary industrial collectives that easily fits into cinematic compositions as well as contemporary avant-garde electronics and even the nether regions of neoclassical punk.
>Beverly Glenn-Copeland
- Beverly Glenn-Copeland [Reissue/1970] LP (Super-Sonic Jazz)
A vinyl reissue of Beverly Glenn-Copeland's self-titled debut album, originally released on the Canadian GRT imprint in 1970. The debut release by Afro-Canadian singer, songwriter, and cult figure within new age experimental sounds, has been long been sought after. Written when she was 26, the album is a testament to Copeland's stand-out songwriting and earnest, beautiful vocal talents, fitting into the realms of spiritual folk.

– New Games/Rhythm & Sound LP (Em)
Five tracks compiled from Goat’s debut album
New Games (2013) and their second album Rhythm & Sound (2015). With guitar, bass, drums and saxophone, Goat create music which is unlike most rock bands, utilizing harmonics outside standard tonality, as well as clever muting, to craft intricate, driven, forceful compositions by Koshiro Hino, aka YPY. Goat is currently going through a period of new development and further exploration of intertwining patterns of rhythmic repetition; this compilation is the bedrock.
>Harms Way
– Posthuman LP (Metal Blade)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Harms Way's metallic hardcore has won them fans on four continents with their reputation for delivering blistering sets. Limited white colored vinyl pressing also available.

>Juliana Hatfield
– Hey Babe [Reissue/1992] LP (American Laundromat Records, Inc.)
This exclusive limited-edition pressing in a single-pocket gatefold jacket was remastered from the original 1/4-inch analog tapes and pressed by hand at Burlington Record Plant in Burlington, VT.
Hey Babe was produced by Gary Smith (Pixies, Throwing Muses, Blake Babies), and was originally released on Mammoth Records back in 1992. The album features a bevy of guest players, including Mike Watt, Evan Dando, John Wesley Harding, Clay Tarver, Chick Graning, and Todd Philips.
>Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
- At Home With Screamin' Jay Hawkins [Reissue/1958] LP (Wax Love)
By far one of the most outrageous performers of the early years of rock, prone to emerging from coffins on stage, with a flaming skull named Henry as his constant companion, Screamin' Jay was an insanely theatrical figure long before it was even remotely acceptable. His 1958 debut,
At Home, featuring his legendary "I Put A Spell On You," along with surreal hits like "Hong Kong," "Take Me Back To The Boot And Saddle," or his wild-ass reinventions of old standards like "I Love Paris" and "Deep Purple" is a carefully arranged yet gritty, Ray Charles-gone-crazy styled, full band rhythm, and blues masterpiece, filled with enough howls and groans to send chills down your spine.
– Castration Anxiety LP (Dais)
Started in 2014 as a collaboration between visual artist Heather Gabel and percussionist Seth Sher, the Chicago based industrial duo known simply as Hide was formed. The following three years have seen Hide crash through with a number of aggressively rendered singles and EP’s while quietly collecting the shattered pieces that would form their debut full length album on Dais,
Castration Anxiety. Those familiar with Hide’s provocative live performances will already be accustomed to the hypnotic low-end and sinister vocal delivery that has become the band’s signature.
– Minoot Bowl Dropped The Ball 2xLP+MP3 (Artoffact)
Hilt was a collective group of Vancouver musicians, usually referred to as a side project of the group Skinny Puppy. The group comprised Alan Nelson, a seminal member of many local Vancouver rock & punk groups, on vocals, with cEvin Key and D.R. Goettel on instruments. For the first time, Artoffact Records presents Hilt's third album on beautiful gold-brown colored double vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve.

>Insanity Alert
– Insanity Alert [Reissue/2014] LP (Season Of Mist)
Austrian party-thrashers Insanity Alert exploded out of the underground in 2014 with their blistering and irreverent crossover thrash attack. Their self-titled debut album is a fast, fun, and filthy affair that highlights their devotion to raging, skating, and ripping '80s thrash metal. [CD edition due March 30. New album due this year.]

>Fumio Itabashi
– Nature [Reissue/1979] LP (Mule Musiq)
The legendary Japanese jazz pianist's first solo record ever,
Nature was recorded at Nippon Columbia's first studio in Tokyo from March 13-15, 1979. It features Itabashi making feverish love with the piano and he shares the studio with the great bass players Hideaki Mochizuki and Koichi Yamazaki, drummers Kenichi Kameyama and Ryojiro Furusawa, soprano saxophonist Yoshio Otomo, and vibraphone wizard Hiroshi Hatsuyama. They all joined him to perform his very own songs, composed by Itabashi himself and produced by Ryonosuke Honmura, who also produced Japanese jazz heroes, like saxophonist Keizo Inoue, during his career. Nature is fresh, propulsive, twitchy, and melodious from the first to the last tone.
>The Jam
– This Is The Modern World [Reissue/1977] LP (Vinyl Lovers)
Vinyl reissue of The Jam's second album, originally released in 1977 just after their debut record. Despite generally bad reviews from critics at the time, the album does have its shining moments ("Life From A Window" and "The Modern World", for example). But it is also interesting as a piece of history for its lyrical content, which, as the album's title promised, is a snapshot of a day in the life of the declining British Empire during the late 1970s. Includes eight bonus tracks from the BBC sessions.

>Lee Chubby King
– Yo’Pusface [1987] 10” (Artoffact)
First-ever reissue on vinyl of this very rare project from cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy) & friends.
This Beastie Boys-inspired record originally released on Revolving Records in1987 is one of the rarest pieces of cEvin Key lore. Limited yellow colored pressing also available.

>The Klitz
– Rocking The Memphis Underground 1978-1980 LP (Mono-Tone)
All girl band from Memphis who happened to be Alex Chilton's protégés; primal, loose rock n' roll à la Chilton/Jim Dickinson/Tav Falco in a wild and primitive no wave/DIY punk style. Whether you like Charlie Feathers or Kleenex, The Cramps or Lydia Lunch, you will adore The Klitz, the unadulterated sound of the Memphis underground. One side studio, one side live, both sides frantic, chaotic, and electrifying.

>Bryan Maclean
‎– Ifyoubelievein LP (Sundazed)
Ethereal and exquisite songwriting from one of the forces behind the legendary band Love. Across 14 tracks, former Love guitarist, singer, and songwriter Bryan MacLean is undeniably mesmerizing, his soaring falsetto and euphoric guitar weaving through performances that showcase his distinctive talent. Long out of print, and a must-have for fans of the legendary L.A. band, Sundazed proudly presents this essential collection on colored vinyl, featuring extensive liners from David Fricke and the late MacLean himself.

– Noisembryo [1994] 2xLP (Hospital Productions)
Hospital Productions present a vinyl reissue of Merzbow’s
Noisembryo, originally released on CD by The Releasing Eskimo in 1994. A holy grail of the '90s noise movement. High-speed loops, roving automotive bass, and cacophonic drum machines gel together with the surprising inclusion of a sound rarely heard within Merzbow's many years – Masami Akita’s own voice.
>Joe Moks
– Boys And Girls [Reissue/1979] LP (PMG)
Calling all students of late '70s Nigerian boogie. Class is in and you're about to get schooled by music professor Josephine Mokwunyei, aka Joe Moks. Spotted by legendary producer, Odion Iruoje, and nurtured by his protege, Alex Tony Okoroji, Joe Moks pioneered a wonky, hi-tech style of funk that would become the sound of '80s Nigeria.

>Mouse On Mars
– Radical Connector [Reissue/2004] LP+MP3 (Thrill Jockey)
Mouse on Mars return to Thrill Jockey in 2018 with a brand-new studio album coming in April and a series of their classic albums reissued on vinyl.
Radical Connector was originally released in 2004 and is now back on gorgeous colored vinyl.
– Neon In The Box 4xLP (Spittle)
Neon is undoubtedly one of the most influential and enduring bands of the Italian new wave. From the beginning, the band's music was perfectly aligned with continental trends - integrating the attitude of early post-punk with certain types of electronic music that had timidly begun popping up on the club circuit, and an aesthetic that was a cross between late romanticism and decadentism. Inimitable bands like Neon breathed new life into even the most disagreeable and angular rock ‘n’ roll, flirting with war-like dance music, and creating musical scenarios that were unheard of up until that point, placing them in harmony with some of the most talked-about British and German bands of the time, in fact anticipating the advent of EBM. This four-piece vinyl boxed-set contains the following releases:
My Blues Is You (1983), Dark Age (1984), Rituals (1985), and Red Light (1986). These are the finest examples of work from one of the '80s Italian scene's finest groups.
>Michael Nesmith & The First National Band
– Magnetic South [Reissue/1970] LP (Sundazed)
Michael Nesmith & The First National Band – Loose Salute [Reissue/1970] LP (Sundazed)
Michael Nesmith & The First National Band – Nevada Fighter [Reissue/1971] LP (Sundazed)
The heralded solo debut of Michael Nesmith,
Magnetic South features the artist's hybrid of cowboy-'n'-western country music and rock sensibilities, highlighted by "Joanne," one of the earliest singles with the California-country sound to become a major hit record. The second LP from Michael Nesmith and the First National Band, Loose Salute features the country-rock pioneer's hit single "Silver Moon" alongside dreamy, near-psychedelic studies on western motifs and melodies, funky swamp sounds, and straight-up country readings in the inimitable Nesmith style. Nevada Fighter completes a trilogy of LPs by the one-time Monkee and again, the First National Band, augmented by members of Elvis' ‘70s touring band and other Wrecking Crew heroes. Limited edition colored vinyl reissues.
>Orchestra Of Constant Distress
– Distress Test LP (Riot Season)
In the field of music or any contemporary cultural terrain, concepts like development dynamics and progression are used as aesthetic judgement. To any musician or composer, the idea of musical build up comes with a crisis, any attempt towards formal pleasure calls for suspicion that this desire is never one's own. In the case of Orchestra Of Constant Distress, this deadlock manifests itself in an impulse of refusal directed against any evolution and the result is the extreme generic and the absolute distress of normative noise and improvisation.

>Paradise Lost
– Host [Reissue/1999] 2xLP (Nuclear Blast)
Released last week on CD – now available on vinyl. Remastered edition of the chameleonic alt-metal band’s 1999 album. “With the
Host album we wanted to take the One Second concept further and make a very dark album with even more subtlety. It was a bold leap from all our previous albums, a leap too far some would say, but for me, the new remastered version really shows it’s still one of the bands strongest albums in terms of song writing, atmosphere and sheer misery.”
>Jordan Perry
– Jordan Perry LP (Feeding Tube)
“Much needed reissue of the extremely limited 2017 debut LP by Virginia guitarist, Jordan Perry. Although there are some basic völk sonorities in his playing, Mr. Perry's brunt combines these with more avant garde note selections and compositional gambits, as well as a string attack with classical qualities. While there's a gentleness to the melodies at which he eventually arrives, Perry's journey crosses prickly patches of tone clusters, and has a circular logic that defies pop logic.”

– Spacecake [1999] 2xLP+MP3 (Artoffact)
For the first time, the brilliant second album from PlatEAU, i.e. Cevin Key (Skinny Puppy) and
Phil Western (Download), with guest appearances from Tim Hill and kaRIN (Collide), is available on vinyl. Limited orange colored pressing.

>The Pointed Sticks
– Perfect Youth [Reissue/1980] LP (Sudden Death)
A reissue of the 1980 album from white-hot but short-lived Vancouver rockers The Pointed Sticks. A bright, fresh, and fun mix of punk, pop, and rock sounds produced by the legendary Bob Rock.

>Prurient / Hanged Mans Orgasm
– Unknowns LP (Hospital Productions)
Originally released as a bonus cassette to Prurient’s
Rainbow Mirror, Unknowns appears here on vinyl as two side-long collaborative tracks from Dominick Fernow, joined by longtime producer Kris Lapke (Alberich) with Patrick O’Neal (Skin Crime). Hanged Mans Orgasm was the earliest project from O'Neal starting in the late '80s and early '90s that could be a rural American counterpart to England's Nurse With Wound middle period.
>Cliff Richard
– 21 Today / Listen To Cliff [Reissue/1961/1961] 2xLP (Vinyl Passion)
This double-LP set presents the British singer's fourth and fifth albums.
21 Today, released in 1961 on Cliff Richard s 21st birthday, features him with backing by the Shadows tackling rock 'n' roll covers and well-known standards. It was Richard's first album to reach no.1 on the UK charts. Its predecessor, Listen To Cliff, also from 1961, features mainly pop standards and such covers as Ray Charles's “What'd I Say” and the big Righteous Brothers hit “Unchained Melody”. Includes eight bonus tracks.
>The Runaways
- Live At The Agora Ballroom, Cleveland July 19, 1976 LP (Vinyl Lovers)
The Runaways, recorded live at The Agora, Cleveland, Ohio.

>John Saint-Pelvyn
– Clerical Error In Shasta County Shouldn’t Have To Ruin A Saturday Night 2x10” (Seeland)
For years, the only way to hear the music of John Saint-Pelvyn was to search him out in one of Minneapolis's notorious underground venues or unearth one of his long out-of-print cassette releases. Finally, this set brings his idiosyncratic and very personal music out into the open air. Primarily a guitarist, the root of his playing is akin to traditional stride, but rich with quivering whammy bar wobble and shimmering feedback. He often plays the tailfin strings of his archtop like one would play harmonics or retunes seamlessly mid-stream to create a shifting temperament across the length of a piece.

>Simply Saucer
– She’s A Dog b/w I Can Change My Mind [Reissue/1978] 7” (Schizophrenic)
Formed in 1973 in the east end of Hamilton, Ontario, Simply Saucer crafted a distinct sound that combined kraut rock, prog rock, psychedelia and a heavy dose of power to create their unique proto-punk sound. By the time punk exploded, Simply Saucer had once again shapeshifted to include to tapping pop melodies while maintaining that hard driving beat. Released 40 years ago, Schizophrenic Records is pleased to reissue a limited edition of “She’s A Dog / I Can Change My Mind” 45 originally released via Pig Records, which was a NME single of the week in 1978.

>Klaus Schultze
- La Vie Electronique Volume 1.1 2xLP (One Way Static)
Available for the first time on vinyl, One Way Static Records presents the second volume in their archival series
La Vie Electronique. This volume focuses on the years 1970-1972 and is spread over two LPs containing +78 minutes of Klaus Schulze rarities.
– The Ballad Of Shirly Collins LP (Earth Recordings)
The soundtrack to
The Ballad Of Shirley Collins - though diverse - showcases just a fraction of the facets that make up an extraordinary career by anyone's standards. Limited pink colored vinyl pressing.
>Spacemen 3
– Dreamweapon [Reissue/1990] 2xLP (Superior Viaduct)
August 1988, Spacemen 3 embarked on one of the strangest events in the band's already strange history. Billed as An Evening Of Contemporary Sitar Music (although consciously omitting the sitar), the group would play in the foyer of Watermans Arts Centre in Brentford, Middlesex to a largely unsuspecting and unsympathetic audience waiting to take their seats for Wim Wenders' film
Wings Of Desire. Spacemen 3's proceeding set, forty-five minutes of repetitive drone-like guitar riffs, could be seen as the “Sweet Sister Ray” of '80s Britain. Their signature sound is at once recognizable and disorienting - pointing as much to the hypnotic minimalism of La Monte Young as to a future shoegaze constituency. [Vinyl reissues of Playing With Fire and Recurring due April 6.]
>Powell St. John
– Sultan Of Psychedelia LP (Friends & Family)
Powell St. John is unquestionably one of the true founders and innovators of the acid rock sound. A listen here will leave no doubt as to why he has earned the title "Sultan Of Psychedelia". Archival recordings of pure rootsy psychedelia by the obscure but iconic 1960's Austin, Texas musician/songwriter who not only wrote the timeless rock classic “Bye, Bye Baby,” but also four songs on the legendary first two 13th Floor Elevator albums,
Psychedelic Sounds (1966) and Easter Everywhere (1967).
>STS x Khari Mateen
– Better On A Sunday LP (Steel Wool/OBE)
New collaboration between rapper STS (who saw critical acclaim with his previous collaboration with producer, RJD2) and producer Khari Mateen.
Better On A Sunday draws upon their parallel childhoods in Atlanta and musical coming of age in Philly.
– Sworr. LP (Fair Weather Friends)
Winner of Greece's Jumping Fish contest, Sworr. is ready to share their poignant blend of soulful electronica, alt-pop, and tripped-out guitar sounds. Their self-titled release leans on a moody atmosphere fueled by powerful vocals and intimate lyricism.

>Andrey Tarkovsky/Edward Artemiev
– Solaris. Sound And Vision LP+CD+Blu-ray (Song Cycle)
Song Cycle Records present the release of
Solaris. Sound And Vision, a collector's edition box set that includes the soundtrack realized by the great Russian composer Edward Artemiev for Andrey Tarkovsky's masterpiece film Solaris (1972). The box includes the soundtrack in two formats: 180gm, high-quality virgin vinyl and, for the first time, CD. The release is also accompanied by an exclusive, hardcover photo book with unreleased images of the movie set and essays about music and cinema of the duo Artemiev/Tarkovsky, and the Blu-ray version of the film, in original language with English subtitles; Blu-ray region free.
>Third Bardo
– I’m Five Years Ahead Of My Time + 5 10” (Sundazed)
The short-lived but much-loved Third Bardo only existed for a brief period, during which they released one now-rare single. The Third Bardo's entire recorded output amounts to six tracks, all cut on a single day in 1967, and produced, oddly enough, by former '50s singer Teddy Randazzo, best known for the hits he wrote for the decidedly non-psychedelic Little Anthony and the Imperials.

– Cold Heart LP (Verve)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Vocal trio and internet sensation Thirdstory has wrapped Chance The Rapper’s Be Encouraged Tour as members of his band, and are back with their debut album
Cold Heart. Produced by OAK (Demi Lovato, Rihanna), the album features hit single “G Train (feat. Pusha T)”, and a stunning duet with Chicago-based singer/songwriter Eryn Allen Kane.
>Various Artists
- Killed By Death # 15: New Zealand Rare Punk 77-82 LP (Redrum)
Another installment in this legendary series, this time centered in the obscure and extremely interesting early New Zealand punk rock scene. 13 tracks of pure Killed By Death mayhem by the likes of kiwi luminaries such as Suburban Reptiles, Scavengers, Toy Love, The Spelling Mistakes, and many more.

>Various Artists
– Radio Cramps: The Purple Knif Show [Reissue/1999] 2xLP (Munster)
Radio Cramps: The Purple Knif Show features the much talked about radio show of summer of 1984 that featured Lux Interior playing his favorites and obscure-sets 7" records while howling, buzzing, and raving about them. It includes such classic and influential stuff like Frantics, The Sparkles, Link Wray, Billy Strange, Mad Mike And The Maniacs, Vic Mizzy, The One Way Streets, The Swamp Rats, Deadly Ones, The Troggs, and many more. Absolutely entertaining and instructional especially by Lux's comments/noises between tracks.
>Various Artists
– The Voyager Golden Record 3xLP (Ozma)
In 1977, NASA launched two spacecraft, Voyager 1 and 2, on a grand tour of the solar system and into the mysteries of interstellar space. Attached to each of these probes is a beautiful golden phonograph record containing a message for any extraterrestrial intelligence that might encounter it, perhaps billions of years from now. This enchanting artifact, known as the
Voyager Golden Record, may be the last vestige of our civilization after we are gone forever. Curated by a visionary committee led by Carl Sagan, the golden record tells a story of our planet expressed in music, sounds, images, and science. Etched on the record’s gold-plated aluminum jacket is a diagram explaining where it came from and how to play it. The golden record was a gift from humanity to the cosmos. But it is also a gift to humanity. It’s a reminder of what we can achieve when we are at our best—and that our future really is up to all of us.
>Wet Tuna
– Livin’ The Die LP (Feeding Tube)
“Utterly boo-licious debut slab by this new duo, made up of Matt 'MV' Valentine and Pat 'P.G. Six' Gubler, who have been in cahoots since the near-forgotten days of Memphis Luxure. The pair (mostly known for guitar-aktion) create a full band's worth of jams using percussion and keys and all-else. The results make for one of the more mind-melting platters to've hit the Valley in a good while.”

– Artificial Flavoring LP (Mono-Tone)
XYZ = a Trans-Atlantic American/French project featuring Ian Svenonius (Chain & The Gang, Make-Up, Escape-ism, et al.) on vocals and Memphis Electronic (of the groups NON!, Dum Bum Boys, Die Idiots, et al.) on instruments. Twelve dancefloor rockers and sexy glam numbers with fuzz guitars, drum machines, and analog synths on this irresistible plastic platter.

>Christian Zanési ‎–
Grand Bruit / Stop ! L'horizon LP (Recollection GRM)
INA-GRM’s Christian Zanési, artistic director behind the invaluable Recollection GRM archive reissues with François Bonnet and Editions Mego’s Peter Rehberg, cues up his own turn on the series with first ever vinyl editions of
Stop! L’horizon (1990); his absorbing debut of electro-acoustic process for the Parisian institute’s nonpareil label.
16 march 2018
>CDs + Vinyl:
Casey Abrams – I Put A Spell On You CD/LP (Chesky)
The bassist and vocalist makes his Chesky Records debut with an album combining electrifying originals and compelling covers.

>The Alarm
– The Alarm [Reissue/1983] 2xCD/2xLP (Twenty First Century)
The Alarm – Declaration [Reissue/1984] 2xCD2x/LP (Twenty First Century)
Digitally remastered and expanded editions of the Welsh band's eponymous 1983 EP and 1984 debut album – both originally released on I.R.S.
Eponymous contains the band's first four singles and B-sides plus tracks from their North American debut EP originally released in 1983. Declaration includes the complete album, singles and B-sides plus rarities spanning the years 1984 and 1985.
>Randy Bachman
– By George – By Bachman CD (UMe)
Randy Bachman, co-founder and lead guitarist of Canada’s legendary Bachman-Turner Overdrive, offers a unique approach to songs written solely by the late George Harrison. Bachman, an ardent admirer of Harrison from the Beatles’ early days, pays tribute by reinterpreting and taking a few liberties with these landmark songs.

>Black Foxxes
– Reiði' CD/LP (Spinefarm)
“Reiði'” – the Icelandic word for rage – is a fitting title for the second full length record to come from Exeter's Black Foxxes. Born from a restless need to push creative boundaries, and a fear of stagnation in all its forms, the follow-up to their acclaimed 2016 debut album
I'm Not Well sees the three-piece pushing the vicious bite that fuels their band to new highs and experimenting with menacing shade and uplifting light alike.
>Black Wizard
– Livin’ Oblivion CD/LP (Listenable)
Second album from the Vancouver, BC heavy metal and hard rock band. [Limited edition colored vinyl pressing also available.]

>The Bonnevilles
– Dirty Photographs CD/LP (Alive)
Northern Ireland rockers The Bonnevilles are renowned for both their incendiary live shows and soulful song-writing skills. Their music is full of heart, smart, and always fun. On
Dirty Photographs they display their love for gritty blues, primitive rock ‘n’ roll and Irish folk.
>Caroline Says
– No Fool Like An Old Fool CD/LP (Western Vinyl)
Sophomore LP from Austin via Alabama musician, Caroline Sallee aka Caroline Says. Moving beyond the surf-folk foundations of her debut, here Sallee loosens her earthly tether, allowing her songs to float to ever higher altitudes on clouds of loops, immaculate melodies, and hypnotic harmonies, as she sings about aging, the daily grind, and hometown stymie.

>Creep Show
– Mr. Dynamite CD/LP+MP3 (Bella Union)
Creep Show brings together John Grant with the dark analogue electro of Wrangler (Stephen Mallinder, Phil Winter, Benge) to create
Mr. Dynamite – a debut album packed with experimental pop and surreal funk. Recorded in Cornwall with a lifetime's collection of drum machines and synthesizers assembled by Benge and explored by every member of Creep Show, there's a real sense of freedom in the shackles-off grooves, channeling the early pioneering spirit of the Sugarhill Gang through wires and random electric noise. This sense of adventure is also part of the interplay between the two vocalists, John Grant and former Cabaret Voltaire frontman Stephen Mallinder, who switch between oblique wordplay to sinister humor as Phil Winter and Benge continue to man-handle the machines.
– The Order Of Amenti CD/LP (Listenable)
Crescent (the metal band, not the post-rock band) was formed in 1998 by Ismaeel Attallah and Amr Mokhtar in Cairo, Egypt. It started as a black metal band influenced by the Swedish black metal scene. They released their first demo in 1999, making it one of the oldest heavy bands of its kind in the region. In the following years, Crescent shifted towards a more melodic black/death metal sound with a murderous old school death metal vibe. Their new album
The Order Of Amenti is based on Egyptian mythology; it lyrically and musically manifests the divine nature of
the ancient Egyptian gods' attributes. [Limited edition bronze colored vinyl pressing also available.]

>The Crown
– Cobra Speed Venom CD (Metal Blade)
Extreme speed and aggression mixed with classic heavy metal and rock ‘n’ roll from the Swedish death metal band. [Vinyl edition due April 6.]

>Current Joys
– A Different Age CD/LP/Cassette (Danger Collective)
Current Joys is the enigmatic solo project of 25-year-old Henderson, Nevada-born songwriter Nicholas Rattigan. In addition to his minimal two-piece band with Jacob Rubeck, Surf Curse, Rattigan has been releasing a prolific catalog of heart-wrenching no wave ballads via Bandcamp under a handful of names (including The Nicholas Project and Tele/Visions), eventually choosing Current Joys as the permanent moniker, based on a song by folk-artist Liam the Younger of the same name.

>The Decemberists
– I’ll Be Your Girl CD/LP/Cassette (Capitol)
The Decemberists explore a new sound with a new producer on their inspired eighth studio album
I’ll Be Your Girl. The acclaimed Portland, Oregon-based band worked with producer John Congleton and embraced influences such as Roxy Music and New Order to spark a new creative path as evidenced on synth-driven lead single “Severed.” “The songs tend to the darker, more absurdist side of things and feature a lot of nice vintage synth work by Jenny and Chris, some heavy drumming from Mr. Moen and, of course, the sort of baroque bass work you've come to expect from Nate Query. All in all, everyone acquitted themselves quite nicely,” explains the band. [Limited edition colored vinyl pressing also available.]
– Nemesis CD/LP (Black Lodge)
Second album from the Danish metal band. [Limited edition black/red splatter colored vinyl pressing also available.]

– 28 Days In The Valley CD (Roc Nation)
Debut album from the L.A.-based band. Rolling Stone deemed them “a [band] you need to know,” and named them #14 on their 50 Best New Artists of 2014 list.
28 Days in The Valley was recorded live.
– Black Heaven CD/LP (Nuclear Blast)
Earthless has a surprise for you. Whereas the band's three previous albums featured anywhere from two to four completely instrumental space rock jams, the California trio's fourth and latest,
Black Heaven, is nothing like that. “It's quite different,” drummer Mario Rubalcaba explains. “It has six songs, and most importantly it has vocals on about 70 percent of the record. There goes being pigeonholed as an instrumental band, I guess...” [Limited edition colored vinyl pressings are also available.]
>Elk City
– Everybody’s Insecure CD/LP (Bar None)
Record producer and session drummer Ray Ketchem along with vocalist and songwriter Renée LoBue have been making music together since the early ‘90s. At the heart of Elk City is LoBue's sterling voice and unique vision that adds a bit of magic to the stuff of everyday life. Her sense for airy but immediate melodies propels the band over Ketchem's studio wizardry. Meanwhile the musical conversation is fleshed out by fellow band members guitarist Sean Eden (of Luna fame), keyboardist Carl Baggaley, and bassist Martin Olson.

>Foo Fighters
– The Colour And The Shape [Reissue/1997] CD (RCA)
Digitally remastered and expanded edition of Foo Fighters’ second album.

>The Fratellis
– In Your Own Sweet Time CD/LP (Cooking Vinyl)
Irrepressible Scottish trio The Fratellis follow-up the success of their critically acclaimed Top 20 album
Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied (2015) with fifth full-length effort which finds the indie rock legends maturing into a chameleonic powerhouse with a sound that is bigger, bolder, and still shot through with a whip-smart, pitch-black sense of humor.
>Bill Frisell
– Music IS CD (OKeh/Sony Masterworks)
A full album of solo-guitar music from the ridiculously prolific guitarist known for his impressive jazz, surf, fusion, roots, Americana and folk-jazz chops. “The whole process—choosing the tunes, playing the gig, tracking in the studio—ended up feeling like an investigation into memory. There was no planned concept, but what materialized almost felt like an overview. The focus of
Music IS is on the telling of musical stories from Frisell’s original and inimitable perspective: some of the interpretations being naked, exposed and truly solo, while others are more orchestrated through overdubbed layering and the use of his unparalleled approach to looping.” – Guitar Player
>Green Druid
– Ashen Blood CD/LP (Earache)
Brooding. Atmospheric. Isolationist. With weighty riffs summoning the Lovecraftian horrors of the cosmos, Green Druid's music is ordained at the allowed altars of Sleep, Electric Wizard and all things THC. Hailing from the land of Denver, Colorado - the first US city to legalize marijuana - Green Druid worships at the feet of the monolithic amplifier and performs holy communion with the thunderous onslaught of murky tones that emanate from its maw.

– Way Down Yonder CD (Spinefarm)
Hard hitting southern fried electric guitar rock from Arizona.
>Hot Snakes
– Jericho Sirens CD/LP+MP3 (Sub Pop)
After a 14-year hiatus from the studio, Hot Snakes kick down the door with their new album,
Jericho Sirens. The record blasts out of the speakers with the furious “I Need A Doctor,” inspired by Rick Froberg's experience needing a doctor's note in order to miss an important work function. Throughout Jericho Sirens, Froberg commiserates with the frustration and torrential apathy that seems to be a fixture in our daily lives, while also reminding us that we have no fucking clue.
“Songs like ‘Death Camp Fantasy' and ‘Jericho Sirens' are about that,” he says. “No matter where you look, there're always people saying the world's about to end. Every movie is a disaster movie. I'm super fascinated by it. It is hysterical, and it's a self-fulfilling prophecy. It snowballs, like feedback, or my balls on the windshield.”

>Durand Jones & The Indications
– Durand Jones & The Indications [Reissue/2016] CD/LP+MP3 (Dead Oceans)
Bayou-born soul sensation Durand Jones creates fiery original soul music, pairing soaring vocal work with dusty drums, slinking guitars and screaming organs. Certain to satisfy fans of Charles Bradley, Lee Fields, Aloe Blacc, and Leon Bridges. [Limited edition red colored vinyl pressing also available.]

>Junkie XL
– Tomb Raider [OST] CD (Sony Masterworks)
Original soundtrack to the 2018 action adventure featuring original music composed by Tom Holkenborg (aka Junkie XL).

– We The Collective CD/LP (On The Fiddle)
Levellers decided they wanted to do something a bit different with their back catalogue to kick off their 30
th anniversary year in 2018. They brought in a string section and enlisted legendary producer John Leckie (Radiohead, The Stone Roses) to assist in the development of new acoustic arrangements for eight of their previous singles and as well as the recording of two new songs - all straight to tape at Abbey Road Studios.
>Scotty McCreery
– Seasons Change CD (Red Music)
New release from the country music vocalist and American Idol winner. With
Seasons Change, McCreery takes a huge creative step forward, co-writing all 11 songs on the album, and working with finest songwriters in Nashville to express a wide range of emotions and musical styles. [Vinyl edition due April 12.]
– Scourge CD/LP (Prosthetic)
New album from the progressive death metallers. “While the band follow in the footsteps of the more progressive track of death metal from the early Florida scene, the harsh and heavy, sometimes Azagothian guitar work can herald back to mid-career Morbid Angel, coupled with the blistering, destructive heft of early Suffocation. There are blackened elements here as well, fitting in seamlessly with the swirling, start-stop nature of the album’s more progressive sections, adding a razor-sharp edge to the proceedings. Jazz elements, as is tradition, also find their way into multiple tracks, with Prophet’s saxophone and the flute work of Lamentations’ Danny Jacob flute peppering these compositions with a rich and varied sonic flair.” – Heavy Blog Is Heavy

- A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable CD (Strange Music)
With stellar production by Michael “Seven” Summers, Murs brings personally introspective and socially conscious lyricism to the fold while still maintaining his unique sense of humor, creating an album that s truly one of a kind.

>Meshell Ndegeocello
– Ventriloquism CD (Naïve Pop)
Some albums are testimony, some confessions, and some are escape.
Ventriloquism, the latest album from Meshell Ndegeocello, is a place, like its process, to take refuge from one storm too many. Musically, Ventriloquism has the hallmarks of all of Ndegeocello’s work: lush and investigative, subversive and sublime. As always, she pays tribute to her diverse influences and in these eleven covers, we hear them layered over one another. [Vinyl edition due April 13.]
– NRBQ [Reissue/1969] CD/LP (Omnivore)
The New Rhythm And Blues Quintet formed over 50 years ago, and after playing together for a few years, the band began recording with Eddie Kramer and inked a two-record deal with Columbia Records. Their eponymous debut appeared on shelves in 1969, featuring the band’s wide-ranging originals peppered with versions of songs from artists like Eddie Cochran and Sun Ra, plus a co-write between the band's Terry Adams and jazz experimentalist Carla Bely. It was, and is, a wildly original and influential release. Combining elements of the original, with additional photos and new liner notes from Jay Berman, the package has never looked, nor sounded better. As Berman says in his notes: “This historic and monumental recording has been remastered, and finally authorized for re-release. This album is a great reminder that NRBQ is on a mission, one that holds steady to its original inspiration to this day. For those fans who missed it the first time around, it hasn't aged a bit.”

>The Oak Ridge Boys
– 17th Avenue Revival CD (Lightning Rod)
New album featuring songs penned by Vince Gill, Ashley Monroe, Jamey Johnson, and Brandy Clark. Recorded at Studio A on 17th Avenue in Nashville. RIYL: Cracker Barrel.

>Paradise Lost
– Host [Reissue/1999] CD/2xLP (Nuclear Blast)
Remastered edition of the chameleonic alt-metal band’s 1999 album. “With the
Host album we wanted to take the One Second concept further and make a very dark album with even more subtlety. It was a bold leap from all our previous albums, a leap too far some would say, but for me, the new remastered version really shows it’s still one of the bands strongest albums in terms of song writing, atmosphere and sheer misery.”
– PRhyme 2 CD (PRhyme)
Sophomore album from the collaborative project between Detroit rap artist Royce da 5'9" (Slaughterhouse, Bad Meets Evil) and legendary hip-hop producer DJ Premier (Gangstarr).

>Rivers Of Nihil
– Where Owls Know My Name CD/2xLP (Metal Blade)
The Conscious Seed of Light (2013) and Monarchy (2015) were thematically centered around spring and summer, respectively, 2018's Where Owls Know My Name represents the fall. And although that season is usually associated with death, for Rivers of Nihil, the autumn serves as a rebirth. Now rounded out by guitarist Jon Topore and drummer Jared Klein the Reading, PA quintet delivers an album which is often just as punishing as its predecessors while assimilating ingredients from musical genres as varied as electronica, jazz, alternative, folk, and the golden age of Shrapnel Records. [Limited edition colored vinyl pressing also available.]
– Reloaded CD (BMG Rights Management)
New release from the veteran country music band.

>Snoop Dogg
– Snoop Dogg Presents: Bible Of Love CD (RCA)
The pop culture icon and platinum selling hip-hop artist makes his first foray into the gospel world – “a passion project filled with the musical influences and sounds that have privately fueled and encouraged him for a lifetime.”

– Love, Simon CD/LP (RCA)
Rob Simonsen’s score to the heartfelt teen comedy in the vein of John Hughes, about a young man figuring out how he’ll come out to his family and friends, and trying discover the true identity of a person he’s fallen for over the Internet.

>Starchild & The New Romantic
– Language CD/LP+MP3 (Ghostly International)
“Black boys have a whole world of complexity that society makes us stomp out of ourselves.” Language, Bryndon Cook's full-length debut as Starchild & The New Romantic, communicates his refusal to do so. Describing himself early-on as a “young romantic boy from Maryland,” Cook has long been a dreamer, a student of black music's rich lineage and its intersection with pop. On
Language, Cook refines his phonics for funk, electro, and R&B, and arrives at a revelation, best summarized by a single motto: “my sensitivity is my strength.”
>Stone Temple Pilots
– Stone Temple Pilots (2018) CD (Rhino)
Stone Temple Pilots new self-titled album marks the band’s first release with new lead singer, Jeff Gutt. Despite being one of the best-selling bands of the 1990s with platinum records and a Grammy to its credit, guitarist Dean DeLeo says, “We are thrilled about what lies ahead. The best way for us to honor our past is to keep making new music.” The band does just that on
Stone Temple Pilots. Lead single “Meadow” (currently Top 10 at rock radio) and “Never Enough” channel the gritty guitars and swaggering rhythms that STP perfected on Core (1992), Purple (1994), and No. 4 (1999) while “Roll Me Under” glides along a nimble bass line before slamming into the chorus, where Gutt’s baritone digs in. [Vinyl edition due May 25th.]
>Sun Ra
– “Of Abstract Dreams” CD/LP (Strut/Art Yard)
Strut and Art Yard present another exclusive from the vast catalogue of cosmic jazz pioneer Sun Ra: a previously unreleased radio session most likely recorded at the WXPN FM radio studios in Philadelphia, 1974-75.

– The Lyricist CD (Agonia)
The Lyricist, Susperia has gone back to its black origin in many ways, one of which is a more grimmer expression. The characteristic melodic twist the band is known for is still present, and an additional layer of variety has been added thanks to new vocalist Bernt 'Dagon' Fjellestad.
>Three Man Cannon
– Three Man Cannon CD/LP (Lame-O)
Three Man Cannon is an alternative and indie rock band who make slow-burning, lonely tunes about self-discovery.

– Drank CD/2xLP (Brainfeeder)
Brainfeeder presents a special “chopped not slopped” mix of Thundercat's incredible album
Drunk (2017) by DJ Candlestick and OG Ron C of legendary Houston DJ collective The Chopstars. Slowed down and chopped up, the mix has been appropriately re-titled Drank. It appeared online last year as an unofficial homage to the virtuoso bassist, songwriter and producer's third and universally acclaimed album and received hearty approval from Thundercat. [Limited edition purple colored vinyl pressing also available.]
– Troll CD/Cassette (Shadow Kingdom)
Reissue of the Portland doom metal band’s cult self-titled debut album, which quickly sold-out upon its original release last year. Reverently within the doom spectrum, there’s a particularly swampy groove to their thundering chunder that’s less like something rooted in the American South and more like primordial ooze that’s been bubbling eerily since time immemorial. Likewise, Troll largely steer clear of regular rock-rooted verse/chorus structures and instead build rolling, rumbling epics that nod to classic prog more often than not.

>Various Artists
– My World Of Make Believe: Sunshine, Soft & Studio Pop 1966-1972 CD (Teensville)
Another stone-cold gem in a series of turned-on compilations from Teensville Records that examines the late ‘60s (and in a few cases, very early ‘70s) pop scene featuring 32 tracks that span sunshine, soft and studio pop sounds. The CD is jam-packed with 80 minutes of glorious full productions, engaging melodies and witty lyrics.

>Various Artists
– Real Delusions: The Finnish Speed & Thrash Metal Explosion 1987-1991CD/2xLP (Svart)
Long before death and black metal took over the extreme metal scene in the ‘90s, denim-clad teenagers were making a racket across basements and rehearsal spaces across Finland. The Finnish speed and thrash metal genres were at their most vital from 1987 to 1991, and this definitive compilation collects together both the biggest hits like Stone, Airdash and Prestige and the most remarkable underdogs from the demo scene of the time, such as Necromancer, Oppression and D.I.E.

>Lauren Ruth Ward
– Well Hell CD (SME)
“From L.A. comes a fiery, country-tinted, rock and roll and punk and folk inspired debut that's blazing with energy and amazing vocals. In nine songs clocking in at just over half an hour, Ward and her band swing from ambient, echoing alternative to explosive rock to acoustic folk and more shades in between.” – Pop Dust

>Dean Ween
– rock2 CD/LP (Schnitzel)
Second official “solo” album from Ween co-founder Dean Ween - aka The Deaner. The new album, which follows up last year’s
The Deaner Album, was recorded in Melchiondo’s studio situated near his hometown of New Hope, PA, with help from his Ween bandmates Dave Dreiwitz, Claude Coleman Jr. and Glenn McClelland, along with the Dean Ween Group lineup of Mike Dillon, Bill Fowler, Ray Kubian and Scott Rednor. “I’m pretty proud of this one,” Melchiondo says of the album. “It represents the first time that I was able to take what we do onstage and put it on a record. 2017 is a strange time to be a musician, live music is really your main outlet for making a living. I never thought at this stage of my career that I would be putting in this much time on the road and in the studio, but I am, and I’m enjoying it more than I ever have.” [Limited edition red colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>Kim Wilde
– Here Come The Aliens CD (earMUSIC)
The first studio album in seven years from pop icon Kim Wilde. Produced by Ricky Wilde, it contains 12 brand new songs recorded at RAK Studios in London - the very same recording studios where a big number of albums that changed pop and rock music were born - and where Kim began her career back in 1981 with such seminal hits as “Kids In America,” “Chequered Love” and “Cambodia.” Another milestone in Kim Wilde's incredible career,
Here Come The Aliens masterfully combines her pop roots with her love for rock music, propelled by Kim’s distinct vocals, great guitar riffs and driving drum beats. [Limited colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>Yo La Tengo
– There’s A Riot Going On CD/2xLP (Matador)
There’s a riot going on. You don't need Yo La Tengo or anyone else for that matter to tell you that. These are dark times, in our heads as much as in the streets. It's easy to lose contact with the ground. Confusion and anxiety intrude into daily life and cause you to lose your compass. There are times that call for anthems, something to lift you out of your slump and put fire in your feet. And sometimes what is needed is a balm, a sound that will wrap around you and work out the knots in your neck.

DVDs + Blu-ray:
Robert Glasper Experiment – Live DVD (Eagle Rock Entertainment)
The two-time Grammy-winning band in their element, live on stage from New York and Los Angeles to Shanghai and Rotterdam.

This Week’s Vinyl Exclusives:
>American Pleasure Club
– A Whole F**king Lifetime Of This LP/Cassette (Run For Cover)
The longtime project of Baltimore's prolific Sam Ray (Ricky Eat Acid, Julia Brown) has never been weighed down by expectations of genre, fidelity or album length. 2016 gave us the 26-song epic
It's the Big Joyous Celebration, Let's Stir the Honeypot and the more concise follow up Bonus EP, but on this album, a striking amount of balance provides the groundwork for A Whole F**king Lifetime Of This. [CD version due March 23.]
>Courtney Marie Andrews
– No One’s Slate Is Clean [Reissue/2010] LP (House Arrest)
Recently reissued on CD – now available on vinyl. For a decade or so Courtney Marie Andrews was a session and backup singer and guitarist for nearly 40 artists – from Jimmy Eat World to Damien Jurado - but she never stopped writing her own material. Picking up admirers like Ryan Adams (who called her “a phenomenal songwriter”) along the way, she quietly earned a reputation as a songwriter's songwriter. Her fourth solo effort, 2010's beautifully crafted
No One's Slate Is Clean, bridges country, pop, alternative folk and even prog-rock, all anchored with her signature majestic melodies and raw honesty.
– Reflective Part 1 & 2 LP+MP3 (Amorphous Music)
Limited edition double vinyl set includes the first two parts of Bassnectar’s
Reflective series pressed on 180gm colored vinyl. Gatefold packaging with silver foil stamping inside and out.
>Marco Benevento
– Invisible Baby LP (Royal Potato Family)
Marco Benevento's debut studio album Invisible Baby turns ten in 2018. In celebration of that decade milestone, Royal Potato Family is reissuing the album on colored vinyl.

– Deadroses [2015] LP (Beartrap)
A lot has changed for Blackbear, the Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter, since
Deadroses was first issued on CD in 2015. At that time, he'd already worked with such mavericks as Justin Bieber, G-Eazy, Pharrell Williams, Mike Posner and Childish Gambino and was also one of the largest independent artists on Soundcloud and YouTube. He's since moved on to a major deal with Alamo/Interscope who reissued his Digital Druglord full length and the all new Cybersex. Now Deadroses makes its vinyl debut. Limited edition colored vinyl pressing also available.
>Cocteau Twins
– Head Over Heels [Reissue/1983] LP (4AD
Cocteau Twins – Treasure [Reissue/1984] LP (4AD)
Vinyl reissues of the Cocteau Twins’ second and third albums.
Head Over Heels was their first album as a duo of Elizabeth Fraser and Robin Guthrie. It features the band's signature sound of Guthrie's lush guitars under Fraser's mostly wordless vocals and is considered an archetype of early ethereal wave music. With their 1984 follow-up, Treasure, the band settled on what would, from then on, be their primary lineup: vocalist Elizabeth Fraser, guitarist Robin Guthrie and bass guitarist Simon Raymonde.
>Helena Deland
– There Are A Thousand/Perfect Weather For A Crime: From The Series Of Songs “Altogether Unaccompanied” Vol. 3 LP/Cassette (Luminelle Recordings)
Montreal's Helena Deland writes songs that are a testimony of a given time or place, converting her memories to something that sounds, in a word, unforgettable. A myriad of influences filter in and out of her writing, from '60's Parisian pop to indie folk to fuzz rock. She describes her songwriting as a collection of 'unsent letters,' perhaps fueling her self-coined genre, 'sincere pop.' Helena captures the unapologetic aspects of womanhood the world needs today, highlighting powerful femininity in her vocals and refined writing in her unique lyrical choices.

– Myths 003 12” (Mexican Summer)
An EP of all-new songs written and recorded by Stockholm's psychedelic masters Dungen and adventurous Brooklyn indie-folk pioneers Woods.

>The Dwarves
– Lick It: 1983-86 2xLP (Burger)
The Dwarves – Free Cocaine 1986-88 2xLP (Burger)
The Dwarves' 34-track 2xLP extravaganza
Lick It: 1983-86 chronicles punk rock's reigning over-the-hill bad boys' incredible teenage psychedelic years when they were called the Suburban Nightmare and worshiped The Cramps. Hear the early paisley garage Dwarves tear through their first LP (Horror Stories) and early singles that predate their rebirth as punk icons with plenty of tambourines, Farfisa organs and background vocals with attitude. Free Cocaine: 1986-88 collects material from the band's F**k-You-Up-And-Get-High Years. The pus-charged and violently dripping assemblage of scum from punk rock's reigning over-the-hill bad boys includes compilation cuts, the Toolin' For A Warm Teabag 12”, the Lucifer's Crank 7", the That's Rock'n'Roll 7", the I Wanna Kill Your Boyfriend 7", the She's Dead 7" and the Sex & Violence 7" plus 15 unreleased tracks.
>Ace Frehley
– Space Invader [Reissue/2014] 2xLP (E1)
Double picture disc vinyl LP pressing featuring album art by legendary Kiss cover artist Ken Kelly (
Destroyer, Love Gun).
>Gang Of Youth
– Go Farther In Lightness 2xLP (Red Music)
Second studio album by Australian alternative band. James Clements of Rolling Stone Australia said the album “poetically explores the human experience in all its bleakness and triumph, confusion and clarity, heartbreak and joyousness” adding it's a “remarkable odyssey of an album that'll engulf you, leaving a bewildered smile on your face, a tear in your eye and a heart that's full.” Limited white colored vinyl pressing in gatefold jacket.

>Eddie Harris
– Plug Me In [Reissue/1968] LP (Get On Down)
Saxophonist Eddie Harris – a favorite sample staple of jazz-leaning hip-hop producers of the ‘90s – was a very busy man in the '60s, releasing albums at a brisk pace since his first as a leader in 1961. By the late ‘60s he had fully hit his stride, as both a performer and an innovator. A case in point is heard very clearly on this gem from Harris' expansive catalog – 1968's
Plug Me In, which features his pioneering use of the Varitone saxophone effects processor unit (first heard on his 1967 album, The Tender Storm).
>Mississippi John Hurt
– 1928 Sessions [Reissue/1979] LP (Yazoo)
13 of Hurt’s 1928 recordings, justifiably legendary, with gentle grace and power on these understated vocal and fingerpicking masterpieces.

>Nabihah Iqbal
– Weighing Of The Heart LP+MP3 (Ninja Tune)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Debut 2017 album from the UK electronica maven previously known as Throwing Shade. Blissed-out post-punk 'n' psychedelic synth-pop, for fans of New Order and Slowdive.

>The J.B.’s
– Hustle With Speed [Reissue/1975] LP (Get On Down)
Another top-notch vinyl reissue from Get On Down’s long-running series of collaborations with James Brown's famed '70s funk label People Records. As the decade wore on, the classic funk sounds that had defined James Brown's backing band, The J.B.'s, gave way to the rise of disco music. Fred Wesley and his collective of musicians couldn't resist the chance to make their mark, releasing Hustle With Speed in 1975, with Charles Bobbit and Don Love producing, and the godfather himself, James Brown co-writing and providing arrangements.

>Judas Priest
– Defenders Of The Faith [Reissue/1984] 3xLP (Sony)
Judas Priest – Priest… Live! [Reissue/1987] 2xLP (Sony)
Judas Priest - Ram It Down [Reissue/1988] LP (Sony)
Digitally remastered and expanded vinyl reissues from the iconic British heavy metal band.

– Under The Iron Sea [Reissue/2008] LP (Interscope)
Keane – Perfect Symmetry [Reissue/2008] LP (Interscope)
Limited edition 180gm vinyl reissues of the Keane’s second and third albums.

>King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
– Polygondwanaland LP+MP3 (ATO)
Standard black vinyl edition now available. Following
Flying Microtonal Banana, Murder of the Universe and Sketches of Brunswick East, Polygondwanaland finds the Australian psychedelic rock band journeying into the depths of the mind and the limits of the universe once again. “The stirring, quiet percussion of ‘Inner Cell’ tiptoes into ‘Loyalty’ for a slow buildup, before it splashes into the punctuated vocals of ‘Horology,’ a sea of guitar tapping and rich, warm woodwinds,” writes Pitchfork. [Domestic issue of the band’s 13th studio album Gumboot Soup – originally released last December and their fifth album of 2017 – is due March 30.]
>The Lightmen Plus One
– Fancy Pants 2xLP (Now Again)
Drummer, bandleader and activist Bubbha Thomas had toured America with R&B revues, served as a session musician for Peacock and Back Beat Records, and played straight ahead jazz with legends before the political and social upheaval of the late- ‘60s led him to a path first charted by John Coltrane. 1971's
Fancy Pants is his second LP with his Lightmen band and, like the deep-set, maverick jazz issued by the likes of Tribe and Strata East, is amongst the best of the '70s jazz underground, a collective voice of resistance to the musical and cultural status quo. This is the first time that Fancy Pants has seen reissue, and it's presented in both the issued stereo and previously unissued mono mixes as a double-LP.
>Tim Maia
– Disco Club [2013] LP (Mr. Bongo)
Recorded in 1978,
Disco Club is a latter-period gem from the larger than life legend, combining the glitz and glamor of disco's heyday with Maia's raw funk and soul roots.
– Decades 3xLP (Nuclear Blast)
Released last week on CD – now available on vinyl. Comprised of 22 tracks,
Decades is a compilation spanning the Finnish symphonic metal band’s prolific 20-year history.
>Carlos Niño & Friends
– Going Home LP (Leaving)
Revered producer/musician Carlos Niño issues the fifth album in his ongoing
& Friends series with Going Home, a definitive six-song odyssey in tribute to “passing from the earthly realm” featuring Deantoni Parks, Dexter Story, Jamael Dean, Josh Johnson, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, SK Kakraba, and new age legend Iasos.
>Oceans Of Slumber
– The Banished Heart 2xLP+CD (Century Media)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Although still proudly channeling the melancholy spirit of the late ‘80s/early ‘90s UK death/doom scene, Oceans Of Slumber has evolved and expanded in myriad new directions, embracing a more grandiose aesthetic in tandem with an enhanced sense of emotional volatility and rawness.

– Nobody Has To Know 2xLP (All City)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. The versatile French producer on the various aspects of a secret relationship pulling from R&B, new jack swing and funk to soundtrack the passions of attraction.

>Charlie Patton
– Founder Of The Delta Blues [Reissue/1971] LP (Yazoo)
As the most popular blues craftsman of the Mississippi Delta, Charley Patton had a resounding influence on many of the musicians that passed through the region during the '20s and '30s. Following his initial session for Paramount in 1929, he recommended both Son House and Willie Brown, as well as his mistress Louise Johnson and common-law wife Bertha Lee, to legendary talent scout H.C. Speir for recordings of their own. Furthermore, casual acquaintances like Tommy Johnson, Ishmon Bracey, and Kid Bailey acquired Patton themes, adopting them to suit their own style and playing ability, emerging with a handful of country blues classics in the process.

– Spiritual Migration [2013] LP (ViciSolum)
First-time vinyl edition of the Andorran progressive death metal band’s 2013 album.

>Remo Drive
– Greatest Hits LP (Epitaph)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Conceived in suburban Minnesota, Remo Drive delivers a high-energy punky brand of indie rock. For fans of Title Fight, Joyce Manor, The Promise Ring and Weezer

>Roxy Music
– Roxy Music [Reissue/1972] LP (Virgin)
Digitally remastered 180gm vinyl reissue of Roxy Music’s ground-breaking debut album to mark its 45th anniversary.

– Lady Bird: Soundtrack From The Motion Picture 2xLP (Legacy Recordings)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. With her directorial debut
Lady Bird, Greta Gerwig revealed herself to be a bold new cinematic voice, excavating both the humor and pathos in the turbulent bond between a mother and her teenage daughter. Gerwig disclosed that she'd written personal letters to artists she had in mind for the film – including Dave Matthews and Alanis Morissette – to expressly ask for their blessing to use their songs. “The soundtrack,” wrote Billboard's Tatiana Tenreyro, “plays a big role in showing protagonist Lady Bird's turbulent adolescent years. The film is set in 2002, and Gerwig wanted it to feel as authentic as possible with a soundtrack that transports viewers to the era.”
>They Might Be Giants
– I Like Fun LP (Idlewild)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. They Might Be Giants' remarkable new album jumps with surprises, vitality, and the startling point of view of these Brooklyn originals. Over a year in the making, songwriters and band founders John Linnell and John Flansburgh draw on themes of dread, death, and disappointment and set them to their driving, hyper-melodic music.

>Until The Ribbon Breaks
– Until The Ribbon Breaks LP (1405)
Over the past six years, Until The Ribbon Breaks (AKA UTRB) has honed a signature mix of electronica, experimental rock, and luscious orchestrations enveloped in sound and vision via projections and films.

>Verbal Kent & Superior
– Half My Life LP (Below Systems)
Released last year on CD – now available on vinyl. Chicago wordsmith Verbal Kent (Ugly Heroes) and Spanish-German beat maker Superior have joined forces for the collaborative album.

>John Williams
– Star Wars: The Last Jedi [OST] 2xLP (Walt Disney)
Double vinyl LP pressing of Williams’ soundtrack to the cultly, underground 2017 film.
02 march 2018
>CDs + Vinyl:
Andrew W.K. – You’re Not Alone CD (Red Music)
To party is to exist. And to exist is to party. On
You're Not Alone, Andrew W.K.'s first album of new rock songs in nearly twelve years, the party is reborn as he delivers a set of high octane, full throttle rock 'n' roll powered by buoyant, infectious, and triumphant melodies. [Vinyl edition due March 23.]
– Widow’s Son CD/2xLP (Dirty Version)
The Demigodz/Army of the Pharaohs MC maintains a hardcore vibe with surgically-precise writing and has brought along a who's who of legendary hip-hop heavyweights to contribute. Conceptually, the album is steeped within the mysteries of Freemasonry, showcasing songs that touch upon subject matter that only a Master Mason could craft. Guests include Pharoahe Monch, M.O.P., Celph Titled, A.G., Locksmith, Ryu and Diabolic. Production by DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Buckwild, Nottz, Stu Bangas, Chumzilla and more.

– Rock ‘N’ Roll Party: The Complete Atco Recordings CD (Real Gone Music)
Formed from the ashes of Babyface, this Florida five-piece led by guitarist Bobby Barth signed with MCA in the late ‘70s for two albums, but really put the pedal to the metal when they brought in Wayne Haner as bassist and inked with Atco in 1981. At their peak, Axe offered a uniquely American answer to period Brit-rockers like Judas Priest and Motörhead with melody to burn.

>Joan Baez
– Whistle Down The Wind CD/LP (Concord)
The singer, activist, musician and cultural icon returns with her first new studio album in a decade.
Whistle Down The Wind finds Baez offering up peerless renditions of songs by artists she holds dear including Tom Waits, Josh Ritter, Anohni, Joe Henry, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Zoe Mulford, Eliza Gilkyson and Tim Eriksen.
>The Breeders
– All Nerve CD/LP (4AD)
The Breeders’ first record in a decade features the classic line-up of Kim and Kelley Deal, Josephine Wiggs and Jim Macpherson – the configuration behind their smash 1993 album
Last Splash. Includes the infectious lead single “Wait in the Car.”
>Buffalo Tom
– Quiet And Peace CD (Scrawny/Schoolkids)
Having first made their mark with a raw, raucous approach that put the band at the forefront of the '90s alt-rock explosion, Buffalo Tom has consistently revealed new layers of musical and emotional depth, as manifested in the bittersweet ballads, soul-searching songcraft and rousing rock tunes that make up new album
Quiet And Peace.
>Camp Cope
– How To Socialise & Make Friends CD/LP (Run For Cover)
Camp Cope's new album
How To Socialise & Make Friends follows-up their 2016 self-titled debut and kicks off with the instantly remarkable bass line of “The Opener,” an explosive diatribe against the sexist double standards of the music industry at large. What follows the lead single are a collection of songs that anchor on the cycles of life, loss and growth through resilience and those moments of finding and being yourself. Throughout the album’s nine songs it becomes clear that if their debut was the flame, this is Camp Cope rising from the ashes, stronger and more focused than ever. For fans of Modern Baseball, Hop Along, Tigers Jaw and Waxahatchee. [Limited colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>Celtic Thunder
– Celtic Thunder X 2xCD (Sony Legacy)
The multi-platinum Irish group celebrated their 10
th anniversary with a show in Dublin, recorded on October 30th, 2017. [DVD edition also available.]
>Cut Chemist
– Die Cut CD (Cold Busted)
On his long-awaited second full-length solo album
Die Cut, the trailblazing DJ and producer underwent a creative birth reflected in its 17 tracks. The artist augments his signature approach famously earmarked by impeccable sample selection, searing scratching, and big-screen worthy arrangements with the inclusion of A-list musicians, songwriter structure, and a whole lot of team spirit including Los Angeles producer, curator and purveyor of culture, Carlos Nino. [Vinyl edition due March 16.]
>Lucy Dacus
– Historian CD/LP+MP3 (Matador)
This remarkably assured 10-track statement of intent finds Lucy Dacus unafraid to take on the big questions – the life-or-death reckonings, and the ones that just feel that way. It's a record full of bracing realizations, tearful declarations and moments of hard-won peace, expressed in lyrics that feel destined for countless yearbook quotes and first tattoos. An outward flowering of dynamic, living, breathing rock and roll.

>Jackie DeShannon
- Stone Cold Soul: The Complete Capitol Recordings 2xCD (Real Gone Music)
All 25 sides DeShannon recorded for Capitol, including her 1971 album
Songs and all of her Memphis material featuring five previously unreleased tracks.
– Hordanes Land [Reissue/1993] CD (By Norse Music)
Remastered reissue of the Norwegian metal band’s debut EP. Features the bonus track “Enslaved”, from their
Yggdrasill split with Satyricon, released in 1992. [Vinyl edition due April 20.]
>Fanny Walked The Earth
– Fanny Walked The Earth CD/LP (Blue Elan)
New release from this band made up of former members of pioneering female rock band Fanny.

– Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty [Reissue/1982] CD+7”/LP (Cherry Red)
Felt – The Strange Idols Pattern And Other Short Stories [Reissue/1984] CD+7”/LP (Cherry Red)
Felt – The Slendour Of Fear [Reissue/1984] CD+7”/LP (Cherry Red)
Felt ‎– Ignite The Seven Cannons And Set Sail For The Sun [Reissue/1985] CD+7”/LP (Cherry Red)
Felt – The Seventeenth Century (Let the Snakes Crinkle Their Heads to Death) [Reissue/1986] CD+7”/LP (Cherry Red)
Limited edition CD+7” box set and single-disc vinyl LP remastered reissues now available. The box sets include the original album on CD in a special gatefold sleeve, a long deleted 7" vinyl single pertaining to the relevant year of release, reproduced gig flyers, a double-sided wall poster, and four button lapel badges.

>The Fleshtones
– Budget Buster: Just The Hits! CD (Yep Roc)
Released last November on limited edition colored vinyl – now available on CD. A compilation of some of The Fleshtones’ finest singles and rarities over the last 10 years, many of which are out-of-print and difficult to find (plus two unreleased tracks).

>Sue Foley
– The Ice Queen CD (Stony Plain)
Sue Foley is the Ice Queen, and it’s not just because she’s cool and detached, as she sings in the title track to her first solo album in more than a decade. It’s also because she’s Canadian, born and raised in Ottawa, which automatically makes her a Northerner to friends and colleagues in her adopted hometown of Austin, Texas. What’s more, she considers the late, legendary Albert “The Iceman” Collins a key influence on her bluesy guitar style. Like the Iceman, Foley plays a Fender Telecaster electric guitar. Her own quest for one perfect note is explored in the highs and lows of the new album, written after the demise of a long relationship, recorded in Austin. The tunes were recorded in the same studio as her first album (1992’s
Young Girl Blues) and produced by her old pal, Hammond B3 master Mike Flanigin. Also noteworthy is the list of Texas guitar greats who made guest appearances, including Charlie Sexton, Jimmie Vaughan, and ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons.
>Good Lovelies
– Shapeshifters CD (Good Lovelies/Fontana North)
Toronto based group has, over the course of their decade-plus career, covered plenty of stylistic ground, adding tinges of pop, roots, jazz, and even hip-hop to their country folk core. [Vinyl edition due March 30.]

>Katy Guillen & The Girls
– Remember What You Knew Before CD (VizzTone)
By adding a contemporary twist to the straightforward blues-rock that’s long resonated among midwest audiences, guitarist Katy Guillen, bassist Claire Adams and drummer Stephanie Williams have become one of the most reliably entertaining groups in Kansas City.

– Le Kov CD/LP (Heavenly/PIAS America)
Written entirely in Cornish,
Le Kov is an exploration of the collective subconscious, the myths and drolls of Cornwall, and the survival of Britain’s lesser known Brythonic language – explored via sumptuous electronic indie pop a la Broadcast, Cate Le Bon, and Death and Vanilla.
– Something Familiar CD/LP+MP3 (Barsuk)
Something Familiar addresses Hibou’s (Peter Michel) ongoing battle with anxiety and depersonalization the latter a disorder distinguished by feeling disengaged from the mind and body, as if someone is an outsider looking in at their own self. As a result, Something Familiar has a decidedly darker tone. Although the core elements of Hibou remain intact reverb-soaked guitars, plush keyboards, and Michel's dreamy croon the record exudes melancholy.
– Strictly From Hunger [Reissue/1969] CD/LP (Now Again)
The definitive reissue of a late ‘60s psych-rock classic, overseen by Hunger band members: the group's preferred, unedited, fuzz-guitar heavy version of the album, restored and remastered from a rare test press.

– Corpse Fortress CD/LP (Relapse)
Horror-obsessed, underground cult ILSA weave together tales of depravity and devil worship on their Relapse debut. Nine tracks forged in filth with dense layers of emotionally draining sludge, murky, primordial doom and feedback-laden, crusty death metal.

>Iron Reagan/Gatecreeper
–Gatecreeper/Iron Reagan [Split] CD (Relapse)
East Coast crossover titans Iron Reagan and rising Sonoran death metallers Gatecreeper unite for a split recording of cranium crushing proportions. Across eight new tracks (five from Iron Reagan and three from Gatecreeper) of auditory and lyrical venom, both bands showcase why they're two of the most talked about groups in extreme metal today.

>Keith Jarrett/Gary Peacock/Jack DeJohnette
– After The Fall 2xCD (ECM)
Joined by improvising partners Gary Peacock and Jack DeJohnette, Keith Jarrett glides and soars through classics of the Great American Songbook.

>Jethro Tull
– Heavy Horses (New Shoes Edition) [Reissue/1978] 3xCD+2xDVD (Rhino/Parlophone)
2018 marks 50 years since progressive folk-rock band Jethro Tull jumped onto the British music scene. The kick off of this exciting anniversary year is the 40th anniversary New Shoes Edition of
Heavy Horses. This anniversary edition features the original album with nine additional bonus tracks, seven of which are previously unreleased. The New Shoes Edition also contains a live concert from May 1978, and two DVDs which feature the original, bonus and live tracks all mixed to surround sound by Steven Wilson and Jakko Jakszyk. A 96-page booklet covers a history of
the album and corresponding tour, complete lyrics, rare photos and exclusive interviews.

>Kristoff Krane
– Kairos Part Two CD/LP+MP3 (Fake Four Inc.)
Kristoff Krane is a Minneapolis-based rapper known for his stream-of-consciousness approach to writing, freestyling and performing.

>Tory Lanez
– Memories Don’t Die CD (Interscope)
Sophomore release from the Toronto rapper/singer. Features the Future-assisted “Real Thing” as well as the rapper's previously released singles “Shooters” and “I Sip.”

>Vivian Leva
– Time Is Everything CD/LP (Free Dirt)
Vivian Leva's voice is the sound of living tradition. Raised by parents who paid visits to old-time legends like Tommy Jarrell and Doug Wallin, she grew up steeped in the Appalachian and country music of her Lexington, VA home. With her debut solo recording
Time Is Everything, Leva earns a spot in the lineage of great neo-traditional songwriters like Gillian Welch and Sarah Jarosz.
– Nudes CD/LP+MP3 (Mom + Pop)
This 10-song acoustic album is a collection of reimagined fan favorites including “Until We Get There” and “Tempest”, as well as several new songs and covers, all recorded at the famed Electric Lady Studios. The album features guests Nels Cline (Wilco) and Roger Waters, and includes covers of songs originally recorded by Gerry Rafferty and Tame Impala.

>Jackson MacIntosh
– My Dark Side CD/LP (Captured Tracks)
Jackson MacIntosh may be an alien figure to most, but his resume pinpoints him as near the epicenter of the recent explosion in fantastic pop music currently being forged in the city of Montreal and exported the world over. He spent 2016 and 2017 recording and deploying funky, percolating bass lines on the road for indie pop outfit TOPS. He recorded and engineered the last two albums for labelmate Homeshake at his now-defunct home Montreal studio and venue, Drones Club. He has collaborated with cherished L.A. weirdo Drugdealer as well as Montreal's Bernardino Femminielli, all in addition to fronting the masterfully hooky power pop band Sheer Agony.

>Johnny Mathis
– Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head [Reissue/1970] CD (Real Gone Music)
Johnny Mathis ‎– Johnny Mathis Sings The Music Of Bacharach & Kaempfert [Reissue/1970] (Real Gone Music)
Expanded reissues – the first in an ongoing series celebrating the legendary vocalist’s classic albums of the 1970s and onward, some available for the first time on CD in the US.

>The Men
– Drift CD/LP (Sacred Bones)
Drift is the seventh full-length by New York City rock polymaths The Men. The album’s 9 songs veer in a number of directions, but almost none of them feature a prominent electric guitar as the band brought synths, strings, sax, steel, harmonica, and tape loops into the mix. [Limited colored vinyl pressing also available.]

– Moaning CD/LP+MP3 (Sub Pop)
Moaning is a band defined by its duality. The abrasive post-punk trio comprised of L.A. DIY veterans, Sean Solomon, Pascal Stevenson, and Andrew MacKelvie, began nearly a decade after the three started playing music together. Their impassioned debut album comes born out of the member's experiences with love and distress, creating a sound uniquely dark and sincere. Although the band is just breaking out of their infancy, Moaning's sleek and cavernous tone emphasizes the turmoil of the era they were born into. One where the endless possibility for art and creation is met with the fear and doubt of an uncertain future. As a whole,
Moaning drifts from sentimental to catastrophic, hiding meek and introspective lyrics within powerful droning dance songs, giving sonic nods to some of the band's musical heroes like, New Order, Broadcast, and Slowdive. The band's youthful attitude is met with the weight of topics like loss, routine, and mental health, reflecting the anxiety towards the status quo that much of their generation faces today.
– Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt CD/2xLP (Mute)
Moby’s new album is a glowing tapestry exploring spirituality, individuality and the brokenness of humanity and finds the veteran electronica artist returning to his orchestral, soul, trip-hop and gospel roots. The title
Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt is a reference to Billy Pilgrim's epitaph in Kurt Vonnegut's 1969 novel Slaughterhouse-Five. Featuring L.A.-based soulstress Raquel Rodriguez, the album's first single “Like A Motherless Child” is a re-work of the well-known spiritual with origins in the slavery of the American South.
>Mt. Joy
– Mt. Joy CD/LP (Dualtone Music Group)
Steeped in folk-rock tradition and powered by the intuitive creative connection between Matt Quinn (vocals, guitar) and Sam Cooper (guitar), the songs on Mt. Joy's eponymous debut depict the former wrestling with his own conscience, where the mundane and the fantastic collide as he processes tragedy, society, and love.

>Night Viper
– Exterminator CD/LP (Listenable)
New release from the Swedish thrash metal band. Night Viper is gloriously churning out a unique blend of incisive thrash riffage through catchy hooks and stunning melodic vocals. For old school aficionados, the whole listening experience is not remote from
Kill 'Em All-era Metallica and punching '80s heavy metal in terms of musical arrangements and attitude.
>The Oak Ridge Boys
– When I Sing For Him: The Complete Columbia Recordings & RCA Singles 2xCD (Real Gone Music)
Collects The Oak Ridge Boys’ three Columbia Records LPs circa 1974-1976 (
The Oak Ridge Boys, Sky High, and Old Fashioned, Down Home, Hand Clappin', Foot Stompin, Southern Style, Gospel Quartet Music.) – all of which have never been released on CD - along with singles and compilation-only tracks from that period, plus overlooked 1990-93 RCA singles.
– Nobody Has To Know CD (All City)
The versatile French producer on the various aspects of a secret relationship pulling from R&B, new jack swing and funk to soundtrack the passions of attraction. [Vinyl edition due March 16.]

>Pet Shop Boys
– Actually: Further Listening 1987-1988 2xCD (Rhino/Parlophone)
Pet Shop Boys – Introspective: Further Listening 1988-1989 2xCD (Rhino/Parlophone)
Pet Shop Boys – Please: Further Listening 1988-1989 2xCD (Rhino/Parlophone)
Digitally remastered and expanded two CD editions. Each includes a bonus CD containing additional tracks including B-sides, edits, demos and more. [Stand-alone vinyl reissues of
Actually, Introspective, and Please also available.]
>Prism Tats
– Mamba CD/LP+MP3 (-ANTI)
South Africa-bred L.A.-based artist Garett van der Spek aka Prism Tats' sophomore album
Mamba offers a moody but melody-driven strain of psych-inflected post-punk. It explores themes of self-inflicted isolation, working-class hopelessness, and the emotional damage of technology addiction. “Most of these new songs came from taking in what's going on in the world today, and being afraid of the future we're headed toward,” notes van der Spek. With its sonic complexity and understated emotional depth, Mamba has a double meaning to its title. “It’s the name of a venomous snake, and in my hometown it's a slang term for the biggest or meanest of something,” van der Spek points out. The word ‘mamba’ ultimately embodies the sense of fear and defiance threaded throughout the record especially evident in its epic title track. “The song is partly about letting go of that fear,” he adds. “When I say ‘Give me the mamba,’ I mean ‘Give me the whole experience’: the good and the bad and everything else that might exist in between.”
>Michael Schenker Fest
– Resurrection CD/LP (Nuclear Blast)
New album from the former Scorpions and UFO guitarist featuring collaborations with all of his previous vocalists.

>Ed Schrader’s Music Beat
– Riddles CD/LP+MP3 (Carpark)
Riddles, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat (Ed Schrader & Devlin Rice) begins their new life. In search of a fresh direction, the group invited their close friend, electronic-pop maestro Dan Deacon, to expand their sound and experiment with them as the album's producer, arranger, and co-writer. Working steadily in Dan's studio for two years in total collaboration, the three evolving musicians pushed through an intense period of personal tumult and found purpose in the sounds they were committing to record. The result: a polished and passionate masterpiece of nuanced alt-rock. From driving opening track “Dunce” and the soaring single “Riddles” to the disarmingly gorgeous closer “Culebra,” the Music Beat unapologetically channel a personal pantheon of pop and rock Gods while growing into the band – and people – they'd previously kept caged inside.
– Esoteric Malacology CD/2xLP (Willowtip)
“A band that writes songs exclusively about murderous, hyper-violent slugs from space should not be successful, but the Lancaster, UK-based band Slugdge has become one of the critical darlings of the underground metal world,” writes Invisible Oranges. Expanding on the experimental death metal duo's (Kev Pearson (guitar/bass) and Matt Moss (vocals)) technical, melodic, and progressive metal sound,
Esoteric Malacology showcases brilliant, catchy songwriting rarely seen in the genre. [Limited colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>Sonny Smith
– Rod For Your Love CD (Nonesuch)
Produced by Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach and recorded in Nashville,
Rod For Your Love roots itself in old-school, guitar-fueled rock & roll. These are love songs built for the garage and the dance floor, with big-hearted melodies and thick harmonies. It's the stuff you might've heard in the '60s, back when groups like the Kinks and the Velvet Underground were making left-field pop songs that celebrated the form while still bending the rules.
>Soccer Mommy
– Clean CD/LP (Fat Possum)
Sophie Allison aka Soccer Mommy's debut
Clean is an emotional album, heavy on themes of growth, isolation, and change, but balanced by a lightness of touch, and with hooks to spare. “Still Clean” is a stunner of an opening track, with the signature warmth of Allison’s voice coupled with one of her best refrains. Her growth as a lyricist is most evident on “Cool,” a sharply observed character study describing an aloof stoner girl, so cool and untouchable, and the agony she inflicts on her boyfriend. “Flaw” is the comedown from a song like “Cool.” A melancholy ode to lovesick self-loathing that finds ecstasy in sadness. “Scorpio Rising” crystallizes these themes of identity, jealousy, and the desire to be someone else. Clean – the cohesive record Allison dreamt of making – is a true step forward, a strong and mature album from an artist just coming into her power.
>Dick Stusso
– In Heaven CD/LP (Hardly Art)
With his sophomore LP
In Heaven, Dick Stusso’s numbered human days are on his mind. Without stumbling into pomposity, Dick has taken back the wheel on his life and is doing a bit of hotdogging. The album sounds so assured, you’d never guess the whole endeavor was almost completely down the tubes. “I was about 75% done with the album and then my apartment got burgled,” Stusso explains. “They took it all.” Having laid it almost exclusively to tape, there weren't even files to pull from. But what seemed like another sour turn for Dick ended up being a little lemon zest in his G&T. He ended up teaming with psych visionary producer Greg Ashley in a defunct old church, making for a leap in fidelity on In Heaven. The new peacock strut to Dick’s vague longing and malaise suits his countrified T. Rex sound quite well. Exhibit A: album standout “Modern Music” is a sort of State of the Union and State of the Soul all set over a warm, gauzy glam bass line. Employing deft songcraft, which includes a wide open ambient midsection to really get you thinking about The Void, Dick manages to take down both capitalism and the bullshit conditions of human mortality without sounding all that put out by either.
– Superorganism CD/LP+MP3 (Domino)
Superorganism is a sprawling, multi-limbed collection of international musicians and pop culture junkies. They number eight in total - recruited from London, Japan, Australia and New Zealand - seven of whom now live together in a house/DIY studio/band HQ in East London. Self-produced, written and recorded, their spectacularly confident debut record beams with a sense of wonky fun, a kaleidoscopic riot of sound and visuals. Influenced by the world-building depth of artists like Devo, Beck and The Avalanches, Superorganism soundtracks the band's rapid trajectory from shared house side project to global audiovisual powerhouse and features previous singles “Something For Your M.I.N.D.” and “It's All Good / Nobody Cares” as well as their brand new single “Everybody Wants To Be Famous.”
– Felt CD/LP (Secretly Canadian)
“As alluded to by its title and neon-warm album art, Suuns'
Felt is gonna make you feel things. You're gonna learn something about your body listening to cuts like on DJ Shadow-leaning, head-bobber "Look No Further" or "Make It Real," which could be a radio signal of a lost Silver Apples cut - that is, before it becomes a doomsday siren breakup song. These four gentlemen could be making beats for 21 Savage or Migos. But for now, lucky for you, they're ruthlessly set on being one of the planet's finest, bravest bands.”
>Tech N9ne
– Planet CD (Strange Music)
Eleventh album from the rapper. Includes features from fellow Strange Music artists Mackenzie Nicole, Krizz Kaliko, Darrein Safron and Joey Cool. A Deluxe CD edition featuring three bonus tracks and a pendant is also available.

>Tracey Thorn
– Record CD/LP+MP3 (Merge)
As ever, the personal has often been political in Tracey Thorn's work. Across four decades, her songs and writing have offered up a clear-eyed woman's view of the immediate world around her, from the acerbic teen love songs of her first early ‘80s band Marine Girls through sixteen years as one-half of articulate duo Everything But The Girl, to her recent acclaimed memoirs and journalism. On her new solo album,
Record, the synth-driven tracks arrive and leave with a punchy sub-three-minute directness. f the album is in part about freedom and disenthrallment, “Queen” is the opening broadside, all personal fire and desire. “Air,” featuring backing vocals and synths from Shura, addresses identity and gender stereotypes, while “Smoke” looks at Tracey's fear that her love of London and its freedoms are being eroded. “Guitar” is a celebration of that instrument as a tool of a teenage girl's liberation. Ewan Pearson peppers them all with fizzing analogue synths and smart mirror-ball beats. For all its no-fuss pop brevity, the album revolves around “Sister,” a dubby nine-minute Compass Point-style disco jam featuring an all-female crew as Tracey is backed by Warpaint's rhythm section and joined by Corinne Bailey Rae on glorious backing vocals. [Limited red colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>Titus Andronicus
– A Productive Cough CD/LP+MP3 (Merge)
In a move that may infuriate the black-denim-and-PBR set,
A Productive Cough finds Titus Andronicus setting aside the leadfooted punk anthems of yesteryear in favor of a subtler, more spacious approach that pushes Stickles' soul-baring songwriting to the fore, creating a conversational intimacy between artist and audience with which previous Titus Andronicus efforts had only flirted. This new restraint sacrifices none of the band's singular intensity, from the merciless lyrical onslaught of “Number One (In New York)” to the blistering guitar solos which accompany the swaggering horseplay of rock band workouts “Real Talk” and “Home Alone” to the disarmingly passionate commuter hymn “Mass Transit Madness (Goin’ Loco’).” Even the surprisingly groovy “Above the Bodega (Local Business)” hides, beneath its loose and spontaneous facade of zesty brass and propulsive congas, a pained admission of secret shame, despairing the challenge of keeping the dark side concealed before the ever-judgmental eye of the big city.
– Rocknroll Machine CD/LP/Cassette (Burger)
It's been over six years now since the word got out that the titans from Oslo, Norway were re-resurrected for a second time since their grimy beginnings back in 1989. Of Turbonegro’s ninth album,
Rocknroll Machine, vocalist Tony Sylvester had this to say: “We've spent the past years honing our skills. The music we are releasing now is more distilled, more refined, more pointed, more powerful; we traveled to the future and this is what we heard on the radio!”
– Real Labour Of Love CD (UMe)
New covers album featuring Barrington Levy's “Here I Come”, Ken Boothe's, “Moving Away”, Gregory Isaac's “Hush Darling” and more.

>Various Artists [Charles Maurice]
– French Disco Boogie Sounds 3 CD/2xLP (Favorite)
The third edition of its acclaimed
French Disco Boogie Sounds compilation series. Like on prior volumes, the complete track list is selected by label head honcho, Charles Maurice (aka Pascal Rioux), who's unearthed 13 more forgotten and hidden tracks, all produced either in France, in French, or by French artists between 1977 and 1987. With most of these titles now very hard to find in their original edition, and unknown by many, this compilation is a must have for any disco boogie-funk music lover and collector.
>Various Artists
– Tani Disco: Rumba & Flamenco Boogie 1976-1979 CD/LP (Pharaway Sounds)
Various Artists – Rumbita Buena: Rumba Funk & Flamenco Pop CD/LP (Pharaway Sounds)
Tani Disco: Rumba & Flamenco Boogie 1976-1979 features 12 disco-rumba-flamenco-boogie
bombs, a time machine to the Spanish boîtes and discotheques of the late '70s and the perfect soundtrack to an imaginary "Kinki" cinema soundtrack. From the archives of the legendary Belter and Discophon labels, essential to understand the birth of the Catalan rumba and flamenco-pop genre in Spain,
Rumba Funk & Flamenco Pop features 14 dance-friendly tracks taken from overlooked LPs and 45s.
>Anna von Hausswolff
– Dead Magic CD/LP+MP3 (City Slang)
With the stately sound of Copenhagen's Marmorkirken church organ as its center piece,
Dead Magic calls upon an unlikely array of influences and inspirations - including Yma, Sumac, Sunn O))), Gyorgi Ligeti, Swans and Nils Frahm.
>Whiskey Wolves Of The West
– Country Roots CD (Rock Ridge)
Debut album from the Nashville-based country/Americana outfit.

>Barrence Whitfield & The Savages
– Soul Flowers Of Titan CD/LP+MP3 (Bloodshot)
Titan is the largest moon orbiting Saturn, a planet which astrologically symbolizes pain, struggle and hard knocks on the human path to wholeness, and liberation among many other things. It is a forbidding, poisonous place with mountains, rivers and oceans of methane and ammonia, cloaked in a dense shroud of gases. The kinds of flowers that would grow there would be the hardy beasts that survived to make this strange bouquet.
Soul Flowers Of Titan is a collection of songs representing cosmology, struggles and influences. People shooting guns, separating, coming home (someday), in love, running around, leaving this earth, going crazy, drinking coffee, and thinking about Sun Ra. It’s a wild, electric phantasmagoria of blues, rock, garage, and soul; it blasts off into diverse orbits only to come back together into a singular Savage cosmology.
>Jonathan Wilson
– Rare Birds CD/2xLP (Bella Union)
Jonathan Wilson describes
Rare Birds as a “maximalist,” high-density album more influenced by ‘80s British production than anything to do with Southern California in 1970s. It's a dynamic new approach for Wilson that calls to mind one of Peter Gabriel's early solo albums or even mid-period Kate Bush. “This album is a hell of a lot more Trevor Horn than anything, you know, Laurel Canyon-related,” he notes. Of Rare Birds as a whole, Wilson adds, “I want my music to hit people like an emotional tidal wave. With my songwriting it's never about a clever couplet or smug turn of phrase, it’s about the intensity, the impact. Besides, we're all fishing downstream from Townes Van Zandt anyway, so the only thing left to do is go BIG.” The set features backing vocals from Lana Del Rey, Father John Misty, fellow Roger Waters backing band member Lucius, and Brian Eno collaborator Laraaji.
>Charles Wright
- The Best Of The Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band LP (Varese Sarabande)
Charles Wright headed one of the great funk groups of the late '60s and early '70s, behind the pop and soul classics, “Do Your Thing,” “Love Land,” and “Express Yourself” (one of the most sampled funk tracks ever for hip-hop and rap groups). He oversaw this new hits collection, which also includes two recently recorded bonus tracks.

This Week’s Vinyl Exclusives:
>Alessandro Alessandroni
– Romance and Drama LP (Transversales Disque)
Alessandroni at his best: very refined Italian cinematic sound, tense 12-string guitar themes, synth sequences, beautiful sound of chamber classical music mixed with psych choir.

>The Beach Boys
– Sounds of Summer: The Very Best Of The Beach Boys [2003] 2xLP (Capitol)
30 tracks - nearly every US Top 40 hit of The Beach Boys’ career.

– Train Train: Southern Rock Live! LP (Purple Pyramid)
Limited edition vinyl LP pressing of a concert event by multi-gold and platinum-selling southern rockers.

>Milano Constantine
- The Way We Were LP (Slice Of Spice)
Milano Constantine has made a name for himself showcasing his art alongside other great NYC emcees such as Big Pun and the D.I.T.C. camp. Since 2000, the Harlem native has released a handful of solid projects, but now the time has finally arrived for his anticipated full-length,
The Way We Were. The album was produced by two of the dopest and most consistent producers in today’s hip-hop landscape; Marco Polo (Masta Ace, Pharoahe Monch, Talib Kweli etc) and DJ Skizz (M.O.P., Your Old Droog, Roc Marciano). Both producers give Milano the backdrop needed to tell his stories in head-nodding, scrunchy-face fashion.
>Current Joys
– A Different Age LP (Danger Collective)
Current Joys is the enigmatic solo project of 25-year-old Henderson, Nevada-born songwriter Nicholas Rattigan. In addition to his minimal two-piece band with Jacob Rubeck, Surf Curse, Rattigan has been releasing a prolific catalog of heart-wrenching no wave ballads via Bandcamp under a handful of names (including The Nicholas Project and Tele/Visions), eventually choosing Current Joys as the permanent moniker, based on a song by folk-artist Liam the Younger of the same name. [CD and cassette editions due March 16.]

>Phyllis Dillon
- One Life To Live [Reissue/1972] LP (Real Gone Music)
As the only album ever released by the leading female singer of the entire rocksteady movement,
One Life To Live is a crucial document of the era and genre. Limited colored vinyl reissue.
>Fred Eaglesmith
– Standard LP (Independent Label Services)
Released last year on CD – now available on vinyl. Eaglesmith is known for his songs about hard working folks and his endless touring. Country superstars Miranda Lambert, Alan Jackson, and others have had hits recording Fred's songs.

>The Faceless
– In Becoming A Ghost LP (Sumerian)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. A tasteful blend of eerie melodies and harmonies combined with fast-paced drums and blast beats.

– Kick [Reissue/1987] 2xLP (Atlantic)
INXS – The Very Best Of [2011] 2xLP (Atlantic)
Vinyl reissue of INXS’s sixth studio album,
Kick, remastered and cut at half speed over two LPs which play at 45rpm.
>Iron Butterfly
– Live At The Galaxy 1967 LP (Purple Pyramid)
Limited 180gm colored vinyl LP pressing. A live document of the early days of the great Iron
Butterfly recorded live at the historic Galaxy Club located in the heart of the Sunset Strip during it's heyday.

>Janis Joplin
– Janis Joplin’s Greatest Hits [Reissue/1973] LP+MP3 (Sony Legacy)
Vinyl reissue of the 1973 compilation of hit songs by legendary rock vocalist.

>Legend Of The Seagullmen
– Legend Of The Seagullmen LP (Dine Alone)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Legend Of The Seagullmen is a genre-destroying supergroup featuring Danny Carey of Tool, Brent Hinds of Mastodon, director Jimmy Hayward (
Jonah Hex, Horton Hears A Who) on guitar, and Pete Griffin of Zappa Plays Zappa and Dethklok on bass, and a few other rippers. Joining forces to make cinematic psychedelic rock, The Seagullmen sing of shipwrecks and giant mutant squid, crafting conceptual rock ‘n’ roll hymns of epic proportions on their self-titled full-length debut. Engineered by Toshi Kasai (Melvins, Big Business) and mastered by Gavin Lurssen (Queens Of The Stone Age), Legend Of The Seagullmen sees the band unveil massive sonically pulverizing slabs that decimate expectations since Rolling Stone excitedly leaked two demos back in 2015.
>Annie Lennox
– Diva [Reissue/1992] LP (RCA)
Annie Lennox – Medusa [Reissue/1995] LP (Sony Legacy)
Vinyl reissues of the first two solo albums by the Eurhythmics member.

– Mark Of The Necrogram LP (Century Media)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Eighth album from the Swedish extreme blackened metallers.

>The Nomads
– Showdown! (1981-1993) 3xLP (Bang)
Singles and rarities spanning 1981-1993, originally released in 1994 as a double-CD, now available as a remastered deluxe triple-LP edition.

>Roy Orbison
– Sings Lonely And Blue [Reissue/1961] LP+MP3 (Monument)
Roy Orbison – Crying [Reissue/1962] LP+MP3 (Monument)
Roy Orbison – In Dreams [Reissue/1963] LP+MP3 (Monument)
Vinyl reissues of Orbison’s first three albums.

>Pastel Ghost
– Abyss [2015] LP (Cleopatra)
Limited purple colored vinyl LP pressing of the debut album from the Bay Area dreamrave artist.
Luis Pérez - Ipan In Xiktli Metztli 2xLP (Mr. Bongo)
A precursor to a new musical genre followed by a generation of young Mexican musicians - ethno-rock, ethno-jazz, ethno-experimental and the like.

>Pet Shop Boys
– Please [Reissue/1986] 2xLP (Rhino/Parlophone)
Pet Shop Boys – Actually [Reissue/1987] 2xLP (Rhino/Parlophone)
Pet Shop Boys – Introspective [Reissue/1988] 2xLP (Rhino/Parlophone)
Remastered vinyl reissues of the Pet Shop Boys’ first three albums.

>Erik Phillips
– One LP (Joy Void)
10 songs about nameless characters, equal parts real and fictional, and things Erik has seen or imagined seeing over the last two years. Included is everything from tulips growing on the side of the road between Fredericksburg and Richmond to tractor trailer cabs burning a few miles north along the same road (which did happen on two separate occasions, by the way).

>Ryuichi Sakamoto
- async remodels LP (Milan)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. A dozen remixes of
async tracks by a who’s-who of experimental giants - everyone from late Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson (Arrival, Sicario) to Oneohtrix Point Never (composer of Good Times) to Arca (producer of Bjork’s numerous releases) and Andy Stott - have gotten their hands dirty remixing Sakamoto’s work. Even reworks by the Canadian synthpop duo Electric Youth and Austin-based synthwave legends S U R V I V E are included.
>Septic Flesh
– The Great Mass [Reissue/2011] LP (Season Of Mist)
Limited red colored vinyl LP pressing of a symphonic masterpiece that constitutes a quantum leap in the art of amalgamating orchestral music with heavy metal.

>Sun Ra & His Astro Infinity Arkestra
– Sun Embassy LP+MP3 (Roaratorio)
Consisting of recordings from Sun Studios (aka Ra's house in Philadelphia) from 1968-1969,
Sun Embassy features nine tracks: six compositions which have never been heard before in any form, plus fresh coats of paint on such 1950s classics as "Sunology" and "Ancient Aiethiopia", and an early rendition of "Why Go To The Moon".
16 february 2018
>CDs + Vinyl:
American Nightmare – American Nightmare CD/LP (Rise)
American Nightmare is a dark hardcore record that pays homage to groups who have always influenced the band ranging from Negative Approach, SSD, and The Cro-Mags to Joy Division and Siouxsie And The Banshees.
>Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet
– Landfall CD/2xLP (Nonesuch)
Inspired by Laurie Anderson's experience of Hurricane Sandy,
Landfall is the first collaboration between the iconic storyteller/musician and the groundbreaking Kronos Quartet. Landfall juxtaposes lush electronics and strings with Anderson's powerful descriptions of loss, from water-logged pianos to disappearing animal species to Dutch karaoke bars.
– Omni CD (earMUSIC)
“If there is any band that put South American heavy metal on the world stage, it's Brazil's Angra. Formed better than a quarter century ago by guitarist Rafael Bittencourt, Angra has dropped eight albums and toured the world extensively, sharing the stage with many of their European counterparts. Now, Angra returns with their ninth album,
Omni. Their sound and arrangements are expansive and technical, bombastic and soaring. By example, a song such as ‘Insania’ begins with a brash opening only to drop into a bass and drum line that sounds like jazz rock fusion. This juxtaposition of heaviness and fusion continues throughout but allowing for a ripping guitar solo in the center. Somewhat similar is ‘Magic Mirror,’ where the large majestic riffage leads to Fabio Lione's voice lilting over a fusion of drums and light electric guitar. But this then yields to more aggressive power metal, getting heavier and leading to a middle solo. Then at the 4:30 mark the power metal bluster abruptly ends, allowing for a breakdown of piano, symphonic synths, and a smooth bass line. Omni is another exceptional album of melodic progressive power metal from this seminal band. I would expect nothing less. Get it. Easily recommended.” – Dangerdog Music Reviews
– Where All Hope Fades CD (Dark Decent)
“Ataraxy are a Spanish death metal band and this is their second album. The band combine their death and doom metal influences well across these tracks.
Where All Hope Fades comes across as a real old-school treat, so much so that you can easily imagine it being a lost gem from the ‘90s.” – Wonderbox Metal
>Belle and Sebastian
– How To Solve Our Human Problems CD/3x12” (Matador)
This CD release combines the tracks from three vinyl EPs. The
How To Solve Our Human Problems EP project is the latest installment in a career that has always pursued a singular and delightful vision of what pop represents and what it can achieve, a career that has seen them triumph against the odds to win a Brit award, be one of the first bands to curate their own festival, and play at the London residence of the US ambassador. Belle and Sebastian's new music has the timeless blend of joy and melancholy that has always characterized them. [Stand-alone vinyl pressing of Part 3 is also available this week.]
>Born Ruffians
– Uncle Duke & The Chief CD/LP+MP3 (Yep Rock)
Produced by Richard Swift (Foxygen, The Shins),
Uncle, Duke & The Chief is a record less concerned with what sounds hip than what feels good. In the Ruffians case that meant shedding some of their artier influences (the Pixies, Talking Heads) and reconnecting with the sounds they first heard on their parent’s turntables as kids: Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers, and pre-psychedelic Beatles. It’s about going back to the deepest, most satisfying itch to scratch, says lead singer Luke Lalonde. And in doing so, the album takes you back to a time when the Ruffians sounded less like a band and more like a gang, raising a wild ruckus and speaking in telepathic tongues. [Limited colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>Calibro 35
– Decade CD/LP (Record Kicks)
The sixth studio album form Italian super cult combo.
Decade marks 10 years of Calibro 35's first release and it's the very first album recorded by Calibro with an orchestral-inspired enlarged line-up that features horns, strings and various percussion instruments.
>Brandi Carlile
– By The Way, I Forgive You CD/LP (Atlantic)
Brandi Carlile's highly anticipated new album was helmed by Grammy Award-winning producer Dave Cobb and acclaimed musician Shooter Jennings, and was recorded at Nashville's historic RCA Studio A.
By The Way, I Forgive You includes 10 new songs written by Carlile and longtime collaborators and bandmates Tim and Phil Hanseroth. Of their close relationship, Brandi comments, “The Twins and I have been in a band for so long now. And not just a band, we are literally a family. When you create art with twins, it becomes unclear when I end and where they begin.” In addition to Carlile (vocals, guitar, piano), Tim Hanseroth (vocals, bass), Phil Hanseroth (vocals, guitar), Cobb (guitar, percussion) and Jennings (piano, organ), the album features Chris Powell (drums), Josh Neumann (cello), John Mark Painter (French horn) as well as string arrangements and conducting by the late Paul Buckmaster (Elton John, The Rolling Stones).
>Car Seat Headrest
– Twin Fantasy CD/2xLP+MP3 (Matador)
Will Toledo always knew he would return to 2011’s
Twin Fantasy. He never did complete the work. Not really. Never could square his grand ambitions against his mechanical limitations. Listen to his first attempt, recorded at nineteen on a cheap laptop, and you'll hear what Brian Eno fondly calls “the sound of failure” - thrilling, extraordinary, and singularly compelling failure. Will's first love, rendered in the vivid teenage viscera of stolen gin, bruised shins, and weird sex, was an event too momentous for the medium assigned to record it. Now Toledo releases a new version of Twin Fantasy on Matador Records. “It was never a finished work," Will says, "and it wasn't until last year that I figured out how to finish it.”
>The Choir
– Artifact: The Unreleased CD (Omnivore)
Unreleased material from Cleveland legends, whose members would eventually form Raspberries. The Choir’s first release was an acclaimed single on Canadian-American Records (eventually picked up by Roulette). It gained them opening spots for The Who and The Yardbirds among others, but the group eventually dissipated and morphed into other bands including the James Gang, and eventually, Raspberries.
Artifact: The Unreleased Album showcases 10 tracks, recorded in 1969, making their first appearance anywhere. They resonate with the original Choir vibe, adding in post-British Invasion influences like Procol Harum. Recently unearthed by Suma Recordings operator Ken Hammon’s son, they have been lovingly restored by Tommy Allen and Ducky Carlisle, whose work has been universally lauded after their work on Raspberries’ Pop Art Live.
>Barbara Dane
- Hot Jazz, Cool Blues & Hard-Hitting Songs 2xCD (Smithsonian Folkways)
This double-CD retrospective reflects over 60 years of Barbara Dane’s eclectic musical history in folk, blues and jazz. The 38 tracks include 14 never-before-released recordings, featuring collaborations with Lightin’ Hopkins, the Chambers Brothers, Doc Watson, Pete Seeger, Memphis Slim and Willie Dixon, Art Hodes, and more.

>Dark Funeral
– Where Shadows Forever Reign CD (Century Media)
Reissue of the sixth album from the Swedish black metal band.

>Lee DeWyze
– Paranoia CD (Shanachie)
Singer/songwriter Lee DeWyze broke through as the winner of the 2010 American Idol season but has been one of the few Idols to achieve a successful post-Idol career that has evolved musically into the alternative music realm. As a result, his music has been featured in many television shows including
The Walking Dead, Elementary, Suits, Nashville and others, as well as NASCAR commercials and the national campaign song for Blue Cross/Blue Shield. His previous album, Oil & Water, debuted in the Top 10 of the Billboard Folk chart.
– Fury CD/LP (AFM)
New album from the Hungarian heavy metal band. [Limited blue colored vinyl pressing also available.]

– Zoning Out Volume 1 CD/LP (Cold Busted)
Emapea, the renowned beat-maker from Poland, burst upon the scene with multiple compilation appearances on Cold Busted, an inclusion on Mark Farina’s
Mushroom Jazz 8, and his stunning debut album Seeds, Roots & Fruits. Fans and headz worldwide have been clamoring for a follow-up, but all Emapea wanted to do was just ‘zone out.’ And that’s what happened, with the release of Emapea’s twenty song album Zoning Out, Volume 1.
– Bloomsday CD/2xLP (Cold Busted)
Esbe is an multi-genre music producer from Los Angeles, California. He is known for his atmospheric instrumental production which incorporates sound elements from extensive use of jazz and soul samples. His latest release is a collection of 19 essential instrumentals.

>Extinction A.D.
– Decimation Treaty CD (Good Fight Music)
The Long Island metal vets return with another unrelenting and ferocious thrash explosion.

>Eyes Set To Kill
– Eyes Set To Kill CD (Century Media)
New release from the Phoenix, Arizona-based post-hardcore band.

>For The Fallen Dreams
– Six CD (Rise)
New album from the Lansing, MI melodic metalcore band.

– Great Big Blue CD/LP (PIAS America)
Geowulf's new album elegantly cruises through glittering guitar lines and melodies as soft as sand, calling to mind the poise of Lana Del Rey, and the ethereal beauty of Mazzy Star.

>Solomon Grey
– Human Music CD (Mercury)
A collection of intricately crafted songs, delving into themes of choice, love and loss - written by the band at the time singer Joe Wilson's mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Human Music was influenced by her passing. Solomon Grey explain, “The album is fundamentally about exploring loss and finding out how integral it is to life. That's where it started for us but as with all of these things it can mean whatever you want it to.” [Vinyl edition due March 9.]

>Tigran Hamasyan
– For Gyumri CD/LP (Nonesuch)
For Gyumri, the third Nonesuch recording from pianist/composer Tigran Hamasyan, is a companion to 2017's
An Ancient Observer. Hamasyan named the album in tribute to his hometown of Gyumri, Armenia. “These songs are musical observations about the world we live in now,” he says, “and the weight of history we carry with us.”
– Opus II: The Annihilation CD (earMUSIC)
A side venture for those who don’t quite get Van Canto’s a cappella metal (we do), Heavatar features lead VC throat Stefan Schmidt, alongside drummer Jörg Michael (ex-Stratovarius and literally 85 other bands), lead guitarist Sebastian Scharf and bassist Daniel Wicke. The idea, in effect, is to take those multi-layered, dominant choral choices out of Van Canto and place them into a regular metallic context. The band’s 2013
Opus I – All My Kingdoms certainly passed the muster; so does the aptly-named Opus II: The Annihilation. Heavatar has scattered about enough true-form metal riffs and power metal basics that they fit comfortably aside the style’s most explosive and prancing acts. And look at it this way: If Van Canto ever goes belly-up, Schmidt can land quite comfortably in Heavatar and not lose a dash of pomp.
>Imperial State Electric
– Anywhere Loud CD/2xLP (Psychout)
Live album from the Swedish rockers recorded between 2014 and 2016.

>I’m With Her
– See You Around CD/LP (Rounder)
I'm With Her, the band of Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz, and Aoife O'Donovan, offer up their collaborative full-length debut. Co-produced by Ethan Johns (Ryan Adams, Laura Marling, Paul McCartney) and the band and recorded at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios in Bath, England -
See You Around is a warmly textured, yet stripped down twelve track affair filled with fine-spun narratives, breathtaking harmonies, and layers of lush guitar tones. The album is comprised of 11 originals, penned by the band in Los Angeles and Vermont, plus the never before released Gillian Welch-penned “Hundred Miles.” With each member playing guitar and handling various aspects of the instrumentation – including fiddle and ukulele for Watkins, mandolin and banjo for Jarosz, piano and synth for O'Donovan – the band cut most of the album live, performing just a few feet away from each other in the tracking room. All through See You Around, I'm With Her exhibits a refined musicality that reflects their deep musical roots.
– Cloud Factory [Reissue/2015] CD/LP (Napalm)
Beauty and the Beast - Jinjer unify both worlds, as they flare up the time-honored contrast of good and evil. This is extremely groovy, disharmonic Djent - technically tricky like progressive death metal with a flip side of sensual jazz, tumbling delightfully between nu metal and metalcore. [First-time vinyl edition also available.]

>Barney Kessel
– Live At The Jazz Mill 1954, Vol. 2 CD/LP (Modern Harmonic)
More unearthed tape from a jazz icon! This second volume of Jazz Mill recordings shows Barney Kessel firmly at the top of his game. Once again, Kessel and the Jazz Millers (pianist Pete Jolly, drummer Art Kile, and bassist Gene Stoffell) interpret a variety of standards from The Great American Songbook and each arrangement serves to demonstrate the group's superb chops and collective creativity. This is Barney in his salad days when he was topping all the major jazz polls and emerging as one of the most important guitarists of that or any subsequent era. [Limited colored vinyl pressing also available.]

– Last American Rock Stars CD (Majik Ninja)
Detroit natives Bizarre of D12 fame and horrorcore legend King Gordy team up for a brand-new rap project.
Last American Rock Stars features Majik Ninja labelmates G-Mo Skee and Twiztid as well as Chicago fast rapper Twista.
>Elise LeGrow
– Playing Chess CD/LP+MP3 (S-Curve)
Elise LeGrow's debut album is a sublime collection of dramatically reimagined songs from the Chess Records catalog.

– Loma CD/LP+MP3 (Sub Pop)
Loma's enigmatic debut feels beautifully adrift in time and space. It's an album that takes you to a place you've never been, with a rare confidence in the strength of its own vision. Though it was recorded off a dirt road in rural Texas, there's no hint of country here: from the first airy notes of “Who Is Speaking?” to the decaying choir of “Black Willow,” Loma create a hypnotic world of their own, where rustling leaves, fuzzed-out bass, panting dogs, prepared pianos, and a wilderness of percussion form a backdrop for Emily Cross' translucent voice. She is a steady, clear-eyed presence throughout, even among the heart-pounding pulses of “Relay Runner,” the skittering drums of “Dark Oscillations” and the galloping release of “Joy”; in sparer songs like “Shadow Relief” and the haunting “I Don't Want Children,” she's a fearless ally, swimming calmly with you against a powerful undertow. There's something here for lovers of Nina Nastasia or Broadcast, but also Linda Thompson, or The Silver Apples – even early Pink Floyd. But most of all, this arresting and mysterious album marks the arrival of a band whose first steps already feel timeless.

>Nicolas Masson/Colin Vallon/Patrice Moret/ Lionel Friedli
– Travelers CD (ECM)
After two ECM albums with the cooperative trio Third Reel, Swiss reedman Nicolas Masson presents a quartet for which he is the sole composer. The group has existed for a decade with unchanged personnel, touring as Nicolas Masson’s Parallels, and the leaders writing for it always encourages creative responses from the players. Amid the changing musical landscapes in which these travelers move, you will encounter some of Colin Vallon’s prettiest ballad playing, richly melodic bass from Patrice Moret, and subtle drum commentary from Lionel Friedli. Plus, of course, plenty of Masson’s pure-toned saxophone and elegant clarinet.

- Thelonious Sphere Monk CD (World Galaxy/Alpha Pup)
Thelonious Sphere Monk is a cosmic journey reinterpreting the great Thelonious Monk Song Book in celebration of his 100th birthday. MAST tackles sixteen Monk compositions, including the acclaimed “Round Midnight,” “Blue Monk,” “Straight No Chaser,” “Epistrophy” and “Well You Needn’t.” As well as more obscure titles like “Misterioso,” “Pannonica,” “Friday The 13th” and “Bemsha Swing.” MAST, aka Tim Conley, pays homage to the significant history of Thelonious Monk and his esteemed compositions while bringing them into the future using modern electronic bleeps, bloops, and beats.
– Mirrors CDEP/12” (Transistor Sound)
Monophonics are back with a six-song EP that fuses the complimentary and explosive soul, rock and funk influences, proving themselves to be the rightful inheritors of the Bay Area’s impressive psychedelic soul sound. [Limited coke bottle clear vinyl pressing also available.]

>Neil Morse
– Life & Times CD/LP (Metal Blade)
Now in his mid-50s and his children grown up, there is a sense on his new album,
Life & Times, that Neal Morse (Spock’s Beard) is looking around and taking stock. “I've come through a lot of difficult times and I'm in a fairly content place now,” he says. “You can feel that on some of the songs.” Much of this ‘acoustic-orientated, singer/songwriter' album was written while he was travelling around the world on The Road Called Home tour in 2017, with some of the songs being inspired by the places he visited, while others are from spending time with his family. [Limited colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>David Murray feat. Saul Williams
– Blues For Memo CD (Motema Music)
Released just in time for Black History Month,
Blues For Memo is a new album by saxophonist David Murray and poet Saul Williams. Williams and Murray met in 2014 at the funeral of the revolutionary poet Amiri Baraka, at which Williams performed a poem and Murray (who worked with Baraka in the past) was in attendance. The chance encounter led to a collaboration between the two artists, with Williams sending Murray a collection of poems to set to music.
>Nipsey Hussle
– Victory Lap CD (Atlantic)
Debut album from the Los Angeles rapper featuring guest appearances from YG, Diddy, Kendrick Lamar, The-Dream and CeeLo Green and Marsha Ambrosius, among others.

– Nobody Has To Know CD/2xLP (All City)
The new album from the versatile French producer reflects on the various aspects of a secret relationship pulling from R&B, new jack swing and funk to soundtrack the passions of attraction. The album digs into late '80s and early '90s jams for smooth and rich sounds.

>The Orielles
– Silver Dollar Moment CD/LP (PIAS America)
The Orielles is a close-knit unit of two sisters and their best mate - Esme on vocals and bass, Sidonie on drums and Henry on guitar. Their debut album,
Silver Dollar Moments, announces itself as a proper slice of indie pop goodness right from the jangling, sunshiny chords of the opening track. It takes all kinds of turns, into ESG-ish yips and funk, dreamy-playful harmonies, disco synth-pows, stoner bongos and unsettling submerged vocals. This young British band's sound flows from the fountain of indie pop - fresh, catchy and altogether enjoyable.
– Room Inside The World CD/LP+MP3 (Merge)
Room Inside The World – Ought's third album – growing up doesn't mean mellowing out so much as it means learning to pay attention, listening carefully and openly, staying somewhere long enough to really understand where you are. Recorded at Rare Book Room in Brooklyn with producer Nicolas Vernhes (Deerhunter, Animal Collective, Silver Jews), Room Inside The World explores themes that have always concerned the band – identity, connection, survival in a precarious world – but with a bolder, more nuanced sound palette. Vibraphone, justly intonated synthesizers, drum machines, and a 70-piece choir suffuse the precise post-punk breakdowns that spangled Ought's first two albums, giving rise to an emotional complexity that pushes their characteristically taut sound to greater depths. Together, they constructed a (digital) moodboard to set their intentions: Brian Eno and Stereolab synths, the Mekons' 1985 album Fear and Whiskey, and Gerhard Richter and Kenneth Anger's sexy, fluorescent hyperreal all made it into the melting pot.
>Penthouse Penthouse
– Cruise Control CD (Alpha Pup)
Right in time for Valentine’s Day,
Cruise Control is a smooth and sultry nine-tracker of R&B-tinged pop songs. In the short time since the group’s formation, they have collaborated with the likes of Djemba Djemba, Mr. Carmack, Stwo, Chloe Martini, Marvel Alexander & Promnite and have been billed with acts such as XXYYXX, Sweater Beats, Salva, and the Glitch Mob.
>Perverted Ceremony
- Sabbat of Behezaël CD/LP (Nuclear War Now)
Following their self-titled EP, The Brussels band return with their uniquely abominable variety of black metal on their full-length debut.

>Pianos Become The Teeth
– Wait For Love CD/LP+MP3 (Epitaph)
The Baltimore indie post-hardcore band release their new album. Produced and engineered by Will Yip,
Wait For Love shows the band reconciling their aggressive past with the atmospheric turns of Keep You. The album eschews stylistic traps in order to focus on songwriting and feels like a full-realization of what the band have hinted at in the past.
>The Plot In You
– Dispose CD/LP (Fearless)
The fourth full-length effort from The Plot In You finds the Ohio outfit offering up their unique take on modern rock and transcending genres from metalcore to alternative. [Limited clear smoke translucent vinyl LP pressing also available.]

>Pop Evil
– Pop Evil CD/2xLP (Entertainment One)
Pop Evil smashes through the odds like a battering ram, weathering the trials and tribulations of paying dues with a steadfast resilience owing much to their blue collar and middle class backgrounds, and building a worldwide audience one fan at a time. As the moniker promises, Pop Evil conjures aggressive riffs and hard charging sing-a-longs with emotional heft and melodic power in equal measure. It's music by the people, for the people.

>Ryan Porter
– Spangle-Lang Lane CD/LP (World Galaxy/Alpha Pup)
Running in parallel with the powerful wave of transformation that occurred with the advent of recording technology in the 1800s, children’s music has been a critically important part of the evolving pace of modern culture. Through the entire body of children’s music, few have truly deviated from the normal harmonic and melodic structures of past composers. West Coast Get Down co-founder Ryan Porter presents
Spangle-Lang Lane, a collection of music that revamps and puts a facelift on some of the world’s most beloved children’s songs.
>Richard Russell
– Everything Is Recorded CD/LP (XL)
Everything Is Recorded is the full-length debut solo album from record producer and XL Recordings co-founder Richard Russell featuring vocal contributions from Sampha, Giggs, Ibeyi, Obongjayar, Infinite and Wiki & Syd plus instrumental contributions from Kamasi Washington, Damon Albarn, Rachel Zeffira, Peter Gabriel and Owen Pallett. The 12-track collection follows up the accomplished Close But Not Quite EP and is ushered in by the raw and emotional lead single “Show Love” with R&B singers Syd and Sampha.
>Jamie Saft
- Solo A Genova CD/LP+MP3 (RareNoise)
Solo A Genova is Saft's highly emotive take on jazz standards and other uniquely American compositions. Recorded at the beautiful Teatro Carlo Felice in Genova, Italy in an acoustically marvellous space, the album showcases Saft on a 9-foot Steinway Model D piano in the service of a number beguiling piano arrangements of tunes by Curtis Mayfield, Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis, John Coltrane, ZZ Top, Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Charles Ives, Miles Davis and Bill Evans.
>Ryuichi Sakamoto
- Async Remodels CD (Milan)
As one-third of Yellow Magic Orchestra and an Academy Award-winning composer for his work on the soundtrack for The Last Emperor, synth pop innovator Ryuichi Sakamoto is among the most groundbreaking artists to have emerged since the late ‘70s. A musician’s musician, Ryuichi Sakamoto has created intriguing musical unions with artists such as David Sylvian, Iggy Pop, Tony Williams, Bootsy Collins, Jacques Morelenbaum and many others. Following the massively successful release of the electronic masterpiece async in 2017, Ryuichi Sakamoto’s first studio album in eight years, Milan is proud to announce the remix compilation async remodels. async remodels features a dozen remixes of async’s tracks by a who’s-who of experimental giants - everyone from late Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson (
Arrival, Sicario) to Oneohtrix Point Never (composer of Good Times) to Arca (producer of Bjork’s numerous releases) have gotten their hands dirty remixing Sakamoto’s work. Even reworks by the Canadian synthpop duo Electric Youth and Austin-based synthwave legends S U R V I V E are included [Vinyl edition due March 2.]
>Senses Fail
– If There Is Light It Will Find You CD/LP (Pure Noise)
The seventh full-length album from the New Jersey-based post hardcore band.

>Shannon & The Clams
– Onion CD/LP (Nonesuch)
Oakland-based, indie garage punk quartet Shannon & The Clams, known for a diverse sound that incorporates elements of doo-wop, early rock & roll, classic R&B, garage psych, and surf rock as influences, releases their fifth album,
Onion, this time working with producer Dan Auerbach and Easy Eye Sound. The song “Backstreets” is guitarist Cody Blanchard response to the Ghost Ship fire, and particularly the issues of artist housing and being forced to make your own way in a society that is not arranged to accommodate artists. Album closer “Don't Close Your Eyes” is Shannon's response, an inspirational ballad urging those suffering through loss to not give up in the midst of tragedy. “It's Gonna Go Away,” is the album's biggest stylistic departure, mixing elements of soul, disco, R&B, psychedelia, the Zombies, chanting and baroque while opener “The Boy” is quintessential Clams, a heavily’ 60s rock inspired track with a mournful hook.
>Andy Sheppard Quartet
– Romaria CD (ECM)
Andy Sheppard’s quartet extends the musical explorations begun on the 2015 release
Surrounded By Sea, an album praised by Télérama for its poignant serenity. In this new program of compositions by Sheppard (plus the title track by Brazilian singer-songwriter Renato Teixeira), the drones and washes of Eivind Aarsets guitar and electronics aided by the generous acoustics of Luganos Auditorio Stelio Molo RSI help to establish a climate in which improvisation can take place. There’s a highly atmospheric, ambient drift to the music which Sheppard clearly finds liberating, as do Michel Benita and Seb Rochford, free to move in and out of conventional rhythm section roles and to make impassioned statements of their own. [Vinyl edition due March 2.]
>Shinya Fukumori Trio
– For 2 Akis CD (ECM)
An ECM debut for a unique Japanese-French-German trio, with a lyrical sound of its own. Drummer-leader Shinya Fukumori, also the principal composer for the band, is an imaginative melodist at several levels, and the attention to timbre and detail and space which distinguishes his drumming is also reflected in the color-fields of his free-floating ballads. The spaciousness of the music leaves room for expression to tenorist Matthieu Bordenave and pianist Walter Lang.

>The Skids
– Burning Cities CD/LP (Nobad)
Four decades after they formed – in the white-hot summer of 1977 – The Skids are back. The post-punk pioneers, currently on a hugely successful comeback tour, release their fifth album
Burning Cities. The album was produced by Verve and Primal Scream studio legend Youth, re-unites founding members Richard Jobson (vocals) and Bill Simpson (bass) with Mike Baillie (drums). Stepping in for the late Stuart Adamson is his long-time Big Country band mate Bruce Watson.
– What A Time To Be Alive CD/LP+MP3 (Merge)
After the shocking, and for many, demoralizing result of the 2016 election, “I didn't buy the silver lining some were promoting that ‘well, at least art and music will be great now!’,” says Superchunk co-founder and frontman Mac McCaughan. “Obviously, any sane person would gladly trade four to eight years of terrible music for not having our country dismantled to satisfy the whims of a vengeful child and his enablers.”
What A Time To Be Alive is Superchunk's first album in over four years. It features more guest backing vocalists than any previous Superchunk album, including Sabrina Ellis (A Giant Dog, Sweet Spirit), Katie Crutchfield (Waxahatchee), Stephin Merritt (The Magnetic Fields), Skylar Gudasz, and David Bazan. It's a record, says Mac, “about a pretty dire and depressing situation but hopefully not a record that is dire and depressing to listen to.” Indeed, like so much of Superchunk's music in the band's nearly three decades together, the songs on What A Time to Be Alive meet rage and anxiety head-on with the catharsis and exhilaration of loud punk fire and vulnerable pop energy. Like 2013's I Hate Music, which focused on death, loss, and the role of music in an aging life, the new record brings spirit to the frontlines of pain – it's as defiant as it is despairing, as much a call to arms as a throwing up of hands.
>Tal National
– Tantabara CD/LP (Fat Cat)
Tantabara is the latest installment of Tal National's attempt to make a global audience dance. The album was recorded in their hometown of Niamey, Niger, again with Chicago engineer Jamie Carter at the controls. The band have always carved a huge sound out of limited resources, which means using a remote recording rig in a dusty makeshift studio and working with minimal recording equipment and musical instruments on the verge of disrepair. This all adds to the band's communal spirit, though, and opening their home up as a studio means that everybody gets to be involved in the process. Over the 8 tracks on Tantabara, there are 8 different vocalists - 7 of whom are full time members of the band.
>Robert Earl Thomas
– Another Age CD/LP (Captured Tracks)
There are a million songs dressed in white t-shirts and American denim, songs that drift through open spaces in some busted sedan, over lost highways that become tributaries to eventual static, crawling traffic and stifling density. There are a million more songs about being wild and green in the cities and outside them: a song about love for every person on this earth.
Another Age, the debut album from Robert Earl Thomas, avoids inhabiting these clichés even as it embraces their personal influence: this is an album about small moments with big emotional footprints, told humbly and honestly. There are stylistic nods to Bruce Springsteen and Dire Straits, Arthur Russell's more folk-leaning output, and the various collaborations of Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne.
>Umii (Reva DeVito + B. Bravo)
– This Time CD (Fresh Selects)
The debut release from a new duo made up of Portland singer, Reva DeVito, and Cali funk producer/musician, B. Bravo. The project is equal parts summer dance party BBQ vibes and ‘90s R&B slow jam inspired for the after party make-outs.

>U.S. Girls
– In A Poem Unlimited CD/LP+MP3 (4AD)
Meg Remy's second release for 4AD,
In A Poem Unlimited, was tracked in collaboration with Toronto-based instrumental collective the Cosmic Range, and features arrangements by long-time contributors Maxmilian Turnbull and Louis Percival. The dizzying buffet of live grooves represent an inversion of the dusty, sample-based minimal textures of Half Free, Remy's euphoric 4AD debut.
>Vision Of Atlantis
– The Deep & The Dark CD (Napalm)
New album from the Austrian symphonic metal masters. The varied and fascinating voice of Clémentine Delauney provides for hauntingly beautiful duets with Siegfried Samer's classic power metal infusions, embodying the symphonic metal cake: From the grandiose album title track “The Deep & The Dark”, folklore elements in “Ritual Night” to the up-tempo juggernaut “Return To Lemuria”, Visions Of Atlantis bring all their assets in this mystical adventure.

>Jim White
– Waffles, Triangles & Jesus CD/2xLP (Joyful Noise)
Released in 2017 as import-only – now available stateside. Jim White gets around. When he's not releasing his own critically acclaimed solo albums he splits his time producing records for other songwriters, exhibiting his visual art in galleries and museums across the US and Europe and publishing award winning fiction. His sixth solo studio album, the bizarrely titled
Waffles, Triangles & Jesus, is a mind-bending joy ride of sonic influences featuring a bevy of his hometown Athens' roots musicians, plus west coast indie darlings Dead Rock West, and rock and roll maverick Holly Golightly.
>Wild Beasts
– Last Night All My Dreams Came CD/2xLP+MP3 (Domino)
Wild Beasts will play their final ever shows in February of 2018, and Domino bids the band a bittersweet farewell with
Last Night All My Dreams Came True – a live studio album/career-spanning collection which features songs from each of Wild Beasts' studio efforts with an emphasis on Boy King. Looking back on Wild Beasts' back catalog and the themes they tackled, there is a sense of prescience – toxic masculinity, gender fluidity, the conflicts surrounding class, politics and art were no bandwagon jumps, often becoming hot topics in the media several years after they'd been eloquently dealt with on record.
>J.D. Wilkes
– Fire Dream CD/LP (Big Legal Mess)
A sense of place has long permeated the music of J.D. Wilkes. He's a native of Paducah, KY, a city located at the confluence of various rivers and cultures – an area where musical variety is in the air and in the blood memory of its people. “Of course, there's bluegrass and hillbilly songs, but also blues, jazz, old time fiddle music, jug band music, even swamp rock,” says Wilkes. “It's a great intersection there. I think I epitomize that in the way that I write and perform.” Wilkes' solo debut,
Fire Dream, represents the apotheoses of that vision: a hillbilly-gypsy epic, it's an album of art damaged cabaret music, leavened by Latin rhythms and high lonesome hollers. Call it boho bluegrass – maybe what Tom Waits would sound like if he were a Kentucky Colonel (a title that Wilkes happens to hold).
>Marlon Williams
– Make Way For Love CD/LP+MP3 (Dead Oceans)
Known for his effortlessly distinctive voice,
Make Way For Love marks New Zealand singer/songwriter Marlon Williams' exponential growth as an artist. Throughout 11 originals, he explores new musical terrain and reveals himself in an unprecedented way in the wake of a fractured relationship. While Make Way For Love draws on Marlon's own story, it captures the vagaries of relationships we've all been through: the bliss (opener “Come To Me”); ache (“Love Is a Terrible Thing”); nagging questions (“Can I Call You”); and bitterness (“The Fire Of Love”, whose lyrics Williams says he "agonized over" more than any). [Limited white colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>Windhand / Satan’s Satyrs
– Satan’s Satyrs / Windhand [Split] CD/LP (Relapse)
Two of Virginia's finest heavy bands team up for an amp-worshipping, acid trip from hell. Includes two brand new songs of smoldering gloom and grief from Windhand paired with three tracks of devilish, fuzz-drenched metal/punk from Satan's Satyrs. [Limited gold colored vinyl pressing also available.]

>George Winston
– Winter Into Spring [Reissue/1982] CD (Valley)
Expanded CD reissue of the third solo album by pianist George Winston, originally released in 1982.
Winter Into Spring was inspired by the transition of the seasons and was the follow-up to his 1980 album, Autumn. Includes the bonus track “(Love Echoes In The) Pine Hills”.
>Norma Winstone
– Descansado – Songs For Films CD (ECM)
A creative journey into the world of cinema with new arrangements - by Klaus Gesing and Glauco Venier - of music by Nino Rota, Michel Legrand, William Walton, Bernard Herrmann, and Ennio Morricone for the movies of Scorsese, Godard, Wenders, Jewison, Zeffirelli, Olivier and more. Several of the arrangements incorporate new words by Norma Winstone who, in addition to being one of the great jazz singers, has long been a sensitive lyricist. For this project, her acclaimed trio with Gesing and Venier is augmented by two special guests: Norwegian improvising percussionist Helge Andreas Norbakken and Italian classical cellist Mario Brunello.

DVDs + Blu-ray:
Van Morrison – In Concert DVD/Blu-ray (Eagle Vision)
Filmed at the BBC Radio Theatre, Sir Van Morrison performs an intimate
In Concert show. The Belfast born Van the Man performs a selection of tracks, old and new, from his iconic back catalogue through to Keep Me Singing. Also included is the 60-minute bonus concert Up on Cyprus Avenue, recorded on his 70th birthday to celebrate this milestone.

This Week’s Vinyl Exclusives:
– Awaken CD (Southern Lord)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Agrimonia’s sound has always been dense, immersive, ambitious even, and on
Awaken their prog-infused form of expansive metal has evolved into something more energetic, dynamic, and powerful.
>The Apples In Stereo
– Velocity Of Sound [Reissue/2002] LP (Yep Roc)
The last of four Apples In Stereo vinyl reissues courtesy of Yep Roc (previous reissues included
Tone Soul Evolution (1997), Her Wallpaper Reverie (1999), and The Discovery Of A World Inside The Moone (2000). For their fifth album, Velocity Of Sound, The Apples in Stereo cranked up the guitars and made what Robert Schneider proclaimed is their ode to The Ramones. It is a set of short and sweet tunes, most of which clock in at under three minutes.
>Harry Belafonte
- Belafonte At Carnegie Hall: The Complete Concert [Reissue/1959] 5xLP (Analog Productions)
Audiophile 200gm 45rpm set including bonus tracks previously unavailable on vinyl.

>Belle and Sebastian
– How To Solve Our Human Problems (Part 3) 12” (Matador)
How To Solve Our Human Problems EP project is the latest installment in a career that has always pursued a singular and delightful vision of what pop represents and what it can achieve, a career that has seen them triumph against the odds to win a Brit award, be one of the first bands to curate their own festival, and play at the London residence of the US ambassador. Belle and Sebastian's new music has the timeless blend of joy and melancholy that has always characterized them. [CD and vinyl box set collecting all three volumes also available this week.]
>Calibro 35
- SuperStudio b/w Gomma 7” (Record Kicks)
“SuperStudio” is the main theme for a movie that doesn’t exist, starring Clint Eastwood and Pam Grier saving earth from the invasion of deadly robots from another planet” and it’s pure dynamite. On the flip you’ll find “Gomma”, an album outtake that is an irresistible funk groovy shaker.

>Cannabis Corpse
– Left Hand Pass LP (Season Of Mist)
Limited edition yellow colored vinyl pressing of the parody Richmond, VA death metal band’s latest (2017) album.

>Carach Angren
– This Is No Fairytale [Reissue/2015] LP (Season Of Mist)
Limited transparent green & black mix colored vinyl reissue of the Landgraaf, Netherlands black metal band’s fourth album.

>Chocolate Watch Band
- The Inner Mystique [Reissue1968] LP (Sundazed)
The Inner Mystique, the hypnotic second album by the Chocolate Watch Band, takes up exactly where its sacred predecessor left you: looking for your perfect match at the local Love-In. When lead singer par excellence Dave Aguilar grabs you by the lapels and tells you “I'm Not Everybody Else,” you have no choice but to believe him. He's not. And when he cools down enough to extol the virtues of “Medication,” who could doubt his sincerity? Especially when he stokes the fires to the boiling-point where medication may not really make much difference. But the real stunner here is their exhilarating cover of Bobby D's “It's All Over Now, Baby Blue.” In typical CWB interpretive bliss, nobody has ever done this hallowed song any better.
>John Coltrane
– Chasing Trane 2xLP (UMe)
Now available on 180gm vinyl. 11 tracks from the film,
Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary (also available on CD, DVD and Blu-ray). Set against the social, political and cultural landscape of the time, it brings saxophone great John Coltrane to life, as a man and an artist.
>Barbara Dane and The Chambers Brothers
‎– Barbara Dane And The Chambers Brothers [Reissue/1956] LP (Smithsonian Folkways)
During the Civil Rights Movement, activist singer Barbara Dane collaborated with the then up-and-coming quartet The Chambers Brothers to record a powerful politically charged gospel and rock album that spoke directly to the issues of the day. The vinyl reissue of Barbara Dane and the Chambers Brothers, which includes a liner note booklet and digital download, is part of Folkways Records' 70th anniversary celebration series, revisiting some of the most iconic and influential albums released on the record label. The vinyl album also serves as the companion piece to a new Barbara Dane double-CD retrospective:
Hot Jazz, Cool Blues & Hard-Hitting Songs (now available).
>Craig David
– The Time Is Now LP (RCA)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Seventh studio album by the British singer. Guests include JP Cooper, Bastille, AJ Tracey, Ella Mai, Kaytranada and GoldLink.

>Dirty Art Club
– Basement Seance 2xLP (Dirty Art Club)
Entering the Dirty Art Club is like letting an encyclopedic sample curator soundtrack a vibrant psychedelic cartoon dream. Conceived in North Carolina, fragments of sun-kissed soul and dusty psyche-rock sounds are stitched together and intertwined with live instrumentation recorded in a home studio setup to convey a woozy and soulful experience. It’s a blend that’s been refined on Dirty Art Club’s latest album,
Basement Seance, which is themed around sampling rare “old songs and records that barely anybody’s heard” and reanimating them into a new life.
>DJ Woody
– Flexin Hard LP (Woodwurk)
World Champion turntablist, DJ Woody’s innovative Flexi-disc scratch record series
Flexicuts gets a vinyl release. Flexin Hard consists of all the scratch samples from Flexicuts 1 and 2, but this time on 12” yellow vinyl. Ten unique skip-proof scratch phrases per side plus the phrases combined into a full sentence.
>Pete Drake
- The Fabulous Steel Guitar Sound Of Pete Drake LP (Modern Harmonic)
The sound of Nashville nightlife, circa 1962. Steel guitar pioneer Pete Drake slides and glides through a glimpse of what Music City instro sounds were like mid-century – the kinds you might hear at any neon-draped honky tonk – including everything from sexy-swing to country-cool across a dozen original tunes. Mastered from the original analog mono reels and pressed on colored vinyl.

>Dr. Octagon
- Octagon Octagon b/w Blue Flowers 12” (Get On Down)
With the celebrated return of Dr. Octagon (Dan the Automator, Kool Keith and DJ QBert) in 2017 – including their first-ever live performances – fans are sure to keep gobbling up the space weirdness that first surfaced more than 20 years ago. Get On Down presents a unique picture disc, featuring the original Octagon album artwork by the legendary artist Pushead. The infamous doctor's head and lower torso reach above and below the actual 45 rpm playing surface, as if trying to escape their two-dimensional status. On the A-side is a brand-new Dr. Octagon song, “Octagon Octagon,” which picks up where the original energy left off. It's a dark and grooving glimpse into Keith's rubberband mind, jumping abstractly from line to line, chock full of equal parts charisma and dementia. On the flip is the song for which the group is most well-known, “Blue Flowers.” The version presented here is the amazing "Prince Paul's So Beautiful" remix, which first appeared on a Mo Wax 12" in the UK in late 1996.

>Bob Dylan
– Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits [Reissue/1967] LP+MP3 (Sony Legacy)
Standard vinyl reissue of Dylan’s first best-of compilation.

– Baker’s Dozen LP (Fat Beats)
8th installment of Fat Beats’
Baker’s Dozen instrumental series. Every volume’s limited vinyl pressing features one artist and twelve tracks, and comes equipped with a 5x7” postcard insert that features a photo of the artist’s workspace along with the equipment used in their music-making process. This volume highlights L.A. hip-hop producer Exile, who has worked for an array of artists including Mobb Deep, Big Sean, Aloe Blacc, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa & Fashawn.
>Dick Garcia
‎– A Message From Garcia [Reissue/1956] LP (Modern Harmonic)
A mid-mod guitar jazz gem pressed on colored vinyl. Jazz guitar autodidact and 1956 Downbeat Critics Poll winner Dick Garcia struts his stuff while the likes of Bill Evans, Gene Quill, and John Drew try to keep up.

- VA-11 HALL-A: Official Soundtrack 2xLP (Black Screen)
Soundtrack to Sukeban Games’ cyberpunk bartender game
VA-11 HALL-A on limited edition 180g pink/blue double vinyl.
>Grime-n Starfunkle
– Sushi Breaks 7” (Illect)
A 7” break record that is the compilation of a decade’s worth of crate digging, sampling and beat making.
Sushi Breaks is chock full of original sounds and samples not used on previous break albums, plus original sounds from one of hip hop’s legendary emcees and producers, Fab Five Freddy.
– 15 Hours To LA 12” (Alpha Pup)
The Goldie Award winning producer/DJ debuts on Alpha Pup with a four track EP on orange & black splatter vinyl. Across
15 Hours To LA, Holly uses otherworldly synth tones, dissonant staccato, heavy low end, and frenzied digital drum-work, providing a synthetic journey where technicality and style meet at a unique crossroads.
‎– Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith [Reissue/2016] 2xLP (Season Of Mist)
Limited colored vinyl pressing. In 2016, Inquisition unleashed their long-awaited seventh album
Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith. Long known for some of the most powerful black metal of the genre, the cult metal firebrands invoked their most magnificent cosmic darkness yet here.
>Josh One
– Time Stamp LP (Boomnote Music)
Josh One drops his third multi-genre producer album.
Time Stamp features Divine Styler, Uncle Imani (Pharcyde), Blu, Ta’Raach, Tabi Bonney, Shirt & Shana Halligan.
>Mark Kozelek and Sean Yeaton
– Yellow Kitchen LP (Caldo Verde)
Yellow Kitchen is the collaborative release from Sean Yeaton of Parquet Courts and Mark Kozelek of Sun Kil Moon and Red House Painters who first met at a Dutch music festival. The six-track collection marks Kozelek's fourth full-length effort of 2017 alone, and was recorded in December 2016 through May 2017 between Pennsylvania and California. It includes guest appearances by Will Oldham (aka Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy), Holly Throsby, Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth), and Jim White (The Dirty Three).
– Dawn Chorus 12” (823)
With Kuzich first official release, we get a taste of his unique versatility & multi-instrumentalism in every track. The Perth (AUS) born musician is no stranger to the music industry - having toured extensively as a drummer with acts like Tame Impala, Ta-ku, Drapht, The Growl, Cameron Avery and many more. In between tours he has always been known to float & explore corners of the earth that lead him to meeting colorful personalities and creating soulful eclectic music. He’s always hoarded his own music - which has led to layers and layers of passion, perspectives and percussion.

>Laughing Hyenas
– Merry Go Round [Reissue/1987] 2xLP (Third Man)
Laughing Hyenas – You Can’t Pray A Lie [Reissue/1989] LP (Third Man)
Third Man Records worked closely with Touch and Go Records and the surviving members of Laughing Hyenas to craft deluxe vinyl reissues of the band's entire catalog. The seminal Michigan group's releases have been lovingly re-mastered for vinyl. The double-LP edition of
Merry Go Round includes all six cuts from the 1987 vinyl debut, as well as the five bonus tracks that were included on the 1995 CD release. Also available is a straight reissue of their 1989 release You Can't Pray A Lie. The Hyenas didn't record throwaways.
– Frank 12” (Dolan/Street Corner Music)
Frank is the latest release from Dolfin Records, a Texas indie label with a prominent underground roster that includes rapper Lord Byron, producer Ben Hixon, R&B singer Jon Bap, and former Stanley Clarke drummer Mike Mitchell. Liv.E is one of the newer artists on the label, having previously collaborated with Hixon through a series of DJ parties in Dallas (“New Math Mondays”). Hixon and Bap have significant marks on this project, providing production, mixing, and background vocals. The beats they lend are often heavy on the drums, with short, hazy riffs that resemble Dilla-style syncopated loops.
>Magic In Threes
- Finnish Funk b/w Shot Through The Grease 7” (KingUnderground)
A funk 45 inspired by ‘70s soundtracks. Heavy beats with diabolical melodies are the name of the game for The A-side, “Finnish Funk”. On the flip side “Shot Thru The Grease” has more of a loping feel to it with ample portions of moody thematic elements. Like a score to a lost 1970s Italian action film, these tracks hit like a hardnosed detective closing in on his next collar.

>Majid Jordan
– Space Between 2xLP (WB)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. New release from the critically acclaimed Toronto duo. Includes the singles “Body Talk” and “My Imagination” (featuring dvsn).
The Space Between also includes the buzzing hit “One I Want” (featuring Partynextdoor), and “Phrases.”
>Kendrick Lamar
– Damn: Collector’s Edition 2xLP (Aftermath)
Collectors double clear vinyl LP pressing with the track list reversed.

– Plague Angel [Reissue/2004] LP (Century Media)
180gm vinyl reissue. 2004's
Plague Angel was the first release featuring current vocalist Mortuus (Funeral Mist, Triumphator) who played a pivotal role in Marduk's reinvigoration after the departure of previous singer Legion. He brought a new level of vocal and lyrical intensity plus a frightening stage presence into the game catapulting the group to new heights.
>John Mayall and The Blues Breakers
- Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton [Reissue/1966] LP (Sundazed)
1966's seminal
Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton marked John Mayall's emergence as a major recording artist, as well as his commercial breakthrough. The 12-song LP, considered by many to be the most influential British blues album of all time, marked the official introduction of Mayall's long-running, ever-evolving combo The Bluesbreakers. Mayall shares the spotlight here with soon-to-be-superstar guitarist Eric Clapton (who quit the Yardbirds in order to pursue his blues muse with Mayall), along with future Fleetwood Mac co-founder John McVie on bass and Hughie Flint on drums. Limited colored vinyl pressing also available.
>Leon McAuliff
– Swingin’ Western Strings of Leon McAuliff [Reissue/1962] LP (Modern Harmonic)
Legendary Hall of Famer Leon McAuliff's long-lost platter of delicious rural-route steel guitar and twin fiddle sounds, mixed with a frenetic, rockin' country band on cuts – a southern stew steeped in the Houston native's Texas roots. Recorded in Dallas in 1962,
Swingin' Western Strings of Leon McAuliff was a showcase for McAullif's distinctive steel guitar playing and his skill as a bandleader as he directs his band through a dozen new instrumental arrangements of western swing and honky tonk classics. Mastered from the original analog mono reels and pressed on colored vinyl.
>Les McCann
– Layers [Reissue/1973] LP (Get On Down)
This incredible 1973 album – long a favorite of forward-thinking hip-hop producers and DJs – washes over listeners from the first chords of the incredible album opener, “Sometimes I Cry”, led by McCann's array of analog synthesizers and backed by an excellent rhythm section (Donald Dean on drums, Ralph McDonald on percussion and Jimmy Rowser on bass). These keyboard-drenched grooves sat alongside record stacks brimming with Stevie Wonder, Funkadelic, Marvin Gaye's ‘70s soul and, of course, Miles Davis' space funk experiments of the era (like
Bitches Brew).
>Morbid Angel
– Kingdoms Disdained 6x7”+CD (Silver Lining Music)
Limited Super Deluxe edition featuring a 7” leatherette book with six 7” vinyl discs housed in pocket with alternating artwork pages, all housed in a custom-made cube box including a digipak of the demo recordings for the album tracks and more. The forefathers of death metal music return with their ninth studio album, originally released in December 2017.

>Dan P. & The Bricks
– When We Were Fearless LP (Asian Man)
Dan P. and the Bricks is a 2 Tone influenced 10-piece ska powerhouse from Santa Cruz, CA, featuring members of MU330 and Slow Gherkin. With a 5-piece horn section, two guitars, organ, bass, and drums, the goal is big sound and big fun!
When We Were Fearless is the project's second full length LP ushered in by vibrant lead single “Only Words.” For fans of The Specials and Blue Meanies.
>Prince Paul
– Itstrumental 2xLP+MP3 (Female Fun)
For the first time Prince Paul's cult-classic 2005 album Itstrumental is seeing a proper commercial vinyl reissue. The colored double-LP includes an accompanying download card of the phenomenal unreleased Prince Paul project Redux and features revised and updated artwork from original designer/visual artist Ray Johnson.

>Professor Shorthair
– NOLA Breaks Vol. 6 7” (Superjock)
Professor Shorthair keeps bringing the boom bap treatment to a couple of funky New Orleans classics. Lee Dorsey’s “Get Out Of My Life, Woman” is the perfect blend of ‘90s hip-hop and NOLA funk with its hard hitting drums and sharp cuts. The Gaturs “Gator Bait” transforms from an instrumental funk jam into a B-Boy banger with added vocal samples and drum breaks. Green colored pressing.

>Asha Puthli
- Asha Puthli [Reissue/1973] LP (8th/CBS)
Asha Puthli - She Loves To Hear the Music [Reissue/1974] LP (8th/CBS)
Originally released in 1973, stylistic Indian diva Asha Puthli's eponymous debut album was arranged and produced by Del Newman (Elton John, Cat Stevens, Carly Simon, Rod Stewart) and features singular funky disco psyche covers of George Harrison ("I Dig Love"), J.J. Cale ("Right Down Here," "Lies"), Bill Withers ("Let Me In Your Life") and John Lennon ("Love"). Cover art by Mick Rock. Originally released in 1974,
She Loves To Hear the Music is the second solo album from stylistic Indian diva Asha Puthli who made a name for herself working with John Hammond and Ornette Coleman. Featuring production from Teo Macero, Del Newman and Paul Phillips, it follows a similar framework to that of her eponymous 1973 debut with singular funky disco psyche covers of Cole Porter's "Night And Day," Neil Sedaka's "Laughter In The Rain" and Van McCoy's "You've Got To Tell Her."
– Tomorrow’s Shore 12” (Wichita Recordings)
On the heels of their triumphant return with
Weather Diaries, the band's first new record in 21 years, Ride present an EP of brand new material recorded in late 2017 with Erol Alkan and Alan Moulder at the helm once more.
– The Many Facets Of Roger [Reissue/1981] (8th/WB)
"An artist known to mold genres, the man who went simply as Roger is probably most famous for bringing Peter Frampton's synthesized talk-box into urban music," writes Uproxx. "More notably, he helped pioneer the bouncy and digital-synth sound that's become commonplace amongst not only the rap world, but also pop and techno."
The Many Facets Of Roger is the platinum-certified 1981 solo debut from versatile Zapp frontman Roger Troutman.
>Sonny Rollins
– Way Out West [Reissue/1957] 2xLP (Craft Recordings)
Way Out West, originally recorded for the Contemporary label in 1957, qualifies as an all-time Sonny Rollins classic. Culled from a 3 A.M. session with bassist Ray Brown and drummer Shelly Manne, the material collected here demonstrates why Rollins was considered the top tenor saxophone in jazz at the time of the recording. This deluxe edition celebrates this landmark album in Rollins’ career with a full second LP of rare and previously unreleased bonus material and deluxe packaging.
>Saucy Lady
– Town b/w Honey B 12” (Cultures Of Soul)
Cultures of Soul Records has teamed up with local Boston disco queen Saucy Lady to put together a 12”, released in conjunction with their
Tokyo Nights - Female J-Pop Boogie Funk compilation. Saucy Lady is a character with an attitude of confidence and sensuality. She represents in her music what we've all admired about the disco era. Saucy Lady brings back the eclectic, outrageous fashion and cultural diversity that comprised the nightclub scenes in the '70s and '80s.
>Solar Shield
– Solar Shield LP (Austin Boogie Crew)
Modern funk mixed with electronic beat music.

>Songs: Ohia
– Travels In Constants [Reisue/2001] LP (Temporary Residence)
Scarcely available in its original CD-only edition of 1,000 copies, the
Travels In Constants single-track EP has finally been remastered and reissued for the vinyl format. Completing this reissue is “Howler,” another lengthy Songs: Ohia track that, like Travels In Constants, was recorded and released in 2001 in an edition of only 1,000. These tracks are amongst the most abstractly beautiful and alarmingly delicate music that Molina ever committed to tape.
>The Strawberry Alarm Clock
- Incense and Peppermints [Reissue/1967] LP (Sundazed)
Mastered from the original stereo UNI reels, Sundazed's vinyl edition also features the album's unique original cover art. Colored vinyl pressing also available.

>Sun Kil Moon
- Ghosts Of The Great Highway [Reissue/2003] 2xLP (Rough Trade US)
One time only vinyl re-press of Sun Kil Moon's 2003 cult classic. Virtuously stoic Americana - all shimmery guitars, measured tempos, malevolent moods, and wandering melodies. His voice sounds like Neil Young's, especially in the effortlessness with which he hits the high notes then returns to a lower, earthier texture.

– Live At The Filmore [Reissue/1995] 2xLP (Nuclear Blast)
Testament – Demonic [Reissue/1997] LP (Nuclear Blast)
Testament – The Gathering [Reissue/1999] LP (Nuclear Blast)
Testament – First Strike Still Deadly [Reissue/2001] LP+MP3 (Nuclear Blast)
Testament – Live At Eindhoven [Reissue 2009] LP (Nuclear Blast)
Limited 140g colored vinyl LP pressings housed in a gatefold sleeves.

>Various Artists
– Jazz For Hi-Fi Lovers [Reissue/1956] LP (Modern Harmonic)
Colored vinyl reissue of a smart set of fine beat-era jazz.

>Voodoo Glow Skulls
– Band Geek Mafia [Reissue/1998] LP+MP3 (Epitaph)
Limited orange colored vinyl LP pressing of a fan favorite from the Riverside, CA ska punk band.

>Walking Papers
– WP2 2xLP (Loud & Proud)
Recently released on CD – now available on 180gm vinyl. Walking Papers’ music is instantly familiar, yet profoundly forward-thinking, blending impactful singer/songwriting, ‘90s alternative and classic rock into a transcendent amalgam of breathtaking sounds and melodies. Featuring Jefferson Angell (The Missionary Position), Benjamin Anderson (The Missionary Position), Duff McKagan (Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver), and Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees, Mad Season), the band unleashes their moody and carnal second album
>‘Little’ Roy Wiggins
- The Fabulous Steel Guitar Artistry Of 'Little' Roy Wiggins [Reissue/1964] LP (Modern Harmonic)
Pedal steel virtuoso ‘Little’ Roy Wiggins presents a collection of Hawaiian-themed instrumentals, showcasing his tone, touch and approach in the guise of a tour through the islands, circa 1964. Mastered from the original analog mono reels and pressed on colored vinyl.
released 09 february 2018
>CDs + Vinyl:
The Atlas Moth – Coma Noir CD/LP (Prosthetic)
While 2014's
The Old Believer saw The Atlas Moth gaze off into psychedelic realms throughout the album, new album Coma Noir is packed tightly with riffs and hooks. It's the bands most rocking album by far, though it's far from being a rock album.
>Wade Bowen
– Solid Ground CD (Thirty Tigers)
Waco native Wade Bowen began recording
Solid Ground intent on making the artistic statement of his career - a high bar considering the twenty years of success he's enjoyed - but as his personal odometer rolled over into his fourth decade, his focus is more on legacy than next Saturday night. Solid Ground is personal but not necessarily autobiographical, peppered with distinct south-of-the-border imagery and good-time revelry.
– Me, Again CD/LP (Danger Collective)
BOYO is the pseudonym of 20-year-old singer-songwriter Robert Tilden. Tilden's been kicking around the L.A. DIY scene since he was 16 years old, spending the better part of it fronting the garage band Bobby T. and the Slackers. Me, Again, the follow up to his debut Control, taps into his sense of vulnerability, taking on themes of isolation, addiction, and regret. The album is a jagged collection of garage rock and soft DIY indie and noisey pop music, channeling everyone from Ty Segall to Elliot Smith to Deerhunter.

>Calibro 35
– Decade CD/LP (Record Kicks)
The sixth studio album form Italian super cult combo.
Decade marks 10 years of Calibro 35's first release and it's the very first album recorded by Calibro with an orchestral-inspired enlarged line-up that features horns, strings and various percussion instruments.
>Dashboard Confessional
– Crooked Shadows CD/LP+MP3 (Fueled By Ramen)
The first album in over eight years from the alt-rock band.
Crooked Shadows was produced by band leader Chris Carrabba alongside Jonathan Clark and co-producer Colin Brittain. Includes the single “We Fight.” Carrabba says, “When I wrote ‘We Fight’ I thought it was just about the music scene that I came up in - a place where people who'd never quite fit in anywhere felt they actually belonged. When we began playing the song live on our summer tour, I realized that ‘We Fight’ held a much broader meaning. It's a song for people who, in spite of their differences, can find common ground in their convictions and foster those into something bigger than themselves. That, to me is something worth fighting for.”
>Mark Deutrom
– The Silent Treatment [Reissue/2000] CD/2xLP (Season Of Mist)
CD and first-time vinyl (re)issue of the solo debut from the renowned ex-Melvins member Mark Deutrom. The album's wild and quirky rock grooves tread the slow 'n' low ground Deutrom helped break with the eccentric trio, loosing hot and heavy ear worms that feel like old friends.

>Alela Diane
– Cusp CD/LP (Alela Diane)
Cusp was written in January 2016 in a small cabin deep within snowy woods where Alela resided during a three-week artist residency at Caldera, Oregan, alone for the first time since becoming a mother. A broken thumbnail resulted in Alela's signature finger-plucking being replaced by songwriting on a grand piano, resulting in the most piano driven album of her career, fueled by that energy that only comes with facing and falling in love with something new. Cusp explores the weight and beauty of creating life, with Alela refusing to stray from her perspective as a mother and woman.
>The Dwarves
– Take Back The Night CD/LP/Cassette (Burger)
Teen pop whiz kid Andy Now mans the boards for the
Take Back The Night LP as the Dwarves embrace their 'turd in the punchbowl of punk' legacy. Old school vets like Vadge Moore and Saltpeter, studio pros like Nick Oliveri and Josh Freese and flat out demented scallywags like the Fresh Prince of Darkness join Hewhocannotbenamed for a spectacular and genuinely creepy record.
– Vaitojimas CD/LP (Season Of Mist)
The Lithuanian quartet mine the veins of the genre-smashing metallic noisecore of the late ‘90s, and filter those influences through an especially hostile attack. Dense slabs of noise-laden riffs churn feelings of unease, while hostile vocals punctuate their score to the dystopian world crashing down. A dark and virulent strain of negative hardcore.

>Brian Fallon
– Sleepwalkers CD/LPxLP (Island)
Sophomore solo album from the singer and guitarist of The Gaslight Anthem and The Horrible Crowes.

>Fight The Fight
– Fight The Fight CD/LP (Metal Blade)
Fight The Fight's debut record is young, fresh and bursting with energy. Just as you would expect from a debut record of a band that has been buzzing around the Norwegian underground for several years. It is a mature, well-composed rock/metal grenade with immediately memorable hooks, catchphrases and choruses.

>Franz Ferdinand
– Always Ascending CD/LP+MP3 (Domino)
Franz Ferdinand’s new album shows the Scottish quintet broadening their palate, as exuberant as it is euphoric, creating a sound that singer, Alex Kapranos, refers to as “simultaneously futuristic and naturalistic.” These are the louche tales of the Parisian night, the exhilaration of an Italian car racing down the autobahn; a feeling of euphoria so pure it could only exist on a knife's edge. As such, best to press play expecting nothing more than a good time. “I hope that when you listen to it you feel exhilarated,” Kapranos adds, “Until you fully absorb the lyrics.” [Limited deluxe pink colored vinyl pressing also available.]

>Ezra Furman
– Transangelic Exodus CD/LP (Bella Union)
Transangelic Exodus is a new landmark for singer-songwriter Ezra Furman. “Not a concept record, but almost a novel, or a cluster of stories on a theme, a combination of fiction and a half-true memoir,” according to its author. “A personal companion for a paranoid road trip. A queer outlaw saga.” The music is as much of an intense, dramatic event, full of brilliant hooks, with an equally evolved approach to recorded sound to match Furman's narrative vision. “The narrative thread,” Furman declares, “is I'm in love with an angel, and a government is after us, and we have to leave home because angels are illegal, as is harboring angels. The term ‘transangelic’ refers to the fact people become angels because they grow wings. The have an operation, and they're transformed. And it causes panic because some people think it's contagious, or it should just be outlawed. The album still works without the back story, though. What's essential is the mood – paranoid, authoritarian, the way certain people are stigmatized. It's a theme in American life right now, and other so-called democracies.”
>Melody Gardot
– Live In Europe 2xCD/3xLP (Verve)
After a serious car accident when she was 19, Melody Gardot used the experience as a springboard to musical success she might never have achieved otherwise. Gardot had played the piano before the accident, and a doctor suggested that she use music as a kind of recovery therapy. Since she couldn't sit comfortably at the piano, she picked up a guitar and now after several albums she is celebrating the international tour success of her career so far by brings us her first ever album of live recorded music.
Live In Europe presents live versions of her greatest hits recorded at concerts worldwide between 2012 & 2016.
>Good Tiger
– We Will All Be Gone CD/LP (Metal Blade)
Sophomore album from the band comprised of ex-Tesseract vocalist Elliot Coleman, ex-The Safety Fire guitarists Derya Nagle and Joaquin Ardiles, ex-The Faceless drummer Alex Rüdinger, and bassist Morgan Sinclair (who previously was the touring guitarist for Architects). Every track has a definitive character of its own, and none stay in a single gear, all of them dynamic and textured as they evoke various tones and moods. "Salt Of The Earth,” for instance, crashes to life with a chunky, timeless rock riff against a widescreen chorus of almost impossibly vast scale, which stylistically different and explores different feelings to those found on “Grip Shoes,” which mixes post-hardcore influence and the dreamiest of pop, or “Such A Kind Stranger,” which is as edgy as it is seductive. [Limited grey marbled colored vinyl pressing also available.]

>Jonny Greenwood
– Phantom Thread [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack}] CD (Nonesuch)
“Greenwood is a student who revels in homework. Like [Paul Thomas] Anderson during the early conception of a film, there is allowance for open channels of influence from sources of curiosity. For this tale, Anderson studied the lives, if not the styles, of famous fashion designers Cristóbal Balenciaga and Christian Dior and the obscure gothic fairytales of M. R. James and Beatrix Potter's
The Tailor of Gloucester. In coordination close and far, Greenwood absorbed the musical trends of the 1950s, gleaning from Nelson Riddle and the full string-section jazz arrangements of Ben Webster, as well as Glenn Gould's Bach recordings. The outcome rolls though accentuation of the haunting, beguiling and exhilarating, the delicate and intensifying, the fanciful and ominous, sewn with the discretion of a tailor to accompany the precise tone of every scene.” – Under The Radar [Vinyl edition due April 20.]
>Harms Way
– Posthuman CD/LP (Metal Blade)
Harms Way's metallic hardcore has won them fans on four continents with their reputation for delivering blistering sets. [Limited white colored vinyl pressing also available.]

>Chris Hillman
– The Asylum Years CD (Omnivore)
Chris Hillman co-founded some of the most classic, seminal, groundbreaking acts of the ’60s and ’70s including The Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Manassas, and The Souther-Hillman-Furay Band. But, in the mid- 1970s, Hillman decided it was time to try things on his own. 1976 brought
Slippin’ Away, the musical journeyman’s first solo release. It was a star-studded affair, featuring members of Booker T. & The M.G.’s, Poco, Buffalo Springfield, The Turtles, and ace studio musicians. Hillman took his place as front-man, and the results were the epitome of the classic ’70s L.A. sound. He returned the following year with Clear Sailin’, which saw him dial back the flashy supporting cast for a more traditional release—much like the iconic music he had created in his early years with The Byrds and Burritos. The Asylum Years presents both of these ’70s albums on one compact disc, featuring a new interview with Hillman.
>Hockey Dad
– Blend Inn CD/LP (Kanine)
Australian surf-rock duo Hockey Dad return with their sophomore record. Where their 2016 debut
Boronia celebrated the long days of summers past, of mates, the ocean and the sublime naivety of youth, Blend Inn is Billy Fleming and Zach Stephenson coming to us with more perspective following a year of relentless touring which took them far from the streets and waves of their hometown. The fast-paced, punk style of Billy's drums is executed in perfect synchronicity with Zach's jangly guitar, anthemic choruses and ever confident vocals to give life to their unmistakable and infectious brand of rock-pop.
>Holy Motors
– Slow Sundown CD/LP (Wharf Cat)
2017's equal parts somnambulant and sultry
Sleeprydr 7" was aptly described as “psychedelic rock that hits like a dream despite undoubtedly seeking to soundtrack nightmares” (Stereogum). Thankfully, Slow Sundown, Holy Motors' debut full length release, finds the Estonian dreamcatchers utilizing a similar sonic palette ranging from dark psychedelic pop to shoegaze-inflected western music.
– Cranberry CD (Double Double Whammy)
Based in Austin, Texas, Hovvdy (pronounced "howdy") is the writing and recording project of Charlie Martin and Will Taylor. The duo, both primarily drummers, first met in the fall of 2014 and quickly bonded over a love for quiet music. Hovvdy has found a unique identity in rhythmic, down-tempo pop songs that are hopeful, yet melancholy; relatable, yet distinguishable.

>Joan As Police Woman
– Damned Devotion CD/LP (PIAS America)
Already acknowledged as a thrilling live performer and starkly honest lyricist,
Damned Devotion finds Joan Wasser at her rawest. While her 2014 album The Classic was a soulful celebration of life and her 2011 album The Deep Field a lush moody expansion, this new release sees her stripping her compositions back to the core, the bare-all lyricism and timeless melodies harking back to her accolade-winning album To Survive (2008) and her universally acclaimed debut Real Life (2006). “My maxim is: if it feels scary to say it, it's the thing you must say,” Joan says. On Damned Devotion the thoughtful lyricism is married to Joan As Police Woman's most accessible music to date.
>Last Of The Easy Riders
– Unto Earth CD (Agitated)
From high in the Rocky Mountains, Last Of The Easy Riders descend with a new psych-infused country-rock long-player. While the Easy Riders' first outing, a self-titled EP from 2016, exhibited the band's kaleidoscope of trippy guitar sounds and production techniques, this debut full length unveils the band's earnest songwriting chops and knack for genuine Bakersfield-Sound country. The band certainly didn't abandon its lysergic-leanings, however: note the mind-warping title track, which also serves as the lead single. [Vinyl edition due February 23.]

>Legend Of The Seagullmen
– Legend Of The Seagullmen CD (Dine Alone)
Legend Of The Seagullmen is a genre-destroying supergroup featuring Danny Carey of Tool, Brent Hinds of Mastodon, director Jimmy Hayward (
Jonah Hex, Horton Hears A Who) on guitar, and Pete Griffin of Zappa Plays Zappa and Dethklok on bass, and a few other rippers. Joining forces to make cinematic psychedelic rock, The Seagullmen sing of shipwrecks and giant mutant squid, crafting conceptual rock ‘n’ roll hymns of epic proportions on their self-titled full-length debut. Engineered by Toshi Kasai (Melvins, Big Business) and mastered by Gavin Lurssen (Queens Of The Stone Age), Legend Of The Seagullmen sees the band unveil massive sonically pulverizing slabs that decimate expectations since Rolling Stone excitedly leaked two demos back in 2015. [Vinyl edition due March 2.]
– Little Dark Age CD/2xLP+MP3 (Sony)
Little Dark Age is the long awaited new album from MGMT. The album is produced by MGMT, Patrick Wimberly (Chairlift, Kelela, Blood Orange), and long-time collaborator Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Spoon, Tame Impala). MGMT recorded Little Dark Age at Tarbox Road Studios in Cassadaga, NY. The new album includes the previously released title song “Little Dark Age,” and the tracks “When You Die” and “Hand It Over.”
>The Monochrome Set
– 1979-1985: Complete Recordings 6xCD/6xLP+6xCD (Tapete)
The Monochrome Set – Maisieworld CD/LP+CD (Tapete)
Emerging at the end of punk era, The Monochrome Set's estrangement from society came from a artier angle. This boxset is the full account of their frantically productive early period, the perfect document of an under-appreciated chapter of British pop history. Though widely unknown, they are one of the most influential British bands of the last 40 years, with the early Morrissey and Marr, Blur's Graham Coxon, and Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos among their admirers. Though Ganesh Seshadri, aka Bid, never went to college, The Monochrome Set are often seen as an archetypal art school band. In 1979 they released a string of snappy, now highly collectible singles on Rough Trade, followed by early masterpieces
Strange Boutique (1980) and Love Zombies (1980). In 1982 they released their third LP Eligible Bachelors on Cherry Red Records. Their major label effort The Lost Weekend (1985) contained their biggest hit “Jacob's Ladder”. Maisieworld is the group’s new album, “distilled from the pungent flowers of artistic mischief and represents the acme of sonic consummation.”
>Mythic Sunship
– Upheaval CD/LP (El Paraiso)
On their third album, Mythic Sunship take their deepest dive yet. Their own brand of wobbly boogie doom reaches new dimension of pure Sabbath-like proportions. It's a culmination and refinement of their idea: the ethos of free jazz in a doom setting.

>Old Tower
– Stellary Wisdom CD (Profound Lore)
Old Tower is the creation of a mysterious entity from The Netherlands known as The Specter who, through the vessel of this moniker, creates alluring yet meditative otherworldly synth music that transports the listener to a long-forgotten age of memory's past.
– Rock Island CD/LP+MP3 (Carpark)
On their second LP, Palm produces evidence of a distinct musical language, developed over time, in isolation, and out of necessity. On the island, melodies are struck on what might be shells or spines. Rhythms are scratched out, swept over, scratched again. Individual instruments, and sometimes entire sections, skip and stutter. There is the sense of a music box with wonky tension or a warped transmission in which all the noise is taken for signal. Despite appearing behind the instruments typical of rock music, Palm trades in sounds of their own making. The percussion is sometimes augmented to suggest a multiplication of limbs. The strings are manipulated to choke, crack, and hum like other instruments, or other bodies, might. This is music with dimensionality. Sonic objects are deployed, developed, and dissected in various states of mutation. The listener flits about between the field and the lab. The tone is warm in a way only the sun could make, the pace as forceful and as variable as a gale. [Limited colored vinyl pressing also available.]

>Ben Paterson
– That Old Feeling CD (Cellar Live)
Pianist/vocalist Ben Paterson continues the tradition of bouncy, infectious swing established by the drummerless trios of Nat 'King' Cole and Oscar Peterson, drawing upon his musical experiences in both Chicago and New York to deliver a soulful and engaging recording. Joined by longtime Benny Goodman guitarist Chris Flory and powerhouse bassist George Delancey, Ben's trio mixes sophisticated improvisation with heavy doses of the blues, ranging from well-known Jazz standards to more recent popular songs.

>Richard Pinhas
– Rhizosphere [Reissue/1977] CD/LP (Bureau B)
Richard Pinhas is one of the most important French electronic space rock musicians. Following five albums with his band Heldon, he released his first solo record in 1977. Backed by Heldon's congenial drummer François Auger but no longer bound by the group dynamic, he explores his freshly purchased Moog modular system in search of new sounds.

>Brigid Mae Power
– The Two Worlds CD/LP (Tompkins Square)
Second album by Irish singer-songwriter. Her self-titled debut, released in 2016, received wide praise from Uncut (9/10, “Masterpiece”), Mojo (4 stars), The Guardian (4 stars), Irish Times (4 stars) and was featured on NPR World Cafe, as well as several BBC programs.

>Psychic TV
– Kondole/Dead Cat 2xCD+DVD (Cold Spring)
A double CD and DVD collection. The rare film features: Derek Jarman, Andrew Tiernan -
The Pianist (2002), 300 (2006), The Bunker (2001), Derek Jarman's Edward II (1991) - and Genesis P-Orridge (Psychic TV, Throbbing Gristle). The CD reissue of 1989’s Kondole features the complete, long version of “Dead Cat”. The second CD contains three tracks.
– Live In Australia 80 CD (Rox Vox)
The Ramones, live at the Capitol Theatre, Sydney, Australia on July 8th, 1980. The Ramones paid their first visit to Australia in mid- 1980, during their tour in support of the Phil Spector-produced
End Of The Century album (1979). This typically raucous, high-energy show at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney captures them on peak form as they tear through a selection of classics. Originally broadcast on JJJ-FM radio, the full broadcast is presented here, together with background notes and images.
– High Desert Lows CD/LP (Shrimper)
Refrigerator’s eleventh full length record was recorded over a week in Omaha, Nebraska. Produced by Simon Joyner (who plays and sings on many of the songs on the record, along with members of his Ghosts band),
High Desert Lows calls out to the more pastoral sounds of their Comedy Minus One album, with viola, cello, vibes, slide guitar and Wurlitzer dotting the edges of nearly every song, a stark contrast to the loud squall of preceding record Temple City.
>Max Richter – Hostiles: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD (Deutsche Grammophon)
The latest film score by the award-winning composer evokes with beauty and restraint the wild landscapes of a world in which individuals collide with forces beyond their control.
Hostiles is set in the American West of the early 1890s, when the Second Industrial Revolution was fast changing society and the native population had finally been defeated after decades of war with the US Army. Echoing the compelling human drama of the film, the score for this period Western, performed by the Air Lyndhurst Orchestra, combines the haunting stillness and elegiac beauty of Richter's Waltz with Bashir score with the noir-like intensity of his recent soundtrack for the BBC TV series Taboo. [Vinyl edition due March 23.]
>Curtis Roush
– Cosmic Campfire Music CD/LP (Modern Outsider)
Fusing bedroom soul with the ambient expanses of shoegaze, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Curtis Roush explores love and loss away from the purview of his psych-rock band The Bright Light Social Hour.

>Ruby Boots
– Don’t Talk About It CD/LP+MP3 (Bloodshot)
Don't Talk About It charts a drifter's odyssey, tattered passport in hand. Behind her commanding and versatile voice, sharp guitar playing, and adept songwriting, Ruby Boots confidently maneuvers past the whirlwinds life has tossed on her occasionally lost highway. It's an album of hope, breakthrough, and handling the unknown challenges around the next bend. Echoes of first wave UK power pop and jangly punk intersect with the every (wo)man indie and pop-inflected muscle of Best Coast. Classic rock touchstones from T. Rex to the girl-group-wall-of-sound to personal hero Tom Petty meld with a weary poet's eye recalling Hope Sandoval.
– Triumph Of Piracy CD (Napalm)
New album from the pirate metal band. Bustling pagan metal-riffing mixed with exotic ancient instrumentation.

>Nina Simone
- Mood Indigo: The Complete Bethlehem Singles CD/LP+7” (Bethlehem)
A carefully curated collection that gathers remastered editions of twelve of Simone's classic early Bethlehem singles. [Vinyl edition includes a bonus 7" vinyl replica of her 1959 hit “I Loves You, Porgy” b/w “Love Me or Leave Me.”

>Social Club Misfits
– Into The Night CD (Social Club)
With 13 tracks, and several special features from artists such as Danny Gokey, Jordin Sparks and Tauren Wells,
Into The Night picks up right where the hip-hop duo's last release, The Misadventures Of Fern And Marty, left off. Fans can expect the innovative beats and witty rhymes that the Misfits have become known for.
>The Soft Moon
– Criminal CD/LP (Sacred Bones)
The Soft Moon's fourth studio album, is a confessional work. Through the stark lens of shame and guilt that has followed Luis Vasquez since a violent childhood growing up within the humming ambient sprawl of ‘80s Mojave Desert, here he documents the gut-wrenching sound of going to war with himself. Battling with his own sanity, self-hatred, insecurity, self-entitlement and grappling with the risk of these things transforming him into a person he despises, Vasquez has laid his feelings bare on
Criminal: his confessional and most self-reflective work to date. Working with producer Maurizio Baggio at La Distilleria in Bassano Del Grappa, Italy, Criminal sees Vasquez putting his lyrics at the forefront and letting his raw emotions flow. The album begins with a confrontation with his true self through the torrid bass lines and searing vocals of “Burn,” a song evoking a loss of control akin to demonic possession, stating: “Eyes, reflecting the person that I am, and it burns.” In this track, Vasquez's guilt bores deeper and deeper into a condemnation that ultimately is: “Fire, hell is where I'll go to live, so I burn.”
>Susanna Sonata
– Go Dig My Grave CD/LP (Susanna Sonata)
A unique project between Susanna Sonata, Swiss baroque harp player Giovanna Pessi, accordion player Ida Hidle and fiddle player and folk singer Tuva Syvertsen. The quartet have reworked ten eclectic songs from seemingly disparate worlds and brought them together on this album of sympathetic and beautiful interpretations. They lend their talents to traditional English and American folk songs - numbers by Purcell, Elizabeth Cotten, Joy Division and Lou Reed, as well a new composition by Susanna written to a poem from Charles Baudelaire's once banned
Flowers of Evil.
– 50 Shades Freed [OST] CD (Republic)
Original soundtrack to third and final installment of the
Fifty Shades trilogy.
– Black Panther: The Album CD (Interscope)
Soundtrack for the 18th movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Features tracks by Kendrick Lamar, Kendrick Lamar & SZA, ScHoolboy Q, 2 Chainz & Saudi, Khalid & Swae Lee, Vince Staples & Yugen Blackrock, Jorja Smith, SOB x RBE, Soul, Anderson .Paak & James Blake, Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future & James Blake, Zacari, Zacari & Babes Wodumo, Mozzy, Sjava & Reason, Kendrick Lamar & Travis Scott, and The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar.

>John Tejada
– Dead Start Program CD/2xLP+MP3 (Kompakt)
The Los Angeles based house and techno producer returns to Cologne-based imprint Kompakt with his thirteenth full-length - an eleven-track journey spanning a prismatic array of styles and patterns, from John's signature soulful techno tunes to the further mazy, hypnotic motifs of his trancey electro hybrids.

– 40 Trips Around The Sun CD/2xLP (Sony Legacy)
This 17-track best-of album from the AOR rock maestros features three previously unreleased recordings – “Spanish Sea”, “Alone”, and "Struck By Lightning" - alongside newly remastered classic tracks worked on by Elliot Scheiner and Gavin Lurssen and his team. The core Toto members - Steve Lukather, David Paich, Steve Porcaro, Joseph Williams - re-entered the studio earlier this year to work on this release.

>Trés Oui
– Poised To Flourish CD/LP (Shrimper)
On their debut record, Trés Oui further defines their brand of stately pop music that wouldn’t be out of place on Postcard or Factory Records—that doesn’t make them a backward-looking nostalgia act. Check out the envelopes of noise that peer out from the corners of “Song 4 U,” the King Tubby-dub underlining “Alex To The Right,” and the horns that accentuate the ennui of “One Track” to hear the band pushing the boundaries of dream pop.

>Steve Tyrell
– A Song For You CD (Arts Music)
New release from the acclaimed vocalist.
A Song For You knits together classic songwriting of the rock era with classic songwriting of the standards era.
>Various Artists
– Tani Disco: Rumba & Flamenco Boogie 1976-1979 CD/LP (Pharaway Sounds)
Various Artists – Rumbita Buena: Rumba Funk & Flamenco Pop CD/LP (Pharaway Sounds)
Tani Disco: Rumba & Flamenco Boogie 1976-1979 features 12 disco-rumba-flamenco-boogie
bombs, a time machine to the Spanish boîtes and discotheques of the late '70s and the perfect soundtrack to an imaginary "Kinki" cinema soundtrack. From the archives of the legendary Belter and Discophon labels, essential to understand the birth of the Catalan rumba and flamenco-pop genre in Spain,
Rumba Funk & Flamenco Pop features 14 dance-friendly tracks taken from overlooked LPs and 45s.
>Various Artists
– Stax Singles Volume 4: Rarities & The Best Of The Rest 6xCD (Craft)
The newest edition to the
Complete Stax/Volt Soul Singles collection of box sets, Volume 4 delves deep into the Stax archives, offering rare singles and B-sides, spanning the heyday of the Memphis label, from the early ‘60s through the mid- ‘70s. Includes a cross-section of music from all of Stax's associated imprints, including: Truth, Chalice, Enterprise, Hip and Ardent, offering not just soul tracks, but also gospel, country, rock and blues.
>Various Artists
– We Out Here CD/2xLP (Brownswood)
Of a few of the songs on this compilation: Nodding to spiritual jazz influences, Maisha's “Inside The Acorn” is a wandering, explorative rumination, balancing delicate washes of piano and percussion with sharp interplay between flute and bass clarinet. In contrast, Nubya Garcia's “Once” is taut and carefully-poised, her tenor sax guiding a carefully-built energy to an explosive conclusion. And finally, Triforce's “Walls” is a performance in two parts: starting with Mansur Brown's languorous, lyrical guitar, the second half switches up to a low-slung, g-funk-tipped groove.

>Will Varley
– Spirit Of Minnie CD/LP (Xtra Mile)
Following 2016's much praised
Kingsdown Sundown and a sold-out show at London's Union Chapel, Spirit Of Minnie marks a distinct change of direction for the singer/songwriter, being the first time he has recorded with a full backing band. Counting the likes of Billy Bragg, Valerie June and Frank Turner as his fans, and with tours scheduled across Europe and America, the young songwriter from Deal seems poised for a huge 2018.
– Conqueror’s Oath CD (Metal Blade)
Standing in staunch opposition to any presumptuous notion of ‘reinventing the wheel' or ‘redefining the genre', Visigoth instead dedicate themselves to worshipping at the ageless altars of heavy metal with a singular focus on writing music inspired by their favorite records. Whether whipped into a frenzy ignited by classic USPM or NWOBHM anthems, or pensively meditating on traditional epic heavy metal or weighty doom-inspired moments, these Salt City hessians wear their influences proudly on their sleeves. [Vinyl edition due March 9.]

>Voodoo Circle
– Raised On Rock CD/LP (AFM)
If you consider the songs on Voodoo Circle's album
Raised On Rock to be an indicator of the current emotional condition their most important protagonists find themselves in, there seems to be no reason to worry about band founder, guitarist and main composer Alex Beyrodt in particular. Thanks to Beyrodt's excellent songwriting - as usual inspired by renowned sources such as Whitesnake, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix - and his outstanding guitar performance which brings to mind icons from Ritchie Blackmore through Jimmy Page to John Sykes, this recording oozes pure, unadulterated fervor. [Limited red colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>Doc Watson
– Live At Club 47 CD (Yep Roc)
“This performance predates Watson's breakthrough gig at the 1963 Newport Folk Festival and occurred before his debut solo album on Vanguard Records in 1964. Watson talks to the crowd and seems willing to change his set to please individual requests, but one suspects he's a professional doing what he wants and just pretends to be amenable to get the audience's applause. He has a lively conversational style that charms. His between-song patter and introductions to the material reveal he's not above telling tall tales mixed with the truth to keep listeners attentive. [
Live At Club 47] is a welcome addition to the musician's legacy.” – PopMatters [Vinyl edition due April 27.]
>Wild Child
– Expectations CD/LP (Dualtone)
Wild Child stretched their songwriting abilities on
Expectations to both reflect and expand further upon their unique sound, and the album expertly rides the wave of genres that flows between beautifully sentimental acoustic to loud, distorted rock and back again. The band enlisted the help of several heavy-hitting producers including Chris Walla (formerly of Death Cab for Cutie), Matthew Logan Vasquez (Delta Spirit), Chris Boosahda (Shakey Graves), Scott McMicken (Dr. Dog), Adrian Quesada (Grupo Fantasma), and Max Frost.
>Wishbone Ash
– Two Barrels Burning [Reissue/1982] CD/LP (Cherry Red)
Wishbone Ash – Raw To The Bone [Reissue/1985] CD/LP (Cherry Red)
Reissues of the 12
th and 13th albums by the veteran British rockers. [Limited edition vinyl picture disc pressings also available.]
>The Wombats
– Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life CD/LP (The Wombats)
Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life sees The Wombats continuing to assert themselves as currently one of the bigger and best guitar pop bands. Written from three corners of the globe - drummer Dan Haggis in London, bassist Tord Øverland Knudsen nursing his new family in Oslo and frontman Murph in Los Angeles – the album was created over long distance writing sessions, supplemented by intense two-week in-person sessions in Oslo. With the addition of producers Mark Crew (Bastille, Rag'n'Bone Man) and Catherine Marks (Wolf Alice), Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life finds The Wombats pushing the boundaries of alt-pop innovation with a lush, ultramodern indie soundscape wrapped in Blade Runner synths, future grooves, celestial solos and space age melodies. [Limited clear vinyl pressing also available.]
>James Zabiela
– Balance 029 CD (Balance)
James Zabiela enters the fold of Balance's compilation selectors. His unfeasibly intricate approach to DJing shines through on this sprawling two-parter, created through a back-and-forth process between his Pioneer DDJ-RZ and Ableton and featuring two exclusive new productions from the man himself.

This Week’s Vinyl Exclusives:
>The Acid
– The Bomb: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP (Infectious Music)
Hailed by critics,
The Bomb is an experimental, music-driven film that looks at the strange and compelling world of nuclear weapons. The film had its UK premiere at the Shangri-La area of 2017's Glastonbury Festival and was shown as an installation on massive 360-degree screens that completely surrounded the audience, while The Acid played the soundtrack live. In the absence of a traditional narrative, the soundtrack plays a central role in the film, helping to provide an emotional response that rises and falls like a great DJ set. Despite the somber subject matter, the music composed by The Acid has moments of haunting beauty.
– The Untamed Wilderness LP (Lifeforce)
Listening to melodic death act Aetherian for the first time makes you think the band would come from Finland or Sweden, but the trio in fact is from the sunny shores of Greece. Even with a Southern heritage and much more Vitamin D in their veins the band from Athens share the same melancholic genes as their "competitors" from the upper North.

>Alessandro Alessandroni
– Romance & Drama LP (Transversales Disque)
Vinyl reissue of an essential LP by Italian pioneer and Ennio Morricone cohort, originally released on Munich based experimental, progressive library label Coloursound.
Romance & Drama showcases Alessandroni at his best: very refined Italian cinematic sound, tense 12-string guitar themes, synth sequences, beautiful sound of chamber classical music mixed with psych choir.
>The And Band
– Outhern LP (Spacecase)
The And Band was the continuation of Wellington, New Zealand’s late ‘70s DIY pioneers The Spies, who received a posthumous release (
The Battle of Bosworth Terrace) on Siltbreeze in 2014. Renamed The And Band after moving to Christchurch, the group wound down sometime around 1982, but not before influencing local musicians and releasing an incredibly rare split 7” EP (with the Perfect Strangers) and this LP—originally available on cassette only. Outhern features George D. Henderson, who would later go on to form the Puddle (Flying Nun), and should appeal to fans of early Red Krayola and The Godz.
>Arcade Fire
– Creature Comfort 12” (Sony)
Limited 180gm white 12” vinyl pressing of this single taken from the album
Everything Now. Includes "Comfort My Sleng Teng" (Geoff Barrow Mix/12" Vinyl Version).
>Chet Baker
– Chet Baker Sings [Reissue/1954] LP (Wax Love)
Vinyl reissue of a landmark of west coast cool jazz.

>The Beach Boys
– Surfin’ Safari [Reissue/1961] LP (Wax Love)
Vinyl reissue of The Beach Boys’ 1962 debut.

>Jaap Blonk & Terrie Ex
– Thirsty Ears LP (Terp)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Jaap Blonk is a Dutch avant-garde composer and sound poet. He is primarily self-taught, both as a sound artist and as a visual/stage performer. One of his early influences was Kurt Schwitters, whose Ursonate he first heard in 1979; he memorized the entire work, and it became one of the cornerstones of his repertory; he has recited portions of the piece hundreds of times in various public places. His performances of sound poetry are unique and world renowned, making use of words and phonetic snippets as well as clicks, hisses, and other vocal manipulations. He hooked up with The Ex guitarist Terrie Ex in 2006 and they did several gigs after that. In 2012 The Ex brought Blonk over to Ethiopia for a special sound poetry project. This combination,
Thirsty Ears, is an adventure in improvising sound and poetry; electronics, guitar and vocals.
>Victor Assis Brasil
– Esperanto [Reissue/1976] LP (Far Out)
A singular gem in Brazilian music, difficult to categorize, yet compellingly beautiful.

>Bronze Radio Return
– Shake! Shake! Shake! [2016] LP (DigSin)
Bronze Radio Return are a 6-piece band from Hartford, CT. Their second album,
Shake! Shake! Shake!, is now available for the first time on vinyl.
>Bruce Brubaker
– Codex LP (Infine)
Codex, American pianist Bruce Brubaker sets up a clash (or a discussion) between Terry Rileys Keyboard Study No. 2 (1965) and the Codex Faenza, a 15th century manuscript considered to be one of the very first collections of keyboard music. By putting forth the work of the performer/creator above that of the composer, this back-and forth takes the listener on a journey that is at once timeless and eminently current.
>Jimmy Buffett
– Buried Treasure: Volume 1 2xLP (Mailboat)
When legendary Nashville producer Buzz Cason sold his recording studio to John and Martina McBride, they found a sizable collection of ¼-inch tapes that were the demos of songs Jimmy had written and recorded for Buzz when he was writing for his publishing company. It turned out that there were over 125 songs in that pile of tape boxes. Also discovered were the original first recordings Travis Turk had engineered in Mobile, and that is where the whole story of Buried Treasure starts - with - a very special collection of unreleased songs recorded in 1969.

>Johnny Cash
– With His Blue Guitar [Reissue/1957] LP (Wax Love)
Vinyl reissue of Johnny Cash’s debut album.

>Ray Charles
– Ray Charles [Reissue/1957] LP (Wax Love)
Vinyl reissue of vinyl of Ray Charles’ debut album.

>Eddie Cochran
– Early & Rare Eddie LP (Wax Love)
This compilation includes some of his biggest hits as well as numerous B-side rarities, showcasing the breadth and depth of this legendary early rock and roller.

>Dr. John
– Professor Bizarre’s Funknology 2xLP (Run Out Groove Vinyl)
Deluxe individually numbered double 180gm vinyl LP pressing housed in a gatefold tip-on Stoughton sleeve. This collection includes an LP of the best Atco tracks and an additional LP of unreleased demos recorded by Dr. John between the years 1968-1974, all previously unavailable on any format.

>Bill Evans Trio
– Bill Evans At Town Hall Volume One [Reissue/1966] LP (Audio Fidelity)
180gm vinyl reissue of a beautifully-crafted live trio classic that showcases the jazz pianist at the peak of his powers.

>David Fair
– Ballets (Dance Like This) 3xLP (Feeding Tube)
The long-lost solo debut by David Fair (half of the original Half Japanese). Made up of six side-long loops, the record is hypnotic and beautiful.

>Mark Fox
– Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Shocking Truth [OST] LP (Pure Destruction)
Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. The album features the original soundtrack from
The Shocking Truth documentary and a few selected songs from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974 motion picture. This is the closest we can get to an OST of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre because there are no masters for the tracks composed and recorded by Tobe Hooper and Wayne Bell.
>Gary War
– Gaz Forth LP (Feeding Tube)
High bore post-garage freakery of the largest available gauge.

>John Lee Hooker
– The Great John Lee Hooker [Reissue/1963] LP (Wax Love)
This classic LP collects some of his finest singles from 1948-1954, raw and powerful stuff that is as important as any from Hooker's entire career.

>Lightnin’ Hopkins
– Lightnin’ Hopkins [Reissue/1959] LP (Wax Love)
Vinyl reissue of a quintessential acoustic blues album.

>In This Moment
– Blood [Reissue/2012] LP (Century Media)
Limited colored vinyl LP pressing of the heavy metal band’s fourth studio album.

>Insects vs Robots
– Theyllkillyaa LP (ORG Music)
Genre-mashing, convention-defying band Insects vs Robots once again sails over its own high bar with an album that defies convention and demands attention.
TheyllKillYaa takes seemingly incompatible elements, from bitter social commentary to neo-slapstick humor to smatterings of ancient Danish folk music, crams it all into the blender built from their collective imagination, hits go and pours out a stiff shot of music.
>Jóhann Jóhannsson
– The Mercy 2xLP (Deutsche Grammophon)
Released last week on CD – now available on vinyl. From Academy Award-winning director James Marsh (The
Theory of Everything, Man of Wire) comes The Mercy, a tale of yachtsman Donald Crowhurst (Colin Firth)'s disastrous attempt to win the 1968 Golden Globe Race that results in his outrageous account of traveling the world alone by sea. The soundtrack for The Mercy features music by veteran Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson.
>Konami Kukeiha Club
– Kid Dracula [OST] 10” (Ship To Shore)
Second release in the Konami Kukeiha Club Museum Series is the soundtrack to the 1990 Famicom release
Kid Dracula. Limited ten inch colored vinyl pressing.
>Lacuna Coil
– Karmacode [Reissue/2006] LP (Century Media)
Limited vinyl reissue of the fourth studio album from Italian gothic metal band.

>Eric Neveux
– Zombillenium [OST] LP (Silva Screen)
Based on the French graphic novel of the same name,
Zombillenium is an animated film by Arthur de Pins and Alexis Ducord released in October 2017 after premiering at the Cannes Film Festival earlier in the year. French composer Eric Neveux has scored over 55 and put out an album under the name Mr. Neveux.
>Plan B (Joe McPhee/James Keepnews/David Berger)
– From Outer Space LP+MP3 (Roaratorio)
At age 78, Joe McPhee shows no sign of slowing down. Plan B is the master improviser's new trio, with James Keepnews on guitar and laptop and David Berger on drums. A soundtrack to a science fiction movie existing only in their heads,
From Outer Space finds McPhee and company envisioning the first encounter between alien life and a delegation of earthlings (while giving a nod to jazz's original man from another planet, Sun Ra, with a side-long suite dedicated to him). It's quite unlike anything else in McPhee's vast discography.
>Joe Meek
– Hits From 304 Holloway Road LP (Wax Love)
A collection of 18 of Meek's finest early '60s pop productions.

>The Offspring
– The Offspring [Reissue/1989] LP (Craft Recordings)
Vinyl reissue of the debut studio album by the punk rock band.

– The Seven Deadly Sins [Reissue/1969] LP (Sagara)
A true lost gem of the '60s,
The Seven Deadly Sins could be viewed as a simple cash-in on the success of Jesus Christ Superstar if it weren't for the fact that this LP is deeper and rocks harder. With wild fuzz guitar, string interludes, an entire choir, piano, organ, and a song cycle structured like a Catholic mass, the group Plus made this one overlooked classic (with the assistance of ex-Yardbirds bassist/producer, Simon Napier-Bell) and then disappeared into the night. Essential for any fan of '60s psych/prog and concept albums in general. Die-cut gatefold LP.
– Leave Home [Reissue/1976] LP (Rhino)
Ramones – Leave Home [Reissue/1977] LP (Rhino)
Ramones – Rocket To Russia [Reissue/1977] LP (Rhino)
Ramones ‎– Live At The Roxy August 12, 1976 [Reissue/1978] LP (Rhino)
Limited 180gm vinyl reissues of the Ramones first three LPs and a live album recorded in ’76.

>Hama Sankaré
- Ballébé - Calling All Africans LP (Clermont Music)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Alpha Ousmane "Hama" Sankaré (aka Pedro) is a legend. He has anchored the bands of many great artists of Mali: Ali Farka Toure, Afel Bocoum, le Troupe Regionale de Niafunké, l'Orchestre de Gao, Songhoy Allstars, and Mamadou Kelly's BanKaiNa, and he can be heard on many of the seminal recordings of Mali's music. He is the master of contemporary calabash percussion and defined it's the playing style.

>Shovels & Rope
– Busted Jukebox Volume 2 LP (New West)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. The second installment of the collaborative effort between the critically acclaimed duo and some of their favorite musicians and friends.
Busted Jukebox: Volume 2 again finds the band covering well-known songs or tracks they have either performed or arranged with other artists in the past. Features collaborations with Brandi Carlile, John Moreland, Hayes Carll, Nicole Atkins, Rhett Miller and more. 180gm colored vinyl pressing.
– Against The Glass [Reissue/1985] LP (Artoffact)
It is almost impossible to over-estimate the effect of Slow on Canadian music. Formed in the mid-‘80s in Vancouver, and releasing only one album and one 7” on Zulu Records, the band has consistently been called one of the most influential punk rock bands in Canada and forerunners of the Seattle grunge scene. Not bad for a band that recorded only eight songs. Second pressing on red vinyl.

>Social Unrest
– Rat In A Maze [Reissue/1982] LP (New Red Archives)
Special limited white vinyl LP pressing of the classic 1982 EP from the Bay Area hardcore/thrash legends.

>Ringo Starr
– Ringo [Reissue/1973] 2xLP (Capitol)
Ringo Starr – Goodnight Vienna [Reissue/1974] LP (Capitol)
Vinyl reissue of the third and fourth solo albums by the former Beatles drummer.
Ringo has been expanded with three bonus tracks. Goodnight Vienna followed the commercially successful predecessor Ringo, and Starr used many of the same players, including Billy Preston, Klaus Voormann, Robbie Robertson, Harry Nilsson, and producer Richard Perry.
>Suicide Silence
– No Time To Bleed [Reissue/2009] LP (Century Media)
Suicide Silence – The Black Crown [Reissue/2011] LP (Century Media)
Red colored vinyl reissues of the deathcore band’s second and third albums.

>Sun Ra
– Sun Embassy LP+MP3 (Roaratorio)
Consisting of recordings from Sun Studios (aka Ra's house in Philadelphia) from 1968-1969,
Sun Embassy features nine tracks: six compositions which have never been heard before in any form, plus fresh coats of paint on such 1950s classics as “Sunology” and “Ancient Aiethiopia”, and an early rendition of “Why Go To The Moon”.
>Terror Universal
– Make Them Bleed LP (Minus Head)
Recently released on CD – now available on limited white with red splatter colored vinyl. Like the musical equivalent of a slasher film, Terror Universal snap from moments of intense sonic bloodletting into menacing melodic mayhem before creeping back into the shadows to do it all over again.

>This Kind Of Punishment
– This Kind Of Punishment [Reissue/1983] LP (Superior Viaduct)
This Kind Of Punishment – A Beard Of Bees [Reissue/1984] LP (Superior Viaduct)
In the fertile terrain of New Zealand's 1980s post-punk scene, few figures loom as large as the Jefferies brothers. Graeme Jefferies and Peter Jefferies-the primary forces behind This Kind Of Punishment-wrote some of the best music to come out on Flying Nun, Xpressway or elsewhere. A dizzying mix of pastoral ballads and DIY experimentation, TKP's songwriting was at once classic and acutely raw.

>Twin Peaks
– Sweet ’17 Singles 12” (Grand Jury)
Throughout the second half of 2017, Chicago's Twin Peaks released a run of a half dozen limited-edition 7” singles the band affectionately dubbed Sweet '17. Only 300 copies of each 7” were made, and subscriptions sold out almost immediately. Due to popular demand, TwinPeaks have compiled all of the songs from the series onto this new 12”.

– New Plastic Ideas [Reissue/1994] LP (Numero)
An album Maximum Rock 'N' Roll deemed not punk enough to review, Unwound's 1994 sophomore effort was a lethal depth charge aimed at major label grunge and independent hardcore alike. From the off-kilter, vertiginous rhythm of “Entirely Different Matters” to the neck-snapping velocity of “What Was Wound” to the relentless pounding at the end of “All Souls Day,”
New Plastic Ideas is the Sonic Youth-loving older sister to Fake Train's post-punk-obsessed little brother.
>Various Artists
- America's Hardcore Compilation: Volume 4 LP (Triple B)
17 new and exclusive tracks from hardcore/punk/metal’s best bands. Each band also designed and submitted their own pages for a 20 page 12x12” insert booklet included with each record.

– Entertainment LP (Equal Vision)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Sophomore album from Houston, Texas-based pop-rock trio. Lead single "Blonde" features incredibly catchy verses and a chorus that will have you singing along. Limited colored vinyl pressing.

– Automatic Drawing LP (Dais)
New York City has had a long history of dance music fused with confrontational performance. Whether it came from within the late ‘70s no wave canon projected through venues like the Mudd Club or the downtown avant-garde galleries such as The Kitchen, the feeling that influences and infects Brooklyn-based duo Wetware’s overall being as a cohesive and confrontational unit is as much enigmatic as it is familiar.

>John Williams
– Jaws [Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] [Reissue/1975] 2xLP (Mondo)
Limited edition 180gm double colored vinyl pressing. John Williams' score to
Jaws is essential for soundtrack collectors.
>Chelsea Wolfe
– Live At Roadburn [Reissue/2012] LP (Outer Battery)
First time available in North America. This is an extremely limited edition repress. Featuring eight tracks from L.A.’s enigmatic folk doom-weaver, Chelsea Wolfe’s appearance at Roadburn was the buzzed about set of the festival. Limited edition pressing on blue vinyl.
released 02 february 2018
>CDs + Vinyl:
Bernard Allison – Let It Go CD (Ruf)
Let It Go was recorded at Bessie Blue Studio, Stantonville, Tennessee, with legendary music producer Jim Gaines. Recalls Bernard, "we made the decision to not flood the CD with keyboards or horns, to go back to the true basic rhythm section sound - and to show more mature songwriting."
>Fritz Ambro$e
– Doe Quarterz CD/Cassette (All City)
Fitz Ambro$e is a Tokyo based producer originally from Cape Breton Island in remote eastern Canada. With a slew of self-released cult classic albums and mix CDs he steps up with a 14-track mini LP rooted in Fitz's love of '80s soul and funk mixed with '90s hip-hop and R&B. Stripped down intricate hip-hop beats heavily layered with vocals, obscure samples and unpredictable drum progressions,
Doe Quarterz sees Fitz come with a uniquely modern sound respectful to its roots - melodic head nodding grooves busting with his original flavor.
– Here Come The Runts CD/LP (Red Bull)
AWOLNATION's third undertaking sees Aaron Bruno once again at the helm producing, writing and recording. "With this record I really wanted to make a rock ‘n' roll/pop album." says Bruno. "And I say ‘pop' how I grew up listening to it, in the sense of Dire Straits or
Born In The U.S.A. or The Cars or Tom Petty."
>Bardo Pond
– Volume 8 CD/LP+MP3 (Fire)
Volume 8 is the brand-new album from the neo-space rock stoner drone outfit. It's a euphoric transcendental journey to a mountain top nirvana, a psychedelic tapestry that slowly unwinds as they travel onwards into the inner mind. A 40-minute opus delivered from a hail of reverb soulfully caressed by a ceremonial flute, that makes way for a shroud of Weld–era Neil Young fog. Bardo Pond is your rather ruffled tour guide to this far off place, this distant sense of wonderment at the crossroads with bewilderment.
>Bat Fangs
– Bat Fangs CD/LP+MP3 (Don Giovanni)
Slick and sick visions channeled from the midnight mirror world. Acid-soaked hard-rock to thrill the living and raise dead. Rooted in the pop-metal of time beyond memory, the tunes are dark and spiritually corrupted, but also boldly anthemic. They deliver thunder and feedback, wild energy and melodic uplift. Music meant to lay waste to the airwaves and unfold the collective cranium.

>The BellRays
– Punk Funk Rock Soul Vol. 2 CD/LP (U&Media)
Punk. Funk. Rock. Soul. The main ingredients in a potent witch's brew that the Bellrays have been mixing for a long time now.

>Anna Burch
– Quit The Curse CD/LP+MP3 (Polyvinyl)
The deceptively complex pop of
Quit The Curse marks the debut of this Detroit singer/songwriter. The nine tracks come on sugary and upbeat, but their darker lyrical themes and serpentine song structures are tucked neatly into what seem at first just like uncommonly catchy tunes. Burch's crystal clear vocal harmonies and gracefully crafted songs feel so warm and friendly that it's easy to miss the lyrics about destructive relationships, daddy issues and substance abuse that cling like spiderwebs to the hooky melodies. [Limited colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>Pearl Charles
– Sleepless Dreamer CD/LP (Kanine)
Pearl Charles has been playing music since she was 5 years old. At 18, she formed the country duo The Driftwood Singers with Christian Lee Hutson, singing and playing guitar and autoharp. At 22, she joined garage rock band The Blank Tapes on drums. After two fun-filled years immersed in the rock and roll lifestyle, she decided it was time to pursue her own songwriting, and began developing the songs that formed her eponymous debut 2015 EP. Her music career has been a chronological progression from old time music to ‘60s garage and psychedelia, ‘70s country rock and now ‘80s soft rock. Drawn to poppy hooks and catchy choruses, Charles draws on what she loves about each era while developing her unique style as a solo artist on her first full-length
Sleepless Dreamer. The title-track single finds Charles refining the breezy, country-tinged pop which she demonstrated a knack for on her EP.
>Chase Atlantic
– Chase Atlantic CD (WB)
Chase Atlantic is an alternative pop trio from Australia. Their music is heavily influenced by rock and R&B.

>Stef Chura
– Messes CD/LP+MP3/Cassette (Saddle Creek)
Stef Chura’s debut studio album is born of her years of experience playing around the Michigan underground, setting up DIY shows in the area, and moving around the state. Chura calls her music “emotional collage,” eschewing start-to-finish storylines in favor of writing intuitively about feelings, drawing from experiences and references related to a certain sentiment. “Right when it starts to feel like home/It's time to go,” she sings on opening cut, “Slow Motion,” a twisty, dim-lit guitar pop song where she curls and stretches every word.

>Kyle Craft
– Full Circle Nightmare CD/LP+MP3 (Sub Pop)
Ever since his debut album
Dolls Of Highland was released in 2016, Kyle Craft has been a critic's dream. Based in Portland, Oregon he serves up all the observational, storytelling talent with none of the attitude that so often comes with male singer-songwriter territory. His second album, Full Circle Nightmare, is entirely autobiographical. Sonically, thematically, lyrically, it's a huge leap forward from his 2016 release. The title Full Circle Nightmare refers to a moment where Craft saw his life for what it is and told himself to be satisfied. He described his debut record as: "like walking down this long hall of bizarre characters and surreal experiences, moving through the spider web of love and loss." This album is when you get to the end of that hallway, turn around and see all the stuff you've been through, then walk through the door, close it and start a new chapter in an even crazier hallway. A straight-up rollicking rock 'n' roll album, it traverses all the different nuances of the genre; from the bluegrass twang of "Exile Rag," to the gothic style of "Gold Calf Moan," it's a timeless piece that could exist in any of the past five decades.
– Damage Already Done CD (Twenty Two Music)
Depaul (Whomadethebeat) as 1/3 founding member of successfully acclaimed rap group 337 mafia, of Lake Charles, LA embarks the industry with his debut album.

>Forrest Fang
– Scenes From A Ghost Train CD (Projekt)
Fang is an ambient progressive musician who emerged from the DIY-"cassette culture" '80s scene with a highly idiosyncratic style influenced by the traditional musics of non-Western cultures, including Javanese gamelan and the folk music of his Chinese ancestors. The rich electronic textures of his music are often complimented by Western and non-Western stringed instruments, winds and percussion.

>Field Music
– Open Here CD/LP+MP3/Cassette (Memphis Industries)
The two years since
Commontime have been strange and turbulent. If you thought the world made some kind of sense, you may have questioned yourself a few times in the past two years. And that questioning, that erosion of faith - in people, in institutions, in shared experience - runs through every song on the new Field Music album. But there's no gloom here. For Peter and David Brewis, playing together in their small riverside studio has been a joyful exorcism. Open Here is the last in a run of five albums made at the studio, an unprepossessing unit on a light industrial estate in Sunderland. Whilst the brothers weren't quite tracking while the wrecking balls came, the eviction notice received in early 2017 gave the brothers a sense of urgency to complete the recording.
>Genocide Pact
– Order Of Torment CD/LP (Relapse)
Hailing from the lawless dominion that is our nation's capital, Genocide Pact unleash their raging sophomore full-length. der of Torment features eight tracks of pulverizing, relentless death metal that harkens to the greats while pushing the genre to chaotic new realms of possibility.

>Grateful Dead
– Road Trips No. 3: Denver ’73 3xCD (Real Gone Music)
Denver was always one of the Dead’s favorite stops. This three-CD set offers the complete November 21, 1973 show along with some choice excerpts from the night before.

>Groovie Ghoulies
– World Contact Day [Reissue/1996] CD/LP (Green Door Recordings)
World Contact Day, the third full-length from seminal California punk band Groovie Ghoulies, marked the group's first appearance on legendary Berkeley label Lookout Records (Green Day, Operation Ivy). Kind of like the Banana Splits crossed with the Ramones, the Ghoulies blast out anthem after anthem here including "Ghoulies Are Go!" and "Island Of Pogo Pogo." Available for the first time on vinyl in decades, the haunted house of pop-punk has been remastered and repackaged with killer new artwork from Tom Neely.
– Microshift CD/LP (Domino)
Microshift is a record that largely pulls back the dense fog of guitars and Modern Lovers-esque blasts of organ that have become Hookworms' hallmark, replaced instead by a plethora of electronics and synthesizers.
>The James Hunter Six
– Whatever It Takes CD/LP+MP3 (Daptone)
There is a common theme on Hunter’s sixth album.
Whatever It Takes is not a record about infidelity, shallow seductions, fleeting backdoor trysts, or any of the other common clichés of R&B. These are poetic testaments to truer love. Loyalty, devotion, humility, and the inevitable regret of those who take love for granted.
>Jóhann Jóhannsson
– The Mercy CD/2xLP (Deutsche Grammophon)
From Academy Award-winning director James Marsh (The Theory of Everything, Man of Wire) comes
The Mercy, a tale of yachtsman Donald Crowhurst (Colin Firth)'s disastrous attempt to win the 1968 Golden Globe Race that results in his outrageous account of traveling the world alone by sea. The soundtrack for The Mercy features music by veteran Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson.
>Julian Lage
– Modern Lore CD/LP (Mack Avenue)
Modern Lore finds Julian Lage playfully flipping the script he followed on his acclaimed 2016 album,
Arclight. That album – produced, like Modern Lore, by Lage's friend and collaborator, the singer-songwriter Jesse Harris – was his first trio set on electric guitar and found Lage inspired by the sounds and the attitude of the freewheeling, pre-bebop jazz era, when, as he puts it, "country music and jazz and swing were in this weird wild-west period." This time he incorporates the sensibility, if not the outright sound, of early rock and roll, a similarly hybrid form driven by rhythm, personality and a passion for the electric guitar.
>Robert Logan
– Sculptor In Galaxy CD (Projekt)
After six solo electronic/ambient albums and his 2016 collaborations with Steve Roach (
Biosonic and Second Nature) Robert Logan's 2018 album blends surprising electronic and acoustic sources, terraforming bright, melodic molten sound with an enraptured experience of the natural world.
– Loyals CD (Tooth & Nail)
Synth-driven alternative pop band from Nashville, TN.

- Thelonious Sphere Monk CD (World Galaxy/Alpha)
A cosmic journey reinterpreting the great Thelonious Monk Song Book in celebration of his 100th birthday.

>McCafferty/Heart Attack Man
– McCafferty/Heart Attack Man (Split EP) CDEP/12” (Take This To Heart/Triple Crown)
Ohio bands McCafferty and Heart Attack Man team up for a new split EP.

>Byron Metcalf, Dashmesh Khalsa, Steve Roach
– Dream Tracker CD (Projekt)
The essential ingredients of ancient and contemporary shamanic trance states are fully activated in this highly potent release from 2010. Metcalf's living, breathing trance grooves percussion, Khalsa's didgeridoo and Roach's sound worlds are unified in a single purpose: to open the door out of the ordinary world, initiating the listener into an empowered journey of infinite possibilities for spiritual rebirth. The end result is full-blown alchemy, covering a wide range of ecstatic dreamtime flow: rhythm, breath and expansion.

>Mike and The Moonpies
– Steak Night At The Prairie Rose CD (Mike and The Moonpies)
New release from the old-soul honky-tonkers.

>Charles Mingus
– Live At Montreux 1975 CD (Eagle Rock Entertainment)
This concert, recorded at the Montreux Jazz Festival on July 20,1975, primarily features considerably extended versions of tracks from the pair of albums
Changes One and Changes Two that were released in 1974 together with workouts on a couple of old standards “Goodbye Pork Pie Hat” and “Take The ‘A’ Train.”
>Montgomery Gentry
– Here’s To You CD (Average Joe’s Entertainment)
The eighth and final album from the country music duo was completed shortly before the death of Troy Gentry in September of 2017.

>Loren Nerell/Mark Seelig
– Tree Of Life [Reissue/2014] CD (Projekt)
CD reissue of this album from gamelan master Loren Nerell and German based shamanic healer Mark Seelig.

>New York Dolls
– Butterflyin’ CD/LP (Easy Action)
A remastered and restored rare New York Dolls live recording featuring the lineup that recorded their two seminal early albums plus a further five tracks from a US broadcast a few months later. The line-up at this time comprised vocalist David Johansen, guitarist Johnny Thunders, bassist Arthur Kane, guitarist/pianist Sylvain Sylvain, and drummer Jerry Nolan; the latter two had replaced Rick Rivets and Billy Murcia, respectively, in 1972.

>John Oates
– Arkansas CD/LP (PS)
Oates teamed up with an amazing group of accomplished and rising stars in the Americana music world to bring his new album,
Arkansas, to life. The project originally began as a tribute to Oates' idol, Mississippi John Hurt. It evolved organically, during a series of Nashville recording sessions, into a unique, retrospective collection drawing from a wide range of Oates' musical influences. Asked about the style and sound of Arkansas, he says, ''it's like Dixieland dipped in bluegrass and salted with Delta blues.''
– Undercover Mixtape CD/2xLP (Colemine)
Orgone takes on 13 funk and soul classics. Otis Redding, Funkadelic, The Meters, Aretha Franklin, Betty Wright, and Booker T are just a few of the artists Orgone cover on this mixtape collection with some help from friends as well. [Green colored vinyl pressing also available.]

>Steve Reich
– Pulse/Quartet CD (Nonesuch)
Pulse (2015) is performed by the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) – an artist collective committed to transforming the way music is created and experienced – and Quartet (2013) is played by the Colin Currie Group, an ensemble led by percussionist Colin Currie that specializes in the music of Steve Reich; these are also the ensembles that gave the world premiere performances of the respective works. [Vinyl edition due March 30th.]
– Blood CD/LP (Loma Vista)
Blood is the much-anticipated sophomore album from romantic soul-pop group Rhye following 2013's acclaimed
Woman. Themed around the aftermath of love, Blood alluringly pairs the band's sultry, subtle, funky brand of soul music with the warm, powerful, and totally unique vocals and lyrics of frontman Mike Milosh. "We've spent the last few years on the road translating the Woman album from a bedroom project into a full live experience. With Blood, it's been the opposite process; the music and sounds were really born out of the live environment and are built for performance," commented Milosh. "It takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable in front of an audience night after night. I use the same courage on every song on this record."
>Buddy Rich
– The Lost Tapes CD/LP (Lightyear)
The Lost Tapes is an historic preservation and restoration project. The producers recovered the masters from a fire in 1990 and went about restoring the original surround sound track of the last concert Buddy Rich recorded before he passed away in 1987. This release follows the Emmy Award-winning Channel One Suite and both concerts were recorded the same night.
– Damned Soul CD/LP (Smart Punk)
Rivals is a dark pop-rock band from Los Angeles, CA.

>Roxy Music
– Roxy Music [Reissue/1972] 2xCD/3xCD+DVD (Virgin)
Roxy Music release an expanded edition of their ground-breaking debut album to mark its 45th anniversary. The double-CD package features rare and previously unavailable material never-heard-before outside of Roxy’s inner circle, including tracks taken from the band’s John Peel Radio Session (1972) and their BBC “In Concert” performance from Paris Theatre (1972). [The Super Deluxe Edition adds a 1971 demo tape and ‘In-Session’ performances. DVD includes an unreleased Bataclan Paris performance (1972), UK TV performances and a 5.1 album mix. The package also includes a 136-page hard-cover book including unseen photographers and memorabilia. Vinyl edition due March 16.]

– Sailing CD/LP (Cold Busted)
The Casablanca-based producer has steered his sound into warmer waters. Mixing tempered hip-hop beats with jazzy vibes and a lounge sensibility, saib. touches on a style that’s both chill and opulent

>Akira Sakata & Chikamorachi with Masahiko Satoh
– Proton Pump CD/LP (Family Vineyard)
Proton Pump is a milestone achievement in the winding career of alto saxophonist, gibberish shrieker and jazz legend Akira Sakata. It's a lightning-fast, real-time cut-up of melody and bare-knuckle action that swings between the avant garde and hardcore be-bop. Sakata is backed by his famed rhythm crew Chikamorachi - drummer Chris Corsano and acoustic bassist Darin Gray - and joined by composer and pianist Masahiko Satoh.
– Thunderbolt CD/LP/Cassette/CD+LP+Cassette (Militia Guard Music)
Since the 1970s Saxon has consistently showcased an ability to take rock ‘n' roll and give it an electrifying edge, cementing their status as pioneers of the British heavy metal wave along the way. Following the critically acclaimed release of
Battering Ram in 2015, the heavy metal giants return with their latest studio effort, Thunderbolt. "This is album 22 and it's a storming smashing thundering collection of tracks we've been crafting with producer, Andy Sneap...Stand clear and fasten your seat belts!", says frontman Biff Byford. In other words, you can expect Thunderbolt to be fast and furious, dark and brooding with monumental riffing and screamed vocals galore. The new collection comes adorned with stunning original artwork by long time Saxon collaborator Paul Raymond Gregory (well known for producing epic Tolkien-inspired fantasy artworks for the likes of Dio, Molly Hatchet, Motörhead and Blind Guardian). [Limited 180gm colored vinyl pressing also available. Multi-format box set includes the colored vinyl edition.]
>Screeching Weasel
– Wiggle [Reissue/1992] CD/LP (Monona)
The improved sound quality brings this beloved punk classic to where it belongs after 25 years. Screeching Weasel has been a love ‘em or hate ‘em band since their formation in 1986. One of the front runners of the punk movement that found them crafting a world away from the mainstream with Green Day, Operation Ivy, Rancid and Jawbreaker, they have created an impeccable catalog that went on to inspire Blink-182 and Fall Out Boy.

>Simple Minds
– Walk Between Worlds CD/LP+MP3 (BMG)
Walk Between Worlds is Simple Minds' first album of new material since 2014's Big Music. With its eight tracks rocketing past in 42 minutes, it's a relatively concise affair. It's also an album of two distinct sides, very much the old-school album format that singer Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill grew up with as music fans. Side One tracks such as "Summer" and "The Signal And The Noise" revisit the glassy guitars and new wave dance grooves of the post-punk era and the second half explores more cinematic sounds, with the title track and "Barrowland Star" both featuring dramatic orchestrations recorded at Abbey Road. The album is bookended by two songs about faith, "Magic" and "Sense Of Discovery." The first is a reflection on the desire and hunger of youth – the faith in their own abilities that Simple Minds possessed during their formative years. "Sense Of Discovery," which features a melodic refrain that alludes to 1985's “Alive And Kicking,” is centered on the voice of an older narrator passing on wisdom and advice to a younger individual. [Deluxe edition features three bonus tracks.]
– Lady Bird: Soundtrack From The Motion Picture CD (Legacy Recordings)
With her directorial debut
Lady Bird, Greta Gerwig revealed herself to be a bold new cinematic voice, excavating both the humor and pathos in the turbulent bond between a mother and her teenage daughter. Gerwig disclosed that she'd written personal letters to artists she had in mind for the film – including Dave Matthews and Alanis Morissette – to expressly ask for their blessing to use their songs. "The soundtrack," wrote Billboard's Tatiana Tenreyro, "plays a big role in showing protagonist Lady Bird's turbulent adolescent years. The film is set in 2002, and Gerwig wanted it to feel as authentic as possible with a soundtrack that transports viewers to the era." Starring Saoirse Ronan in the title role and Laurie Metcalf as her mother, Lady Bird won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture, while Ronan took home the award for Best Actress. [Vinyl edition due March 16.]
>Story Untold
– Waves CD (Hopeless)
Hailing back to the day of bands like Good Charlotte and Yellowcard, Waves boasts polished pop punk and unapologetically catchy choruses.

>Damo Suzuki & Jelly Planet
– Damo Suzuki & Jelly Planet CD/2xLP (Purple Pyramid)
The new album from legendary Can vocalist Damo Suzuki finds him performing a fully improvised set with German experimentalists Jelly Planet.

>Justin Timberlake
– Man Of The Woods CD/2xLP+MP3 (Sony)
Ten-time Grammy winner Justin Timberlake returns on RCA Records with his highly anticipated fourth studio effort and follow-up to 2013 double album
The 20/20 Experience. Man Of The Woods marks Timberlake's most ambitious release to date, both sonically and lyrically. Combining the sounds of traditional American rock with the modern influences of collaborators The Neptunes, Timbaland, Chris Stapleton, and Alicia Keys, this new material explores storytelling inspired by his son, his wife, and his personal journey from Memphis to where he is today. Lead single "Filthy" is a blockbuster futurist R&B cut co-written and co-produced by Timberlake, Timbaland, and Danja with additional writing credits from James Fauntleroy and Larrance Dopson.
>Letitia VanSant
– Gut It To The Studs CD (Letitia VanSant)
In a time when embracing the heart and soul of humanity is at a critical moment, Baltimore's Americana songstress Letitia Vansant releases a poignant collection of songs.

>Various Artists
– The #1 Sound From The Vaults Vol. 1 CD (Studio One)
This RSD 2017 vinyl release is now available on CD. An 18 track bonanza of rare sides featuring both the label’s top hit makers as well as some of its more obscure artists.

>Various Artists
- Finally Together - The Ru-Jac Records Story Volume Three: 1966-1967 CD (Omnivore)
Various Artists – Changes - The Ru-Jac Records Story, Volume Four: 1967-1980 CD (Omnivore)
The Baltimore soul/R&B label Ru-Jac Records was founded in 1963 by local promoter Rufus Mitchell and investor partner Jack Bennett (their names forming the Ru-Jac name). The label primarily released regional soul/R&B singles from 1963 until the mid-1970s, when Mitchell stepped away to focus on another business venture. All four volumes of
The Ru-Jac Records Story (the first two were released last month) collects for the very first time the audio history of the label. Each volume is produced by the Grammy-winning producer Cheryl Pawelski and Kevin Coombe, East Coast soul historian. Coombe provides liner notes detailing the rise and eventual closure of the label, and its close ties to the segregated beaches and performance spaces of the region. Rare photos and ephemera will be included in each volume to help illustrate and trace the history of the label. Utilizing original tapes, extremely collectible 45s, and acetates, all four volumes underwent extensive restoration and mastering by Grammy-winning engineer, Michael Graves.
– Re-Idolized (Soundtrack To The Crimson Idol) 2xCD+DVD+Blu-ray/2xLP (Napalm)
In 1992 W.A.S.P. released "The Crimson Idol". It's the story of Jonathan Aaron Steele, an abused child looking for love. The band celebrates the 25th anniversary of this (their fifth album,) with a re-recorded version of the LP along with a 50-minute film of the album's story.

>John Williams
– Conductor 20xCD (Sony Masterworks)
A new 20-CD box set that features all of his definitive recordings for Sony Classical including
The Star Wars Trilogy, The Spielberg/Williams Collaboration, Yo-Yo Ma Plays The Music Of John Williams, American Journey, Summon The Heroes and more, plus a 40-page perfect-bound book.
>Ron Wood & Ronnie Lane
– Mahoney’s Last Stant [OST/Reissue/1976] CD (Real Gone Music)
What do two Faces do when their lead singer (bon vivant Rod Stewart) doesn’t show up for the
Ooh La La recording sessions? They work on a soundtrack for an obscure film by actor and friend Alexis Kanner (most famous for his guest roles on the late- ‘60s TV series The Prisoner), and draft the uppermost rank of British rock royalty to play on it.
>The Wood Brothers
– One Drop Of Truth CD/LP (Honey Jar)
The Wood Brothers' sixth outing dives headfirst into a deep wellspring of sounds, styles and influences. Whereas their previous outings have often followed a conceptual and sonic through-line, here the long-standing Nashville-based trio treat each song as if it were its own short film. =

>Frank Zappa
– Zappa/Mothers: The Roxy Performances 7xCD (Zappa)
This 7-disc box contains all four public shows performed on December 9
th and 10th,1973, remixed in 2016 and presented in their entirety for the first time. Also included is the soundcheck from December 8th and bonus content that features rehearsal nuggets and unreleased tracks along with highlights from the recording session at Bolic Studios that took place in conjunction with the filming dates.

This Week’s Vinyl Exclusives:
>The Alchemist
– Paris L.A. Bruxelles Instrumentals LP (ALC)
"Last year I linked up with Redbull France. They brought me out to Paris for a week, paid for my records, and let me craft beats in their studio (I ended up moving the equipment to my hotel room due to smoking restrictions). The idea was to use strictly French samples, then hook me up with a bunch of dope new young artists from France and Brussels to make songs out of the beats. The final piece to the project was a sold-out show in France where I presented each artist and they performed both the songs we did and their own hit songs. The project came out dope, I linked up with some really talented artists, and ended up making more than enough joints. This is the instrumental version of the project. Enjoy." – Alchemist

– The Apostasy [Reissue/2007] LP (Peaceville)
Vinyl reissue of the eighth album from the Polish extreme metal band.

>Big Head Todd and The Monsters
– New World Arisin’ LP (Big)
Released last November on CD – now available on vinyl. The 11th album from Colorado rock band.

>Big K.R.I.T.
– 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time 2xLP (BMG Rights Management)
Released last October on CD – now available on vinyl. New album from the Mississippi rapper.

>Birthday Boy & Trish
- Magic b/w Chance To Go Far 7” (Bastard Jazz)
Two talents from up North - Toronto’s freewheeling producer/DJ Birthday Boy and Canadian songstress Trish (plus songwriter and backup vocalist Joe Law) - link up for a lesson in positive vibrations and soulful, R&B-infused future grooves. “Magic” toys with a mellow bassline and warm guitar loop from Tom Misch while “Chance To Go Far” is a Kaytra-esque hip-hop number with big drums and hook that will stay with you all day.

>Black Market Brass
– War Room b/w Into The Thick 7” (Colemine)
Hailing from Minneapolis, MN, Black Market Brass is a 10-piece group performing their own brand of originally composed afrobeat/afrofunk music, as well as completing authentic renditions of the classic 1970s West African sound. Taking their cues from the godfathers, the band draws on complex polyrhythmic percussion, driving bass lines, dizzying guitar interplay, rolling keyboards, and room-commanding brass.

>Buy My Drugs
– Hyperdope b/w Fwma Ft. Yasiin Bey 7” (Elevation Nation)
An Afro-Brazilian percussive mien hybridized with the aggressive, federally-sanctioned genre: loom-bap. The bass-drunk 909s, programmed to stomp mud-holes throughout the full-length's soundscape, drive the manic transitions between maximal bliss and minimal dystopia.

>Calibro 35
– Superstudio b/w Gomma 7” (Record Kicks)
The first single from their upcoming album
Decade (which is due February 9). “SuperStudio” is the main theme for a movie that doesn't exist, starring Clint Eastwood and Pam Grier saving Earth from the invasion of deadly robots from another planet. On the flip is the bonus track “Gamma” - an irresistible funk groovy shaker.
>The Church
– Man Woman Life Death Infinity LP (Unorthodox)
Limited 180gm white vinyl LP pressing of the 2017 album from the veteran Australian alt-rock band.
Man Woman Life Death Infinity is the 26th album by The Church, and their second with
the rejuvenated line-up Steve Kilbey, Peter Koppes, Tim Powles and Ian Haug.

>Computa Games
- Rock Creek (Revenge) b/w Apache 3000 7” (Superjock)
Computa Games returns with a pair of B-Boy bangers.

>Country Joe & The Fish
- The Wave Of Electrical Sound 4xLP+DVD (Craft Recordings)
Country Joe and The Fish – I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die [Reissue/1967] LP (Craft Recordings)
The Wave Of Electrical Sound celebrates the band’s prolific year, with an audio/visual cornucopia of music, film and ephemera. This deluxe box set contains both mono and stereo versions of Electric Music For The Mind And Body (1967) and I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-To-Die (1967) on 180gm vinyl. Includes a DVD of How We Stopped The War, a 30-minute documentary, filming the band on their way to an anti-Vietnam War rally.
>Damu The Fudgemunk and Y Society
– Travel At Your Own Pace Instrumental Versions LP (Redefinition)
Limited edition vinyl picture disc pressing. Long awaited instrumental versions of
Travel At Your Own Pace by y Society AKA Insight & Damu. Produced entirely by the Damu The Fudgemunk. Travel at Your Own Pace (TAYOP) the album was first released in October 2007. With this instrumental version, Insight and Damu put the message in the music.
>Del The Funky Homosapien & Tame One
– Parallel Uni-Verses [Reissue/2009] LP (Parallel Thought Ltd.)
Purple/white smoke colored vinyl reissue of the 2009 joint effort between Hieroglyphics founder Del The Funky Homosapien and original Artifacts emcee Tame One.

>Dr. John, The Night Tripper
‎– The Sun, Moon & Herbs [Reissue/1971] LP (8th Records)
180gm vinyl reissue of a dark and swampy collection anchored by the hypnotic "Familiar Reality" and featuring colorful guest appearances by Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger and The Memphis Horns.

>DJ Smash/DJ Evo
- Your Pants Are Hot b/w Mandingo Boogie 7” (Adventures In Paradise)
The second release from Adventures In Paradise in Vancouver features the legendary DJ Smash. Smash is a true OG, hailing from NY and now residing in San Francisco. He’s been DJing since ‘85, and when he’s not behind the turntables, you can find him working as a studio musician, as well as producing original material and remixing. On the flip DJ Evo makes his production debut. Leapfrogging from his eclectic DJ sets and diving headfirst into production and provides a slice of modern boogie strictly for the dancefloor.

>Drive By Tuckers
- What It Means Live At Newport Folk Festival b/w The Perilous Night 7” (ATO)
A new limited edition double-A side single featuring “What It Means” recorded live at the 2017 Newport Folk Festival.

>Dr. Dundiff
– Muneybeats LP (Jakarta)
Muneybeats is Dr. Dundiff revisiting his roots in an all instrumental experience. “Put the most attractive beats on top. The ones that make you pull the car over and go, ‘Wow, I need this be a right now.’ Those are the Muneybeats.
>Bob Dylan
– The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan [Reissue/1963] 2xLP (Mobile Fidelity)
Numbered limited edition (3000 copies) 180gm mono 45rpm pressing.

>French Vanilla
– French Vanilla LP (Danger Collective)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. French Vanilla is a feminist art-punk band based in Los Angeles. hey regulate the dance floor with socially sensitive lyrics, vocal freneticism, punchy basslines, and catchy sax.

>Logan Gabriel
– Spaceplan 2LP (Black Screen)
180gm colored vinyl pressing of Gabriel's electronic/ambient soundtrack to the PC and mobile game.

– Snapshot 12” (Spectrum)
Debut EP from this Parisian-bred and Los Angeles-based producer. "Stay Awhile" is '80s power: squared-off suits, huge drums, and funky electro bass with amphitheater diva-soul vocals from Joanna Rose and a dynamic keyboard lead from XL Middleton that could fit any night club scene from
Miami Vice. "Number One Fly High" is drum machine-forward promo funk, stuck somewhere in between levels or perhaps part of an uplifting montage that serves only to represent joy and excitement. "Ça Ç'est Paris", an homage to Ghost's native city, is essentially the performance piece of an obscure bit of French Cinema, on the brink of everything current, urban and hip, however still capsulated in 1985.
>Eric Johnson
- Ah Via Musicom [Reissue/1990] LP (Friday Music)
Eric Johnson leapt to the forefront of contemporary music over 25 years ago as "an extraordinary guitar player accessible to ordinary music fans" (Memphis Commercial Appeal), with his landmark third album
Ah Via Musicom. 180gm audiophile pressing.
>Trevor Jones Randy Edelman
– The Last Of The Mohicans [OST/1992] LP (Real Gone Music)
Limited sepia-toned colored vinyl reissue. Expanded with the closing credit song "I Will Find You" by Clannad.

>The Kinks
– Misfits [Reissue/1978] LP (Friday Music)
Misfits showcases the band's newly stripped-down rock & roll direction and includes the tender, oddball hit Ray Davies wrote for his brother, "Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy," and the bouncing pop gem "In A Foreign Land." Limited 180gm colored vinyl pressing.
– Latyrx: The Album [Reissue/1997] LP (Real People)
Released as a limited 20
th Anniversary vinyl edition for RSD 2017, a standard vinyl reissue is now available. Latyrx: The Album features lyricists Lyrics Born and Lateef The Truthspeaker, with production from DJ Shadow, Chief Xcel.
– Wireless LP (Easy Action)
A raw nine-track live performance, recorded in Brisbane in October 1992 for Triple J's
Live At The Wireless event series.
>Machine Head
– Catharsis 2xLP (Nuclear Blast)
Released last week on CD – now available on vinyl. If heavy music stands for anything, it’s freedom. Formed in Oakland, California in 1991, Machine Head have forged a formidable reputation and huge global fan base by never surrendering their artistic liberty or compromising their belief in the power of heaviness.

– Knowing What You Know LP (Roadrunner)
Released last week on CD – now available on vinyl. “Spaces between heartbeats quickly shrink. Adrenaline rushes into the system. Body parts move involuntarily. This is the effect of hearing British post-hardcore young guns Marmozets. The band packed heat with their 2014 debut
The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets, filling it with shredding guitars, massive hooks, and frontwoman Becca McIntyre’s distinctive howl. Four years later, no time is wasted getting to the hook, opening with Becca roaring ‘One, two, three, play!’ before the first beat on album opener and first single ‘Play.’ There’s less of the scream that punctuated every line of their first big hit ‘Why Do You Hate Me?’ Instead, her voice has become more powerful and dynamic; her ferocity still intact. She stretches notes to their limits on the gut-punching chorus of ‘Habits,’ and spits each syllable in ‘Major System Error’ with the same force and deadliness of a machine gun, exploding when she shrieks, ‘Can you keep it together?’ Knowing What You Know Now is a massive improvement on Marmozets’ excellent debut, showing massive growth in their wild and wonderful world.” – Hysteria
>Efrim Manuel Menuck
– Pissing Stars LP (Constellation)
Efrim Manuel Menuck returns with his second album, the brilliantly intense follow-up to his 2011 solo debut,
Plays “High Gospel”, and the first new material with Menuck as central songwriter and vocalist since 2014’s acclaimed F**k Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything from his chamber-punk-rock band Thee Silver Mt. Zion. The legendary Montréal-based musician has much-deserved cult status among fans of political punk, post-rock and avant-noise songcraft alike. Menuck celebrates 25 years of unflinching and uncompromising sonic output with Pissing Stars, wherein he launches acerbic darts, impassioned salvos and fragile flowers into gusts of noise-battered song built around pulsing maximalist electronics and drone, shot through with alternately plaintive, chilling, often processed vocals.
Mestizo Beat – Featherbed Lane b/w Handcuffed To The Shovel 7” (Colemine)
Mestizo Beat is a Los Angeles-based band blending the styles of Afrobeat, Afro-Cuban, funk, and R&B.

>The Meters
– Cabbage Alley [Reissue/1972] LP (8th Records)
The Meters' 1972 release was the incomparable quartet's first for Warner Bros./Reprise, and boasts a somewhat smoother, but no less funky, sound than its predecessors. Indeed, it's one of the band's most highly-regarded releases, capturing the musicians' remarkable rhythmic chemistry on such originals as "Stay Away, "You've Got to Change (You've Got to Reform)" and the aptly titled "Gettin' Funkier All the Time," as well as a seductive reworking of Neil Young's "Birds."

>Mild High Club x King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
– Rolling Stoned 7” (Stones Throw)
Both bands perform a composition written by Alexander Britton.

>Joni Mitchell
– The Second Fret LP (Troubador)
Early versions of classic Joni Mitchell tracks sourced from the mid-‘60s just prior to her signing with Reprise Records. Limited colored vinyl pressing also available.

– The Best Of Mountain [Reissue/1973] LP (8th Records)
Mountain is one of those rare bands that can be credited with forging a style and sound that would for ever change the face of rock music. The innovative combination of Leslie West's unique tone and feel, Felix Pappalardi's studio production skills, Corky Laing's powerful double bass drumming and Steve Knight's keyboard textures, produced some of the best and most memorable rock tunes of all time including "Mississippi Queen," "Nantucket Sleighride," "Theme From an Imaginary Western," "For Yasgur's Farm" and "Never In My Life." Drawing from the band's first three landmark studio records with all of the aforementioned classics in tow,
The Best Of Mountain is the definitive collection of tracks from the bluesy hard-rock trailblazers.
>Willie Nelson
‎– Greatest Hits (& Some That Will Be) [Reissue/1981] 2xLP (Friday Music)
Limited edition colored vinyl reissue.

>Carlos Niño & Friends
– Going Home LP (Leaving)
Revered producer/musician Carlos Niño engages the fifth album in his ongoing & Friends series with
Going Home, a definitive six-song odyssey in tribute to "passing from the earthly realm" featuring Deantoni Parks, Dexter Story, Jamael Dean, Josh Johnson, Miguel Atwood- Ferguson, SK Kakraba, and new age legend Iasos. Carlos Gabriel Niño is an internationally-celebrated producer, arranger, composer, musician, radio host, DJ, music consultant, writer, poet, and event organizer, based in his hometown of Woodland Hills, California.
>Orkesta Mendoza
- Cumbia Volcadora b/w Caramelos 7” (Boogieburg Recordings)
Focused, fierce and beautifully executed by a superbly drilled set of musicians, “Cumbia Volcadora” and “Caramelos” fully match Orkesta Mendoza’s explosive live performances. Mexican electronic pioneer Camilo Lara (aka Mexican Institute of Sound who has been remixed by Ad Rock of Beastie Boys and Tricky and has collaborated with Gogol Bordello, Sly and Robbie, Toots and The Maytals, N.A.S.A., Kool AD, Stereo MC’s, and MC Lyte), Salvador Duran (who has lent his voice to Calexico and Iron And Wine), Quetzal Guerrero (of Osunlade’s Yoruba Records), and Ceci Bastida join forces with Tucson’s Orkesta Mendoza (lead by Calexico’s Sergio Mendoza) on Boogieburg’s fourth vinyl release housed in a hand-stamped antique green “old style” sleeve.

– Big Day b/w Hound Dogs 7” (Colemine)
Orgone is back with another dose of heavy funk from the West Coast.

>Shuggie Otis
– Inspiration Information [Reissue/1974] LP (8th Records)
Shuggie was just 21 when his third and final album,
Inspiration Information, was issued at the end of 1974. Widely regarded as a masterpiece, songs from the long out-of-print LP have been sampled on the likes of OutKast's "Ms. Jackson," Beyonce's "Gift From Virgo" and Digable Planets' "For Corners." Guardian ranks the album alongside such late-'60s/early-'70s breakthroughs by black artists as Love's Forever Changes, the Jimi Hendrix Experience's Axis Bold As Love, Sly & the Family Stone's There's A Riot Going On, and Stevie Wonder's Innervisions.
>Eddie Palmieri
– Sabiduría 2xLP (Ropeadope)
Eddie Palmieri’s influence on the world of modern music is often celebrated, but just as often underestimated. As he completes his 80th year with us, his energy and commitment seem to be increasing, as if to fully emphasize the power of not just the music but also the cross-cultural importance of the process. Sabiduría is the Spanish word for ‘wisdom’, and the message is clear from the outset that wisdom is the exalted value that should guide us all. His intent with
Sabiduría, as it has been with all his recordings, is to create art that will be analyzed and understood well beyond his time.
>Iggy Pop
– Apollo 10” (Easy Action)
Two classic
Lust For Life tunes recorded live at the Manchester Apollo on September 25, 1977.
>Bernard “Pretty” Purdie
- Soul Drums [Reissue/1968] 2xLP (Nature Sounds)
Bernard Purdie is one of the most well-known drummers of all time, and probably the most recorded in history. From his early days as a session player, Purdie rose to become Aretha Franklin’s musical director, did overdubs for The Beatles, and recorded with the likes of Steely Dan, Cat Stevens, Joe Cocker, Hall & Oats, Quincy Jones, Roberta Flack, and James Brown, to name a few. In 1967 he entered a studio with several friends to cut his first solo album, “Soul Drums”. The album was critically acclaimed upon its initial release, only to reach mythical proportions once being rediscovered by DJs and hip-hop producers years later, when it became one of the most sought-after drum LPs among vinyl collectors.

– Body Heat b/w Midnight Lover 12” (Rollersoul)
Modern boogie funk with a classic sound inspired by the synthesizer funk of 1983 with a dance floor focus.

>Savoy Brown
– Witchy Feelin’ LP (Ruf)
Released last August on CD – now available on vinyl. Latest release from the veteran blues outfit.

>Einar Selvik
– Snake Pit Poetry 10” (By Norse Music)
A two-track EP containing an acoustic version as well as the complete studio version of his much requested piece "Snake Pit Poetry", written for History Channel´s
Vikings and Ragnar Lothbrok's fatal encounter with a Northumbrian Snake pit. The song features the extraordinary talent of Icelandic singer Hilda Örvarsdottir. Etched B-side.
>Judee Sill
– Live In London: The BBC Recordings 1972-1973 [Reissue/2007] LP (Troubadour)
A collection of live recordings from the BBC archives.

>Tiny Moving Parts
- Swell LP (Triple Crown)
Released last week on CD and cassette – now available on vinyl. Following 2016's acclaimed
Celebrate, the delightfully chipper trio from Benson, Minnesota bring you their brand-new record Swell. The collection finds Tiny Moving Parts building on its predecessor and throwing into the melting pot, their impressively complex instrumentation, infectious melodies and killer hooks to create a tight, mathy melodic punk combination that's hard to resist. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and a spring to your step.
– Creature Dreams [Reissue/2011] 12” (Young Art)
Tokimonsta – Lune Rouge LP (Young Art)
Originally released on Brainfeeder in 2011, Tokimonsta's own Young Art Records is proud to reissue Creature Dreams on blue colored vinyl. As Tokimonsta, California producer Jennifer Lee's charted a fascinating career over the past seven years, and Lune Rouge is her exhilarating next step. Her third proper long-player is both a logical progression of her sound and a surprising left turn from an artist that rarely ceases to surprise. A smoky, patient, and altogether lovely collection, Lune Rouge mixes modern sensibilities with old-school sounds to make for a heady brew of moonlit music.
>T. Rex
- Chateau De Herouville LP (Easy Action)
This rare studio session release collects four tracks recorded by the classic T. Rex line-up of Marc Bolan, Steve Currie, Bill Legend and Mickey Finn at the Chateau De Herouville for Broadcast on French Television prior to the completion of
The Slider (1972). Limited colored vinyl pressing.
Various Artists - Palenque Records Afrocolombia Remix Vol. 2 LP (Galletas Caliente)
inviting more talented producers from worldwide “Global Bass” scene to revisit all time Afro-Colombian classic musical pieces. Palenque Records’ original artists, such as Son Palenque, Batata y Su Rumba Palenquera, Colombiafrica The Mystic Orchestra.., living testimonies of how much Africa has influenced traditional music in Colombia, have developed a remarkable culture, collaborating with african musicians such as Diblo Dibala, Bopol Mansiamina,

>Various Artists
- Synthesize the Soul: Astro-Atlantic Hypnotica From The Cape Verde Islands 1973-1988 2xLP (Ostinato)
Through 18 diverse tracks this compilation reveals how immigration from the Cape Verde Islands to Europe and the United States gave us an alternate history of the electronic music that dominated hearts and minds across the world in the late 1990s.

>Wau y Los Arrrghs
– El Mananero 7” (Slovenly)
Two action packed punk blasts from 2017 – repressed on vinyl with new artwork.

>Yung Lean
– Stranger LP (Kobalt)
Released last November on CD – now available on vinyl. Swedish rapper Yung Lean shot to fame after a series of YouTube clips recorded with friends went viral, but since then he's pursued his own devoutly independent path. Recently appearing on Frank Ocean's
Blonde, the Stockholm songwriter is perfectly poised to reach fresh heights.
released 26 january 2018
>CDs + Vinyl:
>Agrimonia – Awaken CD (Southern Lord)
Agrimonia’s sound has always been dense, immersive, ambitious even, and on
Awaken their prog-infused form of expansive metal has evolved into something more energetic, dynamic, and powerful. [Vinyl edition due February 16.]
>Phil Anselmo & The Illegals
– Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue CD/LP (Housecore)
Instead of treading the same ground as his previous bands Pantera and Down, Phil Anselmo and his band mates ''The Illegals'' - Jose Manuel ''Blue'' Gonzalez [drums], Stephen Taylor (moved from bass to guitar), and new extreme additions ''Metal'' Mike DeLeon (guitar), and Walter Howard (bass) - open up another doorway altogether with their release.
Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue is extreme, abrasive, aggressive, and anthemic.
>Robbie Basho
– Live In Forli, Italy 1982 CD (ESP Disk)
Robbie Basho (1940-86), who died young after a stroke, never got his due in the culture at large, but steel-string guitar enthusiasts have known for decades that he was one of the greats of "American Primitivism". Technically adept and compositionally imaginative, fusing the music of many cultures into a mesmerizing solo style, he has been an inspiration for many; his music has generated a surge of interest in recent years. This 1982 concert was part of a four-show Italian tour. [Vinyl edition due February 23.]

>Jaap Blonk & Terrie Ex
– Thirsty Ears CD (Terp)
Jaap Blonk is a Dutch avant-garde composer and sound poet. He is primarily self-taught, both as a sound artist and as a visual/stage performer. One of his early influences was Kurt Schwitters, whose Ursonate he first heard in 1979; he memorized the entire work, and it became one of the cornerstones of his repertory; he has recited portions of the piece hundreds of times in various public places. His performances of sound poetry are unique and world renowned, making use of words and phonetic snippets as well as clicks, hisses, and other vocal manipulations. He hooked up with The Ex guitarist Terrie Ex in 2006 and they did several gigs after that. In 2012 The Ex brought Blonk over to Ethiopia for a special sound poetry project. This combination,
Thirsty Ears, is an adventure in improvising sound and poetry; electronics, guitar and vocals. [Vinyl edition due February 9.]
– Zurich/Lausanne 2xCD (Purple Pyramid)
Live archive release containing a pair of full-length unreleased live recordings. Features Joel Vandroogenbroeck, the founder of pioneering electronic behemoth Brainticket. Includes compositions not found on any other album

>Dennis Brown
– Stick By Me CD (Abraham)
A collection of tracks from Jamaica's favorite singer Dennis Brown, also dubbed the "Crown Prince of Reggae".

– The Thread That Keeps Us CD/LP+MP3 (Epitaph)
The ninth studio album from Calexico is a timely snapshot of the Arizona-bred band: a family portrait capturing their stylistic variety and unpredictability while still finding solace in limitless creativity. In bringing
The Thread That Keeps Us to life, vocalist/guitarist Joey Burns and drummer John Convertino found a spiritual home in unusual surroundings – not in Arizona, but on the Northern California coast in a home-turned-studio called the Panoramic House. Built from debris and shipyard-salvaged timber – and dubbed "The Phantom Ship" by the band – the grandiose house and its edge-of-the-world-like ambience soon made their way into the songs. With less polish and more grit than ever before, The Thread That Keeps Us both honors enduring traditions and reveals Calexico's confidence in songwriting, ultimately setting a whole new standard for the band.
>Celtic Woman
– Homecoming: Live From Ireland CD/CD+DVD (Manhattan)
Recorded in Dublin, Ireland in September 2017. Both an accomplished recording ensemble and a one-of-a-kind live act, Celtic Woman combines the country's finest musical talents with epic stage production to present a uniquely inspiring live experience. [Stand-alone DVD edition also available.]

>Club 8
– Golden Island CD/LP (Labrador)
Tenth album from Swedish act Club 8 and the duo's biggest leap since they formed in the small town of Åhus in 1995.
Golden Island is a place somewhere between the real and the imaginary. It dwells on quietness and subtle moves created by odd instruments, field recordings and sampled voices creating embracing atmospheres pending from soothing to haunting.
>Robert Cohen-Solal
– Les Shadoks CD/LP (We Release Whatever The F**k We Want)
The complete soundtrack of cult French animated TV series Les Shadoks (1968-1974). Electro-acoustic pioneer and eminent member of the illustrious GRM (Groupe de recherches musicales, the French equivalent of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop), Robert Cohen-Solal has explored music and sound alongside luminaries such as Bernard Parmegiani, Pierre Henry, Luc Ferrari, and Iannis Xenakis, and is responsible for numerous projects in the field of applied music, soundtracks (documentaries, shorts etc.), and experimental recordings. His work on
Les Shadoks is simply extraordinary -- a fascinating and bizarre collage of wacky electro pop (à la Jean-Jacques Perrey), drones, musique concrète, classical, and dadaist sound experiments seamlessly mixed into a cohesive and cinematic listening experience.
>Hollie Cook
– Vessel Of Love CD/LP+MP3 (Merge)
Hollie Cook combines her unique vocal talent and charisma to craft a dynamic strand of lovers rock with enduring tropical vibes, weaving a path from her West London roots to an arena of diverse collaborations, critically acclaimed records, and iconic live appearances around the world. Cook's ability to surprise, delight, and progress solidifies her position as one of the most exciting voices in reggae, and this is clear on her third full-length
Vessel Of Love. Acclaimed producer Martin "Youth" Glover lends his venerable production expertise to the album. Cook sits in good company on Glover's impressive production list, joining Paul McCartney, Tom Jones, The Verve, Primal Scream, Pink Floyd, and Depeche Mode. Glover describes Cook's songs as "sharp lyrical observations and clever word play combined with an exquisite and informed pop sensibility."
– Mellow Waves CD/LP (Rostrum)
Acclaimed Japanese producer, composer, and recording artist Cornelius first proper studio album in over 11 years. "One second, we're careening through mathy guitar pop reminiscent of fellow Tokyo residents Toe on ‘Somewhere / Someplace,’ the next, we're in the midst of ‘Surfing On Mind Wave Pt. 2’’s six minutes of blissful ambience,” reveals Merry Jane Media. “By the album's end, you'll have heard soaring pop choruses, robot-voiced grooves, samba rhythms, and some of the finest acoustic guitar/synth pairings in recent memory.” [Limited colored vinyl pressing also available.]

>The Dangerous Summer
– The Dangerous Summer CD/LP (Hopeless)
First album in almost five years from the Ellicott City, Maryland-based alt-rockers. [Limited blue colored vinyl pressing also available.]

>Chris Dave And The Drumhedz
- Chris Dave And The Drumhedz CD/2xLP (Blue Note)
Chris Dave has drummed for everyone from Adele to Bieber and Dolly to D'Angelo; Questlove once described Chris as his "worst nightmare" and Rolling Stone named him one of the 100 Greatest Drummers of All Time. The Drumhedz' debut LP showcases a family of musicians whose credits coil like ivy around nearly every pillar or modern sound. It's a place without genre, where elements of funk, soul, gospel, hip-hop and jazz mix until they're an indistinguishable surging mass of solid groove. Musicians include Anderson .Paak, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Bilal, SiR, Anna Wise and dozens more.

>Craig David
– Time Is Now CD (RCA)
Seventh studio album by the British singer. Guests include JP Cooper, Bastille, AJ Tracey, Ella
Mai, Kaytranada and GoldLink.

– This One Goes To 11 CD/LP (High Roller)
Third album from the Gothenburg, Sweden raw power rock ‘n’ roll band.

– Bu Bir Ruya CD/LP+MP3 (Glitterbeat)
Dirtmusic return for their fifth album, a full-scale collaboration with Turkish-psych visionary Murat Ertel from Baba Zula. Recorded in Istanbul,
Bu Bir Ruya navigates hypnotic rhythms, cinematic atmospheres and dark political realities.
>Django Django
– Marble Skies CD/LP+MP3 (Domino)
Django Django – David Maclean (producer/drummer), Vincent Neff (vocalist/guitarist), Jimmy Dixon (bass) and Tommy Grace (synths) - return, exploring new sounds with their third full-length album,
Marble Skies. It's a concise and focused album that recalls their dynamic, genre-blurring debut and its handmade, cut-and-paste approach. Following the release of their 2012 Mercury Prize-nominated debut and 2015's Born Under Saturn, the process for Marble Skies began with a back-to-basics approach in line with the DIY ethos of the band's early days. In late 2016, Django Django (minus Maclean) assembled at Urchin Studios in Tottenham, London with Metronomy drummer Anna Prior to experiment with new material. After ten days of recording, there was plenty of raw demos to send to Maclean for him to edit, refine and evolve before the band rejoined for recording proper. Marble Skies was completed in mid-2017 in their small, equipment-crammed studio in north London – a similar environment to the first record, which was recorded in Maclean's bedroom.
>Fats Domino
– The King Of New Orleans Live! 3xCD (Sunset Blvd)
A mammoth three-CD, 50-song collection, compiled from a wealth of in-concert performances.

– Love Jail CD/LP+MP3 (Thrill Jockey)
Dommengang have adapted to the arid climate of Los Angeles, and imbued their particular brand of rock with a heavy dose of the best of 1970s rock aesthetics, including at least one ballad. Over the course of ten songs, Dommengang draw widely from the American rock music lexicon, primarily influenced by electric blues.

>Wayne Escoffery
– Vortex CD (Sunnyside)
On this recording, jazz saxophonist Wayne Escoffery presents this great quartet on a number of original pieces, a standard and an original piece by the ensemble's brilliant drummer, Ralph Peterson, who Escoffery has worked alongside since Escoffery's arrival in New York in 2000. The rest of the band is equally pedigreed. Pianist David Kikoski has been a regular collaborator in the Mingus Big Band and with Eddie Henderson, and bassist Ugonna Okegwo has been driving the rhythm section of Tom Harrell's ensemble for the entirety of Escoffery's tenure. Escoffery's quartet is augmented by the percussion of Jaquelene Acevedo on a number of pieces.

>Etant Donnés with Michael Gira
- Offenbarung Und Untergang by Georg Trakl [Reissue/1999] CD/LP (Munster)
A reissue of this 1999 collaboration between Etant Donnés (Eric and Marc Hurtado) and Michael Gira (Swans), featuring Mark Cunningham (Mars) and Saba Komossa (Delkom). The album is based upon the text
Offenbarung Und Untergang ("Revelation and Demise"), written by the Austrian expressionist poet Georg Trakl in 1914. The music is filled with drones, noise, rumblings, bits of percussion, Gira's deep and entrancing voice, Komossa's sensual interventions, and Cunningham's martial trumpet.
– Weather Or Not CD/2xLP (Rhymesayers)
Weather Or Not represents the fourth and final chapter in Evidence's Weatherman series, and features an all-star lineup of guests and friends, including Slug (Atmosphere), Rakaa (Dilated Peoples), Alchemist, Styles P, Rapsody, Jonwayne, Defari, Krondon, Khrysis, Mach Hommy and Catero. While Evidence holds his own on the boards, he's also tapped a stellar cast of producers to share duties with, including Alchemist, DJ Premier, Nottz, DJ Babu, Twiz The Beat Pro, Sam I Yam and Budgie.
>Sin Fang, Sóley, and Örvar Smárason
– Team Dream CD/2xLP+MP3 (Morr Music)
Team Dreams is the collaborative album of Sin Fang, Sóley, and Örvar Smárason of múm and FM Belfast. It combines the individual strengths of the three acclaimed musicians, and blends folk sensibilities with futuristic pop beats. [Vinyl edition features an etched D-side.]

>Forever Pavot
- La Pantoufle CD/LP (Born Bad)
Here is Émile Sornin the (new) father, the dubbed artist, the one-man-studio fully aware of his essential influences (French '70s movie soundtracks—Philippe Sarde, François De Roubaix, Francis Lai—ather than Italian giallo soundtracks, synth pioneers such as Wendy Carlos or Mort Garson, library music à la Camille Sauvage,Claude Vasori, and Roger Roger); the captain of a dense, tight live band.

>Nils Frahm
– All Melody CD/LP+MP3 (Erased Tapes)
For the past two years, Nils Frahm has been building a brand-new studio in Berlin to make his seventh studio album
All Melody. Since the day Nils first encountered the impressive studio of a family friend, he had envisioned to create one of his own at such a large scale. Fast forward to the present day and Nils is now the proud host of Saal 3, part of the historical 1950s East German Funkhaus building beside the River Spree. It is here where he has spent most of his time deconstructing and reconstructing the entire space from the cabling and electricity to the woodwork, before moving on to the finer elements; building a pipe organ and creating a mixing desk all from scratch with the help of his friends. His new album is born out of the freedom that his new environment provided, allowing Nils to explore without any restrictions and to keep it all about the melody. Despite being confined within the majestic four walls of the Funkhaus, buried deep in its reverb chambers, or in an old dry well in Mallorca, All Melody is, in fact, proof that music is limitless, timeless, and reflects that of Nils' own capabilities. From a boy's dream to resetting the parameters of music itself.
>Jeffrey Gaines
– Alright CD (Omnivore)
Soulful singer-songwriter-guitarist Jeffrey Gaines returns with his first collection of new songs in 15 years. Recorded in Los Angeles with producer/multi-instrumentalist Chris Price (whose production resume includes acclaimed recent comeback efforts by Emitt Rhodes and Linda Perhacs, as well as his own widely celebrated second solo effort, Stop Talking), Alright features an all-star studio band consisting of guitarist Val McCallum (Jackson Browne, Sheryl Crow, Lucinda Williams), bassist Davey Faragher (Elvis Costello, Cracker, John Hiatt), and drummer Pete Thomas (Elvis Costello, Squeeze, Elliott Smith), who also record on their own as Jackshit.
Alright vibrates with positivity and enthusiasm, lending an unmistakable immediacy to such effervescent new Gaines originals as “Feel Alright,” “Firefly Hollow,” “Seems to Me” and “Frowned Upon.” The new songs showcase Gaines’ sublime melodic gifts, his vivid lyrical insight and ingratiating performing skills, while drawing strength from the unmistakable chemistry of the studio team, which cut all of the album’s backing tracks in a marathon three-day session.

>Mary Gauthier
– Rifles & Rosary Beads CD/LP (In The Black/Thirty Tigers)
Co-written with US veterans and their families, the 11 deeply personal songs on
Rifles & Rosary Beads reveal the untold stories, and powerful struggles that these veterans and their spouses deal with abroad and after returning home. Each year it's estimated that over 7400 current and former members of the US Armed Services take their own lives. The songs were all co-written as part of SongwritingWith:Soldiers, a non-profit program that facilitates retreats bringing professional songwriters together with wounded veterans and active duty military.
>Half Japanese
– Why Not? CD/LP+MP3 (Fire)
“Half Japanese have returned to peel further layers from their onion. They have a new album that’s a square further on in their unpredictable musical snakes and ladders board.
Why Not? is a magical thing – it’s Springsteen’s Born To Run recorded in a cupboard, it’s an ode to love, it’s a Wire song with two dueling guitarists being Zappa on helium, it’s Parquet Courts in a tantrum, it’s The Crickets contorted into ? And The Mysterians, it’s everywhere and nowhere, baby, it’s where it’s at.”
- Támsins likam CD/LP (Metal Blade)
Doomster Hamferð from the Faroe Islands return with an album bustling with elements ancient and familiar, violent and strange, earthen and spectral – all the while fiercely seeking to surprise and move the listener. [Limited light-gray/black marbled vinyl pressing also available.]

>Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa
– Black Coffee CD/2xLP (J&R Adventures)
Four years have gone by since the Grammy nominated, No. 1 Billboard Blues album
Seesaw was released by singer-songwriter and blues-rock powerhouse Beth Hart and guitar hero Joe Bonamassa. Since then, they've both been on fire, both in the studio and live. So, the time was ideal to reunite for another collection of 10 soul gems that encompass Hart's breathtaking vocals and Joe's masterfully expressive guitar playing. With producer extraordinaire Kevin 'The Caveman' Shirley (Led Zeppelin, Black Crowes, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Rush) back at the helm, the results dig deep into the soul catalog where they honor and re-imagine songs from Edgar Winter, Etta James, Ike & Tina Turner, Steve Marriot, Ella Fitzgerald, Lil' Green, LaVern Baker, Howlin' Wolf, Lucinda Williams and Waldeck. [Limited red colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>Hooded Menace
– Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed CD/LP (Season Of Mist)
New album from the Finnish doom metal band. Hooded Menace expertly weave dreary funereal atmospheres with melodically driven songwriting, which only adds to the crushing
Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed’s emotional gravitas.
>Howling Sycamore
– Howling Sycamore CD/LP (Prosthetic)
Jason McMaster (WatchTower, Dangerous Toys), Davide Tiso (Ephel Duath) and Hannes Grossmann (Necrophagist, Obscura) unite to create an extreme metal project that traverses all aspects of progressive music. [Limited colored vinyl pressing also available.]

>Janis Joplin
– Little Girl Blue: Early California Sessions CD/LP (Copacetic/Wax Love)
Recorded in part at the Folk Theatre in San Jose, 1962 where Janis is joined by Steve
Talbot on stage, and the remainder at the Coffee Gallery in San Francisco, 1962.

>Makoto Kawabata/Richard Pinhas/Tatsuya Yoshida
– Trax CD/LP (Bam Balam)
Richard Pinhas is one of the more atypical French musicians of the last 40 years. He has been surprising everyone all these years -- Always appearing where you expect him the least. Makoto Kawabata, who has been a big follower of Heldon, has also been a longtime friend and partner of Tatsuya Yoshida. So naturally, these three reunited in 2016 at the Studio Condorcet in Toulouse (France) to record a series of fiery improvisations and experimentations. Free noise, blues, and psychedelia are all intertwined, but there is an uneasiness to it, some anxiety matting the mix.

>Jonathan Kawchuk
– North CD/LP (Paper Bag)
North’s evocative soundscapes and delicate melodies were inspired and recorded by a cast of musicians and friends spread across Canada, the UK, Iceland, Norway, Portugal, and Israel. In his final act of creation, Kawchuk broadcast the album through speakers and into the forests of Norway’s Jostedalsbreen National Park, home to the largest glacier in continental Europe.
North, as you hear it, is the re-recorded result.
– Con Todo El Mundo CD/LP/Cassette (Dead Oceans)
Whereas Khruangbin’s 2015 debut album
The Universe Smiles Upon You was influenced by ‘60s and ‘70s Thai cassettes and compilations of southeast Asian pop, rock and funk, Con Todo El Mundo hops east over India to take inspiration in similarly under discovered funk and soul sounds of the Middle-East, particularly from Iran.
>Kirlian Camera
– Hologram Moon CD/2xCD/2xLP (Dependent)
Hologram Moon is the first Kirlian Camera album after five years. [Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe adds a disc of bonus tracks.]
– Shadow People CD/LP+CD (Because Music)
“The Limiñanas, a Perpignan, France-based duo consisting of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Lionel and drummer/vocalist Marie have been making music since 2009. In that time, they have released four studio albums to great acclaim in their native France, and elsewhere in Europe. Though they have failed to establish much of a following in the US, American audiences should pay attention, lest they miss a truly distinctive musical experience. The Limiñanas’ sound, best described as eclectic, traces its roots to Serge Gainsbourg’s yè yè movement in French pop from the 1960s, to Ennio Morricone’s film scores, to The Cult’s iconic driving guitar riffs. In between, one can hear shoegaze, psychedelia, and even a bit of Motown. On their fifth studio album,
Shadow People, the duo distills these diverse influences into a genuinely unique and surprisingly listenable record that is sure to be a classic.” – Cryptic Rock
>Machine Head
– Catharsis CD+DVD (Nuclear Blast)
If heavy music stands for anything, it’s freedom. Formed in Oakland, California in 1991, Machine Head have forged a formidable reputation and huge global fan base by never surrendering their artistic liberty or compromising their belief in the power of heaviness. Includes a 22-track live DVD. [Vinyl edition due February 2.]

>Mammoth Grinder
– Cosmic Crypt CD/LP (Relapse)
New album from the underground extreme metal trio consisting of current and former members of Power Trip, Iron Reagan, and Darkest Hour.

>Marc 4
– Original Italian Library Music From The Vaults Of Nelson Records CD/LP (Vampisoul)
Culled from the llibrary of Nelson Records, founded in 1970 by the musicians Maurizio Majorana, Antonello Vannucchi and Roberto Podio after establishing the recording studio Telecinesound, (right where the New Italian Library Sound was created), this is the sound that many collectors, musicians, record producers and film directors still like, look for, rediscover and re-use for their work. The New Italian Library Sound has the signature of I Marc 4, a quartet that recorded 20 albums from 1970 to 1980 but who also collaborated with the great masters of Italian soundtracks of the '60s and '70s, especially with Armando Trovajoli, bringing their own style into this new sound, mixing jazz, pop, rock and psychedelic music.

– Ten Killer CD/LP (Big Legal Mess)
Songwriting extraordinaires Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster (Water Liars) and Will Johnson (Centro matic) join forces on a collection of quiet (mostly) acoustic songs.

– Knowing What You Know CD (Roadrunner)
“Spaces between heartbeats quickly shrink. Adrenaline rushes into the system. Body parts move involuntarily. This is the effect of hearing British post-hardcore young guns Marmozets. The band packed heat with their 2014 debut
The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets, filling it with shredding guitars, massive hooks, and frontwoman Becca McIntyre’s distinctive howl. Four years later, no time is wasted getting to the hook, opening with Becca roaring ‘One, two, three, play!’ before the first beat on album opener and first single ‘Play.’ There’s less of the scream that punctuated every line of their first big hit ‘Why Do You Hate Me?’ Instead, her voice has become more powerful and dynamic; her ferocity still intact. She stretches notes to their limits on the gut-punching chorus of ‘Habits,’ and spits each syllable in ‘Major System Error’ with the same force and deadliness of a machine gun, exploding when she shrieks, ‘Can you keep it together?’ Knowing What You Know Now is a massive improvement on Marmozets’ excellent debut, showing massive growth in their wild and wonderful world.” – Hysteria [Vinyl edition due February 2.]
>H.C. McEntire
– Lionheart CD/LP+MP3 (Merge)
H.C. McEntire, frontwoman of Mount Moriah, strikes out on her own with her debut solo album
Lionheart, a collection of songs inspired by the American South and a desire to reclaim ‘country’ music from the hetero-normative, homogenous shtick of tailgates and six-packs and men chasing women. Stereogum describes her voice as "weary, wise, and bright as morning sunshine all at once," and that sunshine glows throughout the triumphant Lionheart. For the album, McEntire collaborated with many of her favorite musicians, including Kathleen Hanna, Angel Olsen, Amy Ray, Tift Merritt, William Tyler, Mary Lattimore, and Phil Cook, while remaining bravely devoted to her most authentic self throughout the process. Lionheart was recorded during the first few months of 2017 with additional recording and mixing taking place on the run as McEntire toured the world as a member of Angel Olsen's band.
>Ben Miller Band
– Choke Cherry Tree CD/LP (New West)
On their new record
Choke Cherry Tree, the Ben Miller Band has taken another step forward in both style and content. With lyrics ranging from irreverent to introspective, offering views on American history and the societal issues of today, the band delivers a career-defining album. What sets it apart sonically from previous albums is the addition of two new members, Smilin' Bob and Rachel Ammons. The musical palette has expanded with four-part harmonies and a new batch of instruments from cello to homemade, one-off musical creations, forging a sound that is at once familiar and strange. As always, the songs are grounded by the pulsing washtub bass of Scott Leeper, raw vocals and the rhythmic slide guitar work of Ben Miller. The band's ongoing evolution into an exciting new phase shows what has made this band so special and points to what will make it great in the years to come.
>Jeff Mills
- & Then There Was Light [OST] CD (Axis UK)
Poignant, aggressive, but serene sound track created by Jeff Mills for
& Then There Was Light, a Japanese film directed by Tatsushi Omori based on the novel Hikari by Shion Miura.
>Mimicking Birds
– Layers Of Us CD/LP (Glacial Pace)
Mimicking Birds is a three-piece rock band fronted by singer/songwriter Nate Lacy. Dream-like, immersive, and awash in texture,
Layers Of Us explores daunting topics like life, death, and eternity with a gentle touch. Lacy tenderly serenades us though this epic 10-song expedition that presents the full prismatic array of musical color.
>Wes Montgomery
– In Paris: The Definitive ORTF Recording 2xCD (Resonance)
In Paris: The Definitive ORTF Recording captures jazz guitar legend Wes Montgomery on his only tour of Europe on the night of March 27, 1965 at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in Paris, France. The first official release of this legendary concert, In Paris has been released in partnership with the Institutnational de l'audiovisuel (INA) with remastered, high-resolution audio transferred directly from the original tape reels. The concert was organized by jazz producer and impresario Alan Bates to the great delight of European audiences who had long wanted to see Wes perform live, but his severe fear of flying had kept him in the states. Featuring an all-star band with pianist Harold Mabern, bassist Arthur Harper and drummer Jimmy Lovelace, with special guest tenor saxophonist Johnny Griffin, the deluxe double-CD set includes an extensive 32-page booklet with stunning archival photos taken at the concert from famed music photographer Jean-Pierre Leloir; essays from historian and director of operations in jazz studies at Rutgers University, Vincent Pelote, Resonance producer Zev Feldman and associate producer Pascal Rozat from INA; plus interviews with pianist Harold Mabern, renowned guitarist Russell Malone and more.
>Nightmares On Wax
– Shape The Future CD/LP+MP3 (Warp)
One of the most influential artists of a generation and a long-standing member of the Warp Records family, Nightmares On Wax releases his new album.
Shape The Future is a perfect marriage of soul, hip-hop, dub and timeless club sounds that act as a salvo masterpiece of contemporary and classic genre-blending, brilliantly solidifying Nightmares On Waxs place as an inspirational electronic music figurehead.
>No Age
– Snare Like A Haircut CD/LP/Cassette (Drag City)
“Been a while, hasn't it? Fuzz punks No Age have been dwelling in slumber since they released
An Object, their last and most thoughtful record in a back catalogue full of discarding and distorting. Here comes the shred: they're back with Snares Like A Haircut and it sounds like they're gonna make one of their famous, churning rackets.”
>Orphaned Land
– Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs CD/2xLP (Century Media)
One of the pioneers of oriental metal are back with a new album. Features guests Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian), Steve Hackett (ex-Genesis), and Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates).

>The Persuasions
– Acappella [Reissue/1970] CD (Greyscale)
If one is to indulge in a bit of what is these days called 'profiling', one would probably have imagined that The Persuasions were a street band, too poor to buy instruments, who had come together in the mid-1950s, singing on street corners. Wrong! They were one of the leading lights of the Doo Wop revival in the late 1960s and this, their first record, was made under the tutelage of none other than Frank Zappa.

– Ion CD/LP (Profound Lore)
Fifth full-length album from enigmatic Australian avant-garde death metal surrealists.

>Idan Raichel
– Piano - Songs 2xCD (Cumbancha)
After 15 years as leader of The Idan Raichel Project, international music icon Idan Raichel recently began focusing on the basic essence of his songs with the solo piano concert entitled
Piano - Songs. Throughout 2016 and 2017, Idan presented his melodies, lyrics and the stories behind them in their pure, stripped down form, as they were originally written at home or in the studio. Most of the recordings on this new live double album were recorded during a 17-concert run at the 1400-seat Shuni Ampitheater in Binyamina, Israel.
>Jamie Saft
– Solo A Genova CD/LP (RareNoise)
Solo A Genova is Saft's highly emotive take on jazz standards and other uniquely American compositions. Recorded at the beautiful Teatro Carlo Felice in Genova, Italy in an acoustically marvellous space, Solo A Genova showcases Saft on a 9-foot Steinway Model D piano in the service of a number beguiling piano arrangements of tunes by Curtis Mayfield, Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis, John Coltrane, ZZ Top, Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Charles Ives, Miles Davis and Bill Evans.
>Hama Sankaré
- Ballébé - Calling All Africans CD (Clermont Music)
Alpha Ousmane "Hama" Sankaré (aka Pedro) is a legend. He has anchored the bands of many great artists of Mali: Ali Farka Toure, Afel Bocoum, le Troupe Regionale de Niafunké, l'Orchestre de Gao, Songhoy Allstars, and Mamadou Kelly's BanKaiNa, and he can be heard on many of the seminal recordings of Mali's music. He is the master of contemporary calabash percussion and defined it's the playing style. [Vinyl edition due February 9.]
Ty Segall – Freedom’s Goblin CD/2xLP/Cassette (Drag City)
A head-spinning compendium of stompers, weepers, ballads, screamers, bangers and funker-uppers, all marking a different impasse, like a flag whirling into a knot, exploding and burning
on contact, in the name of life and loathing and the pursuit of what you love.

>Sly And Robbie meet Dubmatix
– Overdubbed CD/LP+CD (Echo Beach)
In reggae, all roads lead to the "Riddim Twins", Sly & Robbie. They've been revered as style-defining icons for years, and together and individually have a massive influence on the genre. Here, Canadian producer and multi-instrumentalist Dubmatix reworks classic Sly & Robbie tracks.

– American Folk CD/LP (American Folk)
Soundtrack to the award-winning 2018 independent film starring Joe Purdy and Amber Rubarth. In addition to both original compositions and classic folk song renditions by Purdy and Rubarth, the soundtrack includes John Prine's “Some Humans Ain't Human” and Jerry Garcia & David Grisman's “Freight Train.”

– Babylon Berlin 2xCD (BMG)
Babylon Berlin is a German period drama television series which premiered in October 2017 on Sky 1, a German-language entertainment channel broadcast by Sky Deutschland. The first series is made up of eight episodes and is set in the Berlin of the 1920s. It is based on novels by Volker Kutscher, the plots of which span from 1929 to 1934. “Babylon Berlin is one of the most innovative scores I heard this year; Johnny Klimek and Tom Tykwer used very few sounds and instruments but combined them in fascinating ways both as sound and as pace. Both modern and retro, this score kept me interested from start to finish for a very rewarding standalone listening experience.” – Soundtrack Dreams [Vinyl edition due March 9.]
>Spook School
– Could It Be Different? CD/LP (Slumberland)
If a debut LP is an artist's introduction to the world and their sophomore release is their now or never moment, their third is their most cathartic: they've made it out, they're here. Glasgow, Scotland's indie-pop optimists The Spook School, despite personal and political obstacle, made it out, and their latest full-length
Could It Be Different? is here. It's been a journey of self-discovery and feel-good realism; modern, dance-friendly indie-pop fueling the fun. They made a name for themselves for their exultant and empowering pop, and now, they've shown real growth in nuance.
>Rick Springfield
– The Snake King CD (Frontiers)
Springfield’s new album finds him travelling down a dusty dirt road to explore the blues side of his rock ‘n’ roll.

>Steep Canyon Rangers
– Out In The Open CD (Ramseur)
“The sessions that produced
Out In The Open were brisk and instinctive, expansive yet intimate, visceral and immediate - and they would have had to be, for herein are songs that tell the big story by drawing the small ones. There is, to my ear, as much of Raymond Carver's literate and humane influence on display as the Osborne Brothers, as much Welty in the pointed details - both sublime and confounding - as Clark and Van Zandt. Compassion and determination act as connective tissue when, throughout this song cycle, the bones, muscle, and blood of daily life dance with loose-limbed motion toward the inevitable, guided by an ethos best articulated by Sam Beckett who directed that when we falter, we try again and 'fail better.'” – Joe Henry
>Stick In The Wheel
– Follow Them True CD/LP (From Here)
East London five-piece folk band Stick In The Wheel are headed by singer Nicola Kearey, and guitarist/producer Ian Carter. Their debut
From Here (2015) was MOJOs Folk Album of the Year, with four BBC Folk Award nominations since their inception in 2013.
– Electric Eyes CD (Deadline Music)
The unreleased album from metal heroes Thor recorded in 1979 as a follow-up to their blockbuster debut
Keep The Dogs Away.
>Tiny Moving Parts
- Swell CD/Cassette (Triple Crown)
Following 2016's acclaimed
Celebrate, the delightfully chipper trio from Benson, Minnesota bring you their brand-new record Swell. The collection finds Tiny Moving Parts building on its predecessor and throwing into the melting pot, their impressively complex instrumentation, infectious melodies and killer hooks to create a tight, mathy melodic punk combination that's hard to resist. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and a spring to your step. [Vinyl edition due February 2.]
– Down Below CD/LP (Century Media)
Fourth album from the Swedish metal band. [Limited silver colored vinyl pressing also available.]

– Nostalgia – Archive Of Failures Part 4 CD (Moribund)
Vardan – Nostalgia – Archive Of Failures Part 5 CD (Moribund)
Vardan – Nostalgia – Archive Of Failures Part 6 CD (Moribund)
Vardan – Nostalgia – Archive Of Failures Part 4-6 3xCD (Moribund)
Volumes 4-6 in the
Nostalgia - Archives Of Failures series, provides all the somber, melancholic, atmospheric and reflective black metal that Vardan fans have come to expect. [Deluxe three-disc set includes a box and patch.]
>Various Artists
– Dustin E. Presents: Cornflake Zoo Episode Eleven CD (Particles)
Episode Eleven of Cornflake Zoo assembles a selection of the most delightful, juvenile absurdity to reach the auditory senses in a captivating collection. 20 tracks recorded between 1966 and 1970. Features The Difference, The Shakers, The Pussycats, The League 66, Anders Nelson, G-Bros, The Megas, The Rivets, The Tony Hendrik Five, The Vipers, The Raits, The Bats, Cheers, Exploding Mushroom, Steampacket, The Clarks, The Regines, Roeks Family, and Toxic.
>Various Artists
– Obscure Rock & Pop From The British Isles: Mixed UP Minds Part 13 CD (Particles)
Another tantalizing dose of forgotten dreams from the suburban drifts of Britain. Features Cheep Boots, Tangerine Peel, White Plains, Jigsaw, P. C. Kent, Murray Head, Sadies Expression, Honeybus, Red Pepper, The London Boys, Festival, Pete Atkin, Elliot Mansions, Charles Brutus McClay, Barry Ryan, Zakatek, The World, andJo Ann And Number One.

>Various Artists
– The Rough Guide To Holy Blues: Reborn and Remastered CD (World Music Network)
From the extraordinary recordings of the true guitar evangelists Blind Willie Johnson and Reverend Gary Davis to classic spiritual renditions by legendary bluesman Charley Patton, Blind Lemon Jefferson and Skip James, this handpicked selection highlights the mutual influence between Gospel and blues.

>Various Artists
– Soul Jazz Records Presents: Brasil [Reissue/1994] CD/LP (Soul Jazz)
Soul Jazz Records Brasil album was recorded in Rio de Janeiro in 1994 with a host of legendary Brazilian musicians including Sivuca, Raul de Souza and singer Joyce Moreno and has remained one of the key defining early releases from the record label. Out-of-print for over 20 years, the album has been fully digitally remastered for this new 2018 edition.

>Various Artists
– Strange Angels: In Flight With Elmore James CD (Sylvan Songs)
Strange Angels: In Flight With Elmore James brings together a group of amazing artists to pay tribute to the legendary Elmore James in this 13-song collection of his classic blues standards. Warren Haynes, Billy Gibbons, and Mickey Raphael feature on a rendition of “Mean Mistreatin'” Mama.” Crooner Tom Jones lends his voice to “Done Somebody Wrong.” Keb Mo' performs “Look On Yonder Wall” and Bettye LaVette sings “Person To Person.” Also featured are Rodney Crowell, Jamey Johnson, Shelby Lynne, Allison Moorer, Chuck E. Weiss, and many others. Proceeds benefit Musicares and Edible Schoolyard NYC. Elmore James was known as King of the Slide Guitar and was noted for his use of loud amplification and his stirring voice. [Vinyl edition due April 27.]
>Sarah Walk
– Little Black Book CD/LP (One Little Indian)
Cat Power, Feist, Sharon Van Etten, and Bat For Lashes are just a few of the trailblazing artists Sarah Walk has drawn comparisons to. The rising Minneapolis singer-songwriter-pianist deals in songs that are as confessional as they are gut-wrenching and swathed in emotion. [Limited blue colored vinyl pressing also available.]

– Entertainment CD (Equal Vision)
Sophomore album from Houston, Texas-based pop-rock trio. Lead single "Blonde" features incredibly catchy verses and a chorus that will have you singing along. [Vinyl edition due February 9.]

DVDs + Blu-ray:
Celtic Woman – Homecoming: Live From Ireland DVD (Manhattan)
Recorded in Dublin, Ireland in September 2017. Both an accomplished recording ensemble and a one-of-a-kind live act, Celtic Woman combines the country's finest musical talents with epic stage production to present a uniquely inspiring live experience

This Week’s Vinyl Exclusives:
– ABBA: The Album [Reissue/1977] 2xLP (UMe)
Half-speed master, 45rpm double-LP vinyl reissue of the fifth studio album by the Swedish pop group.

>Action Bronson
– Blue Chips 7000 LP (Atlantic)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Action Bronson, the Flushing, Queens chef-turned-rapper releases the third and final installment in his highly popular
Blue Chips series.
>Agitation Free
– Last [Reissue/1976] LP (Wah Wah)
Vinyl reissue of the third LP by the krautrock legends.

>As I Lay Dying
– Frail Worlds Collapse [Reissue /003] LP (Metal Blade)
Two pressings of As I Lay Dying’s sophomore album: Limited yellow & brown colored and limited yellow and blue colored.

TM & Lisokot – Walzerzyklus LP (Raster Music)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl.
Walzerzyklus’ seven tracks, created in collaboration with Russian singer Lisokot, are subdivided into three pieces of two-minutes each and four pieces of three-minutes each, intentionally reflecting the 3/4 time of a classic waltz. Throughout the release, Lisokot's delicate vocals are put into different relations to AtomTM's rather cool machine music, either complementing or contrasting each other. In the same line, the three shorter "leitmotifs" provide the main theme that is taken up repeatedly in the course of the release. One-sided; Laser-engraved B-side.
– Wish You Were Here [Reissue/1974] LP (Rhino)
Translucent green colored vinyl pressing. Part of 2018’s Start Your Ear Off Right vinyl reissue campaign.

>Chuck Berry
– The Great Twenty-Eight [Reissue/1982] 5xLP (Geffen)
Super deluxe five colored vinyl LP box set. Includes the original two-LP, 28-song compilation with an additional LP,
More Great Chuck Berry, containing 14 more hits, rarities and B-sides missing from the original, as well as a rare live album, Oh Yeah! Live in Detroit. The collection also includes a newly created bonus 10” EP Berry Christmas, featuring four holiday-themed classics on "Rudolph-Red" vinyl, with one song on vinyl for the first time as well.
>Big Business
– Head For The Shallow [Reissue/2004] LP (Joyful Noise)
Big Business – Here Come The Waterworks [Reissue/2007] LP (Joyful Noise)
Big Business – Mind The Drift [Reissue/2009] LP (Joyful Noise)
Jared Waren (Karp) and Coady Willis (Murder City Devils) formed Big Business in 2003 in Seattle, WA. Their first full-length album,
Head For The Shallow, was released in 2005, followed by Here Come The Waterworks in 2007 and Mind The Drift in 2009. The timeline of writing and recording Here Come The Waterworks is intertwined with the band's move to Los Angeles to play with the Melvins.
>Big D & The Kids Table Vs. Moe Pope
– Fluent In Moe LP (Asbestos)
A punk/ska/pop/hip-hop fusion from Boston's Big D, Moe Pope, and DJ BC.

>The Body and Thou
– Released From Love/You, Whom I Have Always Hated 2xLP+MP3 (Thrill Jockey)
Both collaborative albums from The Body and Thou are available together on vinyl for the first time. Featuring brand new and expanded artwork both are presented in a gatefold jacket with flooded black pockets, black paper inner sleeves and a deluxe 12 -age 11" x 11" booklet .The Body and Thou are bands with Southern roots that have been pushing the boundaries of heavy metal for over a decade. On their two collaborative releases they showcase their unique ability to create music that is emotionally affecting and unrelenting.

>Buio Mondo
– Herederos De La Bestia [Colonna Sonora Originale] 10” (One Way Static)
Herederos De La Bestia is a documentary film about Álex de la Iglesia's classic 1995 apocalypse-horror story El Dia de la Bestia (The Day Of The Beast). Buio Mondo is a project that pays tribute to the giallo and the slasher genres and is best known for their previous (and very successful) album Italia Violenta. Mixing wild metal riffs, powerful electronics and dark brooding Carpenter-esque synth atmospheres results in a nightmarish soundscape that will haunt you in your dreams.
– The Lights Of This Earth Are Blinding LP (Southern Lord)
Ten new tracks of the band's harrowing, metallic, punk/crust-influenced hardcore, delivered with a calculated, very deliberate approach.

>Chewing On Tinfoil
– Marrowbone Lane LP (Asbestos)
US debut for one of Ireland's best punk bands. For Fans of Menzingers/Bouncing Souls/Gaslight Anthem.

– Astral Disasters Sessions Un/finished Musics LP (Acme)
Previously unissued mixes of Coil tracks that were recorded as part of the legendary Prescription label album sessions in the late 1990s, some of which resulted in the album
Astral Disaster.
>John Coltrane
– Live At Penn State University LP (Wax Love)
When John Coltrane performed in 1963 at Penn State University, it was with the group that is now considered his most "classic" group: the quartet featuring McCoy Tyner on piano, Jimmy Garrison on bass, and Elvin Jones on drums. Featuring an epic, 25-minute long "Bye Bye Blackbird", among other early '60s originals and covers, this is the sound of an artist coming into his own and truly shining. Coltrane at the top of his modal/post-bop powers.

>Alice Cooper
– Easy Action [Reissue/1970] LP (Rhino)
Alice Cooper – Killer [Reissue/1971] LP (Rhino)
Alice Cooper – Welcome To My Nightmare [Reissue/1975] LP (Rhino)
Colored vinyl pressings. Part of 2018’s Start Your Ear Off Right vinyl reissue campaign.

>Miles Davis
– Plays For Lovers [Reissue/1965] LP (Wax Love)
Vinyl reissue of reissue of this collection of Miles Davis recordings made between 1953 and 1956 originally released in 1965.
Plays For Lovers is a look at the more sensitive and sensual side of the great trumpeter, focusing on his sultry and smoky late night ballads. Mostly featuring his
legendary mid-50s quintet of John Coltrane, Red Garland, Paul Chambers, and "Philly" Joe Jones, this collection highlights that groups ability to slow things down to a soulful, brilliant simmer. Classic jazz ballads that swing, perfect for late nights with a lover at your side.

>Day Of Phoenix
– Wide Open N-Way [Reissue/1970] LP (Vinilisssimo)
Digitally remastered and expanded vinyl reissue of this 1970 album from the Danish prog rock band.

>Dr. John
– Professor Bizarre’s Funknology 2xLP (Run Out Groove)
Deluxe individually numbered double 180gm vinyl LP pressing housed in a gatefold tip-on Stoughton sleeve. New collection that includes an LP of the best Atco tracks and an additional LP of unreleased demos recorded by Dr. John between the years 1968-1974, all previously unavailable on any format.

>Kim Byoung Duk
– Experiment No. X LP (Daehan Electronics)
Growing up in the bustling port city of Busan and running his own record shop there from the late '70s, Kim Byoung Duk had a front-row seat to the finest in foreign record imports and a taste for the psychedelic that naturally evolved into spiritual, ambient and avant-garde sounds. His growing interest in Tao philosophy and the meditative music that accompanied it provided a fertile environment for his audio imagination. Unhampered by limited access to musical gear, he made use of a wide assortment of self-sourced pots of various sizes and curvature, cymbals, wooden sculpted flutes and percussion tools-each chosen for its unique harmonic vibration-to create an entirely new and unique body of work.

>Brian Eno
– Here Come The Warm Jets [Reissue/1973] LP (Astralwerks)
Brian Eno – Another Green World [Reissue/1975] LP (Astralwerks)
The standard vinyl reissue editions of Eno’s first and third album are now available.

>Fates Warning
– Perfect Symmetry [Reissue/1989] LP (Metal Blade)
Limited violet blue marbled color vinyl pressing. [Vinyl reissue of 1991’s
Parallels due February 9.]
>Mark Fox
– Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Shocking Truth [OST] LP (Pure Destruction)
The original soundtrack from
The Shocking Truth documentary and a few selected songs from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974 motion picture.
>Peter Frampton
– Fingerprints [2006] LP (Phenix Phonograph)
First-time vinyl edition - an impressive 14-tune collection of guitar mastery that crosses several musical borders, from funked up R&B to razor-edged rockers to rootsy blues to country-flamed beauties to jazzy Django swing to reflective impressionism.

>Serge Gainsbourg
– Du Jazz Dans Le Rain [Reissue/1966] LP (Rumble)
Gainsbourg, the original bad boy of French pop, the man who updated the French chanson and made it hip again infusing it with the youth culture of the late '50s and '60s, ruled by jazz, drugs, and free love. Very different from his celebrated later works, the music captured on this vinyl edition finds Gainsbourg mixing traditional chanson and big-band jazz rather than the avant garde pop that went on to define his career outside of France.

>Augustine Mayuga Gonzales
– Undertale On Piano 2xLP (iam8bit)
Latest in the ongoing vinyl collection dubbed Series 88.

>The Green Child
– The Green Child LP (Upset The Rhythm)
Broadly retro-futuristic in scope, verdant acres of lushly evocative synthesizers and blippy drum machines underpin most of their upbeat yet decidedly uncanny songs.

>Charles Hayward/Thurston Moore
– Improvisations LP (Care In Community)
Earlier in 2017 iconic artists Charles Hayward (This Heat) and Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) spent an afternoon improvising. Charles Hayward on drums and Thurston Moore on guitar. This LP is the result.

– Un Rêve Sans Conséquence Spéciale [Reissue/1976] LP (Souffle Continu)
Heldon – Heldon.6. Interface [Reissue/1977] LP (Souffle Continu)
Heldon – Stand By [Reissue/1979] LP (Souffle Continu)
Heldon was a French prog/space rock band formed in 1974 by Richard Pinhas. Colored vinyl reissues now available.

>John Hiatt
– Bring The Family [Reissue/1987] LP (A&M)
John Hiatt – Slow Turning [Reissue/1988] LP (A&M)
The rock guitarist, pianist, singer-songwriter’s eighth and ninth albums are back in-print on vinyl.

>High Rise
– II [Reissue/1986] LP (Black Editions)
High Rise exploded onto Tokyo's underground music scene with the roar and reckless abandon of a motorcycle accelerating headlong into a dead man's curve. Born from the explosive chemistry of bassist/vocalist Asahito Nanjo and frenetic guitarist Munehiro Narita, the band blazed a wild new stream of psychedelic guitar music.

>Billie Holiday
– Billie’s Blues [Reissue/1962] LP (Wax Love)
A vinyl reissue of Billie Holiday's
Billie's Blues, originally released as Ladylove in 1962. Includes five bonus tracks.
>Douglas Holmquist
– Smash Hit/PinOut 2xLP (iam8bit)
The deliciously synthy sounds of both
Smash Hit and PinOut are packed into this translucent double LP.
>John Lee Hooker
– Burning Hell [Reissue/1964] LP (Rumble)
Blues legend John Lee Hooker cut countless records beginning with his debut for Modern in 1948 and going some 50+ years until his death in 2001. With such a vast discography it can be easy to lose track of some records and Burning Hell, recorded in Detroit in 1959 with just his guitar and vocals, is one such lost record. But this album deserves so much to be rediscovered, a brilliant set from his "acoustic" period, this is raw southern acoustic blues at its best and a truly brilliant collection of songs.

>Whitney Houston
– I Wish You Love: More From The Bodyguard LP (Sony Legacy)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. A variety of live and studio recordings from
The Bodyguard (many previously unreleased or unavailable), including an alternate mix of “I Will Always Love You,” which features a spoken word intro of Whitney as Rachel Marron, an a capella version of “Jesus Loves Me,” which has never been heard before and a live recording from The Bodyguard World Tour 1993-1995 of “Run To You,” which Whitney rarely performed. Also included are film and live versions of “I Will Always Love” You,” “I Have Nothing,” “Queen Of The Night” and more. Limited colored vinyl pressing also available.
>Takashi Iizuka and Jun Senoue
– Sonic Adventure [OST] 2xLP (Brave Wave)
Takashi Iizuka and Jun Senoue – Sonic Adventure 2 [OST] 2xLP (Brave Wave)
Limited double 180gm colored vinyl LP pressings gatefold jackets. A selection of both games' best tracks remastered especially for vinyl and handpicked by
Sonic Adventure series lead composer and sound director Jun Senoue and the team.
>Trevor Jones
– The Dark Crystal [OST/Reissue/1982] LP (Enjoy The Ride)
Limited deluxe 35th Anniversary crystal-clear vinyl LP pressing.
The Dark Crystal: The Original Soundtrack features Trevor Jones' musical score written and arranged for the film. The album was recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra at the legendary Abby road studios in 1982. This is the first vinyl reissue since the film's original release.
>B.B. King
– Story From My Heart & Soul: The ‘Modern’ Label Singles 1957-1962 LP (Wax Love)
Mostly recorded in King's home base of Memphis, Tennessee - some even recorded and produced by Sam Phillips of Sun Records fame - these sides are some of the most important and classic blues and R&B tracks of the late 1950s and early 1960s.

>Alexis Korner
– R&B From The Marquee [Reissue/1957] LP (Rumble)
Featuring originals penned by Korner, Davies, and Baldry as well as American blues legends Jimmy Witherspoon and Muddy Waters, this is a killer piece of British blues history, finally back in print on vinyl.

>Konami Kukeiha Club
– Kid Dracula [OST] 10” (Ship To Shore)
Second release in the Konami Kukeiha Club Museum Series is the soundtrack to the 1990 Famicom release
Kid Dracula. Limited ten inch colored vinyl pressing.
– Of Earth & Angels [2012] LP (Inner Wound)
Leah – Otherworld [2013] LP (Inner Wound)
Leah – Kings & Queens [2015] 2xLP (Inner Wound)
First-time vinyl editions of the Canadian symphonic metal band’s first three albums.

>Alvin Lucier
– Criss Cross/Hanover LP (Black Truffle)
Black Truffle present the premier recordings of two recent works by legendary American experimental composer Alvin Lucier. Lucier has been crafting elegant explorations of the behavior of sound in physical space since the 1960s and is perhaps best known for his 1970 piece
I Am Sitting In A Room. Includes contributions on guitar by Oren Ambarchi and Stephen O’Malley. LP design by Stephen O'Malley.
>Jeff Lynne’s ELO
– Wembley Or Bust+MP3 2xLP (Sony Legacy)
Triple 180gm vinyl LP pressing in single three-disc jacket including digital download. A special release commemorating the June 24th, 2017 performance by Jeff Lynne's ELO at the famed Wembley Stadium in London, England.

>Major Parkinson
– Blackbox LP (Karisma)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Fourth studio album by the Norwegian cult prog rock outfit.

>Hugh Masekela
– Hope [Reissue/1994] 2xLP (Analogue Productions)
Hugh Masekela, the outstanding South African trumpeter, assembled a seven-piece group and recorded this great set live at Washington, D.C.'s Blues Alley. Audiophile 200gm vinyl pressing.

>Suzanne Menzel
– Goodbyes and Beginnings [Reissue/1981] LP (Frederiksberg)
Vinyl reissue of a sought-after rarity featuring a blend of ambient, new-age, '60s-inspired folk music.

– Fantasii LP (Halcyon Veil)
Mhysa is in possession of a totally compelling voice and production style, both feeding into a sound that's prone to intuitively explore and reassert the limits of R&B, electronica, or modern soul.

>Mind Spiders
– Furies LP (Dirtnap)
Since 2012's
Meltdown, Mind Spiders have been perfecting an aggressive, relentless, frenetic and melodic style of punk that is a long, dark shadow of Devo but carries something much more sinister in its jaws. It's a sound for the new dark ages, emboldened by urgency and sped along by some good old-fashioned panic.
>Adrian Moore
– Framed [OST] LP (iam8bit)
The sultry, sneaky score to the award-winning game,
>Willie Nelson
– Stardust [Reissue/1978] 2xLP (Analogue Prod.)
Audiophile 200gm vinyl reissue of Nelson’s pop standards album, originally released in 1978.

New York Rock & Soul Revue – Live At The Beacon [Reissue/1991] 2xLP (Rhino)
Part of 2018’s Start Your Ear Off Right vinyl reissue campaign.

>The Octopus Project
– Hello Avalanche [Reissue/2007] 2xLP (Peek-A-Boo)
It's been 11 years since the release of The Octopus Project's third album and perennial fan-favorite
Hello Avalanche. As such, it felt appropriate to re-release the record in a deluxe incarnation-newly remastered, visually redesigned, and pressed on two LPs. That second LP contains 2009's Golden Beds EP (ninth anniversary alert!) and a full side of never-before-heard demos from that era, giving fans a look into an expanded Avalanche universe for the first time.
>Off With Their Heads
– Live! From The Rock Room LP (Asbestos)
Live session from the
Live From the Rock Room web series.
>Roy Orbison
- Crying [Reissue/1962] 2xLP (Analogue Productions)
Limited audiophile 200gm 45rpm vinyl LP reissue of the second Roy Orbison issued by the Monument label.

>Panic! At The Disco
– All My Friends We’re Glorious: Death Of A Bachelor Tour 2xLP (Fueled By Ramen)
Live double-album recorded on the band’s 2017 Death Of A Bachelor Tour.

>Tess Parks
– Blood Hot [Reissue/2013] LP (Optic Nerve)
Limited colored vinyl LP pressing of Tess Parks' 2013 Mazzy Star-esque debut.

>Julia Reidy
– All Is Ablaze LP (Feeding Tube)
Reidy plays both an acoustic 12 string and an electric, both of which sound unusually raw and exciting in her hands. There is an organic depth and weight to the music here, displaying an exceptionally wide breadth of influence, knowledge, chops and imagination.

>RJD2/The Insane Warrior
– Glass Bottle b/w A Fugue State 7” (Electrical Connections)
Two unreleased songs. Dual heat for a cold winter.

>John Saint-Pelvyn
– Clerical Error In Shasta County Shouldn’t Have 2x10” (Seeland)
For years, the only way to hear the music of John Saint-Pelvyn was to search him out in one of Minneapolis's notorious underground venues, or unearth one of his long out-of-print cassette releases. Finally, this set brings his idiosyncratic and very personal music out into the open air. Primarily a guitarist, the root of his playing is akin to traditional stride, but rich with quivering whammy bar wobble and shimmering feedback. He often plays the tailfin strings of his archtop like one would play harmonics, or retunes seamlessly mid-stream to create a shifting temperament across the length of a piece.

>The Sea And Cake
– Everybody [Reissue/2007] LP+MP3 (Thrill Jockey)
The Sea And Cake – Car Alarm [Reissue/2008] LP+MP3 (Thrill Jockey)
The Sea And Cake – Runner [Reissue/2012] LP+MP3 (Thrill Jockey)
Colored vinyl reissues. New album due this year!

>Shudder To Think
– Ten Spot [Reissue/1990] LP (Dischord)
Originally released in 1990 and long out of print, this was the band's second album and first record on Dischord. Formed in 1986, Shudder was part of a wave of younger punk bands making music that was inspired by, but also independent from, the established Dischord scene. Their music was theatrical, merging punk, progressive rock, and glam.

– The Heroin Diaries 10th Anniversary Edition LP (Eleven Seven)
Recently reissued on CD – now available on vinyl. Originally released in 2007,
The Heroing Diaries was created as a companion piece to Nikki Sixx’s (Mötley Crüe) book of the same title, which chronicles his severe heroin addiction in 1987. Limited double 180gm red and black marbled colored vinyl LP pressing.
>Slow Bloom
– Hex Hex Hex LP (No Sleep)
Northern Californian outfit Slow Bloom manages to combine the visceral post-punk of iconic mainstays like Refused and At The Drive In with the alt sensibilities of Nirvana. The four piece captures a wild energy that feels as raging and aggressive as it is fresh.

>Smoking Popes
– Live! From The Rock Room LP (Asbestos)
Live session from the
Live! From the Rock Room web series.
>Jay Som
– Pirouette b/w O.K., Meet Me Underwater 7” (Polyvinyl)
Unreleased material from the
Everybody Works sessions.
– Mother 2 2xLP (Ship To Shore)
Limited colored vinyl LP pressing housed in a jacket with authentic Japanese art design, complete with an Obi strip. First ever vinyl release of the classic Super Nintendo soundtrack.
Mother 2, released as EarthBound in the West, is revered as one of the most offbeat and memorable RPGs. Citing influence from artists such as Brian Wilson, Frank Zappa and John Lennon, Suzuki and Tanaka created a diverse soundscape quite unlike anything that came before it.
– The Lobster [OST] LP (Fire Soundtracks)
Academy award nominated film and winner of the 2015 Cannes Film Festival Jury prize (among many others),
The Lobster is a dystopian comedy-drama directed by Yorgos Lanthimos (Dogstooth, The Killing Of A Sacred Deer) and co-written by Efthymis Filippou that stars Colin Farrell, Rachel Weisz and Olivia Colman. The soundtrack "brings the film's edgy tension and menace to the fore" (Screen Daily) with orchestral renditions of Beethoven, Stravinsky and Shostakovich alongside Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds with Kylie Minogue on “Where The Wild Roses Grow” and Sophia Loren with Tonis Maroudas on “Ti Ein Afto Pou To Lene Agapi.” Limited colored vinyl LP pressing also available.
- Steven Universe: The Complete Vol. 1 4x10” (iam8bit)
Limited quadruple translucent colored vinyl ten-inch vinyl set.
Steven Universe is a one-of-a-kind animated opus, fusing musical ce7lebration with storytelling in a way that inspires nothing short of spectacular smiling. Its songs are lively, jubilant and often emotional works of aural art, spreading a sensation of total glee to all ears within listening distance.
>Sun Ra
– Nothing Is… [Reissue/1966] LP (ESP Disk)
In 1966, ESP-Disk's founder Bernard Stollman put together a multi-artist tour of five New York colleges and sent audio engineer David B. Jones on the road with it. When they returned, 39 minutes of music from a May 18th, 1966 concert at St. Lawrence University in Potsdam, NY was chosen to be released as Nothing Is... Now, fifty years later, it is back on its original vinyl form.

>Sun Ra
– Sleeping Beauty [Reissue/1979] LP (Art Yard)
One of the more delicate recordings of Sun Ra's 28-strong Arkestra, Sleeping Beauty drifts in on a cloud of cosmic dust, sounding unlike anything before or after. With drummer Luqman Ali keeping the narcotic funk, but with dreamy solos from other key Arkestra players like John Gilmore, Michael Ray, and Marshall Allen, no Sun Ra collection is complete without this LP. Inspired space-age lullaby music.

>Sweet Slag
– Tracking With Close-Ups [Reissue/1971] LP (Lion Productions)
Formed in 1969, this UK outfit went on to record only one ultra-collectable album in 1971 for President Records. Originally the album was going to be titled Guerilla Jazz Rock but came instead to be renamed
Tracking With Close-Ups, which is a good thing, as this is certainly not a jazz rock album. The band toured extensively, supporting the likes of Deep Purple, Stray, Nucleus, Graham Bond, Black Cat Bones and Third Ear Band.
– Live At The Fillmore [1995] LP (Nuclear Blast)
Testament – Demonic [Reissue/1997] LP (Nuclear Blast)
Testament – The Gathering [Reissue/1999] LP (Nuclear Blast)
Testament – First Strike Still Deadly [Reissue/2001] LP+7” (Nuclear Blast)
Testament – Live At Eindhoven ‘87 [Reissue/2009] LP (Nuclear Blast)
Limited 140gm colored vinyl pressings housed in gatefold sleeves.

>Armando Trovajoli
– 7 Volte 7: Colonna Sonora [OST] LP (Beatball)
A classic score by legendary Armando Trovajoli for the comedy-action-spy movie directed in year 1968 by Michele Lupo and produced by Marco Vicario. Limited colored vinyl pressing also available.

– White Lighter [Reissue/2013] LP (Roll Call)
Typhoon is a band built out of contradictions. The 11-piece Portland, OR supergroup is both wild and tightly structured, punk and symphonic. Frontman Kyle Morton's lyrics are concerned primarily with death, but Typhoon's songs are resoundingly triumphant.

– The Oncoming Storm [2004] LP (Metal Blade)
Charging out of the late ‘90s Massachusetts underground in a storm of thunderous riffs and focused aggression, Unearth proudly stand at the forefront of modern metal. Metal Blade Records is pleased to offer up a vinyl reissue of the band's seminal 2004 label debut
The Oncoming Storm which Fuse named one of the "27 Albums Every Metalhead Should Own." [Limited black and gold colored pressing also available.]
>The Vandals
– When In Rome Do As The Vandals Do [Reissue/1985] LP (Kung Fu)
Limited yellow vinyl LP pressing of the 1985 full-length debut album from the L.A. punk legends.

>Various Artists
– The B-Music Of Jean Rollin 1968-1973 LP (Finders Keepers)
Rising out of the smoky Parisian Mai 68 shrapnel and claiming his stake as the first French vampire movie director, the inimitable father of European horrortica, Jean Rollin (1938-2010) has smudged the painted face of surrealist cinema for over five decades. Dragging his roots from beneath the Letterist/Situationist movements, avant-garde theater, and Belgian fine art groups and entwining them around the minds of sexual revolutionaries, the European comic book cognoscenti and the Parisian free jazz and rock scenes, Rollin stopped at nothing to bring his macabre fantasies of zygotic vampyrism and backwoods blood cults to Gallic cinémathèques and beyond.

>Various Artists
– Classic Latin Tunes Become Salsa Hits 2xLP (Grosso Recordings)
Classics tunes from Caribbean music that became great successes of salsa; compiled by Pablo Yglesias, aka DJ Bongohead.

>Various Artists
– Cold Waves Of Color Volume 5 LP (Lion Productions)
The fifth volume in Lion’s received compilation series of 1980's electronic tracks from the Color Tapes label. As with the other volumes you can find great examples of cold wave, minimal wave and synth electronics made by obscure British bands such as Berserk In A Hayfield, Disintegrators, Lives of Angels, The Lord plus a rare track by post-Alternative TV avant-garde band The Good Missionaries.

>Various Artists
– Kaminari Volume 2: Nineteen More Japanese Garage Monsters LP (Groovie)
19 exciting underground bands from all over Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Hokkaido, Kobe). If garage rock, trash punk, '60s beat, fuzz or surf is your thing then you'll dig
Kaminari like candy.
>Various Artists
– Naino! Spanish Gipsy Soul Funk Disco 1974/1984 LP (Adarce)
a compilation dedicated to the fusion of black music and gipsy music created during the last century in Spain.

>Sylvie Vartan
– En Ecoutant La Pluie LP (Wax Love)
Sylvie Vartran's family emigrated from Bulgaria to Paris in 1952 when she was just a child. Soon she would fall in love with the cosmopolitan Parisian music scene as well as American jazz and rock and roll, and by 1961, at the young age of 17, she began her recording career, one that would prove to be among the most illustrious in French pop music of 20th century. Known for her tough and sultry vocals, Vartran was an early star of the yé-yé scene and these first singles show why. Featuring many French language re-workings of rock and R&B hits from The Isley Brothers to Mel Torme, Paul Anka to Del Shannon, this collection is essential for any fan of '60s French pop.

>Veil Of Maya
– False God LP (Sumerian)
Released last October on CD – now available on vinyl. A maelstrom of polyrhythmic guitars, sweeping vocals, and shuddering beats.

>Veruca Salt
– Eight Arms To Hold You [Reissue/1997] LP (Geffen)
Vinyl reissue of Veruca Salt’s second album. This was the last album to feature original band members Nina Gordon, Louise Post, Steve Lack, and Jim Shapiro until the 2015 reunion album.

>Virginia Trance
– Virginia Trance LP (Bym)
Virginia Trance is the solo project of Scott Ryan Davis (formerly of Images and Psychic Ills) – a light, groovy piece with expressive drumming, reverb-dipped vocals, and dewy guitar.

>Young Thug
– Beautiful Thugger Girls 2xLP (300 Entertainment)
Beautiful Thugger Girls sees the visionary multi-art form superstar singing all 14 tracks on a collection of songs recorded earlier this year. It marks Young Thug's first release since the widely acclaimed mixtape,
Jeffery. The album features guest appearances from Future, Gunna, Jacquees, Lil Durk, Millie Go Lightly, Quavo, and Snoop Dogg.
– Green Ray [Reissue/1976] 2x10” (Wah Wah)
Zanov – Moebius 256 301 [Reissue/1977] 2x10” (Wah Wah)
Under the alias of Zanov we find the works of French electronic pioneer Pierre Salkazanov, who had started playing guitar in the 1960s in a Shadows styled band, Les Ambassadors.
released 19 january 2018
>CDs + Vinyl:
Arrows Of Love – Product: Your Soundtrack To The Impending Societal Collapse CD/LP (I’m Not From London)
East London art-rockers Arrows Of Love (the five-piece led by co-writers Nima and Nuha) release their eagerly anticipated second album - an eleven-track amalgamation of blisteringly heavy guitars and earnest, heartfelt lyrics. Here, the collective weave a world which is equal parts aggressively powerful and vulnerable, where poetry meets pure punk attitude.

– Earthtones CD/LP (Republic)
Afie Jurvanen isn't from the Bahamas. He's a Finnish-Canadian from Barrie - a working class town in rural Ontario. But his chosen epithet is fitting. Since 2009 he's been making music under the name Bahamas - writing songs about sunsets, love affairs, and making out with crooked smiles. Through simple arrangements, he charts an escape route from the snow belt to the coral reefs. Afie is self-taught on guitar and has worked with such musicians as The Lumineers, Feist, Howie Beck, Jason Collett, Jack Johnson, The Weather Station, and Zeus.
Earthtones is a quirky yet haunting collection of songs that touch on success, parenting, facing depression, and everything else in his life. Most of all, it's an album about friendship and how great it is to have someone in your life that can lift you up when you're feeling down.
>Belle Adair
– Tuscumbia CD/LP (Single Lock)
When Muscle Shoals four-piece Belle Adair recorded their new album
Tuscumbia they leaned into their hometown's musical legacy to create a sound unlike anything that's come out of The Shoals region before. The result doesn't so much update the Muscle Shoals sound as redefine it with chiming guitars, meditative lyrics and a breezy, blissed-out feel. The eleven new songs on Tuscumbia were all written by frontman Matt Green, and the album marks a massive leap forward for a band that's already been praised by NPR for its "dreamy sound" and by SPIN for songs that "glow with a deep, dusky aura." Both grand and intimate, far-reaching and deeply personal, Tuscumbia is a definitive declaration of identity from a band that bucks tradition in search of their own personal truths.
>Black Label Society
– Grimmest Hits CD/LP (E1)
Black Label Society bandleader Zakk Wylde wields his guitar like a Viking weapon, bashing out thick riffage and squeezing out expressive squeals as if the glory of his Berserker brotherhood depends upon every single note, which of course, it does. Charismatic beast and consummate showman, Wylde puts his massive heart and earnest soul on display with unbridled, unchained, animalistic passion in Black Label Society, whether it’s a crushingly heavy blues-rock barnstormer or a piano-driven ode to a fallen brother.
Grimmest Hits is the band’s tenth album.
>Cane Hill
– Cane Hill CD/LP+MP3 (Rise)
10 aggressive, fast-paced metal anthems. [Limited edition colored vinyl pressing also available.]

>The Chick Corea + Steve Gadd Band
– Chinese Butterfly 2xCD (Concord Jazz)
Chinese Butterfly is a reunion of two musical titans, a creative partnership that dates back to the early days of Return To Forever with Chick Corea when Steve Gadd was one of the first drummers. [Vinyl edition due February 16.]
>Devin Dawson
– Dark Horse CD/LP (WB)
One of country music's rising stars releases his debut album. The up-and-coming singer-songwriter collaborated with top songwriters Luke Laird, Josh Kerr, Barry Dean, Seth Ennis and more on the project. An atypical country artist, Devin Dawson's approach to music is not different on purpose, it's different with purpose. He grew up just outside the gates of Folsom Prison,
drawing inspiration from Johnny Cash, Alan Jackson, Marvin Gaye and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Pulling from these influences, he began to write in a style that is definitively country.

>Kit Downes
– Obsidian CD (ECM)
Kit Downes’s previous ECM appearance was as pianist on the debut recording of Time Is A Blind Guide in 2015 and he’s critically-regarded as one of the UK’s outstanding young jazz talents. This recording however has little to do with “jazz”, although it could only have been made by an improviser of subtle sensibilities.

– Vertigo CD/2xLP (Astralwerks)
On his 2016 breakthrough EP
I Think You Think Too Much Of Me, Dublin-based vocalist-producer and multi-instrumentalist Jonathon Ng aka Eden struck a rare balance of ingenuity and intuition with its guitar-heavy take on electronic pop. With his full-length debut, Vertigo, he takes an even more instinct-driven approach to his music, a process he perceives as a form of exploration. [Limited clear vinyl pressing also available.]
>Tommy Emmanuel
– Accomplice One CD/LP (CGP Sounds)
Accomplice One is a testament to Tommy Emmanuel's musical diversity, the range of expression that stretches from authentic country-blues to face-melting rock shredding, by way of tender and devastating pure song playing. The songs are a mix of new takes on indelible classics and brand new originals from Tommy and his collaborators. The artists who stepped forward to join Tommy in the studio are an impressive list of some of today's most respected performers, from across the musical spectrum - a lineup including Jason Isbell, Mark Knopfler, Rodney Crowell, Jerry Douglas, Amanda Shires, Ricky Skaggs, J.D. Simo, David Grisman, Bryan Sutton, Suzy Bogguss and many more.
>Fall Out Boy
– Mania CD/LP (Island)
Mania is the follow-up album to Fall Out Boy's platinum-certified sixth studio album American Beauty/American Psycho. Telling single "Young And Menace" has an electronica-tinged industrial rock feel and is a departure from the punky rock 'n' roll sound of its predecessor.
>First Aid Kit
– Ruins CD/LP+MP3 (Columbia)
Swedish duo First Aid Kit's new album Ruins follows the band's Columbia Records debut
Stay Gold, a lush and ambitious 10-song collection that beautifully captured their vivid storytelling, landing the group on countless "Best of 2014" accolades. Produced by Tucker Martine (My Morning Jacket, Laura Veirs), the album was recorded in Portland, OR where Klara (vocals/guitar) and Johanna Söderberg collaborated with top rate musicians like REM's Peter Buck, Wilco's Glenn Kotche and Midlake's McKenzie Smith. Rolling Stone calls lead single “It's A Shame,” a “Dylan-meets-Emmylou Harris shot of country-rock sunshine” while the duo note that follow-up, “Postcard” is one of the most traditional sounding songs we've ever written, and we wanted the production to mirror that. It's not a resentful song, but more of a reaching out to a lover to wish them well on their journey in the midst of having to let them go.”
>Fleetwood Mac
– Fleetwood Mac [Reissue/1975] CD/2xCD/3xCD+DVD-Audio+LP (Rhino)
Originally released in 1975, Fleetwood Mac's self-titled release marks the addition of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks into the band's lineup - the line up as it is today. Available in Regular, Deluxe, and Super Deluxe editions. Deluxe features a disc of single edits, early versions and live recordings. Super Deluxe is packaged in a 12”x12” embossed sleeve and adds a third disc of live tracks, a DVD featuring 5.1 Surround Sound and high-resolution 24/96 Stereo Audio mixes of the original album and an LP version of the original album pressed on 180gm vinyl.

>Ron Gallo
– Really Nice Guys CDEP (New West)
Really Nice Guys is a concept EP by Thyme Magazine’s “Man Of The Year,” Ron Gallo. The EP is another thought provoking and inspired installment, extending an already prolific calendar year by Gallo which saw the release of the critically acclaimed full-length album Heavy Meta as well as the 7” singles, “Temporary Slave” and “Sorry Not Everybody Is You.” Really Nice Guys finds Gallo exploring new sonic frontiers and instrumentation in the form of what might be called a conceptual art piece. Whatever you call it is wholly original and Gallo continues to melt faces and free minds.
>Ghost B.C.
– Ceremony And Devotion 2xCD/2xLP (Loma Vista)
Ceremony And Devition was recorded during the band’s critically exalted Popestar tour during the summer of 2017 and documents Ghost’s unforgettable live show in pursuit of becoming the world’s next great arena band. Ceremony and Devotion was produced and mixed by Tom Dalgety and features fan favorites spanning the band’s entire catalogue from Opus Eponymous (2010) to Infestissumam (2013) to Meliora (2015) to the Popestar EP (2016). Ghost’s most recent studio album, Meliora, and its accompanying EP Popestar, earned the Swedish rock band a Grammy Award for ‘Best Metal Performance’. Along the way Ghost have racked up both widespread critical acclaim and adoration from a legion of fans across the globe in a genre stagnated by Nü metal for nearly two decades.
>The Go! Team
– Semicircle CD/LP+MP3/Cassette (Memphis Industries)
Unlike The Go! Team's 2015 effort
The Scene Between – which was essentially a solo project that followed the dissolution of the previous line-up – Semicircle finds leader Ian Parton collaborating with current live players Simone Odaranile (drums) and Angela ‘Maki' Won-Yin Mak (vocals), as well as two original members, guitarist Sam Dook and rapper Ninja. Annelotte de Graaf (aka Amber Arcades), previous collaborator Julie Margat (aka Lispector), and a crew of unexpected musicians feature throughout.
>Glen Hansard
– Between Two Shores CD/LP+MP3 (Epitaph)
Following up 2015's Grammy nominated
Didn't He Ramble, and his 2012 solo debut Rhythm and Repose, Glen Hansard's third solo album Between Two Shores was produced by Hansard himself for the first time. The culmination of more than six years of writing and recording, Between Two Shores came together in only a matter of weeks. In March 2017, Hansard booked himself time at Black Box Studios in France with the original idea of taking inventory of his songbook. Working again with former Frames bandmate and producer David Odlum, Hansard was in search of a direction for his next record. As he reviewed his previous sessions, various ideas and home recordings, a sketch of an unplanned record began to take shape. The album's title comes from Hansards ongoing love of sailing and the sea. When one is equal distance between their starting point and their destination they are in essence “between two shores.” A less than ideal time to wonder whether you should turn back or continue on, but a thought that inevitably rears its head. With Between Two Shores Hansard has managed to capture that feeling of the big soulful sound of his large touring band while still retaining the intimate introspective nature of his acoustic shows. To which way the wind will blow on his next record remains to be seen.
>Hot Snakes
– Automatic Midnight [Reissue/2000] CD/LP+MP3 (Sub Pop)
Hot Snakes – Suicide Invoice [Reissue/2002] CD/LP+MP3 (Sub Pop)
Hot Snakes – Audit In Progress [Reissue/2004] CD/LP+MP3 (Sub Pop)
San Diego's influential post-hardcore all-stars Hot Snakes – boasting members of Pitchfork, Rocket From the Crypt, Drive Like Jehu, Earthless, Obits, Burning Brides, OFF!, The Delta 72, and more – released three of Sub Pop's favorite rock records of the past 20 years:
Automatic Midnight, Suicide Invoice, and Audit in Progress. All three were originally issued on Swami Records, with art by singer/guitarist and visual artist Rick Froberg. As we await the somewhat-later-in-2018 release of their first new album since 2004, the label is pleased to reissue this trio of classics back on vinyl.
>Demun Jones
– Jones In Ya Speaker CD (Select O Hits)
Blending low end hip-hop drums with lyrical paintings of a lifestyle that many in rural settings can relate. Jones shows his versatility with upbeat, almost comical tracks.

– Hallelujah Nights CD/LP (Arista)
New album from the country music outfit. Lanco's story begins in the small towns where all five bandmates Lancaster, bassist Chandler Baldwin, multi-instrumentalist Jared Hampton, drummer Tripp Howell and lead guitarist Eric Steedly were raised. Spread across Tennessee, Kentucky and Georgia, they lived normal lives full of late nights, long weekends, hard lessons and young love. Alongside award-winning producer Jay Joyce, Lanco focused on capturing the spirit of their exuberant live shows, sharing the same goal to make everything sound authentic and human.

– Vision Songs - Vol. 1 [Reissue/1984] CD/LP (Numero)
Vision Songs Vol. 1 is the Laraaji album like no other, located at the intersection of new age and gospel. It is both his outlier and magnum opus, the feel-good DIY tape of the century. Discovered busking in Washington Square Park by Brian Eno in the late ‘70s, engagement with the eternal flow has led Laraaji to, seemingly by magic, emerge as the most beloved avatar of the unstoppable new age music revival of recent years.
>Moon Taxi
– Let The Record Play CD/LP+MP3 (RCA)
The highly anticipated fifth studio album from the alt-rock-five-piece band from Nashville.

>Of Mice & Men
– Defy CD/LP+MP3 (Rise)
Returning to legendary producer, Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, Papa Roach, P.O.D.),
Defy delivers a new era of Of Mice & Men. These songs are fast and heavy. [Limited colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>Joe Perry
– Sweetzerland Manifesto CD/2xLP (Roman/Croshal Entertainment)
Sweetzerland Manifesto features 11 hard-rocking original songs from the legendary Aerosmith guitarist. Joining Perry is a Murderers Row of some of the baddest names in rock, including Robin Zander (Cheap Trick), who sings on the single "Aye, Aye, Aye", David Johansen (New York Dolls), and Terry Reid. Even world-famous actor Johnny Depp gets in on the action, playing drums on "Eve Of Destruction". Joe Perry was ranked 84th in Rolling Stone's list of The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. In 2001, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as part of Aerosmith, and in 2013, Perry and his songwriting partner Steven Tyler were recipients of the ASCAP Founders Award and were also inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.
>Phillip Phillips
– Collateral CD (Interscope)
Third album from the singer/songwriter best known as the winner of the eleventh season of
American Idol.
– The House CD/LP (Domino)
The third studio album by New York-based musician Aaron Maine's Porches project. The House, a conscious effort in minimalism and honesty, includes contributions from (Sandy) Alex G, Dev Hynes, Solange collaborator Bryndon Cook, Okay Kaya, Maya Laner, Cende’s Cameron Wisch, and Porches’ father Peter Maine.

– The Worms Heart CD/LP+MP3 (Sony)
The Worms Heart is a complete re-work of The Shins 2017 album
Heartworms. The album offers new reworked versions of Heartworms album tracks, and the sequence is flipped as well.
– The Official Body CD/LP (FatCat)
Following on the success of their two previous albums for FatCat, which were praised on both sides of the pond as "breakneck, open-eared, positivist post-punk canter" (NME) and "direct, smart, catchy, and extremely punk" (Pitchfork) - Shopping returns to shake some asses with their new album.

>Caitlyn Smith
– Starfire CD (Monument/Sony Music Nashville)
Some artists are bred of and for Music Row, forever confined to the narrow lyrical and sonic cutouts which spring from country radio's trend chasing. Others are singers and songwriters who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and pour out their hearts three minutes at a time--screaming to be heard by anyone and everyone willing to give them a chance. Caitlyn Smith is the latter.

– Starcrawler CD/LP (Rough Trade)
What do you get when you combine elements of the Cramps, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne and The Runaways? You get Starcrawler, a Los Angeles, CA rock band who formed in 2015. Starcrawler's eponymous debut was recorded by Ryan Adams on analog tape at his PaxAm Studio. Ryan's love for the band and his excitement about the album has been well documented in his many posts from the studio.

>Bobo Stenson Trio
– Contra la indecisión CD (ECM)
The great Swedish trio of Bobo Stenson takes a stand against indecision in a decisively beautiful new album. As ever, the trio draws upon a wide range of source materials. A yearning title song by Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez, Bartók’s adaptation of a Slovak folk song, a piece from Mompou’s
Cançons i Danses collection, and Erik Satie’s Elégie are integrated into the program, alongside original compositions by Stenson and Anders Jormin and group improvising. So strong is the group’s character and the musical identity of each of its members that the integration of this material always feels organic and logical. Stenson’s lyrical touch, Jormin’s folk-flavored arco bass and Jon Fält’s flickering, textural drumming well-displayed on Contra la indecisión, the trio’s first new recording in six years.
>Thomas Strønen/ Time Is A Blind Guide
– Lucas CD (ECM)
Norwegian drummer/composer Thomas Strønen presents a revised edition of his acoustic collective
Time Is A Blind Guide, now trimmed to quintet size, and with a new pianist in Wakayama-born Ayumi Tanaka. Tanaka has spoken of seeking associative connections between Japan and Norway in her improvising, a tendency Strønen seems to be encouraging with his space-conscious writing for the ensemble, letting in more light. As on the group’s eponymously-titled and critically-lauded debut album there are excellent contributions from the string players – the quintet effectively contains both a string trio and a piano trio – and Manfred Eicher’s production brings out all the fine detail in the grain of the collective sound and the halo of its overtones.
>Sun Ra
– Of Abstract Dreams CD/LP (Strut/Art Yard)
A previously unreleased radio session most likely recorded at the WXPN FM radio studios in Philadelphia, PA in 1974-75.

>John Surman/Nelson Ayres/Rob Waring
– Invisible Threads CD (ECM)
Saxophonist and clarinetist John Surman is often characterized as a quintessentially English improviser and composer, and hints of folk music and a pastoral ambience are attributes of his music on well-loved albums like “The Road To Saint Ives” or “Saltash Bells.” Yet he also has a long history of working with musicians from other countries and cultures, players united by such invisible threads as a shared feeling for melody that transcends the idioms. John Surman
met pianist Nelson Ayres – known to aficionados of Brazilian jazz for his work with Airto Moreira, Milton Nascimento and Banda Pau Brasil – while on tour in South America. In Oslo, Surman came to know and appreciate the playing of Rob Waring, expatriate US vibraphonist (recently heard on ECM with Mats Eilertsen). The three musicians come together to play a new program of Surman originals – plus Nelson Ayres’s “Summer Song” – in a session recorded at Oslo’s
Rainbow studio in July 2017, produced by Manfred Eicher.

>Television Personalities
– Beautiful Despair CD/LP (Fortuna Pop)
Vinyl and CD edition of Television Personalities' unreleased album. It was originally recorded in 1990 by Jowe Head at his flat in Glading Terrace, Stoke Newington (shortly before it was demolished), over a number sessions on a portable 4-track cassette-tape machine. [Limited colored vinyl pressing also available.]

>They Might Be Giants
– I Like Fun CD (Idlewild)
They Might Be Giants' remarkable new album
I Like Fun jumps with surprises, vitality, and the startling point of view of these Brooklyn originals. Over a year in the making, songwriters and band founders John Linnell and John Flansburgh draw on themes of dread, death, and disappointment and set them to their driving, hyper-melodic music. The results will leave even the most heavy-hearted among us with a renewed sense of wonder. Fresh and sonically adventurous, the band's command of the studio and the song is in rare form from beginning to end. On I Like Fun, the spotlight is also on the band's formidable long-standing live lineup; drummer Marty Beller, bassist Danny Weinkauf and lead guitarist Dan Miller. While the group enjoys a reputation for delivering one of the liveliest shows around, the album accomplishes the rare feat of capturing that ecstatic intensity on LP. Co-produced with and mixed by Patrick Dillett (St. Vincent, Donald Fagen, The National, Mary J. Blige), I Like Fun was tracked and mixed at the brand-new Reservoir Studios – site of the legendary Skyline Studios where TMBG recorded their platinum-selling album Flood. [Vinyl edition due February 9.]
>Toto Bona Lokua
– Bondeko CD/LP (No Format)
The first album in 13 years from the acclaimed trio. Martinican Gérald Toto, Cameroonian Richard Bona and Congolose Lokua Kanza - three voices that are equal, three singular careers, three quite distinct universes with one thing in common, like a nutritive sun, more or less distant: Africa.

– I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life CD/LP (4AD)
I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life tackle race, politics, intersectional feminism and environmental prophecies head on. But in the billows of intense subject matter, the album arrives as tUnE-yArDs’ (now a duo) most immediate and upbeat music yet - this is music to dance to. [Limited edition colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>Various Artists
– Classic Delta And Deep South Blues From Smithsonian Folkways CD (Smithsonian Folkways)
As a shared art form, the Mississippi Delta blues tradition also extends across the river into Arkansas—running north from Helena through West Memphis, Marianna, Forest City, Hughes, and Blytheville—into Steele and Caruthersville, Missouri; on to St. Louis; then over the bridge into East St. Louis, Illinois, and eventually Chicago; and on the Tennessee side into Memphis, Brownsville, Ripley, and Jackson. This broadly constitutes the range of the Delta-based blues tradition and the orbit of the musicians who work in that regional style.

>Various Artists
- Something Got A Hold On Me: The Ru-Jac Records Story, Volume One 1963-1964 CD (Omnivore)
Various Artists – Get It Right: Get Right: The Ru-Jac Records Story, Volume Two 1964-1966 CD (Omnivore)
The Baltimore soul/R&B label Ru-Jac Records was founded in 1963 by local promoter Rufus Mitchell and investor partner Jack Bennett (their names forming the Ru-Jac name). The label primarily released regional soul/R&B singles from 1963 until the mid-1970s, when Mitchell stepped away to focus on another business venture. All four volumes o
The Ru-Jac Records Story (the first two available now, the third and fourth available in February) collects for the very first time the audio history of Ru-Jac Records. Each volume is produced by the Grammy-winning producer Cheryl Pawelski and Kevin Coombe, East Coast soul historian. Coombe provides liner notes detailing the rise and eventual closure of the label, and its close ties to the segregated beaches and performance spaces of the region. Rare photos and ephemera will be included in each volume to help illustrate and trace the history of the label. Utilizing original tapes, extremely collectible 45s, and acetates, all four volumes underwent extensive restoration and mastering by Grammy® Award winning engineer, Michael Graves. Volume One, 1963–1964 contains 28 tracks, 10 of them previously unissued. The other 18 tracks chart the history of the first 45s issued by the label and includes songs by Winfield Parker, Flattop Bobby & The Soul Twisters, and Brenda Jones among others.
>The Vibrators
– Past, Present, And Into The Future CD/LP (Cleopatra)
New album from legendary British punk band.
Past, Present, And Into The Future features a unique line-up with contributions from former and current members including founders Knox, Eddie, and John Ellis along with V2 era bassist Gary Tibbs (Roxy Music), current bassist/vocalist Pete, guitarist Darrell Bath and production by original bassist Pat Collier. [Limited colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>Walking Papers
– WP2 CD (Loud & Proud)
Walking Papers’ music is instantly familiar, yet profoundly forward-thinking, blending impactful singer/songwriting, ‘90s alternative and classic rock into a transcendent amalgam of breathtaking sounds and melodies. Featuring Jefferson Angell (The Missionary Position), Benjamin Anderson (The Missionary Position), Duff McKagan (Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver), and Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees, Mad Season), the band unleashes their moody and carnal second album
WP2. [Vinyl edition due February 16.]
>Colter Wall
– Imaginary Appalachia CD/LP (Young Mary’s)
A native of Swift Current, Saskatchewan Canada, Colter Wall's sound is comprised of resonate and raw baritone vocals, folk and bluegrass style guitar and banjo picking, steady kick-drum stomping, and visually provoking, storytelling lyrics.

– The Purple Tour CD/CD+DVD/CD+Blu-ray 2xLP (Rhino)
Whitesnake puts their distinctive spin on several songs from Coverdale’s studio albums with Deep Purple.

>Van Williams
– Countries CD/LP (Fantasy)
Just a couple years ago, Van William thought he had life figured out. Having toured the world from age 20 - first with his band Port O'Brien, followed by his second group Waters - he had met and cultivated a tight knit community of fellow musicians, embarked on a serious romantic relationship, even found time to spend his summers on Kodiak Island, Alaska working on his father's commercial fishing boat, as he'd done all his life. When, in short order, his musical projects and relationship dissolved, and his father announced his retirement, Van reached an inflection point. "I was freaked out," the songwriter recalls, looking back on the most tumultuous year of his life. "But with that freak-out came a renewed sense of purpose." And a new musical direction, heralded by the arrival of
Countries, Van's vivid and open-hearted solo debut full length album. BuzzBands.LA called the album centerpiece "The Country" - "the sound of a man turning the page, classic songwriting ferrying yesterday's melancholy and tomorrow's hopes on vessels of indelible melodies and poignant lyrics." Anchored in Van's love of melodic song craft and infused with melancholy, the eleven new, original songs on Countries don't belong to any specific style. Call them American Heartache, music that stirs up forgotten memories and feels eternal and fresh, pulling the past into the present as a way of navigating loss. [Limited colored vinyl pressing also available.]

This Week’s Vinyl Exclusives:
>Arcade Fire
– Creature Comfort 12” (Sony)
Limited 180gm white 12” vinyl pressing of this single taken from the album
Everything Now. Includes "Comfort My Sleng Teng" (Geoff Barrow Mix/12" Vinyl Version).
– Rise Of The Serpent Men [Reissue/1988] LP (Peaceville)
Rise of the Serpent Men was recorded at Lion Studios in Leeds in 1988 and released the same year. Axegrinder's strong Amebix-like grind sensibility appealed to punks and metal-heads alike, and the band's first and only album featured artwork created by Jeff Walker (of UK metal masters Carcass).

– The Dead Shall Inherit [Reissue/1992] LP (Peaceville)
Baphomet's debut album was originally released by Peaceville Records imprint Deaf Records in 1992. Revered as a cult classic of pulverizing heaviness, Baphomet developed a strong profile alongside fellow New Yorkers Suffocation and Immolation, shaping the brutal end of the vibrant early ‘90s death metal scene.

>Belle and Sebastian
– How To Solve Our Human Problems (Part 1) 12”+MP3 (Matador)
The second installment of three new EPs. The
How To Solve Our Human Problems EP project is the latest installment in a career that has always pursued a singular and delightful vision of what pop represents and what it can achieve, a career that has seen them triumph against the odds to win a Brit award, be one of the first bands to curate their own festival, and play at the London residence of the US ambassador. Belle and Sebastian's new music has the timeless blend of joy and melancholy that has always characterized them.
– Me, Again LP (Danger Collective)
BOYO is the pseudonym of 20-year-old singer-songwriter Robert Tilden. Tilden's been kicking around the L.A. DIY scene since he was 16 years old, spending the better part of it fronting the garage band Bobby T. and the Slackers. Me, Again, the follow up to his debut Control, taps into his sense of vulnerability, taking on themes of isolation, addiction, and regret. The album is a jagged collection of garage rock and soft DIY indie and noisey pop music, channeling everyone from Ty Segall to Elliot Smith to Deerhunter. [CD edition due February 2.]
Atmos mix and high-resolution master, all housed in 12” x 12” box with 60-page book also available.]

>Corrosion Of Conformity
– No Cross No Crown 2xLP (Nuclear Blast)
Released last week on CD – now available on vinyl. “It's been a dozen years since C.O.C. recorded new material with vocalist/guitarist Pepper Keenan at the helm. In that time, there have been rumors, whispers and outright allegations that the legendary Southern rock outfit would reunite to blow the doors off the whole damn scene again. In 2014, after nearly a straight decade traversing the globe as a guitarist with New Orleans supergroup Down, Keenan reconnected with the core C.O.C. trio of Woody Weatherman, Mike Dean and Reed Mullin to hit the road hard and write and record the band's highly anticipated tenth album,
No Cross No Crown.”
>Damu The Fudgemunk & Raw Poetic
‎– The Reflecting Sea (Welcome To A New Philosophy) LP (Redefinition)
The Reflecting Sea revisits sonic textures of yesteryear combined with Damu The Fudgemunk & Raw Poetic’s distinct ears for music. Speaking of the times, Raw Poetic's lyrical subject matter is nothing short of relevant. Speaking from an observatory perspective in addition to his own personal experiences, the album's content is infinitely relatable. Although known primarily as hip hop acts, both Damu and Raw P stretched out to expand what the genre is known for. The combination of elements from the mix of live instrumentation, improvisation and sampling to the range of styles including jazz, fusion, rock, electronic and soul make The Reflecting Sea unlike anything else. Limited colored pressing also available.
>The Dears
– End Of A Hollywood Bedtime Story [Reissue/2000] LP (Paper Bag)
Paper Bag Vintage reissues a remastered edition of The Dears' debut album End Of A Hollywood Bedtime Story. The Dears, a critically acclaimed "orchestral-pop-noir-romantique" rock 'n' roll band from Montréal, is the lifework of Murray A. Lightburn. Son of a jazzman-turned-preacher, Lightburn's attunement to songwriting was shaped equally by '90s rock and a broad tableau of gospel, soul, and pop music.

- Racing Time LP (Jullian)
Released last July on CD – now available on vinyl. Hailing from Los Angeles, DWNTWN was formed by singer Jamie Leffler and guitarist Robert Cepeda before later being joined by Daniel Vancieri on drums. Following the success of the song “Til Tomorrow” from the
DWNTWN EP, the band was likened to such artists as Ellie Goulding by the UK newspaper, The Guardian. Their blend of acoustic and electric guitar work, combined with prevalent drums surrounding Leffler’s vocals place their sound in the esteemed company of The Veronicas, Varuca Salt and Tegan and Sarah. Oscillating between emotionally-charged ballads and dancey indie jams, often within the same song, Leffler displays her impressive talents as both singer and songwriter with such sun-bleached tracks as “Drowning” and “Sticks And Stones” - a song which belongs on the playlist of every memory-making beach party of the summer.
>Diamanda Galás
– At Saint Thomas The Apostle Harlem 2xLP (Intravenal Sound Operations)
Released last April on CD – now available on vinyl. At St. Thomas the Apostle Harlem documents Galás' volcanic May 2016 performance at St. Thomas the Apostle church in Harlem, NY, described by the New York Times as "guttural and operatic, baleful and inconsolable, spiritual and earthy, polyglot and wordless, nuanced and unhinged."

>Golden Smog
– Weird Tales [Reissue/1998] LP (Rhino)
First time vinyl pressing of Golden Smog’s second album. At the time the band featured members of the Jayhawks, Soul Asylum, Run Westy Run, and Wilco. Green colored pressing.

>Great Lake Swimmers
– Great Lake Swimmers [Reissue/2003] LP (Paper Bag)
Great Lake Swimmers have hugely affected the music world with their ambient-independent-folk sound. Paper Bag Vintage are pleased to reissue the Canadian indie darlings' debut self-titled album on colored vinyl. Originally released in 2003, the haunting collection was recorded over several months in an abandoned grain silo in Southern Ontario and exhibits their familiar thematic threads of beauty in the natural world, environmental issues and explorations of close personal ties that hold us together.

>Lalah Hathaway
– Honestly LP (8th Floor Production)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Seventh album from the Grammy-winning soul vocalist, the daughter of the legendary Donny Hathaway.

>Thee Headcoatees
– Punk Girls [Reissue/1997] LP (Damaged Goods)
This classic 1997 LP was originally released on Sympathy For The Record Industry and has been out-of-print for a good many years. Limited colored vinyl pressing also available.

>Maroon 5
– Red Pill Blues LP (Interscope)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Sixth album from three-time Grammy Award-winning multiplatinum band.

>Masta Killa
– Loyalty Is Royalty LP (Nature Sounds)
Released last October on CD – now available on vinyl. With production handled by the likes of 9th Wonder, Illmind, P.F. Cuttin, RZA, True Master, and Dame Grease, Loyalty Is Royalty delivers the kind of classic hip-hop experience fans have come to expect from Wu-Tang Clan’s Masta Killa.

>Mayhem Lauren X DJ Muggs
– Gems From The Equinox LP (Soul Assassins)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Meyhem Lauren's
Gems From The Equinox is the crown jewel of modern NY rap. A future classic soundtracked by legendary producer DJ Muggs who has redefined dusty hip-hop production into a polished and dark, psychedelic world. The album features include the likes of Action Bronson, B-Real, Roc Marciano, Sean Price, Conway, Mr. Muthaf**kin' eXquire and more.
>Moka Only
– Concert For One LP (Urbnet)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Daniel Denton is something of a super hero. An iconic artist in Canadian hip-hop, based out of Vancouver, performing musical feats under any one of his mysterious aliases. Guised as Ron Contour, Torch, or most notably, as Moka Only, his delivery is consistent and unmatched. He is an acclaimed underground champion, and a true storyteller with an unfathomable collection of stories to tell.

>Moon Duo
– Jukebox Babe b/w No Fun 7” (Sacred Bones)
Features covers of Alan Vega's "Jukebox Babe" and The Stooges' "No Fun."

– Lie LP+MP3 (Sub Pop)
Recorded live during their 2016 European tour at shows in Germany, Croatia, Sweden, Austria, Norway, and Slovenia LiE is the first unlimited-edition, non-bootleg live Mudhoney album to date. New album to be released sometime this year.

>Gary Numan
– The Dance [Reissue/1981] LP (Beggars UK)
Limited double purple colored vinyl reissue of the electronic pop pioneer’s fifth album.

>Dan Penn
– Do Right Man [Reissue/1994] LP (Rhino)
Upon its release in 1994,
Do Right Man was master songwriter Dan Penn’s first album in 20 years.
>Petite Biscuit
– Presence LP (Petite Biscuit)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Debut album from classically-trained French artist.

>John Prine
– Diamond In The Rough [Reissue/1972] LP (Atlantic)
John Prine – Sweet Revenge [Reissue/1973] LP (Atlantic)
Vinyl reissues of the bluegrass and country singer-songwriter’s second and third albums.

>Rock (Of Heltah Skeltah)
- Rockness A.P.: After Price 2xLP (Digital Déjà vu)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. After the death of his partner Sean Price in 2015, Rock, of legendary Brooklyn hip-hop duo Heltah Skeltah, releases his first ever solo album. Features appearances from fellow Boot Camp Clik alums, Buckshot, Tek & Steele (Smif-n-Wessun), Wu-Tang's Raekwon, Method Man and Inspectah Deck, Kuniva (D12), Young Noble (The Outlawz), Ras Kass, Ron Browz and M.O.P.

>Buffy Sainte-Marie
– Medicine Songs LP (True North)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. The legendary folk singer-songwriter and tireless activist introduces new songs and revisits her classics.

– Pizza Party LP (Stones Throw)
Advancing the unfolding legacy of instrumental hip-hop at Stones Throw is
Pizza Party: 24 minutes of off-kilter mobster music mixed with a warm soul sound that is unmistakably L.A. producer and beatmaker Samiyam.
>The Michael Schenker Group
– The Michael Schenker Group [Reissue/1980] LP (Chrysalis)
The Michael Schenker Group – MSG [Reissue/1981] LP (Chrysalis)
The Michael Schenker Group
– Assault Attack [Reissue/1982] LP (Chrysalis)
The Michael Schenker Group – Built To Destroy [Reissue/1983] LP (Chrysalis)
Two pressings: regular black and limited-edition picture disc. The Michael Schenker Group was fronted by the former UFO and Scorpions guitarist.
– Red LP (Housecore)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Scour is a supergroup comprised of Pantera's Philip H. Anselmo, Pig Destroyer's John Jarvis, and Cattle Decapitation's Derek Engemann.

– This Is It 12” (Pnkslm)
New EP from the Swedish grunge pop act, the project of 23-year-old musician Åsa Söderqvis.

>Sunny Day Real Estate
– The Rising Tide [Reissue/2000] 2xLP (Craft Recordings)
In 1997, Sub Pop approached an inactive Sunny Day Real Estate for help in compiling a rarities album. Because there were so few usable tracks, band founders Jeremy Enigk and Dan Hoerner agreed to get together and write some new material to augment the archival songs, but they wound up crafting an entire new album in a matter of days. Without Nate Mendel, who remains with the Foo Fighters to this day, Sunny Day reunited to record third full-length How It Feels to Be Something On in 1998. Epic 2000 follow-up The Rising Tide, their final LP to date and easily one of their finest, boasts sweeping production from Lou Giordano (Goo Goo Dolls, Live), anthemic songs galore and impassioned performances throughout.

– Of Darkness… [Reissue/1991] LP (Peaceville)
Swedish act Therion originated in the late-80s. Following a couple of demos in 1989, the band's style evolved out of an effective and raw mix of thrash/death metal.

>Richard & Linda Thompson
– Shoot Out The Lights [Reissue/1982] LP (Rhino)
Vinyl reissue of the sixth and final album by the British husband-and-wife rock duo.

>Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
– Paradise Has No Border LP (Nacional)
In the late-80s, a group of musicians rose from the Tokyo street/club scene, and called themselves, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra (TSPO). Ever since, the band has been pursuing its unique sound of “Tokyo Ska,” blending and redefining musical genres to the delight of fans in and out of Japan. That authentic musicality is brought to new heights on their new Nacional Records album
Paradise Has No Border which features songs sung in Japanese, Spanish and English and collaborations with Los Autenticos Decadentes and Inspector.
– Wash 12” (M-Theory)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. The follow up to Tourist's 2016 debut album U which earned him critical acclaim and a legion of tastemaker fans around the world. Featuring the single, "We Stayed Up All Night" (featuring Ardyn) from Grammy-winning, writer-producer William Phillips.

– Blade Runner [OST] LP (Atlantic)
Vinyl reissue of Vangelis’
soundtrack to Ridley Scott's 1982 film.
>Xiu Xiu
– A Promise [Reissue/2003] LP+7+MP3 (Graveface)
Deluxe colored vinyl LP pressing of the experimental band’s second studio album, including a bonus 7” single and digital download featuring some incredible drunk commentary by Jamie Stewart.
released 12 january 2018
>CDs + Vinyl:
Avatar – Avatar Country CD/LP (Entertainment One)
“Contains the expected superior examples of how metal should and must sound today and for all eternity.” [Limited edition picture disc pressing also available.]

>Bad Company
– Live At Red Rocks CD (BMG Rights Management)
Recorded May 15, 2016 at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. [Stand-alone Blu-ray edition also available.]

>Big Star
- Live At Lafayette's Music Room-Memphis, TN CD+MP3/2xLP+MP3 (Omnivore)
It is well known that Big Star played a one-off promotional show for the Memphis Rock Writer's Convention at Lafayette's Music Room in Memphis in May of 1973. It cemented them into legendary status due to the writers who witnessed it and carried the message of Big Star out in their writing, even though the band had only released one album,
#1 Record, and were unsure of recording a second after the departure of co-founder Chris Bell. What may not be so widely known is that the trio played the same venue four months earlier with the same power and passion opening shows for the Houston R&B band, Archie Bell & The Drells. First issued as part of the Grammy Award-winning Keep An Eye On The Sky boxed set, Live At Lafayette's Music Room sees new light as a stand-alone release. As an added bonus, all formats include a download of a previously unissued 1972 interview with Alex Chilton and Andy Hummel from the summer of 1971 with Jon Scott on FM 100.
>Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
– Wrong Creatures CD/2xLP (Vagrant)
“For all that Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have been consistent in their garage-road delivery since they broke out at the turn of the century/millennium, they have also not shied from experimenting. Temporarily drummer-less, 2005’s Howl was acoustic; there was also 2008’s instrumental The Effects of 333. Yet those could be considered one-off detours, so distinctly different and singular were they. For
Wrong Creatures, BRMC slow things down and lengthen things out.” -- QRO
>Black Veil Brides
– Vale CD/LP+CD (Republic)
Fifth album from L.A.-based goth/glam hard rock quintet.

>Bruiser Queen
– Heavy High CD/LP (Certified PR)
“Don’t let the fact this band has gotten a little more polished worry you. This album is jam packed with rockers!”—Time Bomb Tom Smith

>Jimmy Chamberlin Complex
– The Parable CD/LP (MAKE)
New release from one of the founding member of the Smashing Pumpkins and highly acclaimed drummer. The second full-length release from the Jimmy Chamberlin Complex was recorded in a single session at the historic Sunset Sound studio in Los Angeles. The band includes Chris Speed (clarinet/saxophone), Billy Mohler (bass) and Randy Ingram (piano).

>Petula Clark
– Living For Today CD (BMG Rights Management)
In an incredible career spanning over seven decades Petula Clark is a legend and a true international superstar.
Living For Today is her new album, and includes a cover of The Beatles “Blackbird.”
– Retrocasual CD (Web Of Mimicry)
Retrocausal is Cleric's stunning and long, long-awaited follow-up to their groundbreaking 2010 album Regressions. Now with well-earned respect from both the extreme metal underground and Zorn-associated avant garde jazz scene, Cleric more than makes good on their promise.
>Corrosion Of Conformity
– No Cross No Crown CD/2xLP/Cassette (Nuclear Blast)
“It's been a dozen years since C.O.C. recorded new material with vocalist/guitarist Pepper Keenan at the helm. In that time, there have been rumors, whispers and outright allegations that the legendary Southern rock outfit would reunite to blow the doors off the whole damn scene again. In 2014, after nearly a straight decade traversing the globe as a guitarist with New Orleans supergroup Down, Keenan reconnected with the core C.O.C. trio of Woody Weatherman, Mike Dean and Reed Mullin to hit the road hard and write and record the band's highly anticipated tenth album,
No Cross No Crown.” [Limited edition colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>Denny Doherty
– Of All The Things: The Complete ABC/Dunhill Masters CD (Real Gone Music)
Reissue of Denny Doherty’s (The Mama and The Papas) 1971 solo album,
Watcha Gonna Do, expanded with six bonus tracks - five of which are previously unreleased.
>The Durutti Column
– The Guitar And Other Machines [Reissue/1987] 3xCD/2xLP+MP3 (Factory Benelux)
The origin of The Durutti Column’s sixth studio album,
The Guitar And Other Machines, was the Christmas present given by Factory founder Tony Wilson to Durutti mainman Vini Reilly in 1985. "He gave me another kick and bought me a load of electronic instruments," revealed Reilly at the time. "I never dreamt of getting into this electronic thing, and I struggled and fought and stayed up ‘til half seven in the morning and really worked on it. I know that Tony's got this vision and I persevered. [The triple-CD edition includes the remastered album with original bonus tracks plus a CD of rare tracks and a CD of live recordings.]
>Anderson East
– Encore CD (Atlantic/WEA)
The new album from acclaimed singer/songwriter Anderson East features 11 songs, including "All On My Mind" (written by Ed Sheeran, Johnny McDaid, East and Aaron Raitiere), "King For A Day" (written by East, Chris Stapleton and Morgane Stapleton), "Girlfriend" (written by East, Cobb, Raitiere and Tim Bergling) as well as renditions of songs by Ted Hawkins and Willie Nelson.
Encore culminates a breakout series of years for East following his widely praised 2015 debut, Delilah, which NPR Music called "an eclectic, fully formed debut..." and The Wall Street Journal said is "...highlighted by Mr. East's raw and raspy vocals and a backing band that channels the urgent rhythms and gospel-flavored sounds of ‘60s R&B and Southern soul music."
– The Best Of Elbow CD/2xCD (UMe)
New collection curated by the band spanning 20 years. Features Elbow's cover of The Beatles' “Golden Slumbers,” as featured on the John Lewis Christmas ad, as a bonus track. Available in Regular single-disc and Deluxe double-disc editions.

>Eva O
– The Rise Of Eva O CD (Cleopatra)
The vocalist/member of Christian Death and Shadow Project (alongside goth icon Rozz Williams) returns with her first solo album in over 10 years - a haunting set that explores the trauma of love and loss.

>Andrea Gibson
– Hey Galaxy CD/2xLP (Tender Loving Empire)
Hey Galaxy was created in the midst of another project as a result of the current political upheaval in the US. Andrea Gibson was working on an album entirely about love, accompanied by an orchestra, but after the 2016 presidential election she felt moved to put forth a more social justice-oriented project. "There's a quote that says, ‘Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.' I wanted to do that. I wanted to make something political and human and gutsy in its revolt. Something beautiful in its sweetness and rage and vulnerability. Something loud and tender at the same time." Hey Galaxy does just that. The 16 poems tell the story of our times. Whether it's "Orlando," which brutally relives the massacre at at LGBTQ nightclub and Andrea's own struggles with coming out, or "A Letter To White Queers" which combats white privilege during the rise of the Black Lives Matter Movement, Gibson's poems awaken us with their urgency, honesty, and their lyrical meld of grit and beauty.
>Ray Goren
– Me CD (Palmetto)
Ray Goren is a rock & blues guitarist and bandleader celebrated for his fiery live performances.

– Vuur Van Verzet CD (Napalm)
New album from the Dutch pagan metal band.

>Seth Lakeman
– Ballads Of The Broken Few CD (Cooking Vinyl)
Seth Lakeman – Word Of Mouth [Reissue/2014] CD (Cooking Vinyl)
Ballads Of The Broken Few is the latest of eight studio albums released by folk singer-songwriter and Mercury Music Prize nominee Seth Lakeman. In keeping with the majesty and intensity of his previous releases, Lakeman’s new album was recorded live in the hall of a Jacobean manor house, the perfect atmosphere to capture the harmonies of the incredibly talented Wildwood Kin family who accompany Lakeman throughout the record. Lakeman’s first track “Willow Tree is an exceptional start to the album. Energetic, strong and powerful, within seconds an intense atmosphere is created which explodes into a beautifully orchestrated melody accompanied with a dramatic marching beat. Wildwood Kin’s vocals are woven brilliantly into Lakeman’s in what is a very promising start to the album” – We Are Unseen. Recorded in a studio set-up in a Cornish church, 2014’s Word Of Mouth is a defining album for Lakeman's storied career and for the landscape of British folk music.
>Leaves Eyes
– Sign Of The Dragonhead CD/2xCD/LP (AFM)
One of the most successful bands in the symphonic metal genre returns with their seventh album. [CD is available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe adds bonus tracks and instrumental versions. Two limited edition colored vinyl pressings are also available: one green, the other white.]

>Little Mazarn
– Little Mazarn CD/LP (Self Sabotage)
Little Mazarn, the stage name for Lindsey Verrill, gets her name from what she calls “an unromantic river” in Arkansas. Playing banjo on three original songs, a traditional murder ballad (“Rain And Snow”) and an English sea song, Little Mazarn, in her lilting warble, sings “about precious things, boring things, nature and the garbage that is humanity” (her words). A dreamy pop that would have fit in nicely with the slowcore of the late '90s and early '00s, the album also has unmistakable connections to older forms and genres like country, gospel and Appalachian folk.

>Michael McDonald
– Live On Soundstage CD+DVD (BMG)
Michael McDonald brings his classic songs and legendary vocals to the Soundstage studios in Chicago. Recorded before a live audience, McDonald performs his classics, plus new material from his just-released project
Wide Open. [Stand-alone Blu-ray edition also available.]
>Mighty Diamonds
– Leaders Of Black Countries [Reissue/1983] CD/LP (Kingston Sounds)
The Mighty Diamonds are one of the most famous vocal groups to come out of the Jamaican reggae scene. Their perfect harmonies ride over the wholesome and Garveyite influenced lyrics to such great effect that they will always evoke memories of that time and place, but also like all great music, it never seems to date.

>Sean Morales
– Call It In CD/LP (Super Secret)
There is an alien familiarity in
Call It In that resembles a solo night drive through blabber and smoke to arrive at a familiar room to find that Alex Chilton, Wreckless Eric, and the members of Amon Duul are already in the house, waiting for Junior Kimbrough to play. It’s something that could have conceivably happened at some point, but it’s still a dream.
– Somewhere Else CD/LP (Wharf Cat)
Noah Anthony walks the line between dark pop and noise on the new Profligate LP,
Somewhere Else. In doing so, he weaves minimal beats, synthesizer, electric bass, hushed vocals and sheets of droning noise into something larger than the sum of its parts.
>Diana Ross
– Diamond Diana: The Legacy Collection CD (Motown)
A new greatest hits CD is a collection of tracks personally chosen and sequenced by Ross. Features the No. 1 hits “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” “Touch Me In The Morning,” “Love Hangover,” “Upside Down,” “Endless Love” (her duet with Lionel Richie), “Take Me Higher,” and more – including the No. 1 classic with the Supremes, “You Can’t Hurry Love.” The collection also includes ‘Diamond Diana’ remix of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” as a bonus track.

>Joe Satriani
– What Happens Next CD/2xLP (Sony Legacy)
What Happens Next features a power trio of Satriani on guitar along with Deep Purple/Black Country Communion bassist Glenn Hughes and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, the latter reuniting with Satriani for the first time since their work in the supergroup Chickenfoot with former Van Halen vocalist and bassist Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony. This unparalleled rock rhythm section gives the all-instrumental What Happens Next a depth of groove that sets it apart from Satriani's other work.
– Songs Of Praise CD/LP (Dead Oceans)
Shame thrives on confrontation. Whether it be the seething intensity crackling throughout debut LP
Songs Of Praise or the adrenaline-pumping chaos that unfolds at Shame’s shows, it’s all fueled by feeling. [Limited colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>Dr. Lonnie Smith
– All In My Mind CD (Bluenot)
Hammond B-3 organ legend Dr. Lonnie Smith releases a spirited live trio album that the NEA Jazz Master recorded during his 75th birthday celebration at the Jazz Standard in New York City this past summer.

– The Hurt EPs 2xCDEP (Nettwerk)
Following the huge success of "Where’s My Love" in the Netherlands and Germany, SYML’s first physical release combines the two EPs
In My Body and Hurt Me plus the new French duet version of "Where’s My Love."
>Ty Tabor
– Alien Beans 2xCD (Rat Pak)
New double-disc album from the King's X featuring 10 all new studio tracks and a "best of" compilation disc featuring 11 newly re-mixed and re-mastered tracks from Ty's previous releases.

– Hymns For The Drunk CD/2xLP (AFM)
In 1982 when four longhaired metal-maniacs from Frankfurt am Main, Germany decided to found a band named Tankard, nobody expected them to still be going three decades later. This best-of collection sums up the band’s creative period from 2002 – 2010 while on AFM Records. [Limited red colored vinyl pressing also available.]

>Tonight Alive
– Underworld CD/LP+MP3 (Hopeless)
New album from the Aussie rockers.

>Trial By Fire
= 1982 CD/LP (Alona’s Dream)
When Chicago punk legends Strike Under broke up in 1981, three of the four members went on to form Trial By Fire. They were one of the first Chicago bands to play thrash style hardcore and quickly became scene favorites, especially among the younger all ages set. Far from being a by-the-numbers hardcore group, Trial By Fire
ΚΌs sound bore a heavy Stranglers and post-punk influence as well.
– Offerings CD/2xLP (Roll Call)
If a Fellini film, a Bosch painting, and a Rorschach drawing had a collective sound, it would be Typhoon's new release. The 14-track
Offerings is a musical and lyrical excursion into surreal imagery, eerie soundscapes, and an emotionally jarring narrative. The 70-minute album, which is the Portland, Oregon indie rock band's fourth studio effort, centers on a fictional man who is losing his memory, and in turn, his sense of self. [Limited edition gold colored vinyl pressing also available.]
>Umphrey’s McGee
– It’s Not Us CD/2xLP (Nothing Too Fancy)
Umphrey's McGee entered I.V. Labs Studio in Chicago in November of 2016 to record what would become the band's eleventh full-length studio album. The result was
It's Not Us, the most vibrant, mature expression of the band's growing studio prowess to date. "We decided to go in for a week, live, eat, and breathe Umphrey's McGee," recalls Joel Cummins. "We're known as a strong live band, but we take so much pride in our writing. [In this album] the focus is on that writing." The first single "The Silent Type" is powered by a bombastic beat, funkified rhythms, fiery fretwork, and a chantable refrain, introducing It's Not Us with a bright and brilliant bang. "Half Delayed" builds from airy guitar into an iridescent refrain, meanwhile, the bass strut anthemic beat production and percussive wallop of "Looks" could be the love child of Nine Inch Nails and Talking Heads. The metallic shredfest outro of "Remind Me" bleeds effortlessly into the gorgeous acoustic love song "You & You Alone." The album is Umphrey's McGee at its peak prowess, creating music with both precision and emotional content 20 years into a career.
>Usher’s Island
– Usher’s Island CD (Compass)
Usher's Island brings together two generations of the finest and most influential Irish traditional musicians, stretching back to the acclaimed 1970's era of Planxty, through Andy Irvine and Dónal Lunny, and the Bothy Band, through fiddler Paddy Glackin. This next chapter brings in renowned players from the 1990's generation, with Mike McGoldrick (Capercaillie, ex-Flook and Lúnasa) on flute, whistle and uileann pipes and John Doyle (ex-Solas) on guitar and vocals.

>Various Artists
– 2018 Grammy Nominees CD (RCA)
Music from the nominees in consideration for the 60th Grammy Awards. Includes tracks by Bruno Mars, Kelly Clarkson, Justin Bieber, Kendrick Lamar, Lorde, Childish Gambino, Jay-Z, Imagine Dragons, Portugal. The Man, Antebellum, and more.

>Various Artists
– Dr. Demento Covered In Punk 2xCD/3lP (Caf Muzek)
Everyone from the Misfits, Joan Jett and Fred Schneider of the B-52's to Weird Al Yankovic, Adam Batman West (in one of his final performances) and William Shatner join the good Doctor in this two-hour-plus homage to the world-renowned institution who has championed novelty music and its creators since the 1970s.

>Various Artists
– Under What Flag: A Tribute To Fad Gadget CD (Cleopatra)
A smattering of underground dark electronic artists pay tribute to the truly groundbreaking British avant-garde artist Fad Gadget (Aaka Frank Tovey). Blending electronics with found-object noise and deadpan vocals, Fad Gadget influenced everyone from Depeche Mode, Liars, NIN and others. Include performances by industrial icons Leæther Strip, L.A.-based composer George Sarah, NOIR feat. Athan Maroulis and others.

>Dionne Warwick
– Odds & Ends: Scepter Records Rarities CD (Real Gone Music)
With a total of 40 Pop chart hits, Dionne Warwick’s recordings for the Scepter label rank as arguably the most successful run of any artist—and certainly of any female artist—for an independent label during the 1960s.
Odds & Ends: Scepter Records Rarities offers 25 hard-to-find tracks (plus some bonus promo spots) from the Scepter vaults, including rare alternate versions.
>White Wizzard
– Infernal Overdrive CD (M-Theory Audio)
Infernal Overdrive captures all of the ingredients of past White Wizzard work but expands upon their template with seasoned maturity, outstanding musicianship and a widening of influenced including '70s hard rock and progressive rock/metal.

DVDs + Blu-ray:
Bad Company – Live At Red Rocks Blu-ray (BMG Rights Management)
Recorded May 15, 2016 at Red Rocks Amphitheater In Colorado. [Stand-alone Blu-ray edition also available.]

>Michael McDonald
– Live On Soundstage Blu-ray (BMG)
Michael McDonald brings his classic songs and legendary vocals to the Soundstage studios in Chicago. Recorded before a live audience, McDonald performs his classics, plus new material from his just-released project
Wide Open.

This Week’s Vinyl Exclusives:
>Avenged Sevenfold
– The Stage [Reissue/2016] 4xLP (Capitol)
Limited quadruple vinyl LP pressing of the band’s seventh studio album.

>Crooks On Tape
- In The Realm Of The Ancient Minor LP (Pure Orgone)
John Schmersal (Enon, Brainiac, Caribou, Vertical Scratchers), Rick Lee (Enon, Skeleton Key) and Joey Galvan present Crooks On Tape’s first instrumental release. The textures and sampled/looped aesthetic these men have cultivated is still very present but, these tracks offer something more akin at times to a movie soundtrack or a hypnotic meditation.

>Betty Davis
– Nasty Gal [Reissue/1975] LP (Light In The Attic)
Vinyl reissue of the third album from the influential funk/soul vocalist. Betty Davis was riding high in the '70s. A new record label (Island), a series of high profile relationships, and intensely sexualized live performances made her a rising star. It seemed like everything was aligned to take the music world by storm. So, Betty and band got back into the studio where she would act as writer, producer, and performer, creating what she thought would be her definitive release. Born Betty Mabry, the singer changed her last name when she married jazz legend Miles Davis.

>Brett Dennen
– Brett Dennen [2004] LP (Dualtone Music Group)
Brett Dennen is a modern-day troubadour with one foot tapping to the tradition of Woody Guthrie and the other foot in step with his social and political convictions. This is the first vinyl pressing of Dennen's ground-breaking self-titled debut album, originally released in 2004.

– Stereo 45 12” (Rotted Tooth)
Chicago four-piece Dim make the kind of shoegaze that’s allergic to the daylight.

– Holy Diver [Reissue/1983] LP (Rhino)
Dio – Last In Line [Reissue/1984] LP (Rhino)
Remastered colored vinyl reissues of Dio’s first two albums.

>Willie Dixon
– Catalyst [Reissue/1973] LP (Tuff City)
Willie Dixon is one of the most prolific songwriters of his time. He is a Grammy Award winner, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, Blues Hall of Fame Inductee and Songwriters Hall of Fame Inductee. This long out-of-print album, originally released in 1973, is a classic representation of the Chicago Blues sound post Chess Records and features a who’s who of the best sidemen of the genre.

>Drunken Foreigner Band
– White Guy Disease LP (Electric Cowbell)
Drunken Foreigner Band's debut album is a sprawling electrified iteration of the Akha and Lam Lao music of Thailand and Laos.

>Aretha Franklin
– Lady Soul [Reissue/1968] LP (Atlantic)
Limited 180gm vinyl reissue of the Queen Of Soul’s 1968 LP.

>Heavy Lids
– Final Days LP (Blak Skul)
“The garage-punk scene in New Orleans is a breeding ground for weirdos who fuck around with electronics. One of its finest bands is Heavy Lids, whose debut album,
We Believe In The Night, was one of the best in its class last year.”—Evan Minsker (Pitchfork)
– Distorted Living LP (Feeding Tube)
“The way they compress the psychedelic thrust of their sonics makes one think this whole album may have been recorded in an air lock.” – Byron Coley

>The Human League
– Anthology: A Very British Synthesizer Group 3xLP (Virgin)
This anthology features all of the hit singles, including seven previously unreleased edits.

>Hundred Waters
– Communicating LP (Owsla)
Released late last October on CD – now available on vinyl. The L.A.-based trio - comprised of vocalist Nicole Miglis, producer Trayer Tryon and drummer Zach Tetreault - return with their long-awaited new full-length. At the core of the album is the relationship between band members Nicole Miglis and Trayer Tryon, whose relationship catalyzed the band in 2012. The album raises questions of romantic and non-romantic love, self-realization, growing apart, and finding understanding.

– angL [Reissue/2008] LP (Spinefarm)
Limited transparent green colored vinyl reissue of the former Emperor frontman’s second album.

>Jess And The Ancient Ones
– The Horse And Other Weird Tales LP (Svart)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Third time around for Jess And The Ancient Ones sees them take a magical mystery trip to the dark side of the ‘60s as seen through the eyes of modern-day occult rock musicians. This time the band went for an organic and human approach and produced a very old-fashioned album. Groovy, heavy, psychedelic beat music? Hard death rock? Occult head-exploding meltdown? All of them and more.

>King Parrot
– Ugly Produce LP (Housecore)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Australia's unhinged extreme metal villains return with their third long player.

>The Last Gang
– Sing For Your Supper 7” (Fat Wreck Chords)
The Last Gang may seem like a new band, but they’ve been grinding out their mix of tough-as-nails punk and bouncing melodies for a little over a decade now.
Sing For Your Supper is more than just a teaser for the 2018 full-length album.
>Lil’ Keke
– Don’t Mess Wit Texas [1997] 2xLP (SoSouth)
Limited colored vinyl pressing. First-time vinyl edition of the rappers 1997 album which features performances from an amazing guest list of performers that have since passed away, including DJ Screw, Fat Pat, Big Moe and Rap-A-Lot star Mr. 3-2.

>Lil Uzi Vert
– Luv Is Rage 2 2xLP+MP3 (Atlantic)
Philadelphia rap pioneer Lil Uzi Vert flaunts a vision and fashion sense just as loud as his "futuristic trap" sound and dynamic voice.
Luv Is Rage 2 serves as the rising hip-hop star's official full-length debut following a handful of name making mixtapes and features guest appearances from The Weeknd, Oh Wonder and Pharrell Williams.
>Dave Mason
– Alone Together [Reissue/1970] LP (Friday Music)
Limited audiophile 180gm marble colored vinyl pressing of Mason’s debut album.

>The Notorious BIG
‎– Big Poppa [Reissue/1994] 12” (Bad Boy)
The Notorious B.I.G. ‎– Hypnotize [Reissue/1997] 12” (Bad Boy)
Limited colored vinyl reissues.

>Panda Bear
– Day With The Homies 12” (Domino)
The Animal Collective co-founder's first solo music since 2015's
Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper and Crosswords EP. "I hoped to make something without frills or much embellishment, principally because I've found more fluff tends to equal less power," Lennox says in his introduction to the EP. "Since the juiciest action is entirely focused in the deeper zones of the frequency spectrum (at least from where I've sat), power was key." He adds, "The songs aren't lyrically linear or narrative as such, though I did scatter pieces of longer-chewed themes across the tracks."
>Elvis Presley
– Back In Memphis [Reissue/1970] LP (Friday Music)
Limited 180gm translucent gold vinyl reissue of Presley’s 35
th studio album.
– Hellrazors LP (Pop Wig)
Razorbumps' songs are quick, noisy and loud, taking influence from the best parts of garage rock, power pop and straight up rock n' roll. "Razorbumps clearly wear their Devo influence proudly, leaning on the speedy-side of that legendary band's approach to angular post-punk," wrote Brooklyn Vegan.

>Otis Redding
– (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay b/w Sweet Lorene 7” (Atlantic)
Limited 7” gold colored vinyl pressing of this classic single from the soul music legend released to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of the song's recording and Redding's death a short time later.

>Rolling Stones
– Exile On Main Street [Reissue/1972] 2xLP (Interscope)
Limited double 180gm half-speed mastered vinyl LP repress.

>Akira Sakata & Chikamorachi featuring Masahiko Satoh
‎– Proton Pump LP (Family Vineyard)
A milestone achievement in the winding career of alto saxophonist, gibberish shrieker and jazz legend Akira Sakata. A lightning-fast, real-time cut-up of melody and bare-knuckle action that swings between the avant garde and hardcore be-bop.

– Saluki [Reissue/1977] LP (Round 2)
The jewel in the crown of Compendium Records' brilliant back catalog is the eponymous album from the progressive jazz-funk band Saluki, released in 1977. Featuring members from the highly-significant proggers Junipher Greene, Saluki is a much-loved rare groove classic and a crate digger favorite.
Saluki consists of eight advanced and ambitious tracks showcasing Saluki's blistering fusion of prog rock, jazz, west- coast harmonies and funk, as well as great songwriting abilities.
>Social Unrest
– Before The Fall [Reissue/1986] LP (New Red Archives]
Limited edition red vinyl reissue of the 1986 sophomore album from pioneering hardcore band.

>Tears For Fears
– Rule The World: The Greatest Hits LP (Mercury)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. New 16-track best-of collection featuring two new tracks.

>Various Artists
- America's Hardcore Compilation: Volume 4 LP (Triple B.)
17 new and exclusive tracks from hardcore/punk/metal’s best bands. Each band also designed and submitted their own pages for the 20-page 12x12” insert booklet included with each record.

>Various Artists
- Hard-Core Ljubljana [Reissue/1986] LP (FV Zalozba)
Originally published in 1986,
Hard-Core Ljubjana is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful hardcore punk compilations released in the '80s. Showcasing the furious sounds coming out of Slovenia's capital (then part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), it would catch the attention of punks worldwide with the sheer rawness of the five bands included: U.B.R., Odpadki Civilizacije, Tozibabe, Epidemija, andIII. Kategorija. 25 tracks of utter punk chaos.
>Various Artists
– Sun Records Does Hank Williams LP (ORG Music)
A collection of Hank Williams hits performed by artists from the legendary Sun Record Company catalog. The compilation features superstars Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis, alongside a handful of lesser-known Sun Records artists.

>Voodoo Glow Skulls
– Firme [Reissue/1995] LP (Epitaph)
Voodoo Glow Skulls – Band Geek Mafia [Reissue/1998] LP (Epitaph)
Limited colored vinyl reissues of the ska band’s second and fourth albums.

>John Williams
– Jaws [Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] [Reissue/1975] 2xLP (Mondo)
Limited edition 180gm double colored vinyl pressing.
John Williams' score to Jaws is absolutely essential for soundtrack collectors.
– Daydream Time Machine 7” (Ba Da Bing!)
Fronted by multi-instrumentalist Rachel Trachtenburg—a performer in the New York music scene since she was nine years old—Wooing offer hauntingly beautiful vocals backed by echoing guitars. The lead single, “In Colour", displays the vintage influences that come into play: the urgency of underground ‘90s rock (i.e. Sonic Youth, Helium, Breeders) meets the psychedelic Syd Barrett sounds of the ‘60s.

>X-Ray Spex
– Germfree Adolescents [Reissue/1978] LP (Real Gone Music)
Limited yellow with blue-green splatter edition of the English punk band’s classic debut.

>ZZ Top
– Rio Grande Mud [Reissue/1972] LP (Rhino)
ZZ Top – Tres Hombres [Reissue/1973] LP (Rhino)
Limited edition colored vinyl pressings.
released 05 january 2018
>CDs + Vinyl:
Arcade Fire – The Suburbs [Reissue/2010] CD (Sony)
Arcade Fire’s third album is back in-print on CD. [Arcade Fire’s first three albums have all been recently reissued on vinyl.]

– D.E.G. CD/2xLP (Skam)
Released last May and quickly sold-out – repressed on CD and vinyl. Skam Records’ most elusive artist Bola returns with an enticing new album - the first movement from Darrell Fitton's near mythical project since his
Kroungrine LP a decade ago.
>Diamond Ortiz
– Tiz Zop Diz Zown CD (Needle To The Groove)
West Coast funkster Diamond Ortiz returns with a collection of unreleased songs. Thought to be just a Bandcamp release from the summer of 2017, Ortiz dug into the archives to share some of his laidback hip-hop and g-funk style tracks, but with his signature modern vocoder slap sound.

>Lil Pump
– Lil Pump CD (WB)
Debut album from the 16-year-old South Florida sonic fireplug. Features guest appearances by Smokepurpp, Lil Yachty, Gucci Mane, Chief Keef, 2 Chainz, and Rick Ross).

- X – Varg Utan Flock CD/LP (Season Of Mist)
Shining, led by lightning rod frontman Niklas Kvarforth, enter their third decade with the epic new album
X - Varg Utan Flock ("Wolf Without A Pack"). As is their wont, Shining use black metal as a foundation upon which to build epic and radical songs that smash all genre convention.
– With Doom We Come CD/LP (Napalm)
“Sagas and myths culled from J.R.R. Tolkien’s vast universe are the black blood that courses through Summoning’s veins, and
With Doom We Come the ultimate soundtrack to a fantastic journey.”
– Trident Wolf Eclipse CD/LP (Century Media)
Sixth studio album from one of Sweden's greatest and most notorious black metal bands - another prime collection of wild, evil, lawless and relentless Satanic black metal. [Limited 180gm red colored vinyl pressing also available.]

This Week’s Vinyl Exclusives:
>Horace Andy
– Good Vibes [Reissue/1997] LP (VP)
Recently reissued on CD – now available on vinyl. Ten tough disco mixes – vocal and dub – with Horace at the peak of his late ‘70s form.

>Michael Banabila
– Trespassing 2xLP (Séance Center)
Trespassing is a compilation focusing on Dutch electronic artist Michel Banabila's incursions into otherworldly and imagined realms. LP One is a compilation of works spanning over 20 years that acts as a bridge between his earliest work and his contemporary practice. LP Two is a reissue of his early masterpiece Marilli, a highly sought-after album that acts as both an LSD inspired DIY tribute to Byrne and Eno's My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts and a youthful exploration of Banabila's personal background and his experience as a squatter in Amsterdam in the early 80s.
>A Cat Called Fritz
– Vertical Iris 2xLP (Hhv.De)
A Cat Called Fritz is back on another journey through space and sound. His sample-based trademark productions, using crispy samples and heavy drums, again lay the foundation for an all-star cast of feature guests on the mic including like-minded cats like Sach of The Nonce, Audessey, Glad2Mecha, Black Josh, Pete Flux, Pseudo Slang and others.

>Marty Baller
–Baller Nation LP (Omerta Inc.)
A$AP Mob affiliate Marty Baller, started his career out as A$AP Ferg's hype man, before becoming a serious solo artistic his own right.
Baller Nation is Marty's second mixtape, following 2016's 'Marty G Raw.' The concise 10 track tape sees Marty upping the stakes, with confident lyrics, big trap beats and an all start features list including A$AP FERG, Rich The Kid, Rob $tone and Smooky Margeilaa. Limited 180gm white vinyl LP pressing housed in a high-quality matte finish jacket with original artwork.
>David Bowie
– Beauty And The Beast b/w Blackout (Live) 7” (Rhino/Parlophone)
Limited edition 7” picture disc vinyl pressing featuring a previously unreleased live version of the
Heroes album track “Blackout” recorded on the 16th May, 1978 at the Deutschlandhalle, Berlin. Originally released in the UK in January 1978 (and remastered in 2017), “Beauty And The Beast” was the second single to be taken from Heroes.
– Sunday Brunch LP+MP3 (Rise)
A thens, Georgia's Chapel (featuring Carter Hardin of Nightmares and Kortney Grinwis of Favorite Weapon) may be a new name in the indie pop world, but they're quickly creating a stir. The duo has already toured with the likes of Pierce The Veil, Sum 41 and Waterparks and their first three singles were met with universal acclaim. Now they're ready to take the next step with their Rise Records debut EP Sunday Brunch which was recorded with Issues frontman Tyler Carter and features seven catchy and energetic tracks. Limited vinyl picture disc pressing.

– The Somberlain [Reissue/1993] LP (Black Lodge)
Vinyl reissue of the debut album by Swedish black metal band.

>DJ Harrison
– Rule The World & I’m From Virginia b/w Brown Water 7” (Stones Throw)
The son of a radio DJ who introduced him to the world of record collecting, DJ Harrison finds himself inspired by local musicians in the Richmond scene that's as diverse and nonexclusive as they come. Among rappers, producers, punks and bluegrass bands, he falls within reach of an expansive pool of musicians to collaborate with. He lives and works in Jellowstone, a house turned recording compound occupied by his band mates in Butcher Brown, a "garage punk jazz funk" group.

>Kim Byoung Duk
– Experiment No. X LP (Daehan Electronics)
Growing up in the bustling port city of Busan and running his own record shop there from the late '70s, Kim Byoung Duk had a front-row seat to the finest in foreign record imports and a taste for the psychedelic that naturally evolved into spiritual, ambient and avant-garde sounds. His growing interest in Tao philosophy and the meditative music that accompanied it provided a fertile environment for his audio imagination. Unhampered by limited access to musical gear, he made use of a wide assortment of self-sourced pots of various sizes and curvature, cymbals, wooden sculpted flutes and percussion tools-each chosen for its unique harmonic vibration-to create an entirely new and unique body of work.
Experiment No. X retraces the oeuvre of Kim Byoung Duk, assembling tracks from Experiment No. 2, Pot Concerto and New Trilogy, illustrating a meditative journey from the freeness of the Tao sound, in the borders of ambient music and the avant-garde, to later groove-oriented jams which introduce rhythmic elements to the palate.
>First Touch x Bybo Funk
– Stardust LP (Omega Supreme)
Stardust is a magical collaboration of new music from Germany's tiptop funk duo First Touch that combine forces with native master blaster Bybo Funk. This four-song up-tempo EP brings charismatic chord arrangements along with sophisticated and infectious basslines together for cosmic dance floor boogie.
>Peter Hook / Ministry
– Dancing Madly Backwards 12” (Cleopatra)
Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order) and industrial legends Ministry recreate a stone cold '70s rock classic, Captain Beyond's "Dancing Madly Backwards!" The original Captain Beyond version of the song is available on their self-titled1972 album. Limited colored vinyl pressing.

– Tapes #1-3 2xLP (Fat Possum)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Indiana's Hoops was born in frontman Drew Auscherman's teenage bedroom as a solo ambient and beat-driven project à la Oneohtrix Point Never's
Replica. Auscherman named the band after the hoop houses at the nursery where he worked. Eventually he corralled a few of his friends to flesh out his songs, and the music inevitably shifted toward something new: more melodic, more guitar-driven, more extroverted. Fast forward to 2014, Hoops became a fully formed quartet. Since then, Hoops have released three cassette tapes, a self-titled EP (2016) and full-length debut Routines (2017).
– Leftoverture Live & Beyond 4xLP+2xCD (Inside Out U.S.)
Recently released on CD – now available as a Deluxe vinyl edition. New live album from America's legendary progressive rock band features nineteen songs selected from twelve shows recorded during Kansas's spring 2017 Leftoverture 40th Anniversary Tour. The set list includes classic hits, deep cuts, new songs from 2016's studio album
The Prelude Implicit and culminates with the band's sextuple-platinum breakthrough album, 1976’s Leftoverture, performed in its entirety. Limited edition blue colored vinyl pressing also available.
>Allan Kingdom
– Lines LP (Omerta Inc.)
A unique young artist, taking a refreshing stance to the Hip-Hop genre in 2017, Allan's sound is one that draws from early Kanye West and Kid Cudi. Limited 180gm blue colored vinyl pressing housed in a high-quality matte finish jacket.

>Dave Matthews / Tim Reynolds
– Live At Luther College [Reissue/1999] 4xLP+MP3 (RCA)
On February 6, 1996, Dave Matthews and guitarist Tim Reynolds played an intimate set at Iowa's Luther College, wowing fans with acoustic arrangements of Dave Matthews Band songs. The two hour-plus set included songs that would appear on that year's
Crash, along with fan favorites "Granny" and "Deed Is Done" otherwise unreleased at the time of the 1999 debut of the Live At Luther College CD.
>Suzanne Menzel
– Goodbyes & Beginnings [Reissue/1981] LP (Frederiksberg)
This sought-after rarity presents a blend of ambient, new-age, '60s-inspired folk music. The melancholic lyrics of singer/songwriter Suzanne Menzel are transformed by Danish new-age pioneer, Klaus Schønning's, futuristic soundscape. Schønning not only produced Goodbyes and Beginnings, Menzel also credits him as giving her the artistic courage to self-release her first and only album.

- Who Told You to Think??!!?!?!?! CD (Ruby Yacht)
Released last August on CD – now available on vinyl. Latest release from the iconoclastic East Coast rapper. Found in gardens of intricate tones and soulfully abstract beats, vortexes of unique meaning spiral from Milo's pen. The production elevates the lyricism and is unique from track to track, supplied with the backdrop of varying samples, harp, flute, keys, guitar, electric bass, violin, synth, and many other instrumental elements.

– Algorhythm 12” (Bastard Jazz)
Osage (pronounced Oh-Sage) is the electronic music making alter ego of DJ/producer Lil' Dave, a veteran DJ on the Philadelphia nightclub scene, a member of the highly respected DJ crew Illvibe Collective and the co-host of the internationally known broadcast Eavesdrop Radio. The Osage sound is an amalgamation of musical influences such as deep house, samba, African rhythms, futuristic R&B, boogie, UK garage, salsa, broken beat, and soul.

>Red Death
– Formidable Darkness LP (Triple B.)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. “Red Death has been heirs to the proudest of traditions in the heavy-music underground, and with Formidable Darkness they’ve fulfilled their immense promise — just in time for the world’s ignominious end.”

>Yasuaki Shimizu
– Kakashi [Reissue/1982] LP (Palto Flats)
Originally released in 1982,
Kakashi is another high-water mark in the 1980's Japanese underground. This album, which has gathered cult status in recent years, is the project of musical visionary Yasuaki Shimizu, and considered to be a highlight of his solo career. Shimizu was the bandleader of Mariah, who also saw their album Utakata No Hibi reissued by Palto Flats in 2015. Kakashi offers a similar blend of saxophone experimentations, jazz fusion and ambient dub excursions. Since the '70s Yasuaki has collaborated with Ryuichi Sakamoto, Julee Cruise, and Van Dyke Parks among others.
>Sister Rosetta Tharpe
– Live In 1960 LP (ORG Music)
Sister Rosetta Tharpe was the first great recording star of gospel music and among the first gospel musicians to appeal to rhythm & blues and rock & roll audiences, later being referred to as "the original soul sister" and "the godmother of rock & roll". This live recording from 1960 has never been available on vinyl.

>Subterranean Masquerade
– Vagabond LP (ViciSolum Productions)
Released last September on CD – now available on vinyl. New release from the progressive metal band.

– Allied Forces [Reissue/1981] LP (Round Hill)
Limited gold colored vinyl reissue of the Canadian hard rock power trio’s fifth album.

>Neil Young + Promise Of The Real
– The Visitor 2xLP (Reprise)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. When Neil Young entered Shangri La Studio with the band Promise Of The Real a few months ago, there were a lot of images and feelings careening around his soul. The country was heading in a direction Young had never seen, even though up until then he thought he'd seen it all. But something different was happening, and it had gotten inside his music. . By the end of the recording sessions, he knew he'd made his most diverse album going all the way back to
Harvest in 1972, when America was also in the throes of becoming unhinged. Neil Young didn't blink then, and he is not blinking now.
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