released 19 MAY 2017
>CDs + Vinyl:

!!! – Shake The Shudder CD/LP+MP3 (Warp)
Shake The Shudder is a product of !!!'s DIY punk roots presenting a harder edge lyrically and sonically, while incorporating trans-Atlantic electronic music influences. Regularly enlisting the aid of talented female vocalists to elevate to their sound, this new album is no exception with the inclusion of up and coming talents Lea Lea and Meah Pace showcasing “energetic breakout performances that only hints at what they do live.”
>Adult Mom
– Soft Spots CD/LP (Tiny Engines)
Adult Mom began as the solo project of Stephanie Knipe in a Purchase College dorm room in 2012. Adult Mom now falls between the playful spectrum of solo project and collaborative band with beloved friends and musicians Olivia Battell, Mike Dvorscak, and Bruce Hamilton. Through reflections and explorations of the personal and hidden, the crux of the writing produced by Knipe is focused on excavation. The dredging out of secrets, putting it all in a pan, waiting for the gold to rise. Honesty and intimacy form as Knipe writes clever pop songs that offer a glimpse into the journey of a gender-weird queer navigating through heartache, trauma and subsequent growth.

>(Sandy) Alex G
– Rocket CD/LP+MP3 (Domino)
Rocket is Philadelphia-based artist Alex G's eighth full-length release – an assured statement that follows a slate of humble masterpieces, many of them self-recorded and self-released, stretching from 2010's
Race to his 2015’s Beach Music. Amid the Rocket recording process, Alex made headlines for catching the attention of Frank Ocean, who asked him to play guitar on his two 2016 albums, Endless and Blonde. More than any stylistic cues, what Alex took from the experience was a newfound confidence in collaboration. Rocket wears this collaborative spirit proudly, and in its numerous contributors presents a restless sense of musical experimentation - effortlessly jumping from distorted sound collage to dreamy folk music to bouncing Americana. Rocket illustrates a cohesive vision of contemporary American experience; the cast of characters that Alex G inhabits have fun, fall in love, develop obsessions, get in trouble, and – much like rockets themselves – ultimately they burn out.
>Apocalypse Orchestra
– End Is Night CD/LP (Depotz)
Lodged between medieval times and modern metal, Apocalypse Orchestra weaves a faceted tapestry of music, with tones of ancient drone instruments entwining with heavy guitars.

>Mulatu Astatke
– Mulatu Of Ethiopia [Reissue/1972] CD/LP (Strut)
Recorded in New York,
Mulatu Of Ethiopia arrived at a time when Astatke had begun to master the delicate fusion of styles needed to create Ethio jazz. “I left the UK for America and studied at Berklee College in Boston. I learnt the technical aspects of jazz and gained a beautiful understanding of many different types of music. That's where I got my tools. Berklee really shook me up.”
– Inside The Skull CD/LP (Rise Above)
The glittering technological future we were all promised has turned into a dystopian nightmare. If music must reflect the times, the hour has plainly come to reject the mainstream status quo and get down to the roots and rhythms of life's elemental heaviness. And that's where Beastmaker come in. Purveyors of some of the most ecstatically thunderous and raw doom metal to emerge in decades, this three-man riffing machine from Fresno, CA, are manifestly the real deal. From the old school evangelism of opener “Evil One” and the warped psychedelia of “Now Howls The Beast” through to the twisted fury and fire of “Psychic Visions” and creepy closer “Sick Sick Demon,”
Inside The Skull is not just a muscular hymn to the glory days of heavy metal's genesis and early prosperity: this is a vital, virile and venomous slab of wildly creative but spiritually pure doom devastation, designed to rescue us from the drab harshness of present day reality and transport us somewhere cooler, somewhere better and, in the best way possible, somewhere much heavier.
>Selwyn Birchwood
– Pick Your Poison CD (Alligator)
Selwyn Birchwood is among the most extraordinary young stars in the blues. His deep familiarity with blues tradition allows him to bust the genre wide open, adding new sounds, colors and textures all delivered with a revival tent preacher’s fervor and a natural storyteller’s charisma.

– The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be CD/LP (Earache)
Recalling the early spirit and danger of rabble-rousing rock heroes, Biters have faithfully built upon their punk heritage and their love of ‘70s rock to deliver music that ignites, incites and excites in equal measure. Possessing a heart full of rock ‘n’ roll, the band play foot stomping, fist pumping, spit-on-the-floor anthems possessed of a fighting spirit that refuses to give in.
The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be is an instant rock ‘n’ roll classic that makes the genre exciting and relevant again. “Corporate pop culture and fair-weather fads are just something I'm not interested in. I still choose to play rock ‘n' roll, because I still believe in rock ‘n’ Roll.” -- Tuk Smith, Biters
>Blink 182
- California [Deluxe Edition] 2xCD/2xLP+MP3 (BMG Rights Management)
Expanded edition of the pop-punk band’s 2016 release featuring 11 new studio tracks and an acoustic version of the hit single “Bored To Death.”

>Blonde Ambition
– Slow All Over CD/LP+MP3 (Swoon City Music)
Slow All Over, the debut album from eclectic musician Brian Harding's new project Blond Ambition, is a laser-focused work filled with danceable moments of percussive, head-nodding rhythmic bombast paired with catchy synth and guitar-laden hooks, deliberate and slow-burning pace, and subtly emotive melody. Blond Ambition takes respectful cues from the early disco/dance/avant-garde downtown scene of ‘70s and '80s New York, the pastiche-sampling art rock of bands like World Party and Big Audio Dynamite, and even the Grateful Dead. Harding also cites his stint as a bartender in an NYC nightclub for exposing him to the house and dance scenes that changed the way he looks at making music. The percussive, kitchen sink catchiness of “Shasta” sets the mood early, with Harding crooning over sunny, almost tropical hooks reminiscent of Here My Dear era Marvin Gaye. The fuzzed-out tone and jangly verses of “Houses Of Reason” build confidently into a rock-solid piece of songwriting with its assured refrain of “We got everything we needed/It's a funny way to get there," and despite the song's defined structure its "jam" qualities never drift. There's no template at play here, but the intention remains precise.
>Buffalo Tom
- Let Me Come Over [Reissue/1992] CD/2xLP (Beggars Banquet)
25th Anniversary Edition featuring the original album plus a previously unreleased live show from 1992. Previously loosely linked with fellow travelers Dinosaur Jr. and Uncle Tupelo via a similar three-piece format, stunning depth of songwriting and association with Boston's Fort Apache Studios - it's not hard to imagine Buffalo Tom wanted to stake a claim stylistically with their third album,
Let Me Come Over.
>The Builders And The Butchers
- The Spark CD/LP (Badman Recording Co.)
The Portland-based folk rock band return with their fifth full-length effort.

- New Kind Of Normal CD/LP (Plum)
Coupling expertly crafted, hooky pop songs like lead single “Mesa,” with sparse, dark, and deeply emotional synth-laden tracks like “World,”
New Kind Of Normal is a record that captures quiet moments of crushing vulnerability and the hardened highs of personal strength with equal grace.
>The Como Mamas
- Move Upstairs CD/LP+MP3 (Daptone)
With their first two Daptone albums (
Get An Understanding, and as featured singers on Como Now), The Como Mamas established themselves as three of the strongest voices in gospel music today. If you don't like raw, soulful gospel music, you're really gonna hate this one.
>Tony Conrad
– Ten Years Alive On The Infinite Plain 2xCD (Superior Viaduct)
Ten Years Alive On The Infinite Plain is the quintessential work of artist/filmmaker/composer Tony Conrad. Comprised of both film installation and minimalist score for amplified strings, Ten Years leaps across genre and medium to connect his revolutionary structural filmmaking with the experiments in long-duration sound that Conrad had begun in the 1960s as part of the Theatre Of Eternal Music. [Vinyl edition due June 30.]
>Daddy Issues
– Deep Dream CD/LP (Infinity Cat)
When singer and guitarist Jenna Moynihan saw the phrase Daddy Issues scribbled on the bathroom wall of a now-defunct Nashville DIY venue, she mistakenly assumed it was the name of an all-girl punk outfit sure to become her next favorite band. Upon realizing that no such band existed, Moynihan and friends Emily Maxwell (drums) and Jenna Mitchell (bass) picked up their instruments, taught themselves how to play and started their own band. Produced by Jake Orrall (JEFF The Brotherhood, Colleen Green), Daddy Issues' full-length debut
Deep Dream combines the best of '80s alternative, '90s grunge and '00s pop, tackling the difficulties of friendship, heartbreak, mental health, sexual assault and a number of other issues that come with the package of youth in the modern world.
>The Dead Daisies
– Live & Louder CD/2xLP+CD/2xLP+CD+DVD (Steamhammer)
Warts ‘n all,
Live & Louders is a document of a band in their prime, a raw slice of visceral energy, an in-your-face assault on the senses.
– Nektyr CD/LP (Kranky)
Hermetic gothic swan songs conjured from funereal piano, twilit ambience, minimalist percussion, and spellbinding vocals. The mood is lulling and lush but lost in sorrow, stark grey structures looming in the night. Majestic open spaces between notes heighten the melancholic grandeur of Orm's arrangements, blurring the line between lament and lullaby. The songs don't end so much as ebb away, succumbing to their own downcast beauty.

>Do Make Say Think
– Stubborn Persistent Illusions CD/2xLP (Constellation)
Do Make Say Think is widely celebrated as one of the preeminent instrumental rock bands of the ‘90s-‘00s. Stubborn
Persistent Illusions is the group's first album in eight years - and a brilliant addition to one of the most consistently inventive and critically praised discographies in the ‘post-rock’ canon. The band has been acclaimed as “the supernova in Constellation's stellar network...arguably the finest back catalogue of any currently operating instrumental rock band” (Drowned In Sound), creating “some of the most honest, unpretentious, group-oriented rock of their time” (Popmatters). Among the band's strengths is an ineffable naturalism that avoids anything too woolly, proggy, purist or clichéd, while remaining a fundamentally guitar-driven group whose ornate four-and six-string interplay uniquely balances rockism, pastoralism, and electronic-influenced post-production. Stubborn Persistent Illusions is at once familiar and as fresh as anything DMST has committed to tape; produced and mixed as always by the band itself - a continuing affirmation of the group's DIY ethos and their singular self-production acumen and aesthetic. [180gm double-vinyl edition features an etching on the D-side.]
– Reaching Into Infinity CD (Metal Blade)
Reaching Into Infinity continues where DragonForce left off with Maximum Overload, the band's faster material becoming even faster still, while the melodic parts head even further in that particular direction. [Vinyl edition due May 26.]
>Electric Sewer Age
– Moon’s Milk In Final Phase CD/LP+MP3 (Soleilmoon)
Because Electric Sewer Age was intended to be an anonymous aural experiment meant to free the listeners mind of any preconceptions about who or what created it, little more was ever planned to be publicly revealed about the project, even after the first release. However, following the unexpected and untimely passing in 2010 of Christopherson, the first Electric Sewer Age EP became an epitaph to the loss of this peerless musician, for these were the last tracks he and his decade’s long collaborator and friend Danny Hyde ever completed together. The music, originally intended to conclude Coil’s
Moon’s Milk series, was released on CD by Divine Frequency in 2012, and then on vinyl the next year by Danny Hyde. Both editions sold out quckly and have been unavailable until now. [Limited color vinyl pressing also available.]
>Endless Boogie
– Vibe Killer CD/LP (No Quarter)
New York's '60s influenced garage rock act Endless Boogie (no better described than their own name) return on No Quarter Records with their fourth studio effort.

- Roadburn Live CD/2xLP (By Norse Music)
After celebrating 25 years in 2016 showcasing a majority of older material,
Roadburn Live displays works primarily from the newer and more progressive era of Enslaved's career, with songs from In Times, Riitiir, Isa, Below The Lights and Monumension. The album features guest appearances by Einar Selvik (Wardruna), Aðalbjörn Tryggvason (Sólstafir), Per Wiberg (Opeth, Candlemass) and Menno Gootjes (Focus) on "Immigrant Song," the first cover song by Enslaved to ever appear on record.
- World Be Gone CD/LP/Cassette (Mute)
17th album from the electronic pop pioneers, their first album since 2014's acclaimed
The Violet Flame. From the pounding beats of the album opener (and first single), “Love You To The Sky,” the listener is immediately enveloped in Erasure at their optimistic best with a soaring chorus that fills the room with love and promise. On “World Be Gone,” recent political upheavals are given a thoughtful examination and, as highlighted on the painted artwork showing a ship's masthead rising up from being submerged in the stormy waters, Erasure are looking ahead, towards an expectant future which points towards love as evidenced on the buoyant closer “Just A Little Love.” [Limited orange color vinyl pressing also available.]
>Faith Evans And The Notorious B.I.G.
– The King & I CD (Rhino)
The King & I is a duets album featuring unreleased Biggie vocals with productions by DJ Premier, Just Blaze, Stevie J, Salaam Remi, Chucky Thompson, Puff Daddy and more. The album also features guest artist Lil Cease, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, Styles P, Sheek Louch (founders of The L.O.X. hip hop group), 112, and a first-time collaboration with Lil Kim. [Vinyl edition due May 26th.]
- Step Into The Light CD/LP (33 1/3)
The 12-song
Step Into Light, on Fastball's own 33 1/3 label, embodies all of the qualities that have endeared the band to listeners during the trio's 20-plus year career. Such catchy, compelling new tunes as “We're On Our Way,” “Behind The Sun,” “Best Friend,” “Love Comes In Waves” and “I Will Never Let You Down” continue the band's longstanding legacy of infectious songcraft and pointed lyrics, as well as playfully inventive arrangements that lend additional depth and resonance to Scalzo and Miles Zuniga's distinctive songwriting.
>Fire From The Gods
– Narrative Retold CD/LP+MP3 (Rise)
Expanded edition of
Narrative which was released to acclaim in August of 2016, featuring three bonus tracks. [Limited color vinyl pressing also available.]
>The Five Royales
– Tell The Truth CD/LP (Southern Routes)
15-track retrospective. Of all the great rhythm & blues groups who impacted the development of soul music, none were more deserving of the overused epithet “unsung,” than the fabulous Five Royales. They were a quadruple threat – great original songs; hard, gospel-derived vocals; blistering guitar work and a bangin' live show.

– Come Out. You’re Hiding. CD (Fueled By Ramen)
Debut album from the West Coast alt-rock/synth band.

>Gnaw Their Tongues
- Hymns For The Broken Swollen, And Silent CD (Crucial Blast)
A shambling monstrosity woven from charred bones and infernal technology, stitched with gristle and exposed wiring,
Hymns For The Broken, Swollen And Silent lurches like a grotesque assemblage of tortured flesh and mangled machinery, revealing the latest nightmare from Dutch fiend Gnaw Their Tongues. After more than a decade, they continue to disturb with their uniquely dark and depraved blend of black metal, industrial and noise, and this eight-song album shows them to be in prime killing mode. [Limited vinyl edition was released earlier this year.]
>Gothic Tropic
– Fast Or Feast CD/LP (Old Flame)
Los Angeles’
Gothic Tropic introduces a new brand of female fronted, guitar-driven indie rock. The brainchild of Cecilia Della Peruti, Gothic Tropic keeps the vibe playful and punchy, bringing audiences into a new era of female rock nobility, nodding to stars like Debbie Harry and Chrissie Hynde.
>Nick Hakim
– Green Twins CD/LP (ATO)
The story of Nick Hakim's debut album
Green Twins truly began when, armed with the masters for his critically acclaimed Where Will We Go Pt. I & II EPs, Hakim moved from Boston to Brooklyn, spending his time fleshing out unfinished ideas in his bedroom. He came up with lyrics on the spot while playing the live circuit, recording sketches and lyrics on voice memos and a four-track cassette recorder, and embracing the local community of musicians by performing with bands like Jesse And Forever and Onyx Collective. From there, Green Twins came about as a sum of its parts: Hakim took the demo recordings to studios in New York, Philadelphia and London and built on them, keeping the original essence of the songs intact. Hakim says of Green Twins, “I felt the need to push my creativity in a different way than I had on the EPs.” The record draws from influences spanning Robert Wyatt, Marvin Gaye and Shuggie Otis to My Bloody Valentine. “We wanted to imagine what it would have sounded like if RZA had produced a Portishead album. We experimented with engineering techniques from Phil Spector and Al Green's Back Up Train, drum programming from RZA and Outkast, and were listening to a lot of The Impressions, John Lennon, Wu-Tang, Madlib, and Screaming Jay Hawkins.”
>Aldous Harding
- Party CD/LP (4AD)
4AD welcomes Aldous Harding, a remarkable talent from New Zealand. Aldous Harding’s music is not for the faint of heart. Disarming in its desolate imagery and stark instrumentation, her songs draw from the core facets of life: death, birth, grief and love. With echoes of folk luminary Linda Perhacs, Harding’s work is one step removed from the modern world, lying in the more savage and dramatic terrain where Kate Bush and Scott Walker reside, wrought with a wry wit and tenacious gall.

– Music For Megaliths CD/LP (Neurot)
Over the course of three albums, Steve Von Till has, under the guise of Harvestman, provided the sonic analogue, casting his net for what might have been and yet still be. Both a personal meditation and a tuning fork for the most ancient and enduring of resonances, his latest album, Music For Megaliths, further expands his journeys along the sonic ley lines that run between folk, drone, psychedelia, the ‘kosmische’ outposts of krautrock and noise: not as an act of eclecticism, but of divination, giving voice to an underlying continuity that binds them all.

>Jade Jackson
- Gilded CD/LP+MP3 (ANTI-)
Jade Jackson creates a sound that is simultaneously new and old, merging a youthful spiritedness with a weary storyteller’s perspective usually reserved for veteran artists. Stylistically the sound is unapologetically country rock. It merges the heartbreak and resilience of Lucinda Williams with the melodic confidence of Emmylou Harris.

- Difference CD/LP (Bella Union)
South Korean trio Jambinai sound less like a band than a force of nature, fusing the full dramatic range of post-rock dynamics to Korean folk roots to create an exhilarating, vivid and unique fusion.

>Jethro Tull
- Songs From The Wood [Reissue/1977] 3xCD+2xDVD (Rhino)
Includes Steven Wilson's 2017 stereo mix, Wilson's 5.1 mix, live tracks mixed by Jakko
Jakszyk including 5.1 surround mixes and more.

– Black Origami CD/2xLP+MP3 (Planet Mu)
A percussion-led tour de force, Jlin's long awaited second album
Black Origami is a creation that seals her reputation as a unique producer with an exceptional ability to make riveting rhythmic music. The album is driven by a deep creative thirst which she describes as “this driving feeling that I wanted to do something different, something that challenged me to my core.” Spirituality and movement are both at the core of Black Origami, inspired largely by her ongoing collaborations with Indian dancer/movement artist Avril Stormy Unger whom she met and collaborated with at her debut performance for the Unsound festival – “There is a fine line between me entertaining a person and my spirituality. Avril, who collaborates with me by means of dance, feels the exact same way. Movement played a great role in Black Origami. The track ‘Carbon 7’ is very inspired by the way Avril moves and dances. Our rhythms are so in sync at times it kind of scares us. When there is something I can't quite figure out when it comes to my production, it's like she senses it. Her response to me is always ‘You'll figure it out.’ Once I figure it out it's like time and space no longer exist.”
>Edward Ka-Spel
– High On Station Yellow Moon CD/LP (Soleilmoon)
High On Station Yellow Moon is a new solo album by Edward Ka-Spel of The Legendary Pink Dots and marks the beginning of his collaboration with longtime friend and fellow traveler Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls. It doesn’t get more conceptual than this.
>Wynton Kelly Trio/Wes Montgomery
- Smokin' In Seattle: Live At The Penthouse CD (Resonance)
Previously unreleased live sets by jazz guitar icon Wes Montgomery with the irrepressibly swinging pianist Wynton Kelly and his trio captured live at the Penthouse in Seattle, WA on April 14
th and 21st, 1966. Recorded less than a year after Wes and Wynton's classic 1965 live album Smokin’ At The Half Note, which guitarist Pet Metheny calls “the absolute greatest jazz guitar album ever made,” Smokin' In Seattle finds the dynamic duo joined by the solid rhythm section of bassist Ron McClure (Charles Lloyd, Joe Henderson) and legendary drummer Jimmy Cobb.
>King Washington
- Potential CD/LP (The End)
Born and bred in sunny Southern California, Los Angeles-based rock group, King Washington delivers an easy, new California sound. The strong Southern California heritage of the band members is made manifest in their songwriting. King Washington fuses elements of their California roots in the folk rock music of the ‘60s and '70s and builds upon them with a blues tinted indie-rock flavor of tightly tuned and beautifully blended vocal harmonies, winding, lyrical melodies, subtly surprising progressions, and a dose of pushing the limits. They have taken what we love about the classics and added a new rock edge, crafting a flavor all their own.

>Pokey LaFarge
– Manic Revelations CD/LP (Rounder)
Pokey LaFarge tries to make sense of trouble he's seen and trouble he's been in. This is the Great Why of his unending passion for songwriting. Each chord, each riff shades the stories he sets up in his lyrics, always in search of the purest truth within the 10 forlorn, haunting melodies on
Manic Revelations. A musician, a storyteller, a narrator of the messy, unkempt American experience...Pokey LaFarge sits, he watches, he writes. Everything that's worth happening happens in his songs. From the broad social narrative of “Riot In The Streets” to the internal tension of “Must Be A Reason” and “Bad Dreams” to the profound alienation of “Silent Movie,” these Manic Revelations are questions, they are answers, they are an epoch for Pokey LaFarge. Album single ‘Silent Movie’ “is just the sort of refreshing breeze we could all use in these harsh days, blowing in on shambling guitars and sighing horns. As the instrumentation calms your worried mind, LaFarge reminds you to keep in touch with the things that actually make life worth living because, when all is said is done, we only get one shot at this. ‘Growing up is a scam/ The truth is a lie,’ he sings. ‘Better of staying a child/ Till the day you die’” – Consequence Of Sound. [Limited edition 180gm transparent blue vinyl pressing also available.]
>Land Of Talk
– Life After Youth CD/LP+MP3/Cassette (Saddle Creek)
Life After Youth is the first Land Of Talk album since 2010's Cloak And Cipher. After taking a few months off after Cloak And Cipher’s touring cycle, frontwoman Elizabeth Powell got back to work on a follow-up. Instead, a series of mishaps - post-tour fatigue, a crashed hard drive with new demos, and her father's stroke in 2013 - turned “a few months” into “a few years.” While caring for her father, Elizabeth fell under the spell of classical, ambient, and Japanese tonkori music, whose meditative quality aided his recovery. Immersing herself in those sounds would change her entire approach to music making; she started writing songs without her trusty guitar, instead building tracks up from synth beds and programmed loops. Life After Youth’s centerpiece track, “Inner Lover,” presents the most radical results of those experiments. It's an audio Rorschach test of a song: key in on the incessant synth pulse underpinning Elizabeth's pleading vocal (“take care of me!”) and the track assumes an ominous intensity. But when you surrender to the relaxed drum counter-rhythm and subliminal harmonies, “Inner Lover” projects a graceful serenity. Even the songs built atop more traditional rock foundations exist in that liminal space between dreaming and waking life, confidence and doubt, raw feelings and soothing sounds.
>Left Lane Cruiser
– Claw Machine Wizard CD/LP (Alive)
Barn burnin’ new album from the punked-up Indiana garage-blues combo.

>Linkin Park
– One More Light CD/LP (WB)
For any career artist, making new material matter can be the biggest challenge. Inspiration is a fickle thing, and past success often draws a bar that is hard to overcome. But once in a while, unexpectedly, lightning strikes – and an artist we think we know goes somewhere we didn't know was possible. Miraculously, Linkin Park's seventh studio album 
One More Light does just that. And it doesn't achieve it by being louder or bigger, more avant garde or more dramatic. It achieves it by being more human. One More Light is a moment in time. It's built on personal stories, sweat-stained and reeling from injuries – the product of six voices, each coming clean about their lives and struggles, as if it were the first time. We get an unobstructed view into what makes the band tick as people, fathers, husbands, musicians, and friends. Looking back, there were signs of One More Light in Linkin Park's earlier releases. There has always been a catharsis in the lyrics, and genre-bending in the sounds. One More Light continues that tradition, but with a perspective and craftsmanship that only a band of this caliber could command.
>Little Steven
– Soulfire CD (UMe)
Steven Van Zandt, the longtime guitarist of Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, debuts his first solo album in two decades. [Vinyl edition due June 30
>Los Straitjackets
- What's So Funny About Peace Love And Los Straitjackets CD/LP+MP3 (Yep Roc)
Known for their audacious album concepts and star-crossed collaborations, when it comes to delivering high-energy rock and roll instrumental music, no one equals the finesse, power and perseverance of Los Straitjackets. Now they pay tribute to Nick Lowe.

>Low Cut Connie
- Dirty Pictures (Part 1) CD/LP (Contender)
Dirty Pictures (Part 1), Low Cut Connie moves beyond the drunken bar boogie they have become associated with into a deeper, darker, dirtier American life.
>Magic Giant
– In The Wind CD (Washington Square)
Inside a Redwood tree off the coast of California; within a tunnel by Snoqualmie Pass; on an airstrip in Marble, Colorado; in a wild daisy field near Crested Butte—these are just a few of the places Los Angeles trio, Magic Giant, recorded its debut album, aptly titled,
In The Wind.
Austin Bisnow (lead vocals), Zambricki Li (banjo, violin, harmonica), and Zang (acoustic guitar, cello) welcomed nature into the fold as their unofficial fourth member. “It was fate,” recalls Zambricki. “We were scheduled to play all these festivals—Electric Forest, Wanderlust, Lightning in a Bottle—that just so happened to be in really beautiful parts of the country.” Billboard claimed, “With a joyful live show the band is inspiring mass dance-alongs,” while NPR wrote, “Magic Giant captures the energy and spirit of the past few waves of upbeat, passionate indie-folk.”
In The Wind threads together a musical cartography of alternative, pop, and folk. The instrumentation includes orchestral drums, banjo, trumpet, saxophone, harmonica, synthesizers, electric bass, cello, viola, violin, dobro, lap steel, mandolin, and more as the musical and lyrical palettes prove equally vibrant. “We use whatever instruments are best for the song,” says Austin. “Lyrically, when we get together to write,” adds Zang, “it’s different from what we would have imagined individually. That’s the beauty of co-writing—we become one unique voice we may never have found on our own.”
– Malamanya CD/LP (Secret Stash)
Whether you are brand new to Latin music, or a long time aficionado, Malamanya is sure to lift your spirits and move your feet.

– Undercurrent CD/2xLP (Fallen Sparks)
Singer-songwriter Matisyahu has been on a journey inward for more than a decade. The journey has been private and public. The journey has at times been explicitly external, even while being driven by internal change. Now, nearly thirteen years after the release of his first studio record, Matisyahu and his band have done something unmatched in his past repertoire; they have crafted that journey into a musically thematic eight-song-movement. The band features longtime guitarist Aaron Dugan, Dub Trio's bassist and drummer Stu Brooks and Joe Tomino, and keyboard virtuoso BigYuki - and the journey starts with them. The band improvised for hours in the studio with Matisyahu watching on as an admirer without singing a single lyric. Out of the improvisations grew melodic themes, rhythmic peaks and valleys, blissful and proto-song guitar passages, deep dub meditations and ultimately an inspired instrumental record unto itself. Only once the band had crafted this musical narrative, did Matisyahu begin to work on a lyrical narrative of his own - one that is simultaneously informed and integrated with the music yet driven by his own personal journey. [Limited blue color vinyl pressing also available.]

- Loner CD (RCA)
Debut full-length from the Austin, TX electronic duo.

- Connect The Dots CD/LP (Photo Finish/Republic)
Second album from the New York alternative rock band.

>Mod Sun
– Movie CD/LP (Rostrum)
New album from the prolific Bloomington, Minnesota rapper. Includes features from D.R.A.M, Maty Noyes, Blackbear, gnash, and Dej Loaf.

>Morning Teleportation
– Salivating For Symbiosis CD/LP (Glacial Pace)
“For their 2011 debut album,
Expanding Anyway, rising indie rockers Morning Teleportation enlisted the production help of the one and only Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse. With their new follow-up, titled Salivating For Symbiosis, the Kentucky natives expanded their sound as well as their inner circle, bringing in even more star power into the studio. Recorded in Portland with producer Jeremy Sherrer (Jesu, Sun Kil Moon), the sophomore project features a variety of guest contributors, such as Cage The Elephant’s Daniel Tichenor, David Depper of Death Cab For Cutie, and Mimicking Birds’ Aaron Hanson. Morning Teleportation members Tiger Merritt and Travis Goodwin also made use of a wide range of instruments, juxtaposing trumpets with modular synths and banjo, resulting in an LP that’s both rich and richly adventurous.” – Consequence Of Sound
>Miles Mosely
- Uprising CD (Verve)
Debut album from the world-class bassist. Miles Mosely has toured the globe with jazz superstar Kamasi Washington, and played and recorded with artists including Christina Aguilera, Kendrick Lamar, and Jeff Beck. On this record, Miles channels classic R&B and funk music combining these with impressive lead vocals to create a compelling sound all his own.

– Sirens & Slumber CD (Lifeforce)
“Cranking up the level of melancholy to 11, we have Bay Area’s Mountaineer and their debut full-length release
Sirens & Slumber. The band, formed by ex-Secrets of the Sky’s guitarist Clayton Bartholomew, continues to further develop their highly atmospheric sound by moving into Katatonia-esque territories. Delivering nine brilliant tracks, this is definitely one of the releases to get in 2017 if you are a fan of deeply melancholic music. Opening with the lush dreaminess of ‘Foam,’ the band sets a very ethereal mood, while following track ‘Coma Fever’ leads with ripping doom riffs and the contrasting vocals of Miguel Meza. The album continues with this lively pace on tracks like ‘Measured Breaths’ and ‘Womb,’ wrapping a ton of atmosphere around heavy doomy riffs.” – Infernal Masquerade
>Mountain Goats
– Goth CD/2xLP+MP3/2xLP+12”+MP3 (Merge)
From Peter Hughes of the Mountain Goats: “The theme this time around is goth, a subject closer to my heart perhaps than that of any Mountain Goats album previous. And while John writes the songs, as he always has, it feels more than ever like he's speaking for all of us in the band, erstwhile goths (raises hand) or otherwise, for these are songs that approach an identity most often associated with youth from a perspective that is inescapably adult. Anyone old enough to have had the experience of finding oneself at sea in a cultural landscape that's suddenly indecipherable will empathize with Pat Travers showing up to a Bauhaus show looking to jam, for example. But underneath the outward humor, there is evident throughout a real tenderness toward, and solidarity with, our former fellow travelers – the friends whose bands never made it out of Fender's Ballroom, the Gene Loves Jezebels of the world – the ones whose gothic paths were overtaken by the realities of life, or of its opposite. It's something we talk about a lot, how fortunate and grateful we are to share this work, a career that's become something more rewarding and fulfilling than I think any of us could have imagined. We all know how easily it could've gone the other way, and indeed for a long time did.” [Deluxe color vinyl edition cut at 45rpm and including a bonus 12” also available.]

>John Németh
– Feelin’ Freaky CD/LP (Memphis Grease)
John Németh had already established himself among the very top ranks of blues musicians and modern soul singers when he decided to break the mold with his new record,
Feelin' Freaky. Drawing from his strong influences in blues and R&B, as well as contemporary sounds in hip hop and rock & roll, Németh fearlessly crushes all barriers of style and genre with an album of original songs that defies all the usual pigeonholes.
>Papa Roach
– Crooked Teeth CD/2xCD/LP (Eleven Seven)
Papa Roach have never taken the easy way out and they aren't going to start now. Over the past two decades the group have established themselves as true trendsetters in heavy music: They've been nominated for two Grammy Awards, toured the globe with everyone from Eminem to Marilyn Manson and crafted the nü metal anthem “Last Resort,” which is still in heavy rotation on rock radio seventeen years after its original release. However, the group's tenth full-length
Crooked Teeth sees the band returning to their humble – and hungry – roots. From the instantly infectious nature of the title track to the atmospheric sheen of the moody ballad “Periscope” (featuring Skylar Grey) and the acoustic/hip-hop rock mashup of “Sunrise Trailer Park” (featuring Machine Gun Kelly adding a verse to Shaddix's rap) Crooked Teeth displays the various sides of Papa Roach and illustrates why they've managed to remain relevant while other musical trends ebb and flow. [CD is available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe adds a bonus disc of the band performing live at the Fillmore in Detroit.]
>Chris Price
– Stop Talking CD (Omnivore)
It’s been five years since Chris Price released his debut solo album, but there’s a few reasons it’s taken this long for a follow-up – he’s been a bit busy. But, even between producing critically acclaimed comebacks from Linda Perhacs and Emitt Rhodes, and opening for The Who with Tal Wilkenfeld’s band, he continued to write and record the material. Recorded from 2013-2016,
Stop Talking contains 14 tracks produced, engineered, and arranged by Price, and feature a wide variety of sounds and styles. Acoustic tracks (“Once Was True”) meet electric tracks like the title cut. Others are peppered with string arrangements (“Man Down”), mellotron and tape loops (“Algebra In The Sky”). Chris was joined in the studio by a variety of top musicians, including Kyle Fredrickson, Ben Lacourt, Fernando Perdomo, Joe Seiders, and many more. Stop Talking is a perfect introduction to understanding why Chris Price is such an in-demand producer and musician.
>Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else
– Enjoy The Great Outdoors CD/LP+MP3 (Run For Cover)
Released last week on vinyl – now available on CD. With the backing of Everyone Else, Radcliffe's songwriting is at its finest on
Enjoy The Great Outdoors. These ten tracks blend slowed down indie rock with folk and a slight alt-country twang that recalls the slow-brewed sound of The Silver Jews, The Microphones and early Wilco. [Cassette edition due May 26.]
– Rammstein Paris 2xCD/2xCD+DVD/2xCD+Blu-ray/4xLP+2xCD+Blu-ray (Spinefarm)
Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund shot two acclaimed Rammstein concerts at the Palais Omnisports arena in Paris in front of 17,000. Featuring 22 songs from the band's entire repertoire, the resulting film is not only the most spectacular collection of imagery about the most successful German rock band, but also a masterpiece of music cinema, capturing Rammstein's energy as a unique visual and sonic experience.

>Rascal Flatts
– Back To Us CD (Big Machine)
The best-selling country vocal group of the past decade returns with their tenth studio album. [Vinyl edition due July 28
>Bjørn Riis
– Forever Comes To An End CD/LP (Karisma)
Forever Comes To An End feature seven songs, with inspiration from classic rock, prog and movie scores. Bjørn Riis's unique guitar playing has a center role, with soaring leads, heavy riffs and beautiful textures.
>Daniel Romano
– Modern Pressure CD/LP+MP3 (New West)
Daniel Romano is an Ontario-based artist, poet, musician and performer of international acclaim. A genre-defying student of musical experimentation and a brilliant multi-instrumentalist, Romano is acutely well versed in the languages of melody, shape, lyric construction and song arrangement. Apt in its title,
Modern Pressure picks up where Mosey left off, boldly asking, “What age is this? What blooming weight do we carry through these stolen streets?” Written in observational scrutiny beneath the overcast atmosphere of 2016, the record vigorously tackles the present-day heaviness we contain in the jotting bones of our guilty expressions. It pleads for the restoration of empathy and resonance, to fill the empty chamber once again.
- She-Devils CD/LP+MP3 (Secretly Canadian)
Through primitive electronic gear, hypnotist vocals, and an “amusement park of sounds,” the duo of Audrey Ann Boucher and Kyle Jukka aka She-Devils construct a fun-house world of beautiful chaos. The music is built from original sonics inspired by everything from Iggy Pop to Madonna to T-Rex to Can, as well as the romantic longing of ‘60s ye-ye.

>Frank Shiner
– Lonely Town, Lonely Street CD/LP (Bakerson)
Popular performer Frank Shiner (winner of two L.A. Music Critic Awards) has demonstrated his finely-honed ability to put his own unique stamp on classic material previously recorded by others via his sophomore album,
Lonely Town, Lonely Street. Turning in stellar performances on songs popularized by such artists as The Rascals, Brook Benton, Sam & Dave, Elton John and Bill Withers, Frank has created a tour-de-force collection of twelve songs from the songbooks of legendary writers such as Randy Newman, Doc Pomus, Isaac Hayes & David Porter and Tony Joe White among others.
>Bria Skonberg
- With A Twist CD (OKeh)
Fusing a modern-day pop sensibility with sleek and timeless jazz chops, singer, trumpeter and songwriter Bria Skonberg returns with a new record.

– Singles [OST/Reissue/1992] 2xCD/2xLP+CD (Sony Legacy)
The newly expanded, 25
th Anniversary Edition of the Singles soundtrack features the album's original 13 tracks, newly mastered, with a bonus CD of rarities and unreleased tracks. The new bonus CD (also included on the double-vinyl edition) features previously unreleased recordings by Mudhoney, Paul Westerberg, Mike McCready and Chris Cornell in addition to rarities such as Cornell's 1992 EP Poncier (debuting an early rendition of “Spoonman”) and tracks from the film not included on the original soundtrack album. This expanded edition includes, for the first time on CD, “Touch Me I'm Dick,” the signature track from Singles performed by Citizen Dick (a fictional band created for the film featuring frontman Matt Dillon backed by Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament).
>The Steel Woods
– Straw In The Wind CD/LP (Woods Music)
Straw In The Wind is the debut album from Nashville-based rock band The Steel Woods, a commanding musical force that blends an amalgam of influences with a Southern-infused foundation. The group's sound is a hybrid of rock, blues, folk, gospel, heavy metal, Americana, soul and bluegrass.
>Craig Taborn And Ikue Mori
- Highsmith CD (Tzadik)
Two of the most creative, elusive and modest musicians in the Downtown scene in an intimate and freewheeling duo session. Mutual admirers for well over a decade, Ikue and Craig first performed as a duo at the Village Vanguard in December 2016 and now step into the recording studio for an astonishing session of duo improvisations. Inspiring and dynamic music for piano and electronics that explode every expectation.

>The Terminals
– Antiseptic CD/LP (Ba Da Bing)
“The Terminals are the best rock band New Zealand has ever produced. Period. There’s heavy competition, but believe it. No group has lasted over three decades and maintained such intensity, structure and mood better than the core team of Steven Cogle and Peter Stapleton. Cogle’s voice is a quavering incantation of deep spell-casting, throwing more dirt onto already gritty guitar squalls. Stapleton’s rhythm section propels songs through lightning charges of tempo and energy. Age has only embedded the band’s mastery of deep sonic realms. The ten years between their last album,
Last Days Of The Sun, and the release of Antiseptic whip by in a flash when these records are played next to each other—they never disappoint, they never relent.”
>Tiger’s Jaw
– Spin CD (Black Cement/Atlantic)
Making yourself vulnerable isn't easy but it often makes for lasting art and that is certainly true of Tigers Jaw's fifth full-length,
Spin. The album marks a new chapter for the Scranton, PA-based indie rock band for many reasons: Not only is it the first collection of songs that was completely written and recorded solely by Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins, but it was also the first time they had a full month in the studio without having to worry about outside responsibilities. Furthermore it's the inaugural release on Atlantic's new imprint Black Cement, a label spearheaded by longtime collaborator Will Yip who returned to the production helm for Spin. All of these factors converged to create an album that sounds more fully formed than anything Tigers Jaw have done in the past and simultaneously establishes them as a band whose appeal truly transcends genres. Over the course of twelve tracks, the album moves from the sweetly syncopated, fuzzed-out bliss of the opener “Follows” to the midtempo melodicism of "June" and liltingly lovely ballad "Bullet.” Profoundly personal and vibrantly textured, Spin exhibits Walsh and Collins' remarkable ability to capture the sentiments and complexities of a moment through melody and introspection. [Vinyl edition due June 23rd.]
– The Pace Of The Passing CD/LP (Rostrum)
New band from the former Bombay Bicycle Club bassist.
The Pace Of The Passing is more song cycle than a simple collection of tracks. It is marked by its sense of completeness – its themes and preoccupations extending from its lyrics and musical motifs right through to its artwork: thoughts of gathering time, of love and death and relationships past that draw on Greek myth, astronomy, and the work of Charles and Ray Eames, invite guest vocals from The Staves, Marika Hackman, Liz Lawrence, and Tom Fleming from Wild Beasts, and display a love for music that is fiercely melodic, multi-layered and fine-spun.
– Remnant Light CD/LP (Bindrune)
Vaiya's third album is an aggressive ritual banishment of the darkest aspects of the ego, and is a more straight forward black metal record than the two previous Vaiya releases, which were written specifically for live ritual performance, thus, there is more emphasis put on dense atmosphere and layered instrumentation.

>Various Artists [Michael Mayer]
– DJ Kicks CD/2xLP+MP3 (!K7)
Following 2016's full-length LP,
&, which saw him extensively collaborate with an impressive host of contemporaries and friends, including Joe Goddard, Prins Thomas and Agoria, Michael Mayer is pleased to contribute to the legendary DJ Kicks series.
- Something More! CD/LP+MP3 (Vagrant)
Something More! is San Francisco by way of Los Angeles indie pop band Waters' first release since 2015's acclaimed What's Real. Written and recorded throughout 2016 in L.A., following big-time touring runs with the likes of Weezer, Tegan And Sara, and Matt and Kim, the album came together after the five-piece band returned home and were forced to confront the day-to-day realities of everyday life. Frontman Van Pierszalowski sees Something More! as both a gut-punch and a wake-up call to his younger self.
– You’re Welcome CD/LP (Ghostramp)
The word “brat” has followed Nathan Williams around for almost a decade, but at the age of 30, with a fully-fledged business to his name, as well as the ongoing success of band Wavves, his rebellious streak has proven not just purposeful but pretty damn inspiring.
You're Welcome is the soundtrack to this new lease of freedom. It's Williams' tongue-in-cheek rebirth as a self-released, self-actualized, self-promoting punk kingpin, and despite putting his money where his uncensored mouth is, he's emerged not just unscathed but with the upper hand. You're Welcome is mostly comprised of Williams' oddball, sample-led brainstorms: he came up with 40 tracks, now whittled down to twelve, fat-free punk zingers. A sample nerd, Williams delved into his obsession with 1950s doo-wop and – surprisingly – international folk, including Cambodian pop and '70s psychedelia from South America. The results make for one of the most diverse and intricate Wavves records yet. “Come To The Valley” contains a Phil Spector meets Beach Boys '60s high school dance vibe, whereas title track “You're Welcome” riffs on sound effects that could almost originate from Bizarro World, never mind Cambodia. [Limited color vinyl pressing also available.]
>Jane Weaver
– Modern Kosmology CD/LP (Fire)
Modern Kosmology sees Jane Weaver's melodic-protagonist channeling new depths of creative cosmic energy within. After the huge critical acclaim of 2012's Fallen By Watchbird, followed by 2015's exploratory Silver Globe LP winning her unanimous “record of the year” accolades and hefty measures of radio play, Jane Weaver's conceptual trajectory has sent her neo-kosmische penchants to the point of no-return. Her yearning for psychoactive pop energy has reached a new level of magnetism.
>White Hills
- Stop Mute Defeat CD/LP+MP3 (Thrill Jockey)
The dismal realities, political or otherwise, that are part of our modern world naturally influence our creative voices. It is in this context that White Hills re-evaluated their approach to creating a new album. Having continually refined their sound, pushing the boundaries of psychedelic music, White Hills flipped the script on
Stop Mute Defeat. Dave W. and Ego Sensation have brazenly produced an industrially-charged record that pulsates unlike anything they've released before.
>Thomas Wynn And The Believers
- Wade Waist Deep CD/LP+MP3 (Mascot)
Meet Thomas Wynn and The Believers, an American band with a striking new organic rock record about building a better life, a life you really believe in.
Wade Waist Deep is packed with the facts that make American music timeless – the deep Southern heat of the guitars, the complex, pulsing rhythms, and the male-female vocal harmonies that sound like only a brother and sister can.

DVDs + Blu-ray:
Plasmatics – Rod Swenson’s Lost Tapes 1978-1981 DVD (Pandemonium)
The rare Wendy O. Williams/Plasmatics live footage in this DVD has, in the main, never been released before. During the early years Plasmatics creator Rod Swenson, who directed and shot all the Wendy O./Plasmatics conceptual videos (AKA known for his footage of the Ramones, Dead Boys, Blondie, and Motörhead among others) shot numerous Plasmatics shows the footage from which was never edited or released. Except for some short excerpts most of it until the discovery of this footage was thought to be lost or degraded (shot on tape which has been shown as with audio tape to degrade over time). Recently during the moving of WOW/Plasmatics archive material the footage here was found unlabeled in buried boxes. While much had degraded, producer/director Randy Shooter was able to discover, relabel, and with additional editing and restoration, salvage the rare and remarkable footage in this DVD. 63 minutes.

>Frank Sinatra
- The Timex Shows Vol. 1 (The Frank Sinatra Timex Show & An Afternoon With Frank Sinatra) DVD (Eagle Vision)
Frank Sinatra - The Timex Shows Vol. 2 (To The Ladies & Welcome Home Elvis) DVD (Eagle Vision)
The Frank Sinatra Collection brings together some of Frank Sinatra's finest performances on television and in concert. These releases combine his four Timex TV shows from the late ‘50s and early ‘60s.

This Week’s Vinyl Exclusives:
– Live In Brussels LP (Feeding Tube)
“Playing piano (and a little nose flute), Alvaro sings through a great program of faves (‘Valaparaiso,' 'Mum's Milk,' 'She's So Pretty,' etc.) like the Bizzaro World cabaret star he has been since
Drinkin My Own Sperm was released back in '77. Playing in front of roomful of blasted Belgian artists (you can easily hear Dennis Tyfus singing and choking along to the proceedings) Alvaro sounds relaxed, assured and brilliant. For all of its inherent strangeness, this is music you could play for your mom without scaring the curlers out of her wig. The tunes are humane and funny and beautiful. His between-songs raps are revelatory. Just pour yourself a cocktail, sit back in a comfortable chair, and be prepared to have a beautiful goddamn day.” – Byron Coley
>Gene Ammons
– The Soulful Moods Of Gene Ammons [Reissue/1963] LP (Analogue Productions)
Audiophile 200gm vinyl repress. “One of the best efforts from Ammons' extensive catalog. A fat, warm, rich sax tone — you know, the one you immediately identify as Jug — is on display in all its glory on this great Moodsville release. Feeling tired and stressed out? Give Uncle Gene a spin. Besides perfect pitch, Ammons' other special gift was a melodic sense that allowed him to effectively convey feelings at slow tempos. Here is a great jazz ballad player given full scope to spin his charms." — Stereophile, February 1995

>Amon Amarth
– The Crusher [Reissue/2001] LP (Metal Blade)
Amon Amarth – Versus The World [Reissue/2002] LP (Metal Blade)
180gm vinyl reissues. Formed amid the fertile Swedish metal scene in the mid ‘90s, these dedicated diehards brought a new sense of drama and destruction to the world of heavy music, propagating tales of Viking mythology and mortal combat over a devastating soundtrack of crushing rhythms, refined melody and rousing, rebellious refrains.

- Deathcult Barbaric Hell LP (Greyhaze)
Floridian black/war metal.

>Angelo Badalamenti
– Blue Velvet [Reissue/1986] LP (Varese Sarabande)
For the first time in 30 years, the haunting soundtrack to David Lynch's masterpiece
Blue Velvet is back in-print on vinyl. The first of many collaborations between the director and composer Angelo Badalamenti, Blue Velvet's evocative score is juxtaposed with Lynch's use of early pop tunes, creating an unsettling effect that complemented the movie perfectly. You'll also find the first musical collaboration between Lynch, Badalamenti and Julee Cruise here.
– The Tomb Within [Reissue/2010] 12” (Peaceville)
Autopsy triumphantly and officially returned from the grave after a 15-year hiatus with the 2010 EP
The Tomb Within. Featuring the original trio of Chris Reifert, Danny Coralles and Eric Cutler joined by Joe Trevisano on bass, The Tomb Within consists of five tunes of ultimate gore and depravity, and features cover art by renowned fantasy/horror artist Matt Cavotta.
– In Stone LP (Owsla)
Genre-bending Nashville electronic trio Basecamp release a new EP. The new release builds on their previous breakout
Greater Than EP, which beautifully showcased their signature blend of lo-fi electronic and R&B. In Stone is a collection of intricately produced tracks featuring brooding vocals enveloped by an air of undeniable seduction.
– Promise Everything [Deluxe Edition] LP+MP3 (Fueled By Ramen)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. This deluxe reissue of Basement's critically adored album includes remixed/remastered versions of the original release's ten songs and four bonus tracks: a cover of The Cardigan's “My Favourite Game,” acoustic versions of “Aquasun,” “Blinded Bye,” and the acoustic track “Cloud,” which originally appeared on a limited run 7”. Limited color vinyl pressing.

>Blood Feast
– The Future State Of Wicked LP (Hell’s Headbangers)
At long last, Blood Feast is reborn into the metal underground with the release of their highly anticipated third full-length album. Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl.

>Blown Out
– Superior Venus LP+MP3 (Riot Season)
Blown Out return with two long, head-expanding psych outs.

>Box Car Racer
– Box Car Racer [Reissue/2002] LP (Geffen)
Reissued on vinyl to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Box Car Racer's first and only album to date. Essentially a side project from Blink 182 members Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker with David Kennedy (guitarist of Angels & Airwaves) completing the band's studio lineup, their eponymous 2002 debut was a conceptual effort about the end of the world and was inspired by post-hardcore influences like Jawbox, Quicksand, Fugazi and Refused.

>Camp Lo
– On The Way Uptown LP (Persia)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. From late 1994 to early 1996, the members of Camp Lo worked with producer Ski on a series of demos in Ski's home studios in the Bronx and Harlem. These cassette demos were the foundation for the group's debut album, as well as a collection of slick tracks that never made it to the public. Found in a basement nearly twenty years after they were recorded, these demos show Camp Lo at their finest, and represent that true 1990s hip-hop flavor.

>The Caretaker
– Everywhere At The End Of Time – Stage 2 LP (History Always Favors The Winners)
Everywhere at the end of time' is a new and finite series exploring dementia, its advance and its totality. Featuring the sounds from the journey The Caretaker as artist will make after being artistically diagnosed as having early onset dementia. Each stage will reveal new points of progression, loss and disintegration. Progressively falling further and further towards the abyss of complete memory loss and nothingness. Viewing dementia as a series of stages can be a useful way to understand the illness, but it is important to realize that this only provides a rough guide to the progress of the condition.

>Rosanne Cash
– Black Cadillac [2006] LP (Capitol)
Rosanne Cash's Grammy-nominated 2006 album,
Black Cadillac, served as the most acclaimed release of her career up to that point. In four-star reviews, Rolling Stone called it “Rosanne Cash's best and darkest” and Newsweek honored the album as “not just the best album she's made in a long time. This is her best album ever.” Appearing on vinyl for the first time, this standard weight pressing is being reissued in celebration of Capitol Records' 75th anniversary.
>Childish Gambino
– Awaken, My Love! 2xLP (Glassnote)
Released last December on CD – now available on vinyl. As Childish Gambino once again sheds his skin,
Awaken, My Love! is a sonic evolution. It has been described as R&B meets Pink Floyd, by one journalist while others have cited an amalgam of rock, funk, and soul influences. It is a groundbreaking next step following the genre blending STN MTN / Kauai mixtape and the twice-Grammy nominated rap album, because the internet.
>Control Freaks
– Mindless Entertainment LP/Cassette (Slovenly)
This is snot-caked Bay Area slime by abusive maniacs with the teen-beat on lockdown, and they will C.O.N.T.R.O.L. your last remaining brain cells.
Mindless Entertainment has all the obnoxious pop you can handle.
– Duct Tape Soup [Reissue/1992] LP (Numero)
Crimpshrine – The Sound Of A New World Being Born [Reissue/1998] LP (Numero)
Before Green Day, Operation Ivy, and Lookout Records put the East Bay's burgeoning punk scene on the map, a trio of Berkeley kids were reinventing the genre with music that was melodic but full of feedback, and a singer who sounded like he gargled glass. Crimpshrine's debut EP was Lookout's fourth release, followed by an album, a second EP, and a slew of split singles and compilation tracks before the band imploded in 1989 after a ridiculous two-and-a-half-month tour in a Ford Pinto hatchback.

>Dire Wolves
– Oceans Of Green LP (Feeding Tube)
The music on
Ocean Of Green is full of pointillistic stonerist movement, but the individual elements hold together well enough that anyone who enjoys a single moment will soon find themselves pulled into the music's midst. There are no sharp edges here. The Dire Wolves' sound is as welcoming as any band that has ever been heard.
- Vad Vet Vi Om Kriget? [Reissue/1999] LP (Derranged)
Vinyl repress of DS-13's debut album from 1999, remastered and featuring new artwork. For the uninitiated, DS-13 were/are from Umea, Sweden and played/play raging hardcore.

>Erik Nervous
– Ice Cream b/w Children Stabbing Things 7” (Total Punk)
A fast paced bouncy minute and a half ode to stabbing someone in the face with an ice cream cone. Erik keeps the stabby theme up on the B-side with the jerky neck injury inducing hit “Children Stabbing Things.” Two songs, both about stabbing, both 100% Total Punk.

– Drift 2xLP (Sumerian)
The progressive metalcore band originating in Birmingham, AL, adopted their name from Akkadian mythology, where Erra is the god of mayhem. Limited edition transparent blue color vinyl pressing.

– Sunday Night Blues Club Vol. 1 LP (R’coup’d)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Fink is an artist who fails to sit in genre. His career has spanned a creative output of albums that have touched on, and been informed by, everything from soul and acid house to more orchestral expressions, like “Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us” as used in the
Selma soundtrack. His latest album once again shifts gear and arrives as a modern blues volume inspired by his love of artists like John Lee Hooker, T-Bone Walker, and Chuck Berry, and was recorded in one day at his Berlin studio and co-produced with Flood (U2, PJ Harvey, Warpaint).
>Samantha Fish
– Chills & Fever LP (Ruf)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. On
Chills & Fever Samantha enlisted members of the punk blues band The Detroit Cobras along with producer Bobby Harlow (The GO/ Jack White) to record a futuristic set of songs and a chilling walk through memory lane. Samantha's soulful sultry voice and hot rod guitar slinging is layered against a poly rhythmic horn entrenched background all mixed and mastered by Jim Kissling (The Crystal Method, Fat Boy Slim).
>Grand Funk Railroad
– We’re An American Band [Reissue/1973] LP (Capitol)
Todd Rundgren produced
We’re An American Band, Grand Funk Railroad’s first with their new shorter name. The band sounds more focused and their playing is sonically sharper than their preceding releases. The title track went on to become a Gold selling #1 hit that detailed life on the road and eventually gained status as one of the most annoying songs ever recorded. This standard weight vinyl has been reissued in celebration of Capitol Records' 75th anniversary.
– The Dirt Of Luck [Reissue/1995] LP+MP3 (Matador)
Helium – The Magic City/No Guitars [Reissue/1997] 2xLP+MP3 (Matador)
Helium – Ends With And 2xLP+MP3 (Matador)
Led by Mary Timony (Ex Hex, Wild Flag, Autoclave), Helium was one of the most important rock bands of the ‘90s, and finally their influential output is being released on vinyl after a decade of being out of print courtesy of Matador Records. In addition to the reissues of breakthrough 1995 debut
The Dirt Of Luck and revered 1997 swan song The Magic City (bundled on a double-LP with the No Guitars EP), Helium release a brand new collection of rarities, B-sides, and unreleased demos on a 19-track double LP entitled Ends With And.
>Lightnin’ Hopkins
– Lightnin’ (The Blues Of Lightnin’ Hopkins) [Reissue/1960] LP (Analogue Productions)
Audiophile 200gm vinyl repress. “Recorded for Prestige's Bluesville subsidiary in 1960,
Lightnin' is among the rewarding acoustic dates Lightnin' Hopkins delivered in the early '60s. The session has an informal, relaxed quality, and this approach serves a 48-year-old Hopkins impressively well on both originals like ‘Thinkin' 'Bout An Old Friend’ and the familiar ‘Katie Mae’ and enjoyable interpretations of Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee's ‘Back To New Orleans’ and Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Crudup's ‘Mean Old Frisco.’ Hopkins' only accompaniment consists of bassist Leonard Gaskin and drummer Belton Evans, both of whom play in an understated fashion and do their part to make this intimate setting successful. From the remorseful ‘Come Back Baby’ to more lighthearted, fun numbers like ‘You Better Watch Yourself’ and ‘Automobile Blues,’ Lightnin' is a lot like being in a small club with Hopkins as he shares his experiences, insights and humor with you.” — All Music Guide
>Iron Maiden
– The Complete Albums Collection 1990-2015 3xLP (Sanctuary)
Read the fine print: What you are getting is
a box sized to house all 12 albums Iron Maiden released between 1990-2015. It only contains the first two albums of the reissue campaign: 1990’s No Prayer For The Dying 1992’s Fear Of The Dark, each of which are also sold separately. An additional spot is left open for their latest album, The Book Of Souls.
>Iron Maiden
– No Prayer For The Dying [Reissue/1990] 2xLP (Sanctuary)
Iron Maiden – Fear Of The Dark [Reissue/1992] 2xLP (Sanctuary)
Iron Maiden – The X Factor [Reissue/1995] 2xLP (Sanctuary)
Iron Maiden – Virtual XI [Reissue/1998] 2xLP (Sanctuary)
Unlike the '80s reissues which were cut from the original analogue master tapes, the vinyl audio for this reissue campaign of their ‘90s catalog has been cut from the high-resolution remasters of 2015 when the Maiden catalogue was digitally upgraded.

>Jee Jee Band
– Holy Yolk LP (Feeding Tube)
Holy Yolk is a unique balancing act between aesthetic poles. On one hand, there is the somewhat unhinged K-Pop snack-attack that marked the duo's earliest recordings. On the other, there are the tracks that offer something more like a twisted take on Pioneer Valley bedroom creationism.

>JX Riders
– Hiccup 12” (Cherrytree)
In 2016, Grammy Award winning songwriter, producer, remixer and DJ Dave Audé and Grammy nominated songwriter, musician, producer and label head Martin Kierszenbaum decided to start a duo called JX Riders to create original dance music. They chose the name in homage to the first synth they both ever had, the first MIDI-equipped keyboard, the Roland JX-3P. In September 2016, JX Riders hit no. 1 on the Billboard Dance Chart with their debut single “Sweet Dreams.”

>The Knack
– Get The Knack [Reissue/1979] LP (Capitol)
Originally released in 1979,
Get The Knack went gold in 13 days and eventually sold five million copies, making it one of the most successful debuts in history. It included the massive hits “My Sharona” and “Good Girls Don't.” This standard weight vinyl is being reissued in celebration of Capitol Records' 75th anniversary.
>Arto Lindsay
- Cuidado Madame LP (Northern Spy)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. “There is no mistaking that this is Arto Lindsay. His easygoing, Michael Franks vocal expression, Brazilian percussion, tactfully deployed synths and avant-garde twists headlined by that spiky, atonal guitar of his…it’s a formula that’s been his signature since his time in the Ambitious Lovers, an ‘80s duo he formed with keyboardist Peter Scherer. And if there was no more to
Cuidado Madame than that, this would still qualify as a fine album.” – Something Else!
>Louisiana Red
– Sweet Blood Call [Reissue/1975] LP (Fat Possum)
Louisiana Red recorded numerous songs throughout the 1960s, though he might be best known for his Billboard singles hit “I'm Too Poor To Die” in 1964. His
Louisiana Red Sings The Blues album released in 1972 on a ATCO Records subsidiary didn't sell well, and Red was subsequently dropped by the label. After the death of his beloved first wife from cancer, Red recorded two highly-regarded acoustic albums for Blue Labor Records (commandeered by Kent Cooper and jazz arranger/composer Heiner Stadler), 1975's Sweet Blood Call and 1976's Dead Stray Dog, both receiving widespread critical acclaim for their introspective and intimate performances.
>MC Hammer
– Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em [Reissue/1990] LP (Capitol)
Still the biggest-selling rap album of all time at ten million copies,
Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em proved that rap music was no longer just a specialty niche genre, but had the crossover potential to be a commercial juggernaut. It also launched the worldwide massive hit “Can't Touch This.” This standard weight vinyl is being reissued in celebration of Capitol Records' 75th anniversary.
>Nathaniel Rateliff
– In Memory Of Loss [2010] 2xLP (Rounder)
Before Nathaniel Rateliff was topping charts around the world with his hit song, “S.O.B.,” he was a solo singer-songwriter, who made his debut with 2010's
In Memory Of Loss. With deeply personal and introspective lyrics, critics drew comparisons to early Bob Dylan and drew high praise from The Telegraph (UK) who called it “highly promising.”
>Linda Ronstadt
– Heart Like A Wheel [Reissue/1974] LP (Capitol)
Ronstadt came into her own on this mix of oldies and contemporary classics. Backed by a fleet of all-star musicians, including Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Tim Schmit, Peter Asher and Emmylou Harris, she performs songs written by Paul Anka, JD Souther, Phil Everly and James Taylor. This standard weight vinyl is being reissued in celebration of Capitol Records' 75th anniversary.

– Time Takes Away LP (Feeding Tube)
Time Takes Away shares elements with its predecessor (2007’s eponymous
Rusalnaia) in terms of song construction, vocal overlay and general mystery action, but certain tunes manifest a bit more of psychedelic rock aspect, bespeaking antecedents such as the Trees. A classic slab of UK folk invention.
>State Champs
– Around The World And Back LP+DVD (Pure Noise)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Fresh off the heels of touring Australia with 5 Seconds Of Summer, State Champs release their sophomore record. The 5-piece continues to play captivating and addictive pop-rock. Includes a DVD featuring two new studio tracks, two live tracks and two acoustic tracks.

>Tedeschi Trucks Band
– Live From The Fox Oakland 3xLP+MP3 (Fantasy/Concord)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. In September of 2016, Tedeschi Trucks Band set out for the West Coast to make a live album. After 10 shows, there was no shortage of great music to choose from, but for everyone on the tour, one night stood out from the rest: September 9
th at the Fox Theatre in Oakland. Live From The Fox Oakland is a live double album that David Fricke calls “a new peak in the continuing story of a great American rock & roll family band.” 180gm pressing with download.
– The Merciless Light LP (Blood Harvest)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Merciless Swedish death metal, blackened in a most barbaric manner.

>Kurt Vile
– Square Shells [Reissue/2010] 12”+MP3 (Matador)
Kurt Vile – So Outta Reach [Reissue/2011] 12”+MP3 (Matador)
Limited edition color vinyl reissues of a pair of Kurt Vile 12”s.

‎– Rrröööaaarrr [Reissue/1986] LP (Noise/BMG)
Voïvod ‎– Killing Technology [Reissue/1987] LP (Noise/BMG)
Voïvod ‎– Dimension Hatröss [Reissue/1988] LP (Noise/BMG)
Voïvod is a heavy metal band from Quebec that originally formed in 1982 and became one of the first Canadian thrash acts to receive international acclaim. They began as a speed metal band, while adding a mix of progressive and thrash metal to create their own unique style. 180gm remastered vinyl reissues of their trio of classic studio albums released on the Noise Records label are now available.
released 12 MAY 2017
>CDs + Vinyl:

Joey Agresta – Let’s Not Talk About Music CD/LP (Wharf Cat)
Appreciators of the New England underground might know Joey from his days of recording bizarre songs on erase headless, multi layering, portable tape recorders under various, food themed, pseudonyms (Joey Pizza Slice, Son of Salami, Salami Junior, etc.) and his releases on the venerable Night People and Feeding Tube labels (as well as countless self-released and custom, one-off cassettes). Agresta's songs have also been admired by some very above-ground acts over the years, among them Future Islands and The Parquet Courts. Contained here are songs of a hopeful sadness that mirror the darkness of these times and the decaying heart of the songsmith.

>The Allman Brothers Band
– The Fox Box 8xCD (Peach Records)
The Fox Box is an eight-disc set of The Allman Brothers performing three-nights September 24th -26th, 2004 at the historic Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA.
>Jim Avett and Family
– For His Children And Ours CD/LP (Ramseur)
The second Jim Avett and Family collection following an eponymous 2008 release. Produced by and featuring Seth and Scott Avett of The Avett Brothers, additional musicians include Jim Avett, Bonnie Avett Rini, Bob Crawford and Tania Elizabeth.

– Ether CD (No Genre)
New album from the rapper featuring Ty Dolla $ign, T.I. Lil Wayne, and more.

>Zac Brown Band
– Welcome Home CD (New Elektra)
“Zac Brown isn’t just trying to sell records, he’s selling a way of life, a Southern Fried way of life, and he’s doing it very successfully. He and his band are as tight as a small community and they play a highly professional, appealingly commercial country style. His voice is a warm, comforting aubergine and the tunes are homespun and inclusive. There was a feeling they over elaborated on their last couple of albums, so on
Welcome Home they are back to the simplicity of their breakthrough, The Foundation, with some songs completed in one take. It’s very skillfully produced and very easy on the ear. Ten tracks, forty minutes, job done. This is music with its feet firmly on the ground. Welcome Home evokes a family gathering in the sunshine, barbecue smoking away, a few beers being drunk, children and dogs running around. Then, dad fishes out his guitar, uncle Jimmy places his fiddle under his chin, cousin Clay tickles an ivory and they are away until the sun sets” – The Afterword. [Vinyl edition due June 30th.]
>Don Bryant
– Don’t Give Up On Love CD/LP (Fat Possum)
Memphis soul original and Hi Records hit man Don Bryant returns to music with
Don't Give Up On Love. Recorded in honor of his wife of 43 years, the soul legend Ann Peebles, the collection is Bryant's first release in decades. From the opening vamps of the classic “A Nickel And A Nail,” it's evident that Don Bryant, at 74 years old, is in prime fighting shape and as versatile a performer as ever – sensual and expressive on “It Was Jealousy,” swaggering and suave on “One Ain't Enough,” and swept up by the grandeur of the Almighty on “How Do I Get There?” These ten songs – including seven Bryant-penned originals – show a soul survivor in action, exhibiting the kind of sharp vocal acumen that can only be honed by years spent on the road and in the studio.
>Cheer Accident
– Putting Off Death CD (Cuneiform)
Against all the odds, in the face of an unstable record industry that never embraced their restless experimentation, Chicago avant-rock pioneers Cheer-Accident have survived to release their 18
th album, Putting Off Death. They’ve managed to conjure a unique collage of intricate prog, lush pop and experimental noise, drawing on hugely disparate influences without ever settling on a sound that could be definitively traced to any of them in isolation.
>Quelle Chris
- Being You Is Great, I Wish I Could Be You More Often CD (Mello Music)
“If you're a fan of MF DOOM, Open Mike Eagle, or early Danny Brown, there's a lot for you to like on this album.” -- Anthony Fantano

>Current Swell
– When To Talk And When To Listen CD/LP (Nettwerk)
New album from the hard-working Canadian rock quartet. Like all good rock ‘n’ roll should,
When To Talk And When To Listen touches on all facets of the human condition, from the heartbreak and spurned love of first single “It Ain’t Right” to songs about the loss of parents that form the emotional core of the album.
>Descartes A Kant
– Victims Of Love Propaganda CD/LP (Cleopatra)
New album from Mexico's superb noise rock cabaret troop. The band mixes theatricality with experimentation, energy and dissonance with melodic sweetness.

– Kickin’ Child: 1965 Columbia Recordings CD/LP (Norton)
Archive release from the rock/pop icon.

>Robert Drasnin
– Voodoo III CD/LP (Dionysus)
Posthumous conclusion to Drasnin’s
Voodoo exotica trilogy which was started in 1959 and revisited in 2007.
– Dreamcar CD/LP (Columbia)
There's something romantic about a band's early days. A sense of innocence, optimism, and wonder courses through the music. In the summer of 2014, No Doubt's Tony Kanal (bass), Tom Dumont (guitar), and Adrian Young (drums) and singer Davey Havok (AFI, Blakq Audio) began writing and demoing music together. Without telling a soul outside of their significant others, the four musicians clandestinely moved into a cramped downtown Los Angeles rehearsal spot and revved up what would become Dreamcar. When Havok heard the first four demos, the music immediately resonated, transporting him back to his childhood fascination with the celebrated New Romantic movement. Rife with shimmering guitar tones, percussive slap bass, bombastic drums, and a neon-lit dancefloor dreaminess,
Dreamcar gleefully nods to the decade of Boy George and Back To The Future through a kaleidoscope of wisdom. The first single “Kill For Candy” instantly enchants with its upbeat energy and sweet, saccharine chant punctuated by a twisting and turning guitar and driving rhythms. The album swings between the Frankie Goes To Hollywood-style risqué spoken narrative of “On The Charts” to the delicate longing of the synth-washed “Slip On The Moon” where Havok pleads, “Just look for me, I will look for you.” “Born To Lie” builds from a breathy verse into an expansive refrain, while the opener “After I Confess” sees his hypnotic and haunting vocal soar over airy and open soundscapes.
>Earth Electric
– Vol. 1: Solar CD/LP (Season Of Mist)
Earth Electric is the brainchild of Rune “Blasphemer” Eriksen. The Norwegian mastermind is known and praised for his stylistically diverse output within a mostly metal framework, which includes highly acclaimed compositions for Mayhem, Aura Noir, Ava Inferi and Twilight Of The Gods. With their debut album
Vol.1: Solar, Earth Electric draws heavily from classic rock influences including such giants as Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd.
>Elf Power
– Twitching In Time CD/LP (Orange Twin)
New release from the Athens, GA-based indie rockers and part of the legendary Elephant Six Collective.

– Endlings CD/LP (SickSickSick/Lightning Feet)
Horror-show collaboration between Raven Chacon and John Dieterich (Deerhoof). Sculpted layers of homespun noise.

– Manila Ice CD/LP (Lex)
Eyedress is Idris Vicuña, a 26-year-old singer/rapper/producer from the Philippines. His music is somewhere between Connan Moccasin, Mac Demarco and Frank Ocean.

– Cold CD (Equal Vision)
Gideon’s fourth album features intense guest vocal spots from Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed and Bryan Garris of Knocked Loose.

– Powerplant CD/LP+MP3/Cassette (ANTI-)
Life has been a whirl for Girlpool since the release of their acclaimed 2015 debut
Before The World Was Big. Shortly before the record came out, Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker relocated from their hometown of Los Angeles all the way across the country to Philadelphia, where they quickly became embedded in the local D.I.Y. scene. Girlpool made their mark with a spare, simple sound — two guitars and two voices, with absolutely nothing else accompanying them. It was an original, intimate sound, and it made the two sound like they were united against the rest of the world. But on their new album, Powerplant, they’re trying something else. They’re playing with a full band. The album’s 12 tracks grow and burn with greater fire than the duo have possessed heretofore. Both bandmates were heavily inspired by Elliott Smith, the Cranberries, the Cocteau Twins, Brian Eno, Arthur Russell, and Graham Nash; the influence of each appear in the record’s deliberate and intricate guitar work (“Fast Dust,” “She Goes By”) as well as its embrace of dissonant noise (“Corner Store,” “Soup”). [Limited deluxe vinyl edition pressed at 45rpm also available.]
>Jazzmeia Horn
– A Social Call CD (Prestige)
Jazzmeia Horn - winner of both the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Vocal Competition and Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Vocal Competition - releases her highly-anticipated debut recording
A Social Call, an album that reveals a talent ready to take its place alongside the best headlining jazz vocalists of today. The album features 10 tracks composed of originals and covers. “On this superb recording, a highlight might be the medley of ‘Medley: Afro Blues / Eye See You / Wade In The Water.’ It begins with an imaginative, tour de force reworking of the Mongo Santamaria classic, initially performed as a duet with Jennings before the rhythm enters and has some operatic vocalizing at the upper reaches of her extensive range. This segues into a spoken social commentary rap before transitioning into the spiritual with gutbucket trombone also heard. The album closes with a lively and uplifting cover of Mary J. Blige's ‘I'm Going Down.’ Again, she her vocal soars while she delivers a message for brothers and sisters to hold on and stay strong in trying times. Jazzmeia Horn is a most gifted singer whose originality, horn-like phrasing, timbre and timing will enthrall listeners on this auspicious debut.” – In A Blue Mood
>John Frum
– A Stirring In The Noos CD/LP (Relapse)
Nearly six years in the making, John Frum's unorthodox debut maneuvers through 40 minutes of darkly psychedelic and meticulously crafted death metal, acting as a medium for malefic musings, the backdrop of a bad trip.

>Kobra and The Lotus
– Prevail I CD/LP (Napalm)
Kobra and The Lotus’ latest offering, is a rock juggernaut full of blistering guitars, pounding rhythms and haunting vocal melodies.

>Jake La Botz
– Sunnyside CD/LP (Hi-Style)
Jake La Botz's story seems entirely too cinematic to be true. On his album
Sunnyside, Jake's songs are heavily informed by his life, one that wraps shades of Merle Haggard, Charles Bukowski, Jim Jarmusch, and Sid Vicious all in one. La Botz learned from pre-war blues masters such as David Honeyboy Edwards and Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis, but Sunnyside makes a sonic move well beyond string blues. Sunnyside was produced by Jimmy Sutton at Hi-Style Studios in Chicago, whose previous production work includes albums for JD McPherson and Pokey LaFarge. The rock ‘n’ roll groove is paramount throughout, propelled by driving bass and drums, ethereal piano, and doo-wop inspired gang vocals. This isn't your dad's blues music - it's roughhewn by La Botz's stories from the more shadowy corners of America, with an unforgettable atmosphere that hangs like thick smoke and lingers long after the first listen. [Vinyl edition due June 16.]
>L.A. Takedown
– II CD/LP+MP3 (Ribbon Music)
On their new album
II, L.A. Takedown align the moody grandeur of a film score with the pure melodicism of pop. Led by Los Angeles-based composer/multi-instrumentalist Aaron M. Olson, the seven-piece band delivers a guitar-driven take on synth-pop once described by Black Dice’s Bjorn Copeland as “Baywatch krautrock.”
>Life’s Blood
– Hardcore A.D. 1988 CD/LP/Cassette (Prank)
Life’s Blood was a legendary short lived band from New York City who left an indelible mark on the history of hardcore punk, as their sharp, earnest, and challenging lyrics backed with remarkably sturdy, dissonant and distorted hardcore songs emerged at a time where the focus of underground hardcore had been blurred by commercialism, crossover and violence.

>Lil Wyte
– Drugs CD (Real Talk Ent.)
The quick rapping, crunk-to-the-core Southern rapper delivers his classic sound and rhymes on his new album.

>Los Colognes
– The Wave CD/LP (Big Deal Media)
One of the highest and rarest aspirations in popular music is to reach for the transcendental, to access the spirit. On the third album
The Wave by Nashville based Los Colognes, they succeed just this - in breaking through the confines of everyday pop song lyricism to tell a sort of holistic story. It's not a concept piece, but it's a brooding and still joyful song cycle filled with philosophical rumination, effortless hooks, inspiring musicianship, and expansive arrangements. It's an album perfectly suited of the current zeitgeist of unease and hope. It is an album about archetypes and about the everyday. There are allusions to the Great Flood, to Plato's Cave, to Poe, to the hero's quest so iconically defined by Joseph Campbell. There are recurring metaphors about the water, about the vastness of the ocean and the delicate balance between riding the wave and being pulled under. There is struggle, there is dread, there is hope, there is ultimately the knowledge only gained by a journey. It's an album about attempting to gain acceptance with the flow of adulthood, life in the music business, the changing awareness that only time and maturity can hand to someone.
>Mundell Lowe
– Blues For A Stripper [Reissue/1962] CD/LP (Modern Harmonic)
This extraordinary soundtrack, featuring many of the finest jazz musicians this side of anywhere, is a collection of small ensemble and large band arrangements so perfectly indicative of its era. It's beyond hip and runs the gamut from cool jazz to hard bop. Moreover, it authorized the virtuosic freedom of the best of New York's jazz community. The swingingly cinematic score was commissioned for a sexploitation classic entitled
Satan In High Heels, the story of a woman caught in the decadent nightlife of the big city. [Limited color vinyl pressing also available.]
>LeToya Luckett
– Back 2 Life CD (eOne Music)
The first new album in seven years from the former Destiny's Child member.

>Machine Gun Kelly
– Bloom CD (Bad Boy/Interscope)
Third studio album from the rapper. [Vinyl edition due June 30
>Seiko Matsuda
– Seiko Jazz CD (Verve)
Seiko has dabbled in the jazz world over the years. Her longtime friend, legendary producer Quincy Jones, invited her to perform at his birthday concert in 2011 at the Hollywood Bowl, and a year later she was a guest vocalist on contemporary jazz super-group Fourplay's
Esprit De Four. On Seiko Jazz she is accompanied by members of the Manhattan Jazz Orchestra, whose leader David Matthews did the arrangements for the record.
– Signal 9 CD (Cuneiform)
“With a career going back over 30 years, French-Canadian band Miriodor have carved out an instantly recognizable sound that straddles avant rock and jazz... Miriodor have a wonderful sense of melody to counter their more experimental tendencies, and [the band] pulls off the hard to achieve feat of being both quite odd and very accessible at the same time.” – Astounded By Sound

– Fall CD/LP (Bar/None)
New Jersey based Overlake has been playing their My Bloody Valentine inspired rock ‘n’ roll since 2012. Fall is truly epic; their trademark layered guitars and breathy harmonies are complimented by sparse, sprinkled piano and elegiac, mournful violin courtesy of longtime friend Claudia Chopek.

>Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel
– I Can Spin A Rainbow CD/2xLP (Cooking Vinyl)
I Can Spin a Rainbow marks the first full-length collaboration between Amanda Palmer and Edward Ka-Spel, founding member of visionary Anglo-Dutch psychedelicists The Legendary Pink Dots and one of her greatest artistic heroes. Recorded largely on Ka-Spel's computer, I Can Spin A Rainbow is a truly collaborative effort, “a spiritual experience,” says Palmer, in which both artists' stories, song fragments, poems, and lyrics became wholly meshed with loops, melancholy piano playing, melodic beds, and strange rhythms.
– After Laughter CD (Fueled By Ramen/WB)
Paramore are back with their fifth album and first in four years.
After Laughter marks the return of drummer Zac Farro, who quit the band in 2010. The album also represents the first-time Paramore recorded an LP in their native Nashville, with the group laying down the album at the city's famed RCA Studio B with producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen. In an interview with The New York Times, the band cites Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club, Cyndi Lauper and Blondie, as influences on the new album. “We’ve gotten to a point with our new music where we don’t really want to headbang anymore,” guitarist Taylor York said. Singer Hayley Williams revealed it was a difficult process getting to this point, due to various personnel changes, lawsuits and personal issues. “You can run on the fumes of being a teenager for as long as you want, but eventually life hits you really hard,” Williams explained. “I didn’t even know if we were going to make another record. There was a moment when I didn’t even want it to happen. Then it was like, I want it to happen, but I don’t know how we’re going to do it.”
– Longshot CD/LP (Easy Star)
A genre-defying mix of reggae, hard rock, hip-hop from the Savannah, GA outfit.

>Art Pepper
– The Art Pepper Quartet [Reissue/1957] CD (Omnivore)
Recorded in late 1956 and released in early 1957, the same year as the landmark
Art Pepper Meets The Rhythm Section, The Art Pepper Quartet (Art Pepper: saxophone, Russ Freeman: piano, Ben Tucker: bass, Gary Frommer: drums) is back for its 60th anniversary. Pawelski. In addition to the album’s seven classics, this remaster includes five bonus tracks—alternate takes of “Pepper Pot” and “Blues At Twilight” (originally issued in 1990 in Japan) and a journey through the creation of “Val’s Pal” (including previously unheard incomplete takes and false starts) via three more tracks. New liner notes from Laurie Pepper trace the story of how her (and many folks’) favorite Art Pepper record was not only conceived, but ended up back where it belongs—with Art’s estate, and in the eyes, ears, and hands of jazz lovers everywhere.
– Pageant CD/LP+MP3 (Polyvinyl)
“Every episode of
RuPaul's Drag Race — reality TV's finest drag queen competition — ends the same way. Host and judge RuPaul turns to the assembled queens and says, with an air of total sincerity: ‘If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else?’ The sentimental send-off is corny, but it comprises a powerful truth about being queer: In a world where LGBT identity can get you fired from your job, or kicked out of your home — or jailed or even killed — the act of loving yourself (and loving the capacity of queerness to upset entrenched norms) can be radical. Pageant, the sophomore album from pop-punk duo PWR BTTM, may as well take RuPaul's question as a mission statement. Over 13 tracks, the duo fleshes out its razor-sharp pop-punk sound while exploring the challenges and rewards of queer self-actualization.
Many tracks include horns and flutes, and some even feature the operatic vocals of Hopkins' mother. The album feels larger and more mainstage-ready than the band's earlier music, while retaining the intimacy fostered during years of performing in dorm rooms and basement venues. Most importantly, PWR BTTM hasn't lost its sense of joy: the kind that inundates the songs' singalong hooks, cascades from Hopkins's flamboyantly extravagant guitar solos and sparkles in Bruce's campy, swaggering humor” – NPR. [Limited color vinyl pressing also available.]

>Quantic & Nidia Góngora
– Curao CD/2xLP (Tru Thoughts)
The culmination of a creative partnership that has been sparking for the best part of a decade,
Curao is the full LP from world-renowned British producer Quantic and Colombian folklore singer Nidia Góngora. The record brings a new and highly original interpretation of the unique, rich and mystical musical traditions of the Colombian Pacific Coast. Góngora’s magnetic voice and captivating songwriting combine with infectiously danceable beats and forward-thinking production on this collection of original tracks with the addition of two traditional pieces from the region's rich songbook.
>Todd Rundgren
– White Knight CD (Cleopatra)
Veteran producer, pioneering performer and legendary songwriter Todd Rundgren returns with a new album featuring a stellar line-up of all-star guest performers.
White Knight showcases Rundgren's incredibly diverse range of styles from soulful art rock to ambient synth pop and includes performances from Rundgren's equally diverse musical companions such as Trent Reznor, Donald Fagen (Steely Dan), Joe Walsh (The Eagles), Daryl Hall, Dam Funk, Joe Satriani, Robyn and others. Rundgren says: “It's easy to get used to playing to your own audience, even if you are absorbing and experimenting with new ideas. I wanted to collaborate not just for the musical possibilities, but also to play for new audiences and expose my fans to the range of artists I enjoy working with.” [Vinyl edition due June 23.]
– Poison The Parish CD/LP (Canine Riot)
Seether, one of hard rock's most successful and enduring outfits returns with their seventh full-length studio album,
Poison The Parish. The album is among the heaviest and emotionally pure efforts of the band's career. Recorded at Blackbird Studio in Nashville, TN, Poison the Parish marks the first album produced in its entirety by the band's lead singer and songwriter. Playing with a newfound ferocity and purpose, the new material gelled quickly providing Morgan's dense, melodic grooves and brooding subject matter a gritty luster and room to breathe. [CD is available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe adds three bonus tracks.]
– American Epic: The Soundtrack CD/LP (Columbia/Sony Legacy)
Soundtrack – American Epic: The Sessions 2xCD (Columbia/Sony Legacy)
Soundtrack – American Epic: The Collection 5xCD (Columbia/Sony Legacy)
American Epic, a film series produced by Allison McGourty, Duke Erikson and Director Bernard MacMahon, explores the pivotal recording journeys at the height of the Roaring Twenties, when music scouts armed with cutting-edge recording technology captured the breadth of American music and discovered the artists that would shape our world. The recordings they made of all the ethnic groups of America democratized the nation and gave a voice to everyone. Country singers in the Appalachians, blues guitarists in the Mississippi Delta, gospel preachers across the south, Cajun fiddlers in Louisiana, Tejano groups from the Texas Mexico border, Native American drummers in Arizona, and Hawaiian musicians were all recorded. It was the first-time America heard itself. American Epic: The Soundtrack highlights 15 classic recordings from the three-part documentary. American Epic: The Sessions features many additional performances not seen in the film (including tracks by Alabama Shakes, The Americans, Ana Gabriel, Ashley Monroe, The Avett Brothers, Beck, Bettye LaVette, Bobby Ingano, Elton John, Frank Fairfield, Jerron "Blind Boy" Paxton, Los Lobos, Stephen Stills, Lost Bayou Ramblers, Nas, Pokey LaFarge, Christine Pizzuti, Raphael Saadiq, Rhiannon Giddens, Steve Martin and Edie Brickell, Taj Mahal, Jack White, and Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard). American Epic: The Collection gathers 100 original recordings from the 1920s and 1930s.
– The Bob’s Burgers Music Album 2xCD/3xLP+7”MP3 (Sub Pop)
The Bob's Burgers Music Album features 109 songs from the first 107 episodes of the show (all six existing seasons), plus five special cover versions of songs from the show. Originally broadcast within the episodes – and often in abbreviated form – these songs appear here in their freestanding glory for the first time. The Bob's Burgers Music Album – in both its standard edition and its impressive deluxe edition – is a must-have for any fan of the show (and, really, any sentient life-form). The album features the main cast members – Bob (Jon Benjamin) and Linda (John Roberts) and their children Tina (Dan Mintz), Gene (Eugene Mirman) and Louise (Kristen Schaal) – singing original songs that build on the show's unique sense of humor. Also featured are many of the show's recurring and special guests, from comedians like Aziz Ansari, Sarah Silverman, Kevin Kline, Bill Hader, Zack Galifianakis, and Fred Armisen, to musical guests Cyndi Lauper and Carly Simon. Includes five never-aired “Bob's Buskers” cover versions of songs from the show performed by St. Vincent, The National, Lapsley, and Stephin Merritt of Magnetic Fields. [Limited Deluxe “condiment” color vinyl pressing also available.]
>Stik Figa
– Central Standard Time CD (Mello Music)
The Topeka, KS native’s second official Mello Music Group release is a meditation on struggles new, old, and eternal. Stik Figa’s rhymes remain intricate yet accessible, the words interlocking to create fresh meanings. Every verse displays his hard-won honesty. Though the pains are personal, the moments are strikingly familiar.

>Harry Styles
– Harry Styles CD/LP+MP3 (Sony)
Debut album from the global superstar. The ten-track album features the lead single “Sign of the Times.” [CD is available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe hardcover book edition features 32 pages of exclusive images of the recording process.]

– Beyond The Realm Of Light CD/LP (Magnetic Eye)
Formerly known as Riff Cannon, Summoner is a Boston institution who fuse elements of metal, stoner rock, doom, and cosmic psychedelia into a heavy rock monster.

>Time Walk
– Beyond Eternity’s Grasp CD (Static Tension)
The latest from Springfield, Missouri death metal riff lords.

– Ulsect CD/LP (Season Of Mist)
Ulsect embodies relentless post-death metal aesthetics fraught with shifting patterns and dark tonality. You will find high technical precision and prowess woven into dense dissonance and lucent atmosphere.

>Various Artists
- Sing It High Sing It Low: Tumbleweed Records 1971-73 CD/LP (Light In The Attic)
In February of 1971, Larry Ray and Bill Szymczyk fled an earthquake and a debauched L.A. music scene to claim their own slice of utopia in Denver, Colorado. After meeting and bonding at ABC-Dunhill, where Ray landed as general manager, and where Szymczyk had breezed in from New York - fresh off his first real hit as a burgeoning engineer/producer with BB King's “The Thrill Is Gone” - they'd often daydreamed about starting their own label. In Denver, Ray and Szymczyk settled on the name Tumbleweed Records, and through industry connections they secured multi-million-dollar financing from Gulf + Western, whose head honchos believed they were bankrolling the hippie movement's next big thing. Two years after its storied start, the label was finished.

>Various Artists
– Uzelli Psychedelic Anadolu CD/LP (Virtual Label Group)
Uzelli Psychedelic Anadolu is a new, stimulating and refreshing compilation of psychedelic sounds from Turkey, offering a new perspective, fresh names and undiscovered genres. Diving into its huge archive, Uzelli presents the classics and previously undiscovered names of Turkish psychedelic anadolu music, showcasing less known but extremely exciting sub-genres. This compilation focusses on the period between 1975 - the high point of the vinyl culture - and 1984 - the culmination of the cassette industry.

>Vinyl Theatre
– Origami CD (Fueled By Ramen) Sophomore album from the Milwaukee synthpop band.
>Colter Wall
– Colter Wall CD/LP (Young Mary’s Record Co.)
Husky voiced 21-year old Canadian singer-songwriter Colter Wall releases his self-titled debut album. Helmed by Grammy Award-winning producer Dave Cobb,
Colter Wall was recorded at Nashville's historic RCA Studio A. In addition to Wall on vocals and acoustic guitar and Cobb on acoustic guitar, the album features Chris Powell (Brent Cobb, Jamey Johnson) on drums, Robbie Turner (Waylon Jennings, Chris Stapleton) on pedal steel and Mike Webb (Southern Family) on piano. A native of Swift Current, Saskatchewan Canada, Wall's sound is comprised of resonate and raw baritone vocals, folk and bluegrass style guitar and banjo picking, steady kick-drum stomping, and visually provoking, storytelling lyrics. Since debuting in 2015 with the release of his EP, Imaginary Appalachia, Wall has received overwhelming acclaim – Steve Earle declares, “Colter Wall is bar-none the best young singer-songwriter I've seen in twenty years,” while Rick Rubin, who recently signed Wall to his American Songs publishing company, proclaims, “Colter sings and writes songs in ways seemingly lost in time. There is an agelessness about him so unusual in someone so young.”
>Paul Weller
– A Kind Of Revolution CD/3xCD/LP+MP3/5x10”+MP3 (Parlophone)
Weller releases his eagerly awaited thirteenth studio album
A Kind Revolution -- ten absolute classic modern Paul Weller songs (expanded double-CD and five-piece 10” vinyl editions contain both an instrumental version of the album as well as eight remixes and the non-album track “Alpha”). By “modern Paul Weller songs” we mean, instantly recognizable but in no way predictable. He doesn't make a “kind of” album, he fits together all his influences - rock, R&B, soul, jazz, funk, folk...whatever - and builds a song from them, delivering something that drifts through genres unselfconsciously and at ease. Two great examples of this are two of the most reflective, contemplative songs, “Long Long Road” and “Hopper,” which in lesser hands might have been delivered as ballads, but Weller adds so much texture and color to each that they defy categorization. With great age comes great wisdom...
>White Sea
– Tropical Odds CD/LP (Crepuscule)
Tropical Odds is the second album by White Sea, the solo alias adopted by gifted singer, songwriter and producer Morgan Kibby. Outside of M83 Morgan has also collaborated with artists such as Greg Kurstin, Panic! At the Disco, Mark Ronson and School Of Seven Bells, remixed Ellie Goulding and Britney Spears, and composed the award winning soundtrack to Eva Husson's provocative 2016 movie Bang Gang.
– Love Is Love CD/LP (Woodsist)
“Wisdom comes with age, so it's no surprise that Woods have grown more sage in the twelve years since they formed, expanding from sylvan drum circles into increasingly elaborate, transcendent psychedelia.” -- Pitchfork

– Strike Mortal Soil CD/LP (Prosthetic)
Vancouver, Canada’s Wormwitch integrates equal parts black metal savagery and rock ‘n’ roll defiance.

This Week’s Vinyl Exclusives:
>All Hell
– The Grave Alchemist LP (Prostethic)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Twelve driving, raucous blackened thrash songs.

>Sheldon Allman
– Folk Songs For The 21st Century [Reissue/1960] LP (Modern Harmonic)
A time capsule of atomic-age country, radioactive rockabilly, and other-wordly melodies. Sheldon Allman (the singing voice of Mr. Ed) brings you this long-out-of-print bunker full of plutonium-charged songs about space and destruction. Limited color vinyl pressing.

>All That Remains
– Madness 2xLP (Razor & Tie)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl.
Madness is the eighth studio album by All That Remains and it was produced by Grammy award winning Howard Benson (Halestorm, In Flames, Chris Cornell) and co-produced by Mike Plotnikoff. This album is full of undeniable hooks, incisive riffs, electronic samples and a variety of vocal styles. Integrating personal experiences, political rants and controversial commentary with music that s just as confrontational, Madness is an unapologetic showcase of honesty and ingenuity. All That Remains have created 50 minutes of attitude-laden music with a combination of rock, metal, ballads, and a cover of “Thunder Rolls” by Garth Brooks. “We really wanted this record to be different,” said vocalist Phil Labonte, explaining the inclusion of electronic samples and the dramatic juxtaposition between roaring chaos and accessible craftsmanship. “We wanted to really push ourselves and push the boundaries of what we’re allowed to do.”
>Between The Buried & Me
– Coma Ecliptic Live 2xLP (Metal Blade)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Between The Buried & Me performed their 2015
Coma Ecliptic in its entirety live on October 4, 2016 at The Observatory North Park in San Diego, CA.
>David Bowie/Trevor Jones
– Labyrinth [Reissue/1986] LP (Capitol)
New remastered vinyl reissue of the soundtrack to the Jim Henson film featuring David Bowie, returning to vinyl for the first time since its original 1986 release.

– Nightfall [Reissue/1987] LP (Peaceville)
Marking 30 years since its original release comes one of the all-time classic metal albums on collector's picture disc vinyl.

>Cirith Ungol
– King Of The Dead [Reissue/1984] LP (Metal Blade)
180gm vinyl reissue of the California heavy metal band’s second album.

>Miles Davis
– Conception [Reissue/1970] LP+MP3 (Cornbread)
Following the 1949 and 1950 recordings compiled on
Birth Of The Cool, which created the sub-genre of cool jazz, Miles Davis had already moved onto the next thing, because that's what an innovator does. By 1951 he was recording hard bop of the highest order on a variety of formats, including 10" and 7". This LP compiles a number of those recordings, and the fact that the entire record was recorded on one day, October 5, 1951, would be surprising if it weren't the one and only Miles Davis. 180gm.
>Dennis The Fox
– Mother Trucker [Reissue/1975] LP (Modern Harmonic)
Dennis Caldirola – aka Dennis The Fox – recorded and self-released his
Mother Trucker album as a demo in Seattle, WA in the early 1970s. It's a demo – one made to attract attention at major record labels – so the sound runs the gamut from hard rock to country rock, from soulful ballads to beat heavy funk. Limited yellow color vinyl pressing.
– Barabajagal [Reissue/1968] LP (Sundazed)
In addition to being one of Donovan's edgiest and most ambitious releases, 1968's
Barabajagal was the most commercially successful album of his career. With instrumental backup by the Jeff Beck Group (including Rod Stewart and Ron Wood) on several tracks, as well as an all-star cast that includes Madeline Bell, Aynsley Dunbar, Lesley Duncan, Nicky Hopkins, John Paul Jones, Graham Nash and legendary British session guitarist Big Jim Sullivan, Barabajagal features an imaginative array of sounds that showcase some of Donovan's most adventurous compositions.
– Eaters LP (Dull Tools)
Eaters marries rich pulsing electronics, driving beats, and guitar pyrotechnics. It is literal and figurative “art-rock” An exploration of light, shadow, expansion, and transformation. It speaks to the vulnerability and resilience of the human spirit in the modern age.
– Marilyn [Reissue/1985] 12” (Dark Entries)
Flying was the Italo Disco project of Marzio Benelli and Andrea Venturoli from Firenze, Italy.

>The Garden
– U Want The Scoop? 12”+MP3 (Epitaph)
Representing a youthful California punk scene with their dirty, raw and immediate two-piece bass and drum attack, the Rob Schnapf (Joyce Manor, Elliott Smith, Beck) produced
U Want The Scoop? which follows the band's 2015 album Haha.
>Joe Garrasco & M.M.
‎– Action [Reissue/1986] 12” (Dark Entries)
Expanded vinyl reissue of a four-song EP of songs by the Italo Disco duo.

– Narkopop 3xLP+CD (Kompakt)
Triple-LP hardcover edition including a copy on CD and a 24-page booklet. From wafts of dense symphonic mist emerges a floating and whirling feeling of weightlessness, before the listener steps into an eerily beautiful forest of fantasy, pulled in by the allure of a narcotic bass drum. While earlier Gas tracks were often based on the hypnotic effects of looping techniques, the ten new pieces on
Narkopop unfold their magic in a more entwined manner, sometimes with the sonic might of an entire philharmonic orchestra, at times subtle and fragile.
– Crucial LP (Exploding In Sound)
Gnarwhal occupy a unique sonic space of warped punk, operating somewhere between the ballistic force and twisted scuzz of Lightning Bolt, Tera Melos, Hella or The Locust (albeit with a sense of patience).
Crucial is punk for the forward thinking audience, an avalanche of brutal pop songs buried under the rubble.
>God Dethroned
– The World’s Ablaze LP (Metal Blade)
Released last week on CD – now available on vinyl. Dutch death metal masters God Dethroned make their long-awaited return with new album
The World Ablaze. The ten-track beast serves as the third (and final) part of God Dethroned's World War I trilogy.
– Write In LP (Bar/None)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Happyness' piano driven sophomore effort draws inspiration from unlikely muses including Randy Newman, Roxy Music and Brute Force.

>Emmylou Harris
– Emmylou Harris & The Nash Ramblers At The Ryman [Reissue/1992] 2xLP (Nonesuch)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Remastered edition of the live album by Emmylou Harris and her then-newly formed acoustic backing band, The Nash Ramblers, recorded April 30
th - May 2nd, 1991 at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee.
>Hobbs Angel Of Death
– Heaven Bled 2xLP (Hells Headbangers)
A 12-track firestorm of thrashing death metal.

>Impetuous Ritual
- Relentless Execution Of Ceremonial Excrescence [Reissue/2009] LP (Blood Harvest)
Australia's Impetuous Ritual are recognized as one of the most demented, insane, and darkest death metal entities in the underground today.

– Decimate Christendom [Reissue/2004] LP (Hells Headbangers)
One of the most important bands ever to merge in the death metal genre, Incantation is often imitated but never equaled.
Decimate Christendom picked up where 2002's Blasphemy left off, while harking back to their doomier past.
>Insane Clown Posse
– Dog Beats [1992] 12”+MP3 (Psychopathic)
First-time vinyl pressing of the 1992 EP by Inner City Posse, later to be known as Insane Clown Posse. It was the first record ever released by Psychopathic Records. 180gm.

>Wanda Jackson
– Rockin’ With Wanda! [Reissue/1962] LP+MP3 (Cornbread)
This compilation is the definitive collection of Wanda Jackson's rocking, rockabilly sides. Featuring her finest singles, including “Fujiyama Mama,” “Mean Mean Man,” and “Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad,” this is Wanda at her lascivious, snarling best. Often referred to as “The Queen Of Rockabilly” if ever there was a need to prove that title for Wanda Jackson, this compilation is Exhibit A. Includes four bonus tracks. 180gm.

>Abel Korzeniowski
- A Single Man: Original Soundtrack [2010] 2xLP (Silva Screen)
Abel Korzeniowski's elegiac, string-lead score to fashion designer Tom Ford's stylish 2009 directing debut appears here on color vinyl. The score beautifully complements the film and is supplemented by additional music from Shigeru Umebayashi. The source music included eclectically ranges from opera to Booker T & The MG's and the soundtrack was nominated for a 2010 Golden Globe Award.

>Lil Ugly Mane
– Mista Thug Isolation [Reissue/2012] 2xLP (Hundebiss)
Mista Thug Isolation became Lil Ugly Mane's breakout album that made him a notable underground hip-hop artist. Members of Odd Future such as Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, and Left Brain helped promote the album and the song “Throw Dem Gunz.”
>M & G
– When I Let You Down [Reissue/1986] 12” (Dark Entries)
M&G was the duo of Maurizio “Sangy” Sangineto and Mirko Galli from Vicenza, Italy. Their basic set up for recording was various Korg synthesizers, Yamaha DX7, Fender piano, Lynn and Oberheim drums.

>Marian Hill
– Act One [2016] 2xLP (Photo Finish)
Futuristic Brooklyn-based pop duo Marian Hill (consisting of production artist Jeremy Lloyd and vocalist Samantha Gongol) – drop an expanded double-LP edition of their acclaimed 2016 debut album
Act One featuring the two new bonus tracks. Known for their jazz-infused electro-pop style, Act One is home to lead single “I Want You” which marries a glitched-up shuffle with swooning, sultry vocals, culminating on a jazzy refrain indicative of their striking signature sound.
>John Martyn
– Inside Out [Reissue/1973] LP (Mercury)
John Martyn – Sunday’s Child [Reissue/1975] LP (Mercury)
180gm vinyl reissues. John Martyn OBE (he was appointed OBE in the 2009 New Year Honours list) was a British singer-songwriter and guitarist.

>Massive Attack
– Mezzanine [Reissue/1998] 2xLP (Virgin)
180gm vinyl reissue. After a long hiatus, Massive Attack returned in 1998 with
Mezzanine, a record announcing not only that the group was back, but that they can create a masterpiece as good as their debut. Here Massive Attack recruit a live band, while maintaining their trademark downtempo sound.
>Charles Mingus/Max Roach/Eric Dolphy/Roy Eldridge/Jo Jones
– Newport Rebels [Reissue/1960] LP+MP3 (Cornbread)
Led by Charles Mingus and Max Roach, this 1960 recording was made, in some regard, in protest. Growing increasingly annoyed by the booking policy of the Newport Jazz Festival, which he found to be too conservative and lacking in foresight, Mingus formed this group with such future leaning artists as Eric Dolphy and Max Roach, and the vocalist Abbey Lincoln. Recorded over only two sessions at New York's Nola Penthouse Studios, this Newport Rebels group put together a fine piece of post-bop that, despite its rather bitter beginnings, deserves to be better known. 180gm.

>Gary Moore
– After Hours [Reissue/1992] LP (Virgin)
180gm vinyl reissue of the Northern Irish blues-rock guitarist’s 1992 album.

>Tony Moore
– Tonight [Reissue/1986] 12” (Dark Entries)
Tony More was the Italo disco project of Marzio Benelli and Andrea Venturoli from Firenze, Italy.

>Mouth Of The Architect
– Time And Withering [2004] LP (Translation Loss)
First-time vinyl edition of the Dayton, OH post-metal band’s debut album. Limited color copies also available.

– Negazione (La Nostra Vita) 3xLP+12”+3x7”+Cassette (Contempo)
The complete discography of Italian hardcore veterans Negazione, hailing from Torino, reprinted in this exclusive box set that contains, in perfect replicas of the original editions including inserts, printed inners sleeves, booklets et at.

>Panic! At The Disco
– A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out [Reissue/2005] LP (Fueled By Ramen)
Vinyl reissue of the double platinum Vaudeville-meets-pop-punk full-length debut from the Las Vegas, NV pop/punk band.

>Porcupine Tree
– Coma Divine [Reissue/1997] 3xLP (Kscope)
Recorded over three nights in Rome as part of a promotional tour for the band's 1996 album
Signify, Coma Divine was Porcupine Tree's first ever official live album. This Kscope triple vinyl reissue edition features bonus tracks not included on the original 1997 CD release.
– Prick [1995] LP (Nothing/Interscope)
Prick was an American industrial rock band signed to Trent Reznor's Nothing Records imprint. Founded in 1992 in Los Angeles by guitarist and songwriter Kevin McMahon, after his first project Lucky Pierre disbanded. Here McMahon uses the basic production style of industrial metal, but twists it into a mix of Bowie glam rock and Gary Numan new wave that sounds way ahead of its time. Pressed on vinyl for the first time, this is a must for fans looking to dig deeper into industrial music's past.

>Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else
– Enjoy The Great Outdoors LP+MP3 (Run For Cover)
With the backing of Everyone Else, Radcliffe's songwriting is at its finest on
Enjoy The Great Outdoors. These ten tracks blend slowed down indie rock with folk and a slight alt-country twang that recalls the slow-brewed sound of The Silver Jews, The Microphones and early Wilco. Limited color vinyl pressing. [CD edition due May 17th. Cassette version due May 26th.]
>Rag’n’Bone Man
– Human LP+MP3 (Sony)
Vinyl edition of the debut album from British singer/songwriter Rory Graham aka Rag'n'Bone Man. “Rory Graham’s debut album is at once modern and classic, fusing blues, hip-hop and vintage sounds with a pop attitude.” -- NME

>Max Roach
– We Insist! Max Roach’s Freedom Now Suite [Reissue/1960] LP+MP3 (Cornbread)
Max Roach's 1960 masterwork
We Insist! is a suite based on the Civil Rights Movement, and involves variations on the theme of the struggle for African Americans to achieve equality in the United States, a struggle that is still all too relevant. Roach began composing with lyricist Oscar Brown Jr. in 1959, with the initial intention of having the suite performed in 1963, on the 100th anniversary of The Emancipation Proclamation. 180gm.
>Rick Ross
– Rather You Than Me 2xLP+MP3 (Sony)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. The rapper’s ninth album features Nas, Young Thug, Future, Meek Mill, Wale, Yo Gotta, Chris Rock, Gucci Mane, Ty Dolla $ign, Jeezy, Dej Loaf, Scrilla, Raphael Saadiq, and Anthony Hamilton.

– Beyond Spectra LP+MP3 (Rise Above)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. The Swedish metallers return with their sophomore album. “Choosing old mixing tables from the Swedish government controlled public service radio station that embraces that warm, analog feel, Saturn on their second album
Beyond Spectra keep the roots of early metal top of mind, allowing for easy cranium retentio” – Dead Rhetoric. Limited purple color vinyl pressing also available.
>Raymond Scott
– The Portofino Variations 2xLP (Music On Vinyl)
1962 was the year Raymond Scott composed and recorded Portofino in many different arrangements. On this album “Portofino” is interpreted by 20 artists, each version uniquely arranged, recorded and produced in an array of styles: surf guitar, whistling, electronica, chamber ensemble, minimalism, pop, rock guitar, and scat vocals.

– Lost Highway [Reissue/1997] 2xLP (Nothing/Interscope)
Lost Highway is the 1997 French-American neo-noir-horror mystery film written and directed by David Lynch. The film's score was composed by Angelo Badalamenti with additional music by Barry Adamson. Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails was responsible for assembling the soundtrack.
>Christopher Paul Stelling
– Itinerant Arias LP+MP3 (ANTI-)
Released last week on CD – now available on vinyl. There is a fearless quality to the music of Christopher Paul Stelling. A voice that sounds both old and young, an effortless yet intricate finger-picking guitar style and lyrics that are both dramatic, and intensely confessional. It’s a sound that channels the restless spirit of a young man who left home to travel the country, haunting and impassioned songs formed by endless nights alone on stage with a guitar, playing to packed houses, other times to nearly empty rooms. Stelling estimates that he’s played over four hundred shows in just the past three years. It places him within a longstanding tradition that serves to nurture one’s character and art.

>Street Eaters
– The Envoy LP (Nervous Intent)
Street Eaters is a truewave/punk band from Berkeley/Oakland, CA that has drawn a range of sonic comparisons to bands from The Ex to Masshysteri, Autoclave to Drive Like Jehu, Wipers to Burning Kitchen to KARP. The songs on
The Envoy are interspersed with instrumental interludes layering field recordings, planetary oscillations, comets, glaciers cracking, sea lions using tonal underwater sonar, a modded kids' karaoke box, heavily processed/delayed/bowed bass guitar, and more.
>Sunshine & The Rain
– In The Darkness Of My Night LP (Ernest Jenning)
There's a long lineage of bands who've taken the girl-group sound of the '60s to a more bombastic level. Melding those classic pop hooks of the past with a more chaotic musical setting. Think Ramones, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Suicide, Phantogram or Cults. Now comes the husband wife duo Sunshine & The Rain, adding pummeling drum machines distorted, intense feedback and classic pop hooks.

>Trial (swe)
– Motherless LP (Metal Blade)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. New album from the Swedish metal band.

>Troubled Horse
– Revolution On Repeat LP (Rise Above Limited)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. “While Graveyard and Witchcraft are probably further along in establishing their discography and live touring escapades,
Revolution On Repeat provides a decent case for Troubled Horse to wedge itself in that retro-‘70s amalgam conversation to be in the mantle race” – Dead Rhetoric. Limited purple color vinyl pressing also available.
– Headlands LP (Ernest Jenning)
With a revolving cast of musicians, Trummors forge a lush sound that has been called “raga country, country as inner voyage.”

>Josh Turner
– Deep South LP (MCA Nashville)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. With his rich, deep voice and distinctive style, Josh Turner is one of country music's most recognizable artists.
Deep South is his sixth album.
>Various Artists
– Mono No Aware 2xLP (PAN)
no No Aware (もののあわれ) is the first compilation to be released on PAN, collating unreleased ambient tracks from both new and existing PAN artists. Featuring Jeff Witscher, Helm, TCF, Yves Tumor, M.E.S.H., Pan Daijing, HVAD, Kareem Lotfy, ADR, Mya Gomez, Sky H1, James K, Oli XL, Bill Kouligas, Flora Yin-Wong, Malibu, and AYYA, the compilation moves through more traditional notions of what is called ‘ambient,’ to incorporating wider variations that fall under the term.
– Sirens [Reissue/2013] LP+MP3 (Secret City)
Sirens is the first offering from Brooklyn, NY based band Wilsen, originally released independently in 2013 (their new album, I Go Missing In My Sleep, was just released). This debut double-EP hints at a creative trio wrestling to balance the folk intimacy of Tamsin Wilson's hushed tones with a more muscular, experimental side. Stereogum proclaims “Tamsin Wilson's voice grips you like a good story, an impenetrable gaze, or an unexpected sunset” while Clash says Wilsen evokes “...the mood of Nick Drake and epic soundscapes in the vein of Arcade Fire.”
released 05 MAY 2017
>CDs + Vinyl:

A Lot Like Birds – Divisi CD/LP (Equal Vision)
Divisi (“a directive in ensemble music that instructs one section of instruments to divide into two or more separate sections”) is the fourth full-length studio effort from Sacramento, CA experimental post-hardcore act A Lot Like Birds and first since 2013's No Place. The album finds Cory Lockwood and new bassist Matt Coate handling vocal duties in the wake of the departure of singer Kurt Travis (Dance Gavin Dance) who worked on the band's previous two albums. Emotional, chaotic, haunting and intense, the band has cited artists like Sigur Rós, Björk, Pedro The Lion, Mew, Daughter, Radiohead, My Morning Jacket and Death Cab For Cutie as influences on the diverse new record.
>Afghan Whigs
– In Spades CD/LP+MP3/Cassette (Sub Pop)
From its evocative cover art to the troubled spirits haunting its halls,
In Spades casts a spell that challenges the listener to unpack its dark metaphors and spectral imagery. On the one hand, it is as quintessentially Afghan Whigs as anything the group has ever done – fulfilling its original mandate to explore the missing link between howling Midwestern punk like Die Kreuzen and Hüsker Dü, The Temptations’ psychedelic soul symphonies, and the expansive hard-rock tapestries of Led Zeppelin and Lynyrd Skynyrd. At the same time, this new record continues to push beyond anything in the Whigs’ previous repertoire – another trademark, along with the explosive group dynamic captured on the recording. “This is the first time since Black Love [the Whigs’ 1996 noir masterpiece] that we’ve done a full-blown band album,” Greg Dulli says. The joys, sorrows, and upheavals of innocence and experience echo throughout In Spades: it powerfully documents where The Afghan Whigs have been, and where they might go next.
>Angel Snow
- Magnetic CD (Nettwerk)
The music of Angel Snow is moving, ethereal and at times, chillingly honest. The Nashville based singer songwriter’s music is always evolving; combining her accomplished songwriting with haunting, engaging vocals and electronic textures. This new album combines her Americana roots with these more electronic textures, creating a fresh sonic landscape that is at once raw and beguiling.

>At The Drive-In
– in·ter a·li·a CD/LP+MP3 (Rise)
“Ever had that feeling when introducing a friend to a band you love – the envy that they get to discover them for the first time, to hear it with fresh ears? Well, At The Drive In are making a comeback almost two decades after
Relationship Of Command with in•ter a•li•a. It feels like in•ter a•li•a quite literally picks up where At The Drive In left off, with familiar chord attacks from Omar Rodriguez Lopez and the yelping emotion of Cedric Bixler. ‘No Wolf Like The Present’ and leading single ‘Governed By Contagions’ could have come directly from the band’s 2000 release, with the exception of the slightly more solid production. It’s still got the post-‘90s prog obsession, but it’s been cleaned up a bit. in•ter a•li•a does avoid being overly nostalgic with tracks like ‘Pendulum In A Peasant Dress’ and ‘Incurably Innocent’ which seem in turn to swing At The Drive In’s new release from one side to the other of their sonic spectrum. ‘Pendulum…’ takes the stuttering skat-like vocal performance of Bixler to an extreme, while ‘…Innocent’ seems closer to ‘I Brought You My Bullets…’ era My Chemical Romance – and no that’s not a bad thing, get over it” – Skateism. [Limited color vinyl pressing also available.]
>Big Walnuts Yonder
– Big Walnuts Yonder CD/LP+MP3 (Sargent House)
Big Walnuts Yonder is bassist/vocalist Mike Watt (Minutemen, The Stooges), guitarist Nels Cline (Wilco, Nels Cline Singers), drummer Greg Saunier (Deerhoof) and guitarist/vocalist Nick Reinhart (Tera Melos). It is not a supergroup. It's worlds colliding, says Mike Watt. Four exceptional musicians whose work spans multiple genres and generations, Big Walnuts Yonder is a monumental endeavor that's more than the sum of its parts. The results are a truly epic album defying categorization, where one might hear elements of proto-punk, free jazz, power pop, experimental music, psych-rock and your first teenage acid trip all in one.

>Black Lips
– Satan’s Graffiti Or God’s Art? CD (Vice)
Produced by Sean Lennon at his studio compound in upstate New York throughout 2016, Satan’s Graffiti Or God’s Art? stays true to Black Lips’ original blistering take on fuzzy, dirty rock n’ roll. The album features contributions by Saul Adamczewski of Fat White Family and guest vocals by Yoko Ono. [Vinyl edition due July 14.]

– Pollinator CD/LP+MP3 (BMG)
Pollinator is Blondie’s 11th album. Alongside original band members Chris Stein, Debbie Harry and drummer Clem Burke, the album also features contributions from Johnny Marr, Sia, Dev Hynes, Charli XCX, Dave Sitek (TV On The Radio), Nick Valensi (The Strokes) and The Gregory Brothers. “Pollinator starts strong with four hook-driven tracks, each a unique pop offering accented by song-launching drumrolls, funk-inspired riffs, and plenty of synth for ears to swim in. Joan Jett duets with Debbie Harry on album opener ‘Doom Or Destiny,’ a fitting match that pairs the rough edge in Jett’s voice to Harry’s sweeter croon. She’s not the only guest, not by a long shot, and it’s the corollary talent that winds up making Pollinator such a success” – Consequence Of Sound. [Limited edition color vinyl pressing also available.]
>Bonny ‘Prince’ Billy
– Best Troubador CD/LP/Cassette (Drag City)
Best Troubador, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy pays homage to a long-time and forever hero, the late Merle Haggard. A singer who, some 25 years previously, first performed in public by playing a Merle Haggard song, Bonny has often cited Merle's work in performance, on records and in conversation with anyone who was around, even talking to Merle himself for Filter magazine in 2009. The songs sung on Best Troubador are pulled from all over -- from Haggard's third album in 1967 through to his 47th in 2011 -- but this is no simple hits compilation. Capable only of occupying a shared space between himself and Merle Haggard, Bonny chose personal favorites, singing the songs he wanted to sing, to find Merle and himself together in the music. Only two of Hag's thirty-eight (!) country number ones are included, and only two others that charted at all. Seven of the sixteen songs are from his later period, after his long run at the top of the country charts had ended, but before encroaching mortality could finally cease the singular and indefatigable creativity of Merle Haggard.
>Brother Ali
– All The Beauty In This Whole Life CD/2xLP+MP3 (Rhymesayers)
Over the past 17 years, Brother Ali has earned wide critical acclaim for his deeply personal, socially conscious, and inspiring brand of hip-hop. “This entire album is based on the reality that beauty is the splendor of truth,” says the Minneapolis MC. “Beauty in all of its forms is the outward manifestation of love and virtue. It soothes the soul and pulls it gently toward the truth it communicates. Every word and note of this album is intended to either reflect beauty, or expose the ugliness that blocks us from living lives of meaning.” [Limited clear vinyl pressing also available.]

>Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
– Lovely Creatures: The Best Of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds (1984-2014) 2xCD/3xCD+DVD/3xLP (Mute)
Lovely Creatures was compiled by Nick Cave and founding member Mick Harvey, with help from the current Bad Seeds. Band members past and present raided their personal archives to provide previously unseen photos and memorabilia which have been collected into a beautiful hardcover book, along with a series of original essays. The book is available as part of the limited edition Super Deluxe album collection that also comes with a two-hour DVD containing rare and unseen archive footage. Lovely Creatures is available in four formats, all featuring personal and rare photographs of the band. “There are some people out there who just don’t know where to start with The Bad Seeds. Others know the catalogue better than I do! This release is designed to be a way into three decades of music making. That’s a lot of songs. The songs we have chosen are the ones that have stuck around, for whatever reason. Some songs are those that demand to be played live. Others are lesser songs that are personal favorites of ours. Others are just too big and have too much history to leave out. And there are those that didn’t make it, poor things. They are the ones you must discover by yourselves.” -- Nick Cave
- New Kind Of Normal CD/LP (Plum)
Coupling expertly crafted, hooky pop songs like lead single “Mesa,” with sparse, dark, and deeply emotional synth-laden tracks like “World,”
New Kind Of Normal is a record that captures quiet moments of crushing vulnerability and the hardened highs of personal strength with equal grace.
>Cat Clyde
– Ivory Castanets CD/LP (Cinematic Music)
Cat Clyde is a new artist out of Stratford, Ontario. His debut album is a fresh take on the classic sounds of yesteryear; Clyde breathes new life into the velvety vocal, tack-piano, slide-guitar-style that can instantly walk you through the swinging doors of a packed saloon.

>Avishai Cohen
– Cross My Palm With Silver CD (ECM)
For his second ECM album Avishai Cohen presents a program which puts the focus on the ensemble, on teamwork, with a quartet of the highest caliber. The adroit, almost telepathic interplay among the musicians allows Cohen to soar, making it clear why he is one of the most talked-about jazz musicians on the contemporary scene. [Vinyl edition due June 2.]

>Alice Coltrane
- World Spirituality Classics 1: The Ecstatic Music Of Turiya Alice Coltrane CD/2xLP+MP3/Cassette (Luaka Bop)
Alice Coltrane remains a singular figure on the fringe of American music but her appeal is growing. While Coltrane's music is gaining wider acceptance there is an entire era of her recorded output that remains obscure, almost as if by design. Her four self-published, devotional albums of the ‘80s and ‘90s were recorded during a period in which she had withdrawn from secular life. They were manufactured and distributed in limited quantities amongst her spiritual community. Operating outside of the constraints of the commercial recording industry Coltrane was free of external pressures whether monetary or deadline. She recorded this music totally on her own terms. The resulting compositions synthesized her spiritual and musical outlook into a highly original work that is unique unto herself.

>Pascal Comelade
- Le Rocanrolorama Abrégé CD/2xLP+CD (Because Music)
Rocanrolorama Abrégé (abbreviated “rockandrolorama” in English) is the short version of the complete works and reworks of Pascal Comelade, published at the end of 2016 as a six-CD box set. It was conceived with the double LP format in mind: four sides with six tracks each, which you can listen to in the right order, from start to finish, according to a logical, thought-out progression for each side (slow tempo, medium tempo, orchestrations, electricity, etc.), paying tribute to the concept behind the collection rhythm and blues formidable.
>Carl Craig
- Versus CD/2xLP (InFiné Music)
Monumental symphonic versions of Carl Craigs classic material, re-enforced and magnified by Les Siecles Orchestra. Iconic French conductor François-Xavier Roth is at the helm of the symphony whilst InFiné mainstay Francesco Tristano supports on piano.

>Day Wave
- The Days We Had CD/LP (Harvest)
Debut album from the critically acclaimed dream pop project of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jackson Phillips.

>Mac DeMarco
– This Old Dog CD/LP+MP3 (Captured Tracks)
Before you ancients out there turn your heads and scoff at the premise of a twenty-something rock-and-roll goofball calling himself an old-anything, consider this: said perpetrator, he who answers to the name Mac DeMarco, has spent the better part of his time thus far writing, recording, and releasing an album of his own music pretty much every calendar flip, and pretty much on his own.
This Old Dog makes for his fifth in just over half a decade -- bringing the total to three LPs and two EPs. According to the DMV, MacBriare Samuel Lanyon DeMarco is 26. But in working-dog years, ol' Mac here could easily qualify for social security. To stay gold, turns out all he needed was some new tricks. [Limited edition white vinyl pressing also available.]
- Voyagers CD/LP (Labrador)
Swedish American duo Djustin released their debut EP
Tryst in May last year to much critical praise. Stunning electronic pop for fans of Chromatics, Chvrches, Austra, Robyn and Chairlift.
>Emperor X
- Oversleepers International CD (Tiny Engines)
Chad Matheny, who Alternative Press described as “a spastic, legally blind, nomadic songwriter whose performances transform venues/living rooms/arts spaces into punk rock micro-raves,” has been releasing music under the Emperor X moniker since 1998. His recordings and live shows fuse the punk songwriter tradition of Billy Bragg with the experimental tape loop minimalism of William Basinski, and reveal incurable obsessions with transportation infrastructure, modernist literature, and lo-fi Chicago house tracks. [Vinyl edition due May 19.]

- Fresh Air CD/LP+CD (Bureau B)
Faust's new album
Fresh Air differs in several respects from its predecessor, Just Us. The recordings were made at Jean-Hervé Péron's rehearsal studio in Schiphorst in northern Germany, hypnotic pieces with the kind of noisemaking the band is known for.
>The Flaming Lips
- On Board The International Space Station: Concert For Peace CD (WB)
Seven live(ish) tracks from
Oczy Mlody reimagined as afictional/fantastical live Flaming Lips performance on the International Space Station. [Vinyl edition due June 16.]
>Colt Ford
- Love Hope Faith CD (Average Joe’s Ent.)
Ford’s sixth album includes guests Brad Paisley on “Lookin' For A Hand Out,” Toby Keith on “Time Flie”" and Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley and brother Josh on “Young Americans.”

>Forest Swords
– Compassion CD/LP+MP3 (Ninja Tune)
Compassion is a response to the uncertain, aggressive new world were experiencing and communicating within, distilling it into a unique sound territory: composer Matthew Barnes' exploration of the mid-point between ecstasy and melancholy, artificial and human feels timely and affecting; a celebration of primal connections, life itself, and an anxious glance at the direction we're heading. The result is an assured, compelling, vital body of work, tying together the ancient and future: weaving swathes of buzzing digital textures, field recordings, clattering beats and distorted jazz sax with fizzing orchestral arrangements. Compassion is equal parts disorienting and immersive, balancing bold sweeping gestures and crumbling textures; tracks seemingly disintegrating and reassembling at points across the album. Blending both digital and specially recorded brass, strings and vocals, Barnes's processing never truly makes it clear what's new or old, sampled or unique, constantly blurring and toying with the line between digital and acoustic.
>God Dethroned
– The World’s Ablaze CD/LP (Metal Blade)
Dutch death metal masters God Dethroned make their long-awaited return with new album
The World Ablaze. The ten-track beast serves as the third (and final) part of God Dethroned's World War I trilogy.
>Goodbye June
– Magic Alley CD (Cotton Valley Music/Interscope)
“A sound that combines elements of early Rolling Stones ramble (and) 1970's rock stomp, with just enough delicate beauty to invoke the spirit of southern soul.” -- Blurt [Vinyl edition due July 7.]

>Grateful Dead
- Cornell 5/8/77 3xCD/5xLP (Grateful Dead)
Cornell 5/8/77 was recorded live directly from the soundboards by Betty Cantor-Jackson. After several years the master tapes were seemingly lost for good, but that all changed at the end of 2016. The lost tapes, or lost “Betty boards” as they are commonly known, finally made their way back home to the Grateful Dead vault, making it possible to officially bring the world this legendary show just in time for its 40th Anniversary.
- Adornment CD (Fearless)
Working with producer Kyle Black (State Champs, Handguns, Hit The Lights) for their Fearless Records debut album,
Adornment, Philadelphia-based quintet Grayscale has certainly honed their talent for constructing strong hooks and catchy riffs. Through their unbarred emotion and unique blend of alternative rock and punk roots, the band expand their sonic palette, further illuminating their skill of creating well-narrated stories paired with palpable emotion that urges listeners to dive in and craft their own narratives. [Vinyl edition due June 9.]
– Tremendum CD (Napalm)
Tremendum sets a new and strong opening for the well-known Polish extreme metal act.
>The Head And The Heart
– Stinson Beach Sessions CD/LP (WB)
Unreleased demos from the writing of the
Signs Of Light album and three previously unreleased songs.
– Routines CD/LP (Fat Possum)
Bloomington, IN based four-piece band Hoops craft hyper-melodic songs, built around power-pop chords, deceptively complex drum patterns, and rock-anthem sentiments that hide some tellingly dark thoughts. Three of the four members write and sing, each a frontman and a sideman simultaneously. During a live show, the bandmates can be seen frequently swapping instruments and positions on stage. The setup isn't democratic so much as it is simply adaptable and committed: doing what the song demands, getting the sound just right. Hoops' full-length debut,
Routines is a bittersweet and honest record that sounds both warmly familiar and jarringly distinctive.
– United States Of Horror CD/2xLP+MP3 (Toys Have Powers/999 Deathkult)
Originally from Newark and currently residing in LA, Ho99o9 (pronounced Horror) mix the ferocious sounds of hardcore and punk with politically charged hip-hop. “Ho99o9—theOGM (Jean) and Yeti Bones (Eaddy)—seem to have an innate understanding of punk iconography and why logos and imagery is so important for fans to connect with a band’s message on an emotional level. The visual side of their image feels fresh and authentic and they look like very modern rockstars. The sound of their new album
United States Of Horror puts me in mind of the Boredoms, Skinny Puppy or Brainiac at their most abrasive and yes, Bad Brains, although I hasten to add that I say this because both bands are bone-crushingly intense, not because of anything necessarily ‘Afro punk’ related, although there is that, too, naturally” – Dangerous Minds. [Limited color vinyl pressed at 45rpm also available.]
>Bert Jansch
- Living in the Shadows Pt 2: On The Edge Of A Dream 4xCD/4xLP+MP3 (Earth Recordings)
Following on from Earth's definitive collection of Jansch's 1990s works,
Living In The Shadows Part 2: On The Edge Of A Dream picks up from where it left off, bringing together Bert Jansch's final recordings, made between 2000 and 2006. This remarkable anthology documents some of Jansch's finest work.
>Jesu/Sun Kil Moon
- 30 Seconds Over Planet Earth CD (Caldo Verde)
Sun Kil Moon and Jesu teamed up for the aptly titled collaborative album Sun Kil Moon/Jesu back in January 2016. Now, a little over a year later, they’re back with a follow-up.

>Diana Krall
- Turn Up The Quiet CD/2xLP (Verve)
Diana Krall's latest album celebrates Jazz and the Great American Songbook, reuniting Diana with Grammy Award-winning producer, Tommy LiPuma.

>Patti LaBelle
– Bel Hommage CD (GPE)
Accompanied by contemporary string and horn arrangements, LaBelle puts her own spin on such classics as James Moody’s “Moody’s Mood For Love” featuring urban contemporary artist Kem; Billie Holliday’s “Don’t Explain”; Jon Hendricks’ “Moanin’” and Leonard Bernstein’s “I Can Cook Too” to name a few.

>Lil Darrion
- Blame The Streets CD (Black Market)
Darrion gives listeners a vivid view of the streets with flawless flows and beats that have the Northern California knock. Featuring Tresolid, Aziz, Bad Wedda, Breezzee, Young Mezzy.

>Little Dragon
– Season High CD/LP (Loma Vista/Concord)
Gothenburg, Sweden Grammy-nominated electro-pop outfit Little Dragon follow-up their acclaimed 2014 album
Nabuma Rubberband with Season High co-produced by James Ford who also mixed the record. Consequence Of Sound called lead single “High” a “warm slice of alternative R&B” while equally as captivating second single “Sweet” is a saccharine-induced dance floor number framed by lead singer Yukimi's lush vocals. Yukimi muses, “We want to exist in our own bubble where we can stay curious about sounds. The magic feeling that sounds can sprinkle over any boring day is what got us all hooked. That feeling of escapism...maybe because Gothenburg is a grey place for most of the year, our curse and blessing is that we never quite succeed.” [Limited white color vinyl pressing also available.]
- Everybody CD (Def Jam)
New album from the hip-hop artist features guest appearances from Killer Mike, Black Thought, Chuck D and Juicy J, Alessia Cara, Khalid, Ansel Elgort and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

– Lost On You CD (Vagrant)
“It took Laura Pergolizzi nearly a decade to find her footing as a solo artist under the initialed name LP. After struggling through the label scene, she ended up turning to writing songs for other musicians just to stay in the game. She wrote or co-wrote tracks for the likes of Backstreet Boys (‘Love Will Keep You Up All Night’), Christina Aguilera (‘Beautiful People’), and Rihanna (‘Cheers (Drink to That)’), eventually earning enough clout to gain attention from Warner Bros. The label signed on for the release of her 2014 album
Forever For Now, an LP that finally gave LP the attention she deserved for her unique vocal and musical abilities. Now, she’s gearing up to keep her momentum going with a new record.”
>Bill MacKay
– Esker CD/LP (Drag City)
Bill MacKay is a musician and a musician's friend – a genial guitarist/composer/improviser based in Chicago who has energized the experimental folk, rock and avant scenes around town with his polyglot approach to the guitar, combining the folk of Appalachia, the blues and gospel with rock, jazz, western-country and an array of eastern modes.

>Phil Manzanera
– Live At The Curious Arts Festival CD (earMUSIC)
Live release by the British guitarist best known for his work with Roxy Music.

>Walter Martin
- My Kinda Music CD/LP+MP3 (Family Jukebox)
New album from Walter Martin of the Walkmen.
My Kinda Music is the follow-up to 2014's We're All Young Together and continues his work in the children's genre. First single, “Hey Matt: features Matt Berninger of The National.
>Steve Mayone
- Sideways Rain CD (Janglewood)
Sideways Rain contains all the benchmarks of Mayone’s music: Beatle-esque pop; acoustic ballads reminiscent of Bob Dylan; and snatches of the Grateful Dead’s twang and storytelling. As Shindig raves; “[Mayone] switches easily from rootsy Americana to well-crafted power pop [and] he proves himself equally adept at country ballads based on banjo and fiddle.”
>Juana Molina
– Halo CD/LP (Crammed Discs)
Halo is Juana Molina's seventh album, and it pursues the experimental path she began years ago, marking a new milestone in the evolution of her own, unmistakable voice. She's “on an evolutionary journey of her own devising” (Pitchfork), and pushes once more her “eerie, hypnotic” music “to increasingly haunting heights” (as written by SPIN magazine about her previous record). The 12 tracks on Halo abound with hypnotic rhythms which seem to draw their energy from immemorial rituals; with timbral explorations and ever-changing soundscapes; with mysterious lyrics often touching on witchcraft, premonition and dreams, always used as metaphors for emotional states; with voices which sometimes move away from word and meaning to be reduced to abstract phonemes and onomatopoeia. The album features contributions by Odin Schwartz and Diego Lopez de Arcaute (who have both been playing live with Juana for a number of years), and Eduardo Bergallo (who has taken part in the mixing of her previous albums), with Deerhoof's John Dieterich making a guest appearance on a couple of tracks.
>Moon Duo
– Occult Architecture Vol. 2 CD/LP (Sacred Bones)
Following the Yin (feminine, darkness, night, earth) represented on
Occult Architecture Vol. 1, Vol. 2 presents the Yang. Yang means “the bright side of the hill” and is associated with the male, sun, light and the spirit of heaven, and as such Vol. 2 explores the light and airy elements of Moon Duo's complex psyche.
>John Moreland
– Big Bad Luv CD/LP (4AD)
Big Bad Love marks a change in Moreland's sound and outlook on life. With lyrics that are as intense and unfiltered as his earlier work, Moreland delves into finding peace within. He also branches out sonically, which is injected with a heavier dose of rock ‘n’ roll.
>Motionless In White
- Graveyard Shift CD (Roadrunner)
New album from the Scranton, PA metalcore band.

>Mythic Sunship
– Land Between Rivers CD/LP (El Pariso)
With a mold shaped around Copenhagen’s deep underground, like that of the avant-noise-punk venue Mayhem and label Posh Isolation, Mythic Sunship cuts a sharp edge into their 10+ minutes sagas, often churning out tracks with seemingly endless amounts of energy.

– I CD (Atlantic)
A slow-burning, intimate document that tips its hand towards genres as disparate as the glory days of trip-hop, mid-tempo disco, and misty jazz, while retaining an impressively unified mood evoking modern noir.

>Nite Jewel
- Real High CD/LP (Gloriette)
Recorded over the course of four years, with the help of Cole M. G. N., these songs of absent love and relentless nostalgia present the most personal, lyric driven Nite Jewel record to date. With everything from expansive, futuristic balladry to mellow dance floor hits,
Real High acts as the artists most focused and bold effort yet. Featuring contributions from long-time collaborators such as Dâm-Funk, Droop-E, and Julia Holter, the timeless production, unique voice, and pristine song-craft of Real High create an irresistible combination that only seeks to enhance its affecting message.
– Thin Black Duke CD/LP (Hydrahead)
On their seventh album, Oxbow’s elusive brand of harmonic unrest has absorbed the ornate and ostentatious palate of baroque pop into their sound, pushing their polarized dynamics into a scope that spans between sublime and completely unnerving.

>Penguin Cafe
- The Imperfect Sea CD/LP+MP3 (Erased Tapes)
A penguin stands in the middle of a scorching desert, far away from its natural habitat. This mirrors composer Arthur Jeffes' journey and exploration into a new musical territory. Penguin Cafe have evolved into something of their own at the hands of Arthur who started the band in 2009 with the continuation and homage to his father's legacy, the late Simon Jeffes' Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Now, their upcoming album echoes reminiscent sounds that embrace the new.
Predominantly self-composed, the new album also features covers of electronic works by Simian Mobile Disco and Kraftwerk, along with a re-working of Simon's “Now Nothing.” Arthur has developed from the traditional folk and jazz heritage Penguin Cafe Orchestra is known for into another realm of blissful ambience and dance music, recreated using strictly acoustic elements.

>Perfume Genius
- No Shape CD/LP+MP3 (Matador)
Too Bright showcased Mike Hadreas stepping out saucily onto a bigger stage, expressing, with the production help of Portishead’s Adrian Utley, emotions arranged all along the slippery continuum from rage to irony to love. Here in 13 new ferocious and sophisticated tracks, Mike Hadreas and his collaborators blow through church music, makeout music, an array of the gothier radio popular formats, rhythm and blues, art pop, krautrock, queer soul, the RCA Studio B sound, and then also collect some of the sounds that only exist inside Freddy Krueger. [Limited color vinyl pressing also available.]
>Allison Pierce
– Year Of The Rabbit CD (SME Masterworks)
Allison Pierce is launching the second chapter of her distinguished career with her new album
Year Of The Rabbit, an eloquent straight-from-the-heart solo debut. The new album finds Pierce transformed following two decades of recording and performing with her sister Catherine as The Pierces. The first single “Evidence” is presented in classic folk-rock style with a jangling 12-string electric guitar, cantering groove and sultry overdubbed harmonies that frame Pierce's contemporary retelling of the myth of the Original Sin. The lilting, piquant “Fool Him” explores the travails of would-be lovers who can't seem to get in sync, while “I Can See For Miles” ponders losing someone, longing for them and looking for them everywhere. Year Of The Rabbit unfurls in distinct, insinuating increments, a product not just of the songs themselves but also Pierce's ability to fully inhabit them, subtly adapting her vocal inflections from song to song to accommodate the musical atmospheres.
>Louis Sclavis/Dominique Pifarély/Vincent Courtois
– Asian Fields Variations CD (ECM)
Asian Fields Variations marks the first time that clarinettist Louis Sclavis, violinist Dominique Pifarély and cellist Vincent Courtois have recorded as a trio.

>Rev. Sekou
- In Times Like These CD/LP (Zent)
In Times Like These is an intense blend of late North Mississippi hill country music, Arkansas Delta blues, 1960s rock and roll, Memphis soul, Chuck Berry St. Louis vibes, and Pentecostal steel guitar. Written in the shadow of the divisive 2016 election, the album is testament to the enduring power of protest music and a call-to-arms for a new generation looking to resist.
>Chris Robinson Brotherhood
– Betty’s Blends Volume 3: Self-Rising, Southern Blends 2xCD/3xLP (Silver Arrow)
Chris Robinson Brotherhood's acclaimed live album series
Betty's Blends returns with Volume 3: Self-Rising, Southern Blends. Recorded and mixed live from the soundboard by legendary Grateful Dead archivist and recording engineer Betty Cantor Jackson, this latest edition captures the CRB on a Southern swing through Atlanta, Raleigh and Charleston in November 2015. The set includes original staple CRB material like “Clear Blue Sky,” “Roan County Banjo” and “Oak Apple Day,” but focuses on the band's sprawling selection of cover material ranging from Allen Toussaint's “Get Out Of My Life Woman” to the Leiber/Stoller classic “I'm A Hog For You,” Bob Dylan's “She Belongs To Me” to the Slim Harpo rarity “The Music’s Hot.” It also marks the first release in the series with current CRB drummer, Tony Leone. In Robinson's own words, “With Betty, we trust her sonic sensibilities and give her the space and freedom to do what the woman does, and what she does is beautiful and unique. It’s the stuff rock ‘n' roll dreams and recordings are made of.”
>Rodrigo Y Gabriela
- Rodrigo Y Gabriela 2xCD+DVD (ATO)
2017 marks the tenth anniversary of the release of Rodrigo y Gabriela's breakthrough self-titled album. To celebrate the occasion, the acclaimed Mexican duo have remastered the album and dipped into their archive to share a scintillating live CD/DVD recorded in 2006 at The Olympia Theatre in Paris. [Vinyl edition due June 2.]

>Peter Rowan
– My Aloha! CD (Ominivore)
Americana icon Peter Rowan has had a storied career. Whether singing and playing guitar for Bill Monroe’s Bluegrass Boys, opening for The Doors as part of Earth Opera (with David Grisman), having Sir George Martin produce his music while a member of Seatrain, performing with Jerry Garcia in Old & In The Way, writing “Panama Red” for the New Riders Of The Purple Sage or appearing on an Art Of Noise album, Rowan has been recording and entertaining for nearly 50 years. Recently, when not touring the world, Peter Rowan could be found on the beaches and in the clubs of Hawaii, absorbing the sounds that filled the airwaves in the days of Jimmie Rodgers and Mae Belle Carter, and adapting them to a brand-new set of his own songs.
My Aloha! demonstrates how Hawaiian steel guitar and ukulele were an influence on foundational bluegrass, folk, and country artists like Bill Monroe, even if the connection is not immediately obvious.
>Joan Shelley
- Joan Shelley CD/LP (No Quarter)
In December 2016, after more than a year of touring the world behind her 2015 LP
Over and Even, Joan Shelley and Nathan Salsburg headed a few hours north to Chicago, where they joined Jeff Tweedy in Wilco’s Loft studio for five days. Spencer Tweedy, home from college, joined on drums, while James Elkington (a collaborator to both Tweedy and Salsburg) shifted between piano and resonator guitar. Jeff added electric accents and some bass, but mostly, he helped the band stay out of its own way. Half of these songs are first takes.
– Slowdive CD/LP+MP3 (Dead Oceans)
UK shoegaze pioneers Slowdive enter their second act and offer up a fourth studio opus, their first in 22 years. Self-titled with quiet confidence, Slowdive's stargazing alchemy is set to further entrance the faithful while beguiling a legion of fresh ears. Deftly swerving what co-vocalist/guitarist Rachel Goswell terms “a trip down memory lane,” these eight new tracks are simultaneously expansive and the sonic pathfinders' most direct material to date. “It's poppier than I thought it was going to be,” notes principal songwriter Neil Halstead, who was the primary architect of 1995's previous full-length transmission
Pygmalion. This time out the group dynamic was all-important. "When you're in a band and you do three records, there's a continuous flow and a development. For us, that flow re-started with us playing live again and that has continued into the record.” “There's a different energy about it,” adds drummer Simon Scott. “It took ages to get back together and write songs and for it to click in the studio, but this album doesn't feel like a bolt-on -- it's got an energy that's as vibrant as Souvlaki and Just For A Day. It feels very relevant to now.” [Limited edition silver vinyl pressing also available.]
- Endless Summer CD/LP+MP3 (Morr Music)
Endless Summer sees the acclaimed musician from Iceland explore the more optimistic, sun-drenched corners of her songwriting. Comprised of eight songs, it is an album that’s grounded in fertile wisdom. Not just an ethereal dream of love and light, but a subtle, accumulative wisdom, a conscious choice to cling to vitality. One might say that one of Sóley’s signatures is the childlike wonder in her lyrics, and Endless Summer delivers the same wonder, but with a kind of reverence for it, for she’s no longer a wanderer in a nightmare, but an enchanted lover of mystery.
>Chris Stapleton
– From A Room: Volume 1 CD/LP+MP3 (Mercury Nashville)
Chris Stapleton follows up his Grammy award-winning 2015 debut
Traveller with not one but two albums in 2017. From A Room: Volume 1 is the first, while the second installment From A Room: Volume 2 will appear later in the year. “I'm real proud of this record,” Stapleton exclaimed at a record release party at RCA Studio A in Nashville, TN. “We made it right here in (RCA Studio A) like the last one. We camped out in here...and had a lot of fun recording things.” Produced by Dave Cobb and recorded live with Stapleton's band, the nine-track affair includes eight originals co-written by Stapleton and the lone cover “Last Thing I Needed, First Thing This Morning” which has been recorded by Willie Nelson. Chris' soulful vocals and understated guitar work are supported here by Cobb on acoustic guitar, Morgane Stapleton on harmony vocals, J.T. Cure on bass, Derek Mixon on drums, Mickey Raphael on harmonica, Robby Turner on pedal steel, and Mike Webb on keys.
>State Champs
– Around The World And Back CD+DVD (Pure Noise)
Fresh off the heels of touring Australia with 5 Seconds Of Summer, State Champs release their sophomore record. The 5-piece continues to play captivating and addictive pop-rock. Includes a DVD featuring two new studio tracks, two live tracks and two acoustic tracks. [Vinyl edition due May 19.]

>Christopher Paul Stelling
– Itinerant Arias CD/LP+MP3 (ANTI-)
There is a fearless quality to the music of Christopher Paul Stelling. A voice that sounds both old and young, an effortless yet intricate finger-picking guitar style and lyrics that are both dramatic, and intensely confessional. It’s a sound that channels the restless spirit of a young man who left home to travel the country, haunting and impassioned songs formed by endless nights alone on stage with a guitar, playing to packed houses, other times to nearly empty rooms. Stelling estimates that he’s played over four hundred shows in just the past three years. It places him within a longstanding tradition that serves to nurture one’s character and art.

>Bruce Sudano
– 21st Century World CD/LP (Purple Heart Record Co.)
Singer-songwriter Bruce Sudano has a storied history in the world of music. His work became involved with the raw expression of internal challenges central to everyday life. From his chart debut in the 1970s with “Tighter, Tighter” (
Alive N Kickin') and “Heaven Knows” (Brooklyn Dreams) to co-writing hits for Donna Summer, Dolly Parton, Michael Jackson to his 2015 single “One Beautiful Life” from The Burbank Sessions, his work crosses genres and spans several generations of listeners allowing intimate performances at full power.
>Sun Ra
– The Magic City [Reissue/1966] CD/LP (Cosmic Myth)
The boundaries of Sun Ra's self-proclaimed "space jazz" underwent a transformation in the mid-'60s.
The Magic City is an aural snapshot of that metamorphic process.
– The Great Annihilator/Drainland [Reissue/1994/1995] 2xCD/2xLP (Young God)
“By 1995’s The Great Annihilator, Swans weren’t imitating pop music so much as swallowing its features to create something monstrous. [The album] documents a configuration of Swans that wore pop, country, and lounge stylings in a way that no longer clashed with the malevolence of the group’s spirit. This deluxe reissue also includes Michael Gira’s solo LP 
Drainland. More droning and abstract than The Great Annihilator, Drainland imports Jarboe and multi-instrumentalist/drummer Bill Rieflin from Swans, suggesting that if it isn’t a Swans album in name, it shares the same disposition. Again, Gira and company play up contrasts by using acoustic guitar, found sounds, and wide-open space as vehicles for immersive negativity.” – Pitchfork
>The Sword
– Greetings From… CD/LP (Razor & Tie)
There's an unspoken edict handed down through the ages when it comes to rock bands: there are no rules. Austin, Texas metal luminaries The Sword – John Cronise (vocals, guitar), Kyle Shutt (guitar), Bryan Richie (bass), and Santiago Vela III (drums) – cut out boundaries since day one. Their style never stood predicated on a trend or a template. They always create what feels right and let the results speak for themselves.
Greetings From... is a collection of nine live tracks spanning the band's career. From Age Of Winters to their latest, High Country, Greeting From... creates a seamlessly crafted cocktail showcasing the music of The Sword throughout the past decade.
>Taj Mahal + Keb’ Mo’
– TajMo CD/LP (Concord)
TajMo is a collaboration between two generations of blues giants, converging their singular talents for the first time ever on an album of original songs and covers, featuring cameos from Bonnie Raitt, Joe Walsh, Sheila E., Lizz Wright, and many more. TajMo brings out the best in both artists, with the pair merging their distinctive voices, personalities and guitar styles to create vibrant, immediate music that's firmly rooted in tradition yet ruled by a playful sense of adventure. “Don't Leave Me Here” is a love letter to the south that sounds like an instant classic, and “Soul” interweaves world music with blues in a way that only Taj could pull off. Taj and Keb' put a soulful spin on Mayer's “Waiting On The World To Change,” on which Raitt lends her unmistakable vocals. The 11-song set also includes covers of John Mayer and The Who.
>Toxic: Mat Walerian/Matthew Shipp/William Parker
- This Is Beautiful Because We Are Beautiful People CD (ESP-Disk Ltd.)
Recorded December 15, 2015 in Brooklyn, New York. Personnel: Mat Walerian - alto saxophone, bass clarinet, soprano clarinet, flute; Matthew Shipp - piano, organ; William Parker - double bass, shakuhachi.

>Various Artists
– Cover Stories: Brandi Carlile Celebrates 10 Years Of The Story (An Album To Benefit War Child) CD/2xLP (Legacy)
This year marks the 10th Anniversary of Brandi Carlile's breakthrough album The Story. To celebrate she recruited artists like Dolly Parton, Kris Kristofferson, Pearl Jam, The Avett Brothers, Adele and many more for this
Cover Stories album to benefit the charity War Child. Brandi describes this project as “...a David and Goliath story. Since becoming a mother, the reality of a child s beautiful little life being torn apart by war felt like too big of a problem for me. So I asked my heroes and friends to help me launch a rock at the giant that is our refugee crisis and help in the only way we know how, through the power of music.”
>Various Artists
– Follow The Sun CD/2xLP+MP3 (Anthology Recordings)
Follow The Sun compiles twenty cuts dug from dusty bins by Mikey Young (Total Control, Eddy Current Suppression Ring) and Keith Abrahamsson (founder/head of A&R at Anthology Recordings) surveying the sought-after sound of Australia's lesser and greater known moments of ‘70s rock, folk, and their in-between offspring. Follow The Sun filters the sublime and sometimes subversive psychedelic airwaves transmitted around the world from America's terrestrial platforms during the golden age of gentle, exploratory FM through a distinctly Australian lens.
– SHiNE CD (Atlantic)
The Grammy-nominated rapper's fifth studio
SHiNE hosts several of his previous one-off releases, including the Lil Wayne-assisted “Running Back” and “Fashion Week” featuring G-Eazy. The features are scatted across genres as varied hitmakers like Major Lazer, J Balvin, Travis Scott, Wizkid and Chris Brown appear on the 14-track set. “It's just music,” he told REVOLT. “It ain’t necessarily a book this time.” The D.C. native is exploring newer terrain within this new creative process, which he describes as much more musically-driven than his previous efforts. “It's more so a bunch of emotions that you gonna feel,” he described. “I'm just trying to paint pictures. It ain’t too overly thought of this time, it's still good music.” While he's shown signs of this melodic-focused approach on past thumpers like “White Linen” and “Bad,” Wale's latest single, “My PYT,” shows his vision to take it step further. Interpolating elements and grooves from timeless material from Marvin Gaye (“Sexual Healing”) and Michael Jackson (“PYT”), the record features Wale maxing in his pocket, doing everything from rapping to crooning.
>Wooden Wand
– Clipper Ship CD/LP (Three Lobed)
In a world of guitar players, James “Wooden Wand” Toth remains first and foremost a songwriter and lyricist.
Clipper Ship, however, presents a break in tradition: in attempting to emancipate himself from old habits, Toth wrote most of the songs on Clipper Ship 'music first,' adding lyrics later, a reversal of the tried and true method that has made him one of the most prolific and respected songwriters of his generation. The result is the most democratically-conceived, multi-layered, and musically sophisticated album in the vast Wooden Wand discography.
– Into The Further CD (Strange Music)
Delving deeper into the psyche of Wrekonize,
Into The Further showcases his diverse stylistic approach to lyrical storytelling, giving you a look behind the shades of one of Strange Music's most proficient MC's.

This Week’s Vinyl Exclusives:
>Vincent Ahehehinnou
– Best Woman [Reissue/1978] LP (Analog Africa)
Vinyl reissue of Vincent Ahehehinnou's first post-Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou album, originally released in 1978.

– Arca LP (XL)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl.
Arca is the first to feature the Venezuela-born, London-based producer’s untreated singing voice. He sings in Spanish – the language of his childhood home, Venezuela. It stands as a defiant, delicate statement of intent, and cements his position as one of this turbulent decade’s defining musicians. Previous work has incorporated snatches of song and Arca’s rapping, but on Arca, his voice is front-and-center on eight of the album’s 13 tracks.
– Mental Funeral [Reissue/1991] LP (Peaceville)
Picture disc vinyl edition of the death metal band’s 1991 album featuring the iconic Kev Walker cover artwork in a special cut-out sleeve.

>Bad Brains
– Build A Nation [Reissue/2007] LP (Megaforce)
2007's Build A Nation served as Bad Brains' first proper studio album in over a decade and featured all of the original members: HR, Darryl Jenifer, Dr. Know and Earl Hudson. Produced by long-time fan, Adam Yauch aka MCA of the Beastie Boys, Build A Nation was a rock-solid return to form for the band who helped define American punk and hardcore music.

– Beyond Serious 12”+MP3 (Warp)
With this new EP Bibio continues down the path he started with 2016's
A Mineral Love and The Serious EP. The warm vibes of this new four-track 12” come just in time for you to enjoy with the onset of spring weather.
>Blood, Sweat And Tears
– Bloodlines 4xLP (Analogue Productions)
This 200gm vinyl box set tells the story behind the groundbreaking horn band. The four-album set includes:
Child Is Father To The Man (1968), Blood, Sweat And Tears (1968), Blood, Sweat And Tears 3 (1970), and B, S & T 4 (1971).
>Michelle Branch
– Hopeless Romantic 2xLP (Verve)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Produced by Patrick Carney (The Black Keys) and Gus Seyffert (Beck, Norah Jones, SIA),
Hopeless Romantic weaves a tale of love-lost and found.
>Rusty Bryant
– Fire Eater [Reissue/1971] LP (Prestige)
Vinyl LP pressing of this 1971 album from the jazz saxophonist. An unsung monster in the pantheon of exceptional soul-jazz outings from the Prestige catalog,
Fire Eater finds Bryant grooving hard in a combo that featured Idris Muhammad on drums, Wilbert Longmire on guitar, and both Bill Mason and Leon Spencer Jr. on organ.
>The Bug Vs Earth
– Concrete Desert 2xLP+12” (Ninja Tune)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. “This is a total dream-come-true collaboration for fans of pulverizingly heavy music: Dylan ‘Extra Low Frequency Version’ Carson’s Earth project and Kevin ‘Skeng’ Martin’s The Bug, producing together. After two tracks together last year, the pair have now made a full album, and it’s a seething, bristling blast of a listen.” – Norman UK

>Alessandro Cortini & Masami Akita
- Alessandro Cortini & Masami Akita 2xLP (Important)
Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails) and Japanese noise legend Masami Akita (Merzbow) share a mutual love for the EMS Synthi, a British synthesizer from the early '70s notorious for its patch matrix, portability, and distinct tone. Astonishingly, these two disparate artists meld into a single sound as they flex the analog circuitry of the EMS Synthi in new ways; giving this classic synth a modern workout and proving that, in capable hands, a 40-year-old analog synthesizer is a tool for the ages.

– Treetop Drive [1994] LP (Smalltown Supersound)
Deathprod - Imaginary Songs from Tristan da Cunha [1996] LP (Smalltown Supersound)
Deathprod – Morals And Dogma [2004] LP (Smalltown Supersound)
Helge Sten aka Deathprod's core trilogy of albums, available for the very first time on 180gm vinyl. Based in Oslo, Norway, composer Helge Sten has been crafting this music since the early-90s, a deeply atmospheric, grainy minimalism that slows time down and explores the very particles of sound itself. The Deathprod concept arose in 1991 when Sten realized his complex array of homemade electronics, samplers, sound processing and analogue effects – cumulatively known as the "Audio Virus" – could add a musical dimension above and beyond the merely technical. Almost obsolete samplers and playback devices distort and transform sounds into unrecognizable mutations of their former selves. The virus breeds layers of complex and overlapping sonic debris, creating a kind of cellular composition.

– Everything Sucks [Reissue/1996] LP+7” (Epitaph)
Deluxe 20th Anniversary edition of Descendents 1996 masterwork pressed on 180gm vinyl including a 7” with a pair of unreleased bonus tracks.

>Tica Douglas
- Our Lady Star Of The Sea, Help And Protect Us LP (Team Love)
Tica Douglas returns with a new album. If 2014's
Joey was about turning inwards, these songs were about looking outwards. Joey had a raw, concentrated purview: Tica's quietly turbulent coming-of-age as a gender outlier. Lady Star, on the other hand, is the personal turning a little more political - and spiritual. Part of this can be attributed to Tica's pursuing a master's of divinity right after finishing Joey. While the former album is characterized by a youthful longing for answers and a bedroom-folk sound, Lady Star yields to a deeper interest - and trust - in the unknown and the unpredictable.
>Duke Ellington
– Masterpieces [Reissue/1950] 2xLP (Analogue Productions)
Audiophile 200gm vinyl pressing. Released in 1950, this was Ellington's first LP, and he used the new medium to stretch out four of his biggest hits. The arrangements are jaw-droppingly gorgeous and the sound just slightly less so.

>Face To Face
– Say What You Want b/w I, Me, Mine 7” (Fat Wreck Chords)
Both songs recorded during the
Protection sessions, October 2015. Limited red color vinyl pressing also available.
– Skin Companion EP II 12” (Mom + Pop Music)
The second installment in Grammy-winning Australian bedroom producer Flume's Skin Companion EP series features guest vocals by Pusha T, Moses Sumney and Dave Bayley from Glass Animals.

>Fujiya and Miyagi
– Fujiya and Miyagi 3xLP (Impossible Objects Of Desire)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. April 2017 sees Fujiya and Miyagi wrapping up a unique year-long musical project that represents one of their most adventurous to date.
EP3 joins the previous two to make up this album, a carefully staged project that sees the group traverse disco, electro, pop, and the now synonymous 1970s Germany-inspired groove they so seamlessly ooze. For album number six, the result is one that simultaneously captures the fizzy energy, elongated jams and melodic intuition of previous releases, whilst still cracking un-trodden ground.
>Sam Gopal
– Escalator [Reissue/1969] LP (Morgan Blue Town)
Something of a classic of psychedelic acid rock, complete with fuzzed guitars, but rooted by its Eastern percussion,
Escalator includes one cover, a rocked-up version of Donovan's “Season Of The Witch,” whilst a projected single release included a version of Willie Dixon's “Back Door Man,” which managed to be even heavier than the interpretation by the Doors on their first album, released two years earlier.
>Mickey Hart
– Planet Drum 2xLP (UMe)
The 25th Anniversary first-time vinyl edition featuring three new bonus tracks.
Planet Drum, the voice to Hart's book of the same name, represents a musical atlas of the World Beat.
>Buddy Holly/The Crickets
– The “Chirping” Crickets [Reissue/1957] LP (Analogue Productions)
Buddy Holly – Buddy Holly [Reissue/1958] LP (Analogue Productions)
Audiophile 200gm vinyl pressings.

>Infernäl Mäjesty
– No God LP (High Roller)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. New album from the Canadian thrash metal masters -- who are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year.

>Ironing Music
– Ironing Music LP (Medical Records)
Vinyl reissue of a very obscure Australian gem from the 1980s. Ironing Music was a three-piece band from Brisbane. They originally formed in 1984 as a result of their collective love for New Order, Human League and eventually Jean Michel Jarre and Cabaret Voltaire. Comprised of bass and electric guitar, Yamaha DX-7, melodica and an 808, they recorded a 12” single as their sole output in 1985. They also recorded demos in hopes of landing a LP deal which unfortunately didn’t attract any takers at the time. The LP presented here included the original 4 track single as well as hand-picked demos which nicely congeal to form a well-rounded LP documenting the band’s brief existence. Limited color vinyl pressing.

>Bert Jansch
– Birthday Blues [Reissue/1969] LP (Earth Recordings)
Bert Jansch – Rosemary Lane [Reissue/1971] LP (Earth Recordings)
Bert Jansch's freewheeling fifth album,
Birthday Blues, occupies a unique place in his solo discography. Released in 1969, the same year Basket of Light propelled Pentangle into the UK pop charts, Birthday Blues almost sounds like a Pentangle LP missing John Renbourn and Jacqui McShee. By the time Rosemary Lane was released in 1971, Bert Jansch had covered a great deal of territory on numerous albums as a solo artist, collaborations with John Renbourn and records by the band in which he and Renbourn sang and played guitar, Pentangle. Returning to the intimate economy of his self-titled debut LP from a half-dozen or so years earlier, Rosemary Lane was recorded on portable equipment by engineer/producer Bill Leader and featured Jansch with no accompaniment save his guitar and voice.
>Jan Jelinek
– Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records [Reissue/2001] 2xLP (Fatiche)
Faitiche presents a long-lost vinyl album. Since 2003, Jan Jelinek's
Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records, originally released in 2001 on ~scape, existed only as a download. Now the album is available again on vinyl, as a double LP with two bonus tracks. “Don't be misled by the title, though for there isn't a finger-snapping rhythm bebop lead anywhere on the album. Instead, Jelinek chooses to explore the visual effect moiré - two shifting patterns creating an implied third dimension - in the audio realm.” -- Alternative Press
>Bap Kennedy
– Reckless Heart LP (Last Chance)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Steve Earle described Bap Kennedy as “the best songwriter I ever saw.” Kennedy’s new (and final album -- he passed away last November) is “a set of solidly constructed songs that generally lean towards country rock with simple chord structures and strong lyrical and melodic hooks. In general, the instrumentation is restricted to rhythm and lead guitars, piano, percussion and bass, augmented at times by organ and accordion.” –

>Charles Kynard
- Afro-Disiac [Reissue/1970] LP (Prestige)
The first-ever audiophile-quality release of this long out of print soul jazz stunner features Charles Kynard flanked by a who's-who of exceptional talent that includes Bernard Purdie on drums, Jimmy Lewis on electric bass, Grant Green on guitar, and Houston Person on tenor saxophone.

- Tele- 12” (Medical Records)
British producer Richard Smith creates genre-bending techno that incorporates motifs from the past while presenting the tunes in a definite forward advancing trajectory. By integrating influences from '90s electronic music and classics such as DAF and Severed Heads, L/F/D/M presents four cuts that are sure to pique the interest of fans of modern techno who have an appreciation for IDM, classic Detroit techno and are searching for something to diversify their repertoire.

Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - Rake It In: The Greatestest Hits LP (Fat Wreck Chords)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. For the uniformed Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, consisting of NOFX frontman Fat Mike, Lagwagon frontman Joey Cape, Foo Fighting Chris Shiflett, Lagwagon drummer Dave Raun, and the unparalleled silky vocals of Spike Slawson, have been banging out other peoples’ hits for over two decades now. So, what is really left to say about punk super-group and cover band extraordinaire? After seven studio albums, a live record and too many singles to count, they’ve tackled just about every genre under the sun. Be it Motown, Country, show tunes, Japanese Pop (sung in Japanese!), these seasoned punk rock pros have triumphed on every occasion in a way only the Gimmes could. With such an extensive and wide ranging catalog, where does one begin?

>Gary Moore
– After The War [Reissue/1989] LP (Virgin)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. 180gm vinyl repress of the eighth studio album by Irish guitarist Gary Moore. The track “Led Clones” features Ozzy Osbourne sharing lead vocal duties.

>The Obsessives
– The Obsessives LP (Lame-O)
Continuing even further along their indie rock inspirations, The Obsessives has found an acclivity for pop hooks and vibrant instrumentation that give a nod to their heroes (even naming a song referencing listening to a Pixies record), while also fitting alongside the top artists of the modern indie/emo scene.

>Gilbert O’ Sullivan
– Himself [Reissue/1971] LP (Union Square)
Gilbert O' Sullivan the superstar who topped both the UK & US charts in the ‘70s and is still a well-loved, respected and endeared figurehead of the songwriting community. With three Ivor Novello Awards including Songwriter Of The Year in 1973, it is no surprise of the depth and quality of his continuing legacy.
Himself is a rich tapestry of devastatingly poignant examples of masterful songwriting.
– PAZ Are Back [Reissue/1982] LP (BBE)
Recorded during the summer of 1980 and originally released in 1982 on Spotlight Records,
PAZ Are Back was the second (and arguably the finest) album by the London jazz collective, founded by vibraphonist, composer and arranger Dick Crouch.
>Porcupine Tree
– The Sky Moves Sideways [Reissue/1995] 2xLP (Kscope)
Continuing Kscope’s vinyl reissue series, this 1995 Porcupine Tree album is regarded by many fans as one of the band's most crafted and melodic releases.

>Xavier Rudd
– Live In The Netherlands LP (SideOneDummy)
Released last week on CD – now available on vinyl.
Live In The Netherlands is the start-to finish live set from Xavier Rudd's incredible 28-date sold-out 2016 European tour, recorded on the final night in Utrecht. During these shows, Xavier and his band performed 18 of his greatest songs, including “Come Let Go,” “Spirit Bird,” and the global hit “Follow The Sun.”
>Leon Russel
– Carney [Reissue/1972] LP (Analogue Productions)
Audiophile 200gm vinyl reissue. With his trademark top hat, hair well past his shoulders, a long, lush beard, an Oklahoma drawl and his fingers splashing two-fisted barrelhouse piano chords, future Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Leon Russell cut a flamboyant figure in the early 1970s.

>Fred Schneider & The Superions
– The Vertical Mind LP (HHBTM)
Since their Christmas record a couple of years back, pop dadaists Fred Schneider & The Superions have been roaming through their apartment, looking for the next party. Fred writes the words and sings the songs. Noah and Dan make the music. Blame it on the wine. Blame it on Orlando, Florida. The Superions go where no one else dares to go -- into the silly, the ridiculous, the fun, the insane.

>Curtis Stigers/Danish Radio Big Band
– One More For The Road LP (Concord Jazz)
Released in January on CD – now available on vinyl. Recorded live in Copenhagen,
One More For The Road features Curtis Stigers along with The Danish Radio Big Band celebrating some of Frank Sinatra's most cherished songs. Encompassing 10 covers, each song was hand-picked by Stigers to honor one of his musical heroes.
>Sun Ra
– Singles 2 3xLP+MP3 (Strut)
The second volume of definitive singles released by jazz maverick Sun Ra during his Earth years, spanning 1962 to 1991.

>Taiwan Housing Project
- Veblen Death Mask LP/Cassette (Kill Rock Stars)
Taiwan Housing Project play bewitching pop songs which could bubble up comfortably in a reform school disco or European youth hall.

>Twin Peaks
– Urbs In Horto 2xLP (Grand Jury)
This special double LP features live performances from Twin Peaks' sold out hometown shows at the Metro and Thalia Hall in Chicago, IL from December 2016 and comes in a gatefold package designed by the band.

– 18 Singles [2006] 2xLP (Interscope)
18 Singles is U2's most recent greatest hits album. Originally released in 2006 and featuring two new songs, “The Saints Are Coming” (with Green Day) and “Window In The Skies.”
>Various Artists
- King Jammys Dancehall 3: Hard Dancehall Murderer 1985-1989 2xLP (Dubstore)
The best of the ‘80s heavyweight dancehall from the Jammys catalogue – a crucial selection for dancehall lovers.

>Various Artists
– The Sound Of Jazz [Reissue/1958] LP (Analogue Productions)
The Sound Of Jazz brought together 32 leading musicians from the swing era including Count Basie, Lester Young, Ben Webster, Billie Holiday, Jo Jones and Coleman Hawkins; the Chicago style players of the same era, like Henry "Red" Allen, Vic Dickenson, and Pee Wee Russell; and younger 'modernist' musicians such as Gerry Mulligan, Thelonious Monk, and Jimmy Giuffre. These players played separately with their compatriots but also joined to combine various styles in one group, such as Red Allen's group and the group backing Billie Holiday on "Fine And Mellow". Columbia Records released this LP in 1958 that is actually a rehearsal that preceded the telecast (recorded on December 4, 1957 at Columbia's 30th Street studios), and is not its soundtrack.
>Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble
‎– In Step [Reissue/1989] 2xLP (Analogue Productions)
The Vaughan Brothers – Family Style [Reissue/1990] 2xLP (Analogue Productions)
Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble ‎– The Sky Is Crying [Reissue/1991] 2xLP (Analogue Productions)
Audiophile 200gm 45rpm vinyl reissues.

>Joe Walsh
– The Smoker You Drink The Player You Get [Reissue/1973] LP (Analogue Productions)
200gm audiophile vinyl repress. In between his stints with the James Gang and the Eagles, Joe Walsh tackled his second solo studio album
The Smoker You Drink The Player You Get which became his most successful solo outing.
– The Grey Eminence LP (Greyhaze)
Featuring Steve Tucker (Morbid Angel), Warfather's follow-up to their 2014 debut album
Orchestrating The Apocalypse was produced by death metal icon and studio wizard Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal, Morbid Angel). The collaboration marks the first-time Tucker and Rutan have worked together since Morbid Angel's Gateways To Annihilation in 2000.
>Charlie Watts Meets The Danish Radio Big Band
- Live At Danish Radio Concert Hall, Copenhagen 2xLP (Impulse!)
Recorded live in Copenhagen in 2010, Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts joins The Danish Radio Big Band for a legendary one-off concert. On this release, Watts revisits his musical past of living in Demark briefly in the early 1960s sitting in with jazz and blues bands.

>The White Stripes
– Get Behind Me Satan [Reissue/2005] 2xLP (WB)
180gm vinyl reissue.

‎– Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki [Reissue/1971] LP (The Great Thunder)
“Yamasuki began as a dance craze in five steps — full-body instructions are on the album cover. Its mastermind was Daniel Vangarde, a French auteur of the concept album who skipped and pirouetted across genres and cultures with Gainsbourgian whimsy. Written mostly with his Belgian producer-partner Jean Kluger,
Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki features a mesmerizing, detailed aesthetic concept: a children’s chorus singing fast-paced melodies, mostly in Japanese, tracked over heavy bass and coolly fatbacked drumming. The songs are short and tight, and the album flies by like a shamelessly fun, intricately planned costume party.” – Aquarium Drunkard